Saturday, November 29, 2008

Do you remember Sarah? Jeremy Roloff's ex-girlfriend?

Do you remember Sarah? She was Jeremy's girlfriend in the first year of the show?

Apparently she got a tattoo...yes folks this is really Sarah.

I think the design is beautiful. I can't imagine doing that myself, but more power to her if that's what she likes.

Any tattoo enthusiasts want to chime in with your expert opinion?

By the way, what happened to that preview they ran for a few weeks with Jeremy saying he was going to get a tattoo in a private area? That scene was never shown.

Jeremy Roloff made the soccer All Star team for his area

Jeremy Roloff was recently named to the District 1 boys first team soccer All-Stars for the fourth year in a row. One of the friends of the twins, that kid named Scott, made the second team.

I've noticed there seems to be a divide in the viewers of the show. Some people love the soccer element to it and some people groan every time there is a soccer theme. I'm in the former. I like the Roloffs love of soccer.

For those of us interested, yes Jeremy made the All Star team again. Congratulations Jeremy...hey there might be legitimate reasons to dislike some things about Jeremy but I don't hate the kid - give him his due on the soccer field.

2008 Special District 1 Boys Soccer All-Stars

Eric Wilson - Oregon Episcopal
Ben Dugoni Oregon Episcopal
Oliver Field - Riverdale
Anthony Fisher - De La Salle
Jack Rossing - Catlin Gabel
Michael Gale - Oregon Episcopal
Adam Maier - Catlin Gabel
Torben Noto - Oregon Episcopal
Kaji Long-Sherpa Riverdale
Jeremy Roloff - Faith Bible
Jordan Baeza - Life Christian

Friday, November 28, 2008

Open for comments and I've recruited some help

To my blog readers,

The comments are now open(and have been for a while). You're encouraged to leave a comment and made your voice heard. You don't need to be a member, there is no registering required or any of that. You can even post as Anonymous if you choose, although you elect to do that, please put some name or screen name on your post even if you write it at the bottom. That simply eliminates confusion if others address your comments.

I've also recruited some help in helping me with this blog to cater to my readers. I get a lot of inquiries about the Roloffs, Jeremy in particular. I've recruited a few fans and followers of the show that keep a closer eye on Roloffs news and talk than I do. They will help me information and interesting topics to your attention. They will be both positive and negative....because, that's real life!

I've heard from a lot of people and I have followers that both love all aspects of the Roloffs and also have many bones of contention with them and the show.

I think this help I've recruited that passes some information around the internet my way will be interesting to you.

The purpose of this blog is simply to share thoughts and opinions about the latest happenings and items that people are discussing about the television show Little People Big World and the happenings of these reality show celebrities, Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob Roloff. Personally, sometimes my opinions about the Roloffs, like they are about anyone, are positive, sometimes they're negative. Sometimes I'm pleased by what I see or hear, sometimes I'm disappointed.

The fancy vacation home the Roloff family had in Florida

I've seen some people talk about the latest Roloff episode and refer to the home they stayed in Orlando as the place the Roloffs "rented".

I think most people that watch Little People Big World realize the Roloffs don't pay for very much. TLC arranges it. This is an interesting article explaining how the Roloffs vacation home we saw came about.

"I was approached by a marketing firm from one of our associations to host the Roloff family as they were coming to Orlando to film a segment of their show “Little People, Big World”. I must admit, I have not seen a lot of episodes, however, the ones I’ve caught were very interesting and I hugely appreciate the integrity, drive and tenacity of Amy and Matt – the mom and dad.
The marketing firm told me that the show draws about 7 million viewers per week on
TLC (The Learning Channel). They also said “TLC is dedicated to high-quality, intelligent and relatable non-fiction entertainment that inspires, engages, informs and unites the audience in the spirit of life’s possibilities. TLC intimately connects more than 94 million homes in North America. TLC is currently one of the largest cable television networks in the United States, producing more than 800 hours of award-winning original programming.” After hearing this, I thought that it might give us a great opportunity to show the country what a vacation home from Global Resort Homes is all about."

Follow the link to read the rest of the article. It's interesting to learn how things come together on the show. I wonder if there are still any viewers that still believe that the Roloffs, like most families, actually pay for their vacation spots? I'm not knocking them for their free spots, but I do wonder how many viewers are rather naive in what they believe about the show. This is the note Amy left the owners in the Guest book. That was nice gesture on Amy's behalf.

“Thanks so much for opening your home to us. We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed every aspect of our stay. The pool, hot tub, air hockey & pool table were the perfect compliment to our daily excursions in and around Orlando. Staying in a house gave a new dimension to our vacation, and my family will enjoy the memories of our stay for many years to come.”
Amy Roloff

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A friend of the Roloffs is as disturbed by some actions of the religious community as I am?

