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Jeremy Roloff And Audrey Botti Are Married

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Botti are married! The wedding was yesterday Saturday September 20th.

The current set of Little People, Big World episodes are focusing on the lead up to the Roloff wedding and the wedding will be featured in the last this season.

For people in the know, there was some controversy about the fact that the wedding is being filmed reality television episodes because in the past Amy Roloff made very scathing remarks about the Kardashians "selling their private moments" when they filmed Kim Kardashian's wedding for an episode. So the fact that the Roloffs are filming Jeremy's wedding and doing the same thing, have led some to bring up the word "hypocrite" regarding Amy Roloff.

The entertainment site E-Online had the wedding invitation:

E-online also had the registry: From E!'s article:

"And just before we hear wedding bells go off, E! News has learned what is on the Little People, Big World couple's registry for when they do become husband and wife.
The future newlyweds signed up for gifts at REI, where they requested a range of gifts from outdoorsy supplies to dinnerware and baking tools.
Specifically, the couple registered for a Coleman stainless steel cooler to take with them on their lengthy hikes around their future home, Los Angeles.
They also asked for close friends and family attending the nuptials for a GSI Outdoors Pinnacle base camper cooking set, along with flashlights, a hammock to snuggle up in between a pair of trees they stumble across with a spectacular view, a couples' sleeping bag, headlamp, and food container.
And along with their hiking and camping must-haves, the duo asked for a variety of flatware, ovenware, cooking utensils and an assortment of items that are absolutely necessary to start a family kitchen."

Here are a sampling of pictures from the Wedding from Instagram and Twitter:

The new couple

Jeremy and Audrey

Jeremy and Audrey - as you can see it was filmed

The Wedding venue

The Couple and more cameras

Zach giving a speech

Zach and his fiancee Tori

Tori says "one step closer to being sisters" - Tori and Zach are engaged

Audrey and Jeremy with Tye French, Jeremy's friend and business partner from Brooks

Audrey with the wives (Destiney and Erica)  of Jeremy's childhood friends, Jacob Muller and Dan Meichtry

Audrey with Jacob's ex-girlfriend Stephanie. While Stephanie and Jacob were dating, she and Audrey formed a friendship, often commented on each other's social media and Stephanie attended a Christian retreat where Audrey serves as a mentor.

The Wedding party -some wondered with Jeremy's abundance of friends who would be left out, it turns out they basically had a wedding party so large it included everyone. Long time viewers of the show might recognize "the friends": Jacob Mueller, Dan Meichtry, Bryan Roth, Scott LeSage, Jake Rempel as well brothers Zach and Jacob.

There is a little video on Instagram posted by one of Audrey's friends:

While the most of the Roloffs themselves have been quiet on social media so far (which is not unusual for anything they film that will eventually air on tv), Jacob Roloff was the only Roloff to use twitter yesterday. Jacob didn't post about the wedding, but still managed to infuriate some of Jeremy and Audrey's Christian fans. If you don't know the back-story, basically Jeremy and Audrey (although never on the TV show) are known as very vocal Jesus followers online and in life. The Roloffs in general have a large following of fans who are Christians. Jeremy and Audrey are favorites of the Christian fans. Meanwhile, Jacob drew the wrath of the Christian fans when he revealed that he's not a Christian. Some of the Christian Roloff fans feel that Jacob belittles the Christian faith by retweeting anti-religion tweets and by saying things such as he thinks it's silly to "pray to a man in the sky". While Jacob claims he is just expressing his beliefs and his opinions, Christian fans feel he is mocking their beliefs and by doing so is showing a lack of respect for all Christians including the rest of his family - specifically Jeremy, since Jeremy and Jacob are often compared.

Anyhow, during the wedding day, Jacob made the following tweets which some are already complaining about because they feel Jacob should have been 100% happy all day for Jeremy and Audrey and they take offense to Jacob's negativity expressed in his tweets yesterday:

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · THIS IS SO ANNOYING LOL I hate being fucked with haha like ??? Are you sure you don't have your own life to worry about ?

