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Audrey Roloff Upset After Coming Under Attack As Possible Donald Trump Supporter

For the second time in just over a week, Audrey Roloff's penchant for for kinda/sorta/maybe vaguely posting her opinion on a controversial topic on social issues or politics and Audrey's refusal to clarify her feelings have made her the target of angry fans.

And Audrey is not too happy about it.

Audrey took to her Instagram stories on Thursday October 20th to vent about feeling attacked. "Instagram stories" is the short video clip feature of Instagram. Users (Audrey) can post videos, if they are longer, she can make multiple videos in a row. Followers cannot comment on the actual "Instagram story" so they comment on the most recent Instagram picture Audrey posted.

Here is what Audrey said in her Instagram Story on Thursday October 20th.

Audrey Roloff: "It's crazy to me that I can write this long Instagram post about being compassionately curious before you're carelessly critical and then,  there's tons of people criticizing me on that exact post for things that are complete assumptions that I didn't even say. Let's be people who compassionately curious before we are carelessly critical today."

Here is the "story" on what Audrey is talking about.

Last night, Wednesday Oct 19th, the Presidential Debate was held. Audrey had earlier posted a regular Instagram photo with a long description about how the world needs more people that are compassionately curious and less people that are carelessly critical.

Audrey then posted several Instagram Stories (the short video clips) from the debate. The clips were of  Donald Trump speaking about Hilary Clinton's faults, Trump mentioning Clinton's "criminal emails, (Audrey inserted smiley faces), clips of Trump asking how can Clinton run for President of the United States when she should be in jail?" Audrey finished it up with Donald Trump's closing words from the debate.. "We cannot take 4 more years of Barack Obama and that's what you get if you vote for Hillary Clinton". A female voice in Audrey's video (which her followers obviously assume to be her own) can be heard loudly exclaiming "That was GOOD!"

Immediately after Audrey's "Instagram stories" of the debate clips, fans began asking Audrey if she was a Trump supporter and many criticized her for supporting Donald Trump and expressed this disappointment.

Here is a sample of the comments:


Just saw your ig stories. Disappointed to find out you're a Trump Supporter.

Ugh. Why did you have to bring your political views into things? Not a good move.

Exactly. Hope it's a misinterpretation as can't fake or twist his racist statements in the debate last night...and that's just the beginning.

I think she's a Trump Supporter. Not sure I can keep watching the show LPBW.

Audrey Roloff: Just wanna say one thing...Y'all sure do make a lot of assumptions....And this post has nothing to do with politics. I hope you read the actual content of the post before commenting. It would mean a lot to me.

I think they are commenting on your video cheering on Trump, not your post.

Audrey Roloff: Who is cheering? Hmmm quick to criticize and assume...!

I just watched your story and I understand that you're feeling attacked. But you are a public figure, who is putting messages out to almost 300,000 people. Intentionally. You felt that people are criticizing you for "things you didn't even say". You posted only videos of Donald Trump talking, with laughing face emojis as he yell-interrupted Hillary Clinton....People are rightfully upset and confused. This is what happened with the cover girl post, you were at best unclear with your message and at worst, offensive.. You are expected to clarify what your meaning is, if you feel people are missing it. If you feel that people don't know what you actually think, give us context. You are mistaken if you think your message was vague. It was not. It has meaning. If that's not the meaning you intended, explain it. If it was the meaning you intended, use this criticism constructively. You take a standpoint of instructing others how to live, and when others do the same you, based on your specific public actions, your are responsible for receiving them. You take a religiously based moral standpoint on life and public discourse and are defending, as per the message you sent out, a serial sexual assault perpetrator, racist, homophobic, offensive, inarticulate and unqualified man who wants to be president.....You are a public figure who made a public statement that completely contradicts what you preach and that actually endangers women, minorities, and the lower classes. You are expected to explain it.

I think what's causing frustration and confusion is that people want to know is where you stand 
on these issues, and clear up the ambiguity of your recent posts. 

I completely agree! Could you clear up the ambiguity of your latest posts? Do you support Donald Trump?

If they don't symbolize your support for Trump...say so? And if they do symbolize your support, why are you offended that people think they do?

Audrey Roloff: "Social Media is not the place of debate. I hope you can gracefully accept that. I disregard many of the negatie comments because I want my social media and comments to be uplifting and encouraging to others. Not a blood bath".

You're telling us that social media is not the place for debate after YOU posted snippets of the debate on your socially media and you she "gracefully accepts that"????? Makes no sense.


Audrey never did clarify what the cheering "That was GOOD" meant or the purpose of her posting Trump's remarks. She didn't answer the many people asking if she was a Trump supporter. From that point on, Audrey only responded to people defending her or who complimented her on her post.

It was similar to Audrey's controversial Instagram Story on October 12th  which RadarOnline documented here:

Update October 22nd

As Audrey Roloff continues to receive several negative comments (along with a lot of supportive comments from Christians) regarding her recent above mentioned controversial posts regarding Donald Trump and the recent issue of Cover Girl featuring a gay, effeminate looking 17 year old male make-up artisti, James Charles. Audrey and her husband Jeremy Roloff, are continuing to comment on the negative responses.

Again, on Audrey's Instagram Stories, she posted 2 pictures with captions, mocking the people making the negative comments as having too much time on their hands to write long negative posts.

"Some people just have a lot of time on their hands to be commenting novels on social media every 10 minutes"

 Her other picture reads:

"If you're gonna have a debate take it to direct messages" [insert grinning smiley)

Audrey also tweeted "well said babe" and a link to her husband's (Jeremy Roloff) Facebook page, with a long post about which essentially says debates on important topics should not be said on the internet (or at least in public view). Jeremy and Audrey had the same sentiment months ago in the aftermath of them saying on their marriage blog that they don't agree with gay marriage or gay relationships --  when people would say they were disappointed to learn his views because they always thought he was open-minded to people who were different, Jeremy Roloff continuously commented that they should take the conversation to Private/Direct message. Many skeptics believe Jeremy wants the conversation to be off of a public forum so that he can't be held accountable for his views by sites like this blog or Radar Online or TMZ. However, many of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff's Christian fan based applaud them for taking a bold stand "for God" when they post things that imply they are against "gay rights" or support Donald Trump. 

Jeremy also quotes Jeremy and Audrey's favorite Pastor, John Mark Comer, who has also made controversial public statements regarding the benefits of "gay conversion therapy" and who calls gay people "broken inside". 

Here is Jeremy's Facebook post:

"In light of recent events - be wise with your posts, words and comments. The internet is no place for winning people over, that is best done in person. Serious topics take a real conversation. As we process and consume the relentless onslaught of manipulated garbage on social media and the news, let's remember who we represent as we participate in conversation both digital and real. As Christians, our allegiance belongs to the kingdom of God. In the words of John Mark Comer, "We have dual citizenship, both to a country, and to a kingdom." no candidate is, or ever will be our savior. So don't act like they are. We already have one and let's not push Him aside in all the chaos and noise. #lifeorbust

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Audrey Roloff Once Again Speaks Out Against LBGT

Audrey Roloff has once again ruffled feathers by using her social media to voice her opposition to the LGBT community.

Radaronline has an excellent article that documents the latest round of Audrey speaking out.

It is regarding Cover Girl's use of "gender-bending" model, a 17 year old make up artist who is a You Tube star, James Charles.

In Audrey's Instagram Stories on October 12th, she posted a picture of the cover with her caption "Confused...". Audrey went on to discuss her opposition to it in comments on her own Instagram picture.

After receiving negative comments from fans about her opposition to the cover, Audrey invoked Jesus in her reasoning for speaking out and compared being silent on these LGBT matters as akin to not stopping your child if he/she were running into the middle of a freeway. Audrey responded in a comment with:.

Audrey Roloff: "If I do recall, Jesus did not just go around approving and accepting everything everyone did. More often than not, he instructed, rebuked, and corrected deception, false teaching and sinful living. You don't get persecuted for being a people pleaser....And I know my stance won't be a popular one, but I will boldly take it. That does not mean I hate. This man has incredible talents. I have an issue with the brand and the message it sends to women across the globe, not the man himself. If my child wanted to run out into the freeway, I would speak up! Because I LOVE him/her not because I'm judgmental or belittling." 

Despite the controversy, the Roloffs were one big happy family this weekend, with the whole family, with the exception of Molly Roloff (who also has spoken out in support of Anti-gay comments) and her boyfriend. Even Jacob Roloff and his girlfriend Isabel, were at Roloff Farms  this past weekend for Roloff Pumpkin Season. They were all posing for pictures on each others social media sites and are all very complimentary of one another.

As the Radar Online article mentions, although Jacob is by far more liberal on social issues than the rest of his family (although some wonder just how much on the acceptance of gay people due to an incident while Jacob was attending a public high school - an openly gay student responded to a question about Jacob by stating that he thought Jacob was very attractive - when that answer was brought to Jacob's attention, Jacob went on to say that he didn't want that person anywhere near him and he wouldn't have a gay male friend because he's "not into dudes, I like girls"). Many felt his reaction and response was inherently homophobic. However, despite that real life story, Jacob has in the past on social media been supportive of gay rights such as marriage equality and retweeting the likes of Flea from one of Jacob's favorite bands the Red Hot Chili Peppers mocking people like Michelle Bachman and family for their support of gay conversion therapy. Jacob has also spoken out against Christian fans of the Roloffs and of Little People, Big World who voice the same views as Audrey and Jeremy about LGBT issues in society.. However, Jacob and his girlfriend Isabel refrain from commenting on Jeremy and Audrey's anti LGBT statements and views.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff Social Media Discussion

The social media accounts of Jeremy and Audrey Roloff often generate a lot of discussion, so here is the item to discuss it.

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff have their Beating50Percent marriage website. They each are active on twitter, instagram and Facebook.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

New Episode Of Little People, Big World August 2, 2016

Here are recaps of the new episode of Little People, Big World that aired Tuesday August 2, 2016 on TLC.


Written By Rap541

I genuinely have to be at work at the crack of dawn and I actually want to perform well so I am not getting five hours of sleep merely to watch a clip show. I am sorry that this is a terrible recap!


Hmmm New bonus footage – Amy and Matt discuss getting Molly a nice gift. Amy suggests that they get her fancy business clothes and a good watch, Matt suggests paying off her car. The divorce decree seems to indicate that they didn’t pay off the car but… Oh look the gift seems to be a Shinola watch and diamond earrings with saphires. Nice gifts. Also they do pay off the car with is nice. Molly has no debt. Speaking as someone with NO debt, I do think that is an awesome gift to give.

Honestly folks, I might bale. I am doing a training class at work and it involves being at work at 6am and this show is two hours and if its all clips and whining, I might throw in the towel since I prefer making money. Just giving fair warning. If this is mostly a clip show I will likely bail.

Oh look it’s ten years and we’re sharing stories because apparently no one wants to concede that there are numerous other shows that have lasted over ten years. Do I have to list them? Do I have to contain myself to JUST TLC shows? Because no… not the first reality show to hit ten years.

Yeah this is going to be a clip show. I will hang for a bit but… It’s a clip show.

Guys, I have work and if Jer has knocked up Auj (they’re merrily insisting there’s a special announcement and that’s pretty much it for Jer and Auj – oh wait, no, they aren’t pregnant they are just blogging on TLC.
Sorry guys – I have work and I am not recapping a clip show.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of 10 Great years – Aug. 2

Ok, here we go. The show is not staged nowadays, not even the intro. Puh-lease! It wasn't like that.......

In the beginning, it started with Matt and Amy. Yes Amy, that 14 day courtship should have given you some sort pf clue. Your powers of perception amaze even me. Nice summary history by Amy, and before we knew it.....let's buy a farm. “Look, I don't care what you do with it, just get my 6-1/2 month pregnant bod of this bumpy road.” KEY HINT: Matt blurts, “Fortunately she was distracted at the time and didn't have any capacity to say 'no', which she would like to tell you became a pattern.” D'uh. You took advantage of your pregnant wife even back then. Horrible. The house, Amy was in the 'now' and Matt was having his patented 'visions'. “Have I bitten off more than I could chew.” Never heard that before, there MR. They loved their twins. Matt, “We were excited about it because we loved the idea of ahving a LP that Amy and I could relate with, and then have a AH that could... kind of take care of us all.” Are you kidding me? As the kids grew, Matt has an idea to try to become the president of the LPA, so he quit his career to lead the LPA. Quit his career. All of a sudden, along came the show. Documentary first, then a larger scale. Amy was apprehensive at first. I think Matt's grandiose, “I think LP is a metaphor for ALL people who are different. So we could teach people about all people being different and that became the mission for the show.” ok. You, above all people have no right to even imagine that you and your family speak for everybody with a disability.

Day 1. No set ups, no staging, just “do what you want,” and the first years went from there, like geckos no the wall. Amy – more than pilot? Commercial. Oooooh. Big announcement – Auj and ofAuj are joining the family. Woo Hoo. Jeremy. “It was 100% reality and I can honestly and genuinely say that” back then, yes, sure. Amy's house was a mess. 2 jobs, and coaching, feeding kids, getting them here and there. I have no argument with that she was a busy lady. Fer shure. I like the memories of how the kids think they used to be:
  1. Zach. I was blunt. I'd just blurt out dome things.
  2. Jeremy Spoke for Zach when of course he had no right to do so. Spoke for Molly when he had no right to do so. Said nothing about himself.
  3. Molly. I liked structure, living by the rules.
Jeremy proves to be the whiny, lippy little prick that did not give his LP mom one single pounce of respect. Ever. They didn't even know the cameras were there. Then it was reality TV. When Zach's shunt collapsed, there was not staging or set up.

The farm. Matt's so awesome if he does say so himself. Jer just had to mention the windmill. The one that was his idea, that does NOTHING. Everything has a buggy road access. Bad safety on the mules with your kids, Matt. Dangerous. Ah, the pumpkin patch. No Matt, it is definitely not Graceland. The trebuchet accident. Mike mentioned only once.

Whoa! Andrea, Liz, and Max. On the show! What's this what's this???? Lesbian parent's? On LPBW! How could they have possibly been allowed to adopt? There goes the neighbourhood!

Cameras at school. Jeremy was a complete jerk at school. Acting like an idiot. Jer plays Psychologist, “We're teenagers, of ocurse we're going to sleep all day. It's in our genes at this time.” Zach, For a guy who newer reads you sure do know a lot.” Love it!!!

Enabler Amy showed her hand quite early in the series. A telling point was when she had trouble disciplining her kids, “How can you tell them you're going to discipline them an hour from now when the filming stops?” The horns of a dilemma indeed. The Iraq mission was covered. Yes Matt, you're awesome. The travel and vacations were interesting. Amy tried to justify the trips on the show as getting to do an experience on a higher level than you would if you weren't paying the entire bill yourself. They might have been a little more extravagant. Really? You don't say. Matt mentioned a big part of the show was being able to give back. They mentioned Habitat for Humanity. Period. One thing. Yay. Matt mentions the man with a tattoo of Matt on his back. Yikes. The best part was, Matt says he's won many a late night bar bets and competitions with a photo of that tattoo. Of course Matt, but you MUST be there at many a late night bar competition. KEY HINT: Somewhere between Season 4 or 5 (I think) Matt relates that the kids were done, over it, wanted to just send the cameras away and get back to their own lives. But, Matt proclaims, “Sharing our story sort of became our lot in life, our mission. I told the family, 'We have this opportunity, we can't squander it! We have to show the TV audience a documentary of what it's like to be n LP living an everyday life.' ” Well so much for the unlarvished lie that, “If any of our kids want to stop doing the show, we will stop doing the show.” Wrong. Horrible.

Af far as being on the show, the answers were telling. Tori, “At first I didn't want to be on the show. I was like, you go do the show and I'll go over here and do my thing.” Rather a strange answer, seeing as she was branded a gold-digging whore by a certain group of people on this blog. Audrey, “I got used to it pretty quickly.” OfAuj pipes in, “Yeah, she's pretty natural, so it was no problem.” Who's the attention-seeking whore?

The final bits and arguments are typical modern Roloffs. Jeremy spouts, “I fell like I've thrown all up into the air, and we'll make the pieces land in a way that make sense for everyone's future. YOU have thrown it all up into the air? Whoever the geek moderator was, “So, what are you up to today?” Amy goes on and on, “I'd like to see where the salsa business goes (he asked about today, Amy) and she still went on and on. Amy please. Just shut up. But she wasn't the only one who was serf-serving and full of themselves.

Overall, there was not as much there as I had hoped. We did get some little snippets of truth, a lot of 'Aren't we awesome' and 'We're going to keep going'. The early years were always better, but alas, they're gone. And the show's and characters' honesty and credibility along with it.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Little People, Big World New Episode June 26, 2016

Here are reviews of the new episode of Little People, Big World, featuring the Roloffs, which aired on July 26th, 2016 on TLC.


Review Written By Rap541

So the first bonus scenes were Molly commenting on how Amy is moving on. The second bit of bonus footage is Zach learning about birthstones for the cameras. He comes up with such pithy phrases as “How are emeralds made?” I really don’t think Zach understood the concept.

Oh look the marriage is finally over. Should I crow over how I predicted it? No, because it’s sad, but I did predict it.  And it looks like Molly graduates. And Matt drama queens over his surgery.
So Tory and Zach are on the Holy Tire Swing. Matt plans to head to Spokane with the family and they’re leaving on Saturday for Sunday. Matt is now all about his neck issues and how awful roadtripping to Spokane might be. They could fly, just saying.

Amy is very pleased about the graduating. She plans to fly up, oddly enough and notes that Matt is on his own. Amy is all “This is our first divorced trip”. Molly is jobseeking, and Amy wants her to get a job close to home and to attend the party that they are obviously planning.

Matt sees his doc. She explains how messed up his neck is. I personally don’t wish spinal surgery on anyone. My sis currently has more titantium than actual bone in her spine and its bad. That said, I wish Matt wasn’t so self involved.

So Matt’s at his desk in his office. Amy is all “how ARE you?” and expresses concern. There’s surgery in LA and he’s taking no one because he’s Matt. Amy has no intention of arguing but she offers to come. Oddly, Matt isn’t flying and suggests Amy join the road trip. She says no, and explains no, a six hour drive with Matt is opposed to the whole plan to spend time with Molly. Jermey and Auj are ditching because a speaking engagement is more important. I merely point out how Amy was SHIT on by the Christians here for going to a speaking engagement when she could have attended Matt’s birthday bash.

Matt wanders into the big house to clear out his office in the bighouse finally. Matt gets emotional as Camerino? Stands in the background and lifts chairs. Matt notes how he has nothing to say as he cleans out his office and how he hates divorce. I merely note how Matt walked out on his wife and staged an episode where he showed off how pleased as punch he was to live alone and have his own little mancave where he and his buddies partied while Amy was left alone.

So Amy is heading to the divorce signing. I find it odd that the office art is blotted out. Amy hates that she is divorcing. Matt is at HIS lawyer’s office, also signing off. It’s all short and Matt and Amy are both shocked how easy it is. I merely point out that no one hesitates. Matt notes, manfully, that he was never meant to be married. And now a montage of the happy times. Amy is now single! Matt is oddly sadder but frankly I think he knows the cameras are there and of course notes how he won’t be second guessing any decisions.
So Zach and Tory are taking Matt to Spokane in the van. I find it increasingly hilarious that Jeremy and Auj are no where to be seen for this but frankly it doesn’t shock me that when things are awkward, Jer and Auj bail.

Amy and Molly have seared tuna. Amy is all “please live in Portland and you can live at the farm!” and Molly seems hesitant. Meanwhile Tory and Zach are in the van with Matt and I think Amy made the right choice for Molly as Molly is pleased that Amy spent time with her. Matt et al show up at the sushi place. We get a montage of Matt being emotional over Molly leaving for college.

And now graduation. It’s very nice. Amy seems shocked at how fast it is.

Back at the farm, Jer and Auj vapidly note how the speech went and how they basically had no regrets. I think Molly has a boyfriend we aren’t supposed to notice. Also Molly calls everyone to attention. She has a JOB. In Spokane. Good for her. It says a great deal that she did get a job right out of the gate. Matt makes a nice speech about how she is leaving.

Now the kids – Zach, Jer, wives, and Molly are at a fire. Jer plans to “check up” on the farm. Molly says she isn’t terribly worried.

Amy and Matt roll up on a ATV. Matt now has no intention of selling. There’s another montage of photos. Matt fatalistically notes that his work is done.

Zach wanders in to Matt’s terrible double wide. Matt is of course quick to note how he will be crippled. Zach offers to go with him. It feels forced to a point in that they are clearly playing to the cameras. Matt notes how he’s been miserable for years. Matt who fears hieghts, notes how being on a plane makes him comfortable.  Zach notes how this is Matt putting on a brave face – TO BE CONTINUED!!!

Lil spoiler – Matt doesn’t die and isn’t a quadriplegic.

Also – kinda noticeable that Jeremy of no discernable job and who wants the farm so bad, isn’t the dutiful son. My whole vibe here, with Jeremy skipping Molly’s graduation while Jacob attended but refused filming and Zach, not Jeremy, manning up for the tough moments… It seems pretty clear who gives a shit about family.


Review Written By Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of The Next Chapter July 26

Extra scenes – Girls did a recap of the night before. I have Molly in my notes and I can't remember why. Zach learned about emeralds. I'm still disturbed by Jer saying they are going to make a couple of extra trips back to the farm (still giggle about that) after dad's surgery “just to see how he's doing.” Way to volunteer for any real work there SlugJer. More on that later. Zach's statement about, “I just want to say 'surprise!' and get on with it” didn't really indicate enough heartfelt emotions, even with the justification lacking for how much work he actually did.

OK, a word of warning to all you out there, and possibly first-time readers: I doubt very much that Matt is going to be the next Dr. Who, and the big house at the farm is a little oversized to be the Tardis, But they took enough liberties with timeframe in this episode that the present Dr. would feel the need to re-generate and get someone new on the show, just to keep up.

Molly's commencement is coming up. According to Amy's FB it was Sunday, May 22. Enter Matt to set up the trip to Spokane with Zach and Tori who are conveniently on the tire swing. Matt put up such a fuss to get it re-installed that TLC had darn well better get some footage from it. They discuss salami and cheese. Matt enjoys loading up on fats. Amy calls Molly on Skype and states her plans for flying up to get some alone time with her girl. Of course my puts it as “going out for drink” and saying squat about dinner. Molly says she is, “still looking for a job.” Amy is all, “no job already?” which is all staged and lies and ridiculous, but I'll get into that later. Amy haybales, “Well you've got to have a party!” Which of course, you do. Amy tells Molly girl that she and Dad are getting ready to sing the papers. According to public documents, Amy signed on April 21, Matt signed on May 24, Amy's lawyer presented the signed and sworn documents to the Circuit Court on April 26, and the Judge signed, and the docs were filed on, April 27. They did NOT sign the documents at the time they tried to make it appear.

Matt goes to Dr. Kempe, who gets a product placement, for as he puts it, “I wanted to get a second opinion on my neck.” WHAT? This is very strange indeed. Dr. Kempe is local, so I'm going on the assumption that Dr. Kempe is Matt's family physician. She would have referred Matt to the 90210 Medical Center for the Cortisone shot. Is she didn't then why did Matt not go to the Dr. that did refer him?

Office meeting! Why is Matt playing with a neck brace? He never wore it throughout the whole episode. Amy is NOT driving there and back with Matt. Very sensible. They discuss getting ready to sign the final papers. Why are they discussing the trip to Molly's grad WEEKS before it takes place? Scripted or what? They also discuss a time for Matt to clear out his final load of 'stuff' out of Amy's house. And probably then take it over to the crappy, small, demeaning double wide. Even if he fixed it up. Matt goes to Amy's house. Hey, where did the shelves made out of old wood go? I liked the d├ęcor in Matt's office. He starts to reminisce, Camerino looks completely bored, and they haul out the red chair(s). Hey Matt, don't worry about your beautiful office buddy. Amy will move in and have the place completely trashed before you get back from surgery I'm guessing.

The document signings. My compliments to Amy. She was much more gracious talking about her own televised divorce than when he talked about the Kardashian divorce(s). Funny that. It would have been better if Senator Weiner Whiner would have come in to do a little dance for us. Now, Matt haybales that he is really not the easiest person to be married to. Well no shit, Sherlock. But after saying it takes all kinds in this world, he is still awesome!!! You go, Matt.

The day before. Amy and Molly go out for dinner. They do the whole, “I hope you get a job in Hillsboro,” scripted stuff. Amy actually haybales that she'd like Molly to be on the farm for awhile or at least in Portland or Hillsboro. Land 'o Goshin, Pa this is the same crap that Matt spews on a regular basis about his boys. By this coming up again, it's no doubt a storyline by TLC. The 'rest' of the family show up, minus of course the Golden Couple. Matt makes a ridiculous pithy toast. Oy vay.

Grad Day. Awesome all around. Hey, what's with the gambling visor (An opaque hat visor with a single strap around the back to keep the lights out of your eyes) that Molly was wearing backwards under her mortarboard? Did they wear them after the ceremony after the simple Physics lesson to see how far mortarboards fly? Also, a bodacious design on the top of her mortarboard as well.

Back at the farm for the party. Molly makes an 'announcement' that she found a job in Spokane. Now I'll talk about this here. It was mentioned in a caption earlier that Molly had a job MONTHS before the Commencement ceremony. That is much easier to believe and here's why. As part of a Practicum for the summer jobs etc, the students are sent to accounting firms in the area for 'work experience' if you want to call it that, that goes towards their articling time. They've recently started doing this with Engineering students where I live (mechanical, chemical, civil,etc.) and usually the firms to where you are sent take you back every summer and every work experience term. In one city I lived in, a major national accounting firm would hire the entire Business Administration graduating class from the University. Every year. And assign them to different offices or citied if the grads so chose. Having said all that, there is no way in the world an accounting firm that employed Molly for the summers and Practicum times, would be stupid enough to let a 4.0 GPA student who graduated Summa Cum Laude and can use her multiple Dean's List Certificates for wallpaper in her apartment, just walk away and go to the competition? Not a chance. Never. I'm willing to be this position was sealed after her Third Year. Which makes all the garbage about Molly “looking for a job” silly scripted baloney that anyone can see through. And of course Matt tops it all off with pithy toast 2 as only Matt the Showman can.

The fire pit scene. What disturbs me the most here, is SlugJer mentions twice that he's willing to come back to the farm a couple of extra times to 'check up on how dad's doing'. Not one word on volunteering to do any labour of any kind. Goodness, no! It's only after Tori gets into specifics and outright asks him if he would mow the lawn that SlugJer finally says OK. There was something else in the convo about Auj mentioning to Zach that he 'has the time'? Part-time job or not I guess. The idea of Zach being closer, with the Golden Couple's trips already, is a pretty meaningless argument.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Little People, Big World: New Episode July 19, 2016

Here are reviews of the new episode of Little People, Big World which aired on July 19, 2016 on TLC.


Review Written By Rap541

So bonus scenes from last week…. So I think the extended flipping sequence is new? Or maybe I just didn’t care about the stupid danger? OMG did you know it was two years since Auj was married and that’s ALL SHE EVER ACCOMPLISHED? Bless her heart! 

 Also really? Matt and Camerino tore up the entire field because Jeremy tipped the dangermobile? Is Jeremy babbling about the track new?

Oh the bonus footage is Jer and Auj having coffee with “Ellen” and “Of Ellen”. It’s really boring except where Ellen mocks Romani dress styles…. Apparently Jer and Auj made mistakes? That they never outline? Its dull. 

But Jazz has met a boy so there’s that…. God Bless the Christian programmers who bring us Jazz the transgender girl dating a boy :D

Another bonus scene is Molly? Returning home and is studying for her CPA exam and also works… is Molly a Roloff? Molly and Amy pick out dresses and Amy wants to dress Molly up. Molly is all “I just wear clothes!” But it’s kind of fun watching Amy and Molly get sassy in shopping.

We start with Zach wandering in to the big house. Tory is gonna be 25 and that’s a HUGE deal in a family that has to televise events. And look, Zach is planning an on camera surprise party. And of course the party will be on the farm because that’s easier for filming. Amy notes how Zach needs a good gift beyond the party. She has a point. I am not very girly but there’s certain things you expect.

Meanwhile….. The pirate ship has rotted from abandonment. And it’s being torn down. I am genuinely surprised we don’t have Jer there sobbing “NO DADDY NO!” like he does over everything. Instead we have skyping between Jer and Auj and Zach over the party.

So Jer and Zach are called out to the farm to tear down the pirate ship. There is some sadness and Matt tells them to pee off the bow one last time and then there’s the track hoe smashing shit.  Zach thinks they need a family celebration.

Now Matt is all about his neck pain. Amy is picking flowers and Matt notes her tat. And her hair. Matt is all “Change is good”. And also “I’m getting a cortisone shot and might be paralyzed” and “I’m not built for all the things I choose to do…!” and Amy wants to support but also is like “but we’re divorcing”.

Zach says Molly and Tory are besties and he wants Molly in on the surprise. But Molly has to hide!

Matt leaves for Los Angeles and we get the montage of Matt being in the hospital as a kid because we can’t not know how Matt is always suffering. Also somehow watching the pirate ship being torn down caused Matt physical pain. Matt says he doesn’t want the kids to worry as he prats on tv how he’s deteriorating and might be paralyzed.

Matt asks questions about the procedure. There’s a weird bulge but I get why he’s worried. I also sorta wonder if it’s so serious, why Jeremy James isn’t volunteering to be at Matt’s side. I mean, it’s not like he’s working. Also Matt needs surgery (which he’s had since).

Also… apparently poor Camerino is soon to be deported. Matt posted about it and surprisingly the major opinion is “If your manservant is an illegal alien, Matt Roloff, then he needs to trot his ass back to wherever he came, in Jesus’s name we pray!”

Matt tells Amy that he needs a neck fusion. Amy seems concerned. Jer and Zach show up to the farm so Matt can tell them dramatically about the neck surgery. Jer notes how it’s an interesting time for the farm! Jeremy heads off to tell Auj the news. No one including Jer and Auj seem to know how Matt will be cared for. Of course Jer thinks they should be on the farm, rallying for dad and of course THE FARM.

Zach rides the mower and Jeremy chides him for his mowing even tho Zach was just being helpful. Jeremy plans to make extra trips, not stand up like a man and offer to shoulder the burden as the chosen son but ok. Jeremy butchers paralysis.

Back to the dumb party that clearly no one really cares about. Tory is on her way and everyone is hiding shit. Tory gets to the house to “run Sully”. Then Jer and Auj come up with “isn’t it your birthday!” and Zach is all “Jeremy can be an airhead”.

Molly is sneaked in. Sully needs real training. This isn’t terribly interesting since it’s so forced.

So Tory is at lunch and everyone is bringing stuff and doing stuff. I kinda think Tory knows but that’s just me. Molly and Tory are very close. Then Molly gets told the pirate ship is gone. Matt leaves the party “because of his neck”. Zach takes Tory out on the mule to give her stuff. There’s jewelry. Then they do champagne. Its sweet.

However it was also pretty contrived and disjointed.

Next week! Molly seals her escape plan.


Review written by Podge/Rodge groupie

Review of Expect the unexpected, July 19

OK, we'll follow each storyline to make things easier for everybody.

Zach wants to throw a surprise party for Tori. He thinks that the party itself should serve just fine as a/the gift. Enabler Amy clues him in. Yet, Zach is impressed with himself about the idea of the party, and how he's such a good husband. Zach thinks he's an incurable romantic. Uh, Zach, penicillin was invented years ago, buddy. He Skpye's Auj and ofAuj. OfAuj's hair looks especially terrible today. Auj has strange tastes in dictating her hubby hairstyle. All proceeds along yadda yadda yadda until the day of, and Airhead Jer (AJ) shouts at Tori, 'Happy Birthday! It's today, isn't it?” But, instead of saying “D'oh!!” he tries yo explain away his obvious mistake (and yes it was a mistake) by saying, “I thought well, if I strategically mention Happy Birthday, then of course we aren't planning anything.” WHAT? Remember when Jer did not apologize for his racial slurs? Remember when Jer did not openly apologize for screwing up the photo printing before their big launch of whatever their website's called? Please, Jer, please take some responsibility. Please. Or at the very least, just stop thinking. And Tori was very impressed with her husband. The End.

The pirate ship is looking pretty ratty. Matt, after much waxing sort-of eloquent about the history and blah blah blah, he calls the twins over to watch him tear up the ship. Of course, the twins, who are still both horrible at acting, after all these years, try the “Whoa! Not so fast. Let's think about this.” There wasn't too much thinking, so after a very short period of time, Matt starts the destruction of the ship. The End.

Matt needs a Cortisone shot and has to make a final decision about surgery. Finally, some LP content on a series about LP's. Matt and Amy discuss things in a totally set up scene. You can't tell me Matt has not notice the hair and tatty before now, It's not like it's 12 hours after the girls' night out. Matt then goes on and on about his childhood and the surgeries and Matt is STILL BITTER. Give it up, Matt. For your own good, and the good of the people who listen to you. Matt and Amy discuss recovery a little bit early, as Matt doesn't go for the final pre-op consultation until the next episode. But hey, with the other two storylines, we have to find something to fill the hour.

Matt calls an office meeting with the twins. Dad need surgery. Jer thinks that's intense. Ooooohhh...Jer's being a real pistol this episode. Matt tells them they're looking for an opening within the next 6 months. Jer says he'd bee looking for an opening ASAP. Uh, Jer, they ARE looking for n opening ASAP, sometimes it will take up to six months to find one. Real pistol there, Jer. There's more conversation with Zach and some haybaling. The punchline of the episode - “It's an interesting time for everybody. I guess I'll be making a couple ,more trips to the farm, to prove that we're 'all-in'. So AJ, how many trips to the farm are you making now, and how can you possibly squeeze in MORE trips to the farm? Really.

Auj and AJ (Airhead Jer) chat. Again, not too sure about a 'neck brace for months' when the final consult has not been done. AJ makes the observation that if the surgeon has a tic or sneezes, this is not a “Oh, my surgery went wrong, I'll just walk differently for the rest of my life” this is a “Oh, my surgery went wrong, now I'm paralyzed.” Admittedly, this is a time that would weigh a little bit heavy on normal people. This is serious. However, Jer says, “Thanks babe (kiss). Let's get food. Do I have lipstick?” Terrible. Yeah, you really grasped the serious nature there, AJ.

WE go outside after Jer finds food (because the disgusting little pig is talking with his mouth full) and Zach is on the...........Land Pride????? What's this? What's this? What happened to the fantastic, fastest bestest of the best Dixie Chopper? Oh dear, here comes the Product Placement Nazi, waving his finger and screaming “No product placement for you!!!” Notice the realistic 'dynamic' here? Zach is trying to make a genuine effort to help on the farm by getting on the lawn mower. And AJ does nothing more than bitch and complain and put down Zach's work (with his mouth full) so it's easy to predict how much actual real work AJ will be contributing to, “With the whole (??) family working, it would ease his Matt's) mind.” You know, with AJ bleating about making extra trips to the farm, and all the pitching in he (claims he) will be doing, and the help he will be giving, although this was never mentioned, this would be the ONE time that Matt could sit there, madly waving his crutches and yelling. 'We could lose the farm!”

I still maintain the injection and future surgery was overdramatized, but only a bit. A friend of mine flew over the handlebars of a motorcycle he was test riding, and outright fractured C4 and C5, fourth and fifth cervical vertebrae. He was 16 at the time, became a quadriplegic and has been confined ever since. The problems are indeed real, and the complications just as real. These are problems real LP's have. If Matt could have toned down the dramatics just a bit, and ended his bitterness over his childhood, this is the right storyline for this show. Without wishing anything bad on Matt. Except Jeremy coming to save the day. The End.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Little People, Big World, New Episode Tuesday July 12th on TLC

Here are reviews/recaps of the new episode of Little People, Big World that aired on TLC Tuesday July 12, 2016.

Review Written By Rap541

I continue to find Matt’s protests on how he doesn’t deserve to live in the double wide hilarious. On a rewatch, I see he is all “I want to make this more comfortable for my friends”… Ok, bitch please. Seriously now, who here has ever refused to visit a friend over whether or not the floors in the house were hard wood or laminate? I mean, really.

I also sort of love how Tory is all “How *long* will it take to fix the gate if your dad and Jeremy are involved?”Bonus footage! Amy hangs out with her dog and ponders her tattoo plans. Seriously, that was all.

Matt made a point of being annoyed by Amy’s tat. My thought is “Matt, you don’t have to look at it” In a bonus scene, Tory totally mocks how slow the gate work is happening and how the plywood is unattractive at best. Also Jeremy’s hair is awful. To be fair, this is a matter of personal taste. I’m not fond of the scruffy unshaven look either, and the man bun look really isn’t my taste. If this is Audrey’s taste and her insistence, I wonder if she’s worried about girls finding him attractive, because this isn’t a great look.

Apparently Amy is out to date. Amy wanders into the Roloff office in a black leather jacket. Or maybe it’s faux leather? Matt wants to buy a new atv thing and Amy questions whether that’s actually necessary. It’s a one seater vehicle and oh hey Matt may have already bought. Amy is annoyed but good humored since I assume its actually a trade out, as it’s clearly not a necessary purchase in any way. This is a “oh hey, we don’t want to show anything real” storyline. The new ATV is cool looking in a militant “I’m more sporty than useful” way. Amy decides to drive it and it’s basically a road warrior sort of thing. Amy loves it and lays claim to it. Oh but look, now we’re building a track and having a competition over who gets the new vehicle. Matt needs something to do for the episode and really he’s rather superfluous without this storyline. Matt of course needs Jeremy to come on down. Matt continues to insist that the atv is a farm vehicle. I really want to see some vaguely farming activity attempted with this atv. Because its NOT a working atv.

Amy has her  friends over for fancy snacks and wine. Amy is all “this is always all girls and I need cock” and her friend Deb is like “Let’s go look for cock! And pokemon!” More seriously she suggests online dating which frankly is a good thing – a close wonderful, Christian friend of mine met her beloved husband thru online dating and they were a genuine love match

So Jer and Auj have the cat loose in the car because that’s cute and not safe. Point – there’s a reason most of us don’t have cats lose in our cars and it’s similar to the reason you shouldn’t text and drive, it’s a distraction. There’s nothing wrong with bringing a pet on a trip but pet carriers exist for a reason. Auj is helping Ellen plan a wedding and is now styling herself a wedding planner. 

Jeremy makes a show of pretending how he’s never seen or heard of the tat before. It’s pretty fake.

Jeremy continues to moan holy smokes. Auj is like wearing a sweatshirt as a dress and it’s very very short. It’s so short if Tory was wearing it, people would be calling her a whore… but since Auj was wearing it, I assume its church appropriate.

Hey here’s a thought. Why are Auj and OfAuj living in Bend and attending a “home church” when they could be living in Hillsboro where OfAuj could present himself every day to Daddy Matt to “learn about the farm” and driving with the kitty loose in the car? My goodness, these two precious Christians could be sitting in the front row of John Mark Comer’s church every week. Heck, they’d have more time to be at Matt’s beck and call and more time for their friends weddings too!

Auj heads off to wedding plan because she’s building a wedding planning business, along with the marital blog and the barre3 instructing and also this Ellen wants her to plan the wedding and be the maid of honor. Which technically isn’t right as Auj is married and is now a matron of honor but really it’s all silly. It also feels a bit fake.

Amy meanwhile sorta has a date with a whole bunch of firemen? And is going to do her hair? Molly is coming home?

Matt and Jeremy are “building a track” for the time trials because this isn’t ridiculous and forced. The tiny atv is driven by Jer and he promptly tips it over. AND COMMERCIAL.

I really just have to interject that I miss how Craw Craw no longer comes to this website because I would adore pointing out how her insistence that Jeremy was too good a driver to have an accident was, as I stated years ago, pretty stupid.

Jeremy notes “Yup I flipped it”. Basically, he was driving too fast on mud.

Auj is now the wedding expert and is picking out stuff and I die of boredom since really, I am not a wedding person.

Matt meanwhile has been building a track for *Jeremy* as Matt is totally concerned about Jeremy’s safety. They drive the much heavier larger ATV thing over it. Jeremy notes how worried he is about Matt’s neck. You all remember how Matt was telling the family in 2010 that he needed surgery in six months and was risking being paralyzed? I sense we’re in for a whine fest.

Auj is dress shopping with Ellen because no one in the family really wants to be on the show or display their actual lives. I mean, even you Auj lovers, do you really care about Auj’s never before mentioned friend Ellen getting married? I mean, Jeremy’s wife’s friend who has never been on the show before or ever mentioned?

Oh a commercial for Star Trek Beyond. Unity in diversity, infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

So Matt has pissed away money and time making a track for a one time race and everyone has to drive slow since it’s dangerous and tippy at fast speeds. Everyone including Amy notes how his neck is bad. Everyone insists and Matt insists on risking his life and I don’t like pointing out how this seemed faked for the camera but it does seem pretty fake. Now Matt quits, conceding he isn’t willing to take the risk and everyone else races. Jeremy notes how he likes racing Zach because it’s so fair, and Zach is ahead and wins? Yup, and Jer wanders off with little comment other than how that he manfully wrecked up previously might have stayed his hand.

Molly wanders in to mention how she graduates soon and is studying for her CPA exam. She’s clever, that’s a tough exam. Molly is pro-Amy dating. Amy shows her tat off. Molly is all “Mom got a huge tat!”

More Auj planning the wedding for Ellen. I like that Auj is happy about marriage but honestly it becomes a little one note. Especially when Jer and Ellen’s boyfriend are exchanging info on marriage on camera and no one cares because no one knows Ellen and Nolan?

Amy is getting her hair done at a fancy salon. AND COMMERCIAL

I check other boards and yes, people are expressing their displeasure at how the show seems to be about a wedding that no one cares about.

Amy’s hair is nice.

Molly is graduating soon and is chatting with Tory and Amy wanders in with her new sassy self. Molly seems very supportive. Amy is off to her night on the town. Pal Lisa is all “You look awesome, find a new man!” and she chats up the band. Lisa announces how this is her first night out. She digs Dan, the bald guy. Lisa basically offers to double date. . It’s kind of nice to see her be happy.

Next week we have a birthday party for Tory and of course endless “I might be crippled” drama from Matt.


Written By Podge/Rodge groupie


Throughout this entire episode, I was waiting for the late Graham Chapman to come marching out in his uniform, baton in one hand, the other waving and saying, 'Alright, that's enough! No more of this now. You are being silly. This has to stop right now. It has become far too silly!” Unfortunately, any sketch from his former band of silly men that he walked into were much, much better than what we saw in this episode.

Cold opening in Matt's office. This act has become silly. It's clear that Amy knew all along, agreed before, and this is all a tired act that these two want to perpetuate for reasons that I personally cannot fathom. Matt's just can't get away from his childish writing “Matt, check, Amy, check, motion passes.” And if that ins't infantile enough, Matt still insists that getting his new toy will bring Zach and Jer to the farm more often to hang with their old man. They. Are. Married. They. Have. Their. Own. Lives. You. Silly. Twit. I am going to go out an limb and guess that Matt is really, actually that self-centered and possessive that he could not care less about his sons lives, as long as they give glory to him. Because if this is acting, Matt has again no recognition of what a complete jerk he is portraying to the viewing public. Of course, Spoiled Jer is going to think the same thing as Matt.

Amy is spewing about herself. Again. She's going to start stepping out. Auj and Spoiled ofAuj show up at the farm. Again. Jeremy's acting is a bad as his dad's. Plus, Jeremy is so stupid he can't grasp the intent of the tattoo. Not silly, stupid. There's useless show filler because of lack of real things happening, like Amy having friend's over, getting her hair done (product placement) and showing Tori And Molly. Did anyone catch Molly's look after she took the photo of her mom? Sort of “How much of this is for the show, mom?” and “Boy, the lengths my mom will go for the show.” and “I can't believe any of this” look. Great. Amy goes out and socializes. I'm really really tired of her talking about herself, and the divorce and her second act. She does like to talk about herself. Well, enough of Amy.

Audrey helps her friend with her wedding plans. Complete lack of storyline or real events happening with the Roloff family.

Matt and Spoiled Jer make up a track. Jer tips the ATV. HEY did anyone else notice that, when this was shown as a clip during commercials, that there was screaming in the background when Jer tipped the ATV? Guess what? There was nobody there! And as far as I'm concerned the ATV tip was comedy at its best. Why did the film crew keep filming, instead of helping Spoiled jer? And we saw how daddy Matt first made sure he got his face entered in the shot of his gopro mounted on his mule, then drives down and SITS in his mule, asking Jer is he's alright? Way to go, dad.

A Day at The Races (I don'r care how many Marx brothers I upset, this was just as silly) is here. Matt was at his best, 'I'm awesome, I can do this, even with my screwed up neck' self. And don't forget 'I'm such a victim, but I'll be awesome anyway' or however you'd like to put it. Matt, there are better, more sincere, more serious ways to educate the viewers about your disability without the syrupy make-it-all-about-you blathering on and on. I'm not sure if the bantering between Spoiled Jer and daddy Matt about Matt's driving the course was to be the fake drama of this week's episode, because the ATV turnover didn't make the grade there. I'm wondering as Matt and Spoiled Jer made the track, how much time they got to practice, thus leaving Amy, Zach, Tori et al with NO laps to practice on the track while the other two did? Typical Roloff fairness. They race. They all lived happily ever after. Thank goodness, the end.