Given some of the disappointment and my moral disagreements with a few things that I've been learning about the Roloffs (Jeremy's racist and homophobic comments, Amy's promotion of Focus on the Family), I really need someone to like on the show, someone who I am not constantly disappointed in when I learn more about what they believe and how they carry themselves.

She was on the show Monday night for one brief segment (I'll take what I can get!). She is the Roloffs friend, Jen Montzingo. Unfortunately in the scene where she arrives at the Roloffs "remodeled" home, she arrived with the awful Jacob Mueller. Oh well, you win some and you lose some! ;-)

She has a blog that I enjoy reading:

I wish Little People, Big World would devote at least one segment to Jen as they have done in the past with some of the other friends on the show. Jen's blog occasionaly deals with some of the issues LP's face that aren't really discussed on the show anymore. In fairness to the Roloffs and TLC, I think fame has made some of those experiences for the Roloffs obsolete. For example, Jen puts it into perspective sometimes when she blogs about her experiences shopping or going to a movie. It's more than just the gawkers, it's people that make comments and treat her as though she's not really a person. Parents and kids that come up to her and want her to speak to them because she is just so....different? I try to imagine dealing with that every day. Running to the bank machine and you're constantly treated as though you're not really a person. I think Jen, who I sense has a good handle on it and doesn't let it bother her too much, does a good job of explaining some of the frustrations. She comes across as such an easy person to relate to; it's unfortunate that some people are so hung up on appearances.

Jen also has a blog about personal faith and struggles with religion. I have very similar views to Jen. Considering Amy's support of Focus on the Family on her link page and Jeremy and his friends' mocking behavior towards gay people, I found it incredibly refreshing to know that at least one friend of the Roloffs share some of the same views that I do. I'll quote briefly from her blog.

"I have really struggled with my faith over the past year or so. Actually, when I think about it I really haven’t doubted God so much as I have lost a great deal of faith in church. I probably too-obviously hint about it and then try to act coy like no one gets it. But this boy-loving girl just doesn’t understand why the Christian world at large is sometimes so-hateful toward my boy friends that like boys. I get that this isn’t a big issue for everyone and I probably make it a bigger issue than it needs to be, but I just want to scream when I feel people make God out to be a hate-monger. But I really do pick fights and need to confess that, both to my Dad and to everyone else. This probably has something to do with some lacking area in my own life, things I am working through. I think the frustration with church (not a specific church mind you, but the American church at large) buts up and juxtaposes itself against coming to terms with my own issues (abuse, parents divorce and remarriage, etc…things that are just too painful and not appropriate for a public blog). I am in counseling and thriving, which is a testament enough! :) I am fighting with the idea of institutionalized religion and authority, and I’m sure I’ll work through it and come to terms with it."

She also has another blog/article about the hurt that certain derogatory words inflict and why mocking people who are different is so deplorable. I think that relates to a lot of the points I've tried to make in the past about Jeremy's comments. Different words, but same concept.

Roloff Review - Jeremy accident! A wild night out ends with Amy and Jeremy dancing on table, starving Roloffs forced to eat grubs!

I usually write these and then go back and add a title. This is a quick review of the Little People Big World episode November 24Th. So you can stop the panic and yelling at me now ;-) The title is having some fun with TLC's tendency to exaggerate the "story lines".

A few thoughts on the show:

* The first episode dealt with the completion of the addition to the house/remodel/home expansion. The finished product does look beautiful. Of course, I think the Roloffs got a lot of"help" from sponsors of the show and TLC. That makes it a lot easier to accomplish that feat, but the end result is a beautiful home that has more of a mansion feel to it than a regular family home.

Most accurate line of the night went to my favorite Roloff friend, Jen Montzingo. Upon seeing the house she said "This feels weird. It doesn't even look like your house."

Call me crazy, but beauty and expense aside, I liked the coziness of their home as it was in the original documentary Little People, Big Dreams back in 2003.

*The Roloffs hit Sleep Country for new mattresses for everybody. Matt of course wants the best and most expensive. The store representative cautions him that it's very expensive, but that's not a concern for Matt. They also decide to get the kids all brand new furniture. Jeremy and Zach decide on a fancy looking black leather sofa set. Jeremy commented on the great price...wink, nudge, ahem.

They arrive back at the house with the trailer hooked up to Matt's SUV. Jeremy is backing up and smashes into the garage. Matt was angry with him. Amy defended him. For Jeremy's part, he was wandering off looking rather unconcerned, but later did manage a quick "Sorry pops".