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · I'm soOoOoo ready to road trip and get lost by myself somewhere new 

Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · With a GoPro and some vibrams... Man that's all I want

 Jacob Roloff @ffoloR_bocaJ · Not looking forward to tomorrow @ alllll 

On Sunday, Jacob was the first Roloff (as usual - Jacob has been the first Roloff to do many things) to post a picture from the wedding.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring Roloff Family: "Don't Rain On Our Parade" - Sept 16th at 10:00 PM on TLC

Here is a preview and then a review of the new episode of Little People, Big World airing tonight September 16th, 2014 at 10:00 PM on TLC.


Little People, Big World
Don't Rain On Our Parade

Hoping to bring in more business this pumpkin season, Matt and Amy invest in an elaborate float build to feature in their town parade. Later, with only a few months to go until their big day, Jeremy and Audrey find themselves knee deep in wedding prep.


Guest Episode Review written by Rap541

Ah, another episode of LPBW. I mostly watched Tosh.) and then I caught the tale end of “The Duggars build soapbox derby cars!” . Honestly most of the younger kids, and Jim Bob, seem totally dim. Also I find it hilarious that the engaged kids are all “woo if the engagement is short the sooner we can have the sex!”

There’s wheat and sprinklers and Jeremy “offered” to fly back to the farm three months before the wedding to plan things. The whole discussion seems a tad forced. To be fair, Audrey seems ok.

Oh look, Molly is back from Costa Rica …. She seems so much older, in a good way here. Amy seems to see it as well. Molly is like a woman now. She also is all “free venue” over getting married on the farm.

Now we’re treated to Matt riding on a tractor and going on about the pumpkins, with Zach. This is a lengthy montage of Zach and Matt plowing. Matt wants grandbabies. Matt goes on about how he’ll be dead soon and hope to pass it to one of the ungrateful kids.

Amy, Matt, and Caryn completely ignore the wedding business, and focus on the Starlight parade. Matt hates it and sees no value in it, even though it’s televised. Matt sooooo hates it and chides Amy for previously ignoring the farm. Amy notes Matt previously ignored raising the kids. Matt is suddenly pissed off that he has to do the float.

Matt promptly insists Zach help him and wants a giant pumpkin. It’s a project. Lets watch and see. Oh right, it completely fails and also Amy was nearly killed. Or maybe not.

After commercial break, Matt decides his initial idea of killing Amy won’t work with the cameras there. He needs a new idea. So he calls Sven. There’s some fiddling with trash bags. Matt decides to order a pumpkin balloon but needs the entire family to work.

So he stages a meeting where he calls the whole business agony and pain. Its Caryn, Amy, Molly, Zach, who are doing all the work apparently.  Matt wisely notes there’s only two weeks and he wants a safe float. Matt’s also super pleased with Molly because she works. Huh, didn’t Jeremy graduate in April and yet he’s off with Audrey “focusing” on the wedding. Why isn’t Amy catering? And is the catering a trade out? Because it’s on tv and if it’s on tv, the Roloffs don’t have to pay and Amy is right there, not complaining about freebies in exchange for selling a private moment.

Amy is off to a speaking engagement. She is somewhat gleeful to skip out. Matt chides her about scheduling. This is a first, but Matt gamely notes he’s the victim.

Matt chides the kids working and bitches in a haybale how Amy left. So six days before, now we have all the kids including Jeremy who on day seven was specially flying in for wedding stuff. Zach and Molly and Jake and Tori hang out in a restaurant. Tori seems to like Molly a lot. Also Molly is a bridesmaid. It feels a bit “we’re at a restaurant for the cameras”.

Matt ordered a balloon and seems disappointed in it. He notes how it was custom done. I sense the disaster. Matt notes how cool it is…. And then Matt notices the misspelling! Because this happens.
Matt continues complaining about the custom balloon. Molly arts up the balloon and it looks fine for a major crisis. Btw in later shots the balloon pumpkin appears professionally corrected. Matt notes how Amy is on a flight when he could use her because he’s running out of steam. Matt screeches “lets go” and notes how horrible and terrifying it is that they are driving thirty miles to Portland. Also there’s a massive crisis in that their wide load sign is failing! Ohnoes! This isn’t stupid or forced.

They don’t stop. Because Jeremy thinks they should take the risk. Because this is *risky*. Matt notes that now that they are there, it’s a “MAD SCRAMBLE”. It doesn’t seem that insane. Oh hey the pumpkin is leaking air and Matt dramatically notes how this is the worst thing ever and I note again how the lettering doesn’t look repaired but actually professionally done correctly. Matt leaves and notes Amy will need to find them because he doesn’t care if she makes it.

Amy wanders in to be happy. Zach waxes happily on how happy it was. Matt screeches constantly. Jeremy fails to start the tractor! OHNOES!

Matt intones that the tractor died. I have a feeling that this was a crisis for like three seconds. Now they do the parade. There’s a lot of back patting on how amazing it was. Matt manages to quote the A-Team and Audrey has learned how to kiss ass to her inlaws. Matt notes how he’s a farmer in the sticks even though he lives thirty minutes out of Portland.

Matt later crows over winning an award for the float. I kinda wonder if it’s a participant trophy but haven’t bothered to look since I don’t really care that much. Matt then demands all the kids paint the church. There’s lengthy church reminiscing. Close up, the church really looks like crap.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring Roloff Family: "The Family That Plays Together, Stays Together" Sept 09, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Here is a preview and then review of the new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC tonight September 9, 2014 at 10:00 PM.

10:01 PM 61 MIN. Little People, Big World 
The Family that Plays Together, Stays Together TV-PG 

As plans for Jeremy and Audrey’s wedding start to ramp up, Matt and Amy are forced to confront their crumbling relationship head on. In an attempt to reconnect, the family embarks on a weekend ski trip to spend some much needed quality time together.


Episode Review Written by Rap541

Oh hey, the Roloff parents have been living apart for what… 8 months?  And they’re finally starting to work on the marriage by going on a ski trip? Because that’s reasonable and also wasn’t the whole wedding business that they have clearly abandoned supposed to save the farm??

Anyway….the tail end of 19 kids and screwing for jesus was disturbing because I think Michelle is starting to internalize that there won’t be a J-20.

So Audrey is in the haybales and finally speaks and is totally on board with being a reality whore and staging a scene. Matt pointedly asks if they will marry on the farm and of course they say yes. I mean, if they don’t say yes, it won’t be free and god knows they can’t be expected to live within their means. God, I would love to see the wedding Jeremy’s non tv show income pays for but he’s a whore so…..Also Matt and Amy coo over the ring TLC provided and Jeremy didn’t actually pay for as it is a trade out. Hey kids, is Audrey more of a slutty whore now that she’s been on tv more than Tori and is getting her wedding paid for by the tv show? Or is Tori still the gold digging slut? Is the trip to Australia officially more expensive than a wedding? Or is Audrey now the gold digging slut?

Amy and Matt bitch at each other. Amy calls it a short engagement. I note that people have been bitching about Audrey and Jeremy for years. Matt gets all pissy at Amy  and haybales how Amy isn’t kissing his ass. Matt wanders into the main house and asks for something? I didn’t catch it, but he’s a bitch about it and insists it must be in the house. It is his chess set? That he’s storing in his office in the big house.

Amy proposes a trip with the kids. Matt snidely notes the kids help but it will be a disaster. Suddenly they are going on a trip. Molly is abroad. Amy notes it’s a last trip. Matt notes he’s gonna play chess and backgammon and of course Matt has to do a project. Apparently the project is to move the church. Jeremy notes that the most important thing is that mom and dad might sell the farm and since he wants to raise his kids there, he’s against selling. Nicely selfish that.

They fiddle with moving the church and even tho Matt is the one who proposed moving the church, he notes that he is doing it all at Jeremy’s behest.

Matt and Jeremy continue the pointless moving of the play church. Amy and the menfolk head off to ski. Jeremy insists he lives officially in California now. Amy bitches at Zach the majority of the time.  Amy takes pictures. They talk about wedding costs. Amy pointedly implies stupid Zach will propose since he learned it from Jer-Bear.

At the ski lodge, Matt insists this is a scored winter games event and its all competition for the cameras. Really, it sounds dumbass. Because this is how real family act.

Amy continually messes up cross country skiing. There’s a lengthy montage of Amy falling. Then’s there’s a lovely montage of Matt sitting on his ass bitching out Amy as Zach beats her. Then Matt is  hauled around for the snowman competition. They have extensive props for the snowmen. Somehow Matt is judging himself. There’s endless bitching and somehow Zach is racing a snowman downhill to determine a winner because why the eff not?

Jeremy and Jake snowboard and Matt is planning to do some sort of event. Matt moans and moans how scared he is and how he knows what pain is and really, then don’t downhill ski. Jake and Jeremy snowboard. Matt sends Amy to wax his skies. Matt notes that only a challenging real run is open, the ski resort does not have the beginner track open despite clear skies and nice weather. Kinda not buying the presentation there.

Matt of course whines endlessly how its all so dangerous and he has to tape up his own crutches and he’s so old and so fragile and yet he must ski despite the burning pain because well…  not really articulated. Matt skies. Jake and Jeremy snowboard. Matt of course somehow goes missing and notes how it all took a toll on him. To listen to him talk, he may have almost died.

Oh yay, Roloff trivia. Zach’s head scares are noticeable. Jeremy waxes on how nice it is that mom and dad are separated and less nasty on trips because you know, its all about Jeremy’s fun.

Now they’re dogsledding? Its very noticeable that Matt consistently partners with Jeremy. Also the dogs all appear to be yellow labs. On sheer weight, Amy’s team is at a disadvantage. There’s also some sort of selfie rule?

Jeremy and Audrey skype for the cameras. Oh look, product placement chess.

Now we have the pathetic and bizarre point plan. Its all rather dumb.

Afterwards, Amy and Matt feel the total distance. Also they totally disagree on tree planting. Matt gives up on the conversation.  Also the church looks really bad.

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Jacob Roloff Social Media Discussion

By far the most popular or discussed or controversial topic over the last several months by the Spiritswander readers has been Jacob Roloff's public social media postings. Namely and Twitter

You can see the most recent items here:

Both of them have well over 200 comments so people have requested a new item to continue the discussion on page one.

If you're new to Spiritswander or Jacob Roloff on social media, he is basically the only Roloff to consistently express his opinions about religion, social issues and political situations.

Some admire Jacob for stating his opinions and some hate him for it.

Jeremy Roloff Featured On A Photography Blog

Jeremy Roloff is featured in an article on a photography blog -- BP4U

It has an interview or question and answers regarding photography with Jeremy. We thought some of our readers would be interested in it.

Here is a sample:

Tell us a little about yourself:

I love to create. Whether it be with metal, wood, pixels, or leather, something about it drives me. Soccer and working on cars releases me. If i’m not building some rad composite, you’ll find me outdoors. I think socks with sandals are in style and everyone else has it backwards. I am getting married this September to a lovely lad, which is pretty radical! LA will be my home for the next year or so, but I am a farm boy at heart. Inspiration is an incredible power and I always aim to do something with it, for inspiration is a terrible thing to waste. I am Kingdom seeking. If you ask me what I want to photograph. I will tell you, “I want to build images showcasing creation with people in them.”

When did you first realize you wanted to be a photographer?

It wasn’t necessarily a realization, more of a mental conclusion that I really enjoy inspiring people and photography is a great way to do that. To me one of the best feelings on the planet is being inspired. So I started taking images and creating images just a few years ago, and I really enjoyed it.

How did you know when the right time to start charging was? 

When I realized I didn’t want to be working anywhere else except behind a camera. 

How did you market yourself when you started out? 

Social Media. I cannot stress enough how important social platforms are for our business nowadays. People need to see your stuff and hear what you want to say about it, then they connect to it. It is free advertising as long as you are willing to put the effort out. Also, people want to know you are attainable, or reachable. Social media allows everyone and anyone to contact you, they might not, but they know they have the option to. I still meet people who say, “I don’t do Instagram” or, “I don’t do Facebook” and I’m like, “I can tell…

What has been some of the hardest things to overcome in your business?

The wonderful world of pricing. Learning when to price and how to price has been an adventure, to say the least.

What’s the best lesson in photography that you’ve learned so far?

Ive learned how to practice. I thought I knew from my soccer days, but practice has become a lifestyle. And I enjoy it.

You can read the full story on the BP4U blog at

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New Little People, Big World Episode Featuring The Roloff Family: "The Proposal" September 2nd, 2014

Here is a preview and then review of the new episode of Little People, Big World on TLC at 10:00 PM on September 2, 2014.

Little People, Big World The Proposal TV-PG 
It’s springtime and big changes are in bloom at Roloff farm. Matt and Amy keep a united front at Jeremy’s graduation; Amy seeks out a business venture of her own; and Jeremy decides to take his relationship with Audrey to the next level.


Episode Review Written by Rap541

This show is still on the air! I *know*!

Ironically I am totally jet lagged from flying from Atlanta to Phoenix this afternoon. Also this show is on superlate! Also really? We're really whoring out Jeremy?

Well... Apparently we can't whore out Amy and Matt's *reconciliation* since they've been living separately yet are still married and will still reconcile as they are *Christian* and showing us all how CHRISTIAN MARRIED COUPLES handle their issues.

Also I flipped over from PBS to TLC and seriously the Duggar parents need to move past their ridiculous issues and let their girls marry.Also Michelle seems quite horrified at the idea of the daughters marrying.

Oh look, Matt bitching how he was under so much stress. The credits have changed to include mostly new scenes. Matt is in his creepy office calling Amy and openly pissed she won't answer her phone so he heads to her house and demands answers. This is about clothes? And Jeremy's graduation?  And there's some debate about whether they can attend and its their first trip since their separation!

Zach and Jeremy Skype. Jeremy plans to propose. Its sort of sweet except that this Skype is clearly done for the cameras. Also, not to rip on Jeremy's moves but a LOT of people design their own wedding ring. Unless there's a clown with an ax on it, lemme guess the ring won't be that outside the box.

Amy goes on about her pop up kitchen. She wants Zach to help. Zach is wearing a product placement t-shirt.... Meanwhile in Santa Barbara. Jeremy is all "Audrey can't make it". Also the kids play soccer for the cameras. Huh Jeremy wonders about getting a job. Also its amusing that Jeremy is a tenor while Jake seems to be leaning baritone/bass.

More Santa Barbara. So Jeremy is showing off his work. I'm not terribly impressed that he's apparently displaying one of his first photos and also we only see one photo. There's an endless montage of Amy going on about having a kid. We mostly get platitudes here but I will forgive it. Matt and Zach go on about it. I kinda recall that for me its actually 2am on Wednesday since I am jet lagged.

Amy is all about her pop up kitchen. She really has no idea how working in a restaurant is difficult. She cooks brussel sprouts. Now Jeremy is ring shopping in los Angeles and is late! He bitches slightly about the cost of the ring.

Have I mentioned how tired I am? I was at Dragoncon this weekend, in Atlanta, and flew back to Phoenix this afternoon where time clicked back a few hours. Its not helping that this episode is a lot of staged snooze.

So Jeremy has a ring that looks pretty typical but ok. Matt and Amy have an awkward talk about her pop up restaurant. Matt plays dumb and also notes in a confessional that Amy has NEVER worked in a restaurant. She wants him to attend "downtown" and he protests but agrees.

Somehow Jeremy flew home after graduating without having a job and helps with Amy's pop up. In theory Amy is making the kids work. Ah Zach dumps salad and wants to use it but is told no by Jake of all people. Amy also merrily fucks up orders.

Honestly this is like a super whiny Hells Kitchen. Matt is basically a condescending ass about it. It's all so polite and cold. Also Amy has no clue what restaurant life is like.

Jeremy is planning to propose at the trestle. Jeremy pretentiously uses a typewriter to write to her. Jeremy wanders in to tell Amy and Matt that he's proposing which kinda goes against the facebook portrayal of Amy finding out after the fact because it was all a surprise. I am curious how far they go here.

I also got a fantastic hat at Dragoncon :)

The scene between Matt, Amy and Jeremy feels totally staged. Matt immediately notes how he wants Jeremy off his insurance. I would like to point out that Jeremy is clearly based at home. Also Amy and Matt discuss the pending proposal in real time even tho I am pretty positive facebook indicates Amy was away for the proposal.  I also note how the camera crew was ON SITE for Jer's proposal. Seriously folks.... he totally knows the cameras are there. Jeremy is totally complicite with whoring out his relationship. Did Jeremy even pay for the ring?

If this wasn't being filmed, I would find the typewriter proposal cute. But because it is being filmed, I really have to ask how much dramatic coaching Jeremy got in order to make a scene. Oh look Audrey speaks and she's essentialy in articulate! And look, Matt and Amy faking being together when in fact they openly posted how apart they were when this happened.  Remember folks - when Jeremy proposed, Matt and Amy had just announced their already lengthy separation. It's also amusing how Jeremy is branding himself with the like a letter stuff. I mean, the proposal via typewriter was a tad too on the point.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Jacob Roloff Discussion

Over the past year, the Roloff who has been generating the most discussion (which often stems from people with strong opinions about him both stating the reasons for their sentiments) has been Jacob Roloff. The youngest member of the Roloff family turns 18 in January.

Our most recent item about Jacob (stating that he is not a Christian) is well over 200 comments and people have asked for a new item as when comments reach a certain level you now need to scroll to a new page to find the most recent comments.

Most of the talk comes from Jacob's two main forms of expressing himself on social media. His account and his twitter account

Even a Vanity Fair contributor recently tweeted that he was spending his time reading Jacob Roloff's account.

While some "love him" and some "hate him" it is definitely rare for someone who is known from a television show to express their opinions so honestly and not shy away from controversial topics.

Certainly, it is a rarity for the Roloff family. Jacob is really the only Roloff who will A) Answer questions posed by the public B) Give his opinions on social, political or world events.

When Jacob states his opinion on a controversial issue, it usually generates a lot of discussion.

Most recently it was Jacob stating that unlike the rest of his family he isn't a Christian.

Jacob has also stated his feelings about gun rights/control, marijuana, gay people, conspiracy theories/distrust of Government, the Israeli/Palestine conflict and the current happenings in Ferguson Missouri.

Little People, Big World On TLC Returns Sept 2nd.

A new set of Little People, Big World episodes featuring the Roloff family will begin airing on TLC September 2nd, 2014 at 10:00pm.

The first of a five episode season centers around Jeremy Roloff's engagement to Audrey Botti.

Jethro Nededog at had an article about the episode including a video preview clip.

In the video, Jeremy and Zach have a conversation via Skype for the cameras, Jeremy informs Zach about his plans to ask Audrey to marry him.


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Jacob Roloff - "I'm just not a Christian"

Although it is not entirely shocking if you have followed his  or twitter account, for the first time Jacob Roloff officially said that he is not a Christian. He is the first and only member of the Roloff family to declare that he is not a Christian. Jacob will be 18 in January.

It has created a flurry of reaction as we have received several emails from people asking us to post about the "news" so that it would be open for people to discuss. Some who emailed identified themselves as Christians and were shocked and very distraught that Jacob said he was not a Christian. Some suggested that we (Spiritswander Blog) post an entry specifically for the purpose of asking for prayers for Jacob and his "dire situation". Others were praising Jacob for "thinking for himself" and not automatically following the beliefs of the rest of his family.

A large portion of the Roloff fan base are hard core Christians. The Roloffs are often praised for being a "good Christian family" on television. Although the degree of their beliefs are not really made known in episodes of "Little People, Big World", most of the Roloffs have made it known that they are very religious. Matt and Amy Roloff are rather vocal about it on their fan Facebook accounts and they both are paid speakers for religious organizations and events. The Roloffs 2008 book "Little Family, Big Values" had a heavy flavor of a religious tone to it.

Jeremy Roloff and his fiancee, Audrey, are also vocal Christians. Through twitter posts, Instagram captions, quoting Bible verses and statements from Pastors, to friendships with those Pastors and their online support for their Church, Jeremy is often hailed by fans as being "a wonderful example of a Jesus follower". Molly has also made similar statements although her public presence online is very limited.

Jacob posted this picture with the following words from Richard Dawkins about religion on his twitter account.

Jacob began receiving (some rather harsh) questions and comments about his tweeting of the (above) picture. Some were livid at his posting comments from an atheist (Richard Dawkins).

Jacob went on to say: "I've never practiced being a Christian I can't remember ever praying I did just enough to get by in a Christian school without being looked down upon, I'm not saying I'm atheist that's you guys, I'm just not a Christian"

He was asked what led to him not being a Christian and was asked if it was going to a public high school (Jacob went to Faith Bible Christian school until late in the 8th grade when the school expelled him. He started going to a public high school for grade 9 and on) Jacob answered: "No what started it was asking questions about God and Religion and getting answers that made no logical sense. Even at an early age.. Not my thing"

Here is the set of Jacob's content about it.

I don't think your family would approve of your Richard Dawkins picture tweet. It is anti religion. Out of respect for your family and many of your show's fans who are Christians, you should delete it. An apology would be nice too. 


Now you're posting quotes from an atheist. A new low. It is truly sad to see what a dark, lost path you're on despite coming from a good faith believing family. 

Yea damn everyone not on the same path as you :-//

Atheism, conspiracy better watch what you're saying and supporting. 

Nahh, it's better to just say what you think and support what you believe 

How can Jeremy be such a good Christian and you are.....not. you're starting to become evil, like Satan is in control.

If everyone non Christian is Satan to you and you treat them as such, you are not a Christian

I really hope you're just starting this anti religious stuff because you want to be a badass and get under people's skins.

Sorry to disappoint, although not really.. Just being courteous

So you are saying you are an atheist now? Why don't you put that in your twitter bio if you really mean it? I think you're just playing with your Christian fans. You hate them because they like Jeremy better.

I'm saying I've never practiced being a Christian I can't remember ever praying I did just enough to get by in a Christian school without being looked down upon, I'm not saying I'm atheist that's you guys, I'm just not a Christian 

Is it fair to say what started you on this path to atheism was going to a public school and being corruptted by anti christian teachers and kids?

No what started it was asking questions about God and Religion and getting answers that made no logical sense. Even at an early age.. Not my thing 

You're not a Chirstian??? Please delete that Jacob. You just said that out of anger to argue on Ask. You're disappointing many people and many people who care about you by saying that.

They shouldn't be disappointed I'm thinking for myself? They're dumb. 

Have you told your family that you're not a Christian? What did Jeremy say? 

I don't go around telling everyone, no 

Did you make an announcement to your family declaring that you're rejecting God? Much like I'd imagine a gay kid makes a dramatic speech as he's disappointing his family? 

It's not really a new thought.. I've been like this for a while I'm surprised if they can't see it

"I can't remember ever praying" Well, maybe you should have prayed for Mike....prayer works.

No people work, and Mikes Aorta artery tore 30 min from a hospital there's not much that could've been done about 2 hours ago

Seriously, Jacob. You don't believe that praying ever works?

No I don't believe thinking a sentence in your head hoping a higher power will read your mind works. I'll still use the word pray as in #PRAYFORGAZA but that's because it is just a universal term for well wishing and support 

Do you think you'd still be Christian if you never got kicked out of Christian school? I'm curious how cult-ish and sheltered Christian school kids are. 

The only thing that I did to "practice my faith" was be in a Christian family, go to a Christian school (no other option), and call myself a Christian because I was never shown anything else