Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm back, so is Little People, Big World

Well, I'm back at this. I've decided to give this blogging thing another shot, but change the direction of it.

I received such an unexpected and lively response to my blogs about the Jeremy Roloff scandal a couple of months ago that I've decided to focus more on that show. It was a blow to my ego to find out that people don't care about my personal life, but I can handle it. lol.

Some people emailed me, informing me that they enjoyed reading my opinions and wish I would continue a commentary. It's funny because I wasn't even sure if I would continue watching the show after being so disappointed in the Roloffs, but if I'm the source for someone's reading enjoyment, the least I can do is give it a shot.

I would like to clear something up before I begin blogging about Little People Big World. Some of the emails I recieved were not all positive. Some people were very angry with me. I don't hate the Roloffs and I find the suggestion to be distasteful. I began watching the show because I enjoyed aspects of the show. To find out that the Roloffs are not what they portray is disappointing. I think Matt and Amy are good people at heart, but they've been corrupted by fame, money and power. In this blogger's opinion, they care more about image and keeping the gravy train flowing (the almight dollar) than they do about honor, integrity, values and passing those things onto their kids.

So do I hate the Roloffs? Absolutely not.
Disappointmented in them? Absolutely!
Distrustful of the Roloffs and TLC? Absolutely. It's a lot of empty words and image once the truth squeaks out like it did about Jeremy. But more on that later, as I'm sure that was be a theme that will come up later, because something like that never completely goes away - especially when Jeremy has never even apologized or acknowledged that he understands what he did was wrong...I used past tense, but I don't believe that.

I did watch the first two weeks and as requested, I have my reviews on that and few other things, but life is calling at the moment. I'll be back later tonight to blog about Matt in Iraq, ignorant people visiting the Roloff farm, and a camping trip that had me rolling my eyes.

Have a good day everyone.