I think Matt was completely warranted in his reaction. He tried to help guide Jeremy into the garage, but Jeremy, according to Matt, likes to show off, brushed off help and sped backwards into the side. Amy tried to excuse Jeremy by suggesting that they're used to asking for help as little people, but Jeremy isn't used to asking for help. C'mon Amy. I think anybody knows that when backing into a narrow brand new garage it might be a good idea let someone help instruct you. Amy and Matt both agreed Jeremy was careless and went too fast.

I'm starting to narrow down what it is that turns a lot of people off Jeremy. It's his cavalier attitude towards everything. I didn't get the impression Jer even cared that much. 'Ah who cares' seemed to be his attitude although he did manage a "Sorry pops!" I would like Jeremy a lot more as a person if he showed some humility, some guilt and took some responsibility when he does something wrong or makes a mistake. (looks at elephant in room, er. Jeremy's racist and homophobic comments) Unfortunately, I think Jeremy likes himself too much to be capable of feeling bad about something he did.

*The second episode was another Roloff vacation. Roloffs in Florida. It was a lot of fun. I have to hand it to Amy for living it up. There is nothing she won't try or experience. She was determined to have a good time. It was quite a contrast to her demeanor during the RV trip a year ago. Of course being crammed into an RV for that amount of time is a lot different than a luxury vacation in Florida.

They went to a Greek restaurant. Amy and Jeremy (at Amy's urging) ended up dancing on tables with the belly dancers. Molly also appeared to get into it. Good for them for making some memories, although I can't fault Zach and Jacob for not dancing on tables...I wouldn't have done it either at that age.

Amy "wrestled" alligators. On the tour the Roloffs ate grubs. Yum. Once again, Amy got the family rolling in that regard. The tour guide commented that they were the first customers to actually eat them. I think the Roloffs would do well on Fear Factor or Survivor. Amy and Jeremy downed it cheerfully and painlessly. Molly was game to try, but spat it out. Zach actually chewed it.

The vacation ended with the Roloffs experiencing an indoor sky-diving activity. I have to say Amy knows her kids. It was subtle, but I think Amy picked up on Jeremy apprehensiveness about going first. Amy volunteered without making it too noticeable. Good job, Amy.

I have to hand it to Matt as well. Zach originally wasn't going to try because of his shunt. Matt was going to sit out for obvious physical reasons, but ultimately, he gave it a shot to show Zach that it's good to try new things. Even though Matt doesn't have much control of his legs and the instructor needed to hold onto him, he gave it a shot. Zach did it after Matt and said he enjoyed it.

I give Matt and Amy both a thumbs-up for their actions on the vacation. One other aspect that I'm observing is that Amy is really becoming close to Jeremy because of their adventurous spirits. She really enjoys that about him. When she was dancing on the table, she looked for Jeremy first. She wanted him to eat the bugs with her (while I question her choice of meals, I admire the act itself of a mother bonding with a son), the sky-diving bit is something I see them doing together. A few weeks ago she swam with the sharks and couldn't wait to tell Jeremy about it.

All in all, pretty shows this week.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Peggy Roloff had a hip replacement - Best wishes

Apparently Peggy Roloff, Matt's mother, recently had hip replacement surgery. I wanted to extend best wishes and a speedy recovery to Peggy. My mother had a hip replacement two years ago. It will get better. :)

I think you can leave her a comment with a get well message on Peggy's website.

Although I am certain I disagree with Peggy on several issues, I share her wish as she stated in the last sentence of a blog she wrote about visiting memorials such as NY ground zero and Oklahoma City.

"This place also cause my emotions to well up as my heart would burst just seeing in ‘real life’ the effects of man against man. Oh, that the heart of man would desire to love and not hate. To be more like Jesus and love as He loved is my goal."

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amy Roloff Interview

I read a very interesting Amy Roloff interview that I thought might be of interest to anybody reading that hasn't yet read it.

The woman conducting the interview did a fabulous job! The interview was more interesting than interviews I've seen from most national newspapers with the Roloffs. The questions were interesting and relevant.

I've always appreciated Amy's honesty. If it wasn't for Amy's honesty, I probably would have never watched this show for more than an episode or two. She does seem very real and honest.

It's also nice to get some confirmation on opinions that you form from watching the show about the kids. The question and answer given by Amy about Zach and Jeremy were particularly interesting to me. Even though Zach and Jacob are shown fighting and irritating each other, I can tell they are very close and will have a strong bond for many, many years even after they have lives of their own.

I've already seen some criticism of Amy for statement that Jeremy is all about himself. That sounds about right to me. She's his mother. She would know. Jeremy is surrounded by his friends constantly that I think if he were my son, I would try to limit that and encourage a little more interaction with his siblings, