Sunday, August 3, 2008

Even TV is getting depressing

I mentioned in the last post about sticking with entertainment to avoid the horrors of the world, even that's hard to do. So much violence on television as well.

I quite enjoy the Little People Big World show on TLC but it's in between seasons as of now. The show was more fun to watch in the first season when they were just a typical family, before the riches started pouring in. The family had more innocence about them in that first season.

I still enjoy the show.

Speaking of that though, I've been hearing some nasty rumors about Jeremy Roloff, being well, nasty in real life. Gosh, everything is just falling apart lately. Can someone not let us down please? I really enjoyed Jeremy in the first season but I could picture him being a jerk with those bad influences he calls friends. As a mother, you can spot those demons a mile away! lol!

I'll keep my eyes and ears peeled to see what all this talk is about Jeremy being a jerk. There must be stuff off camera and that's why Amy always appears frustrated with that kid.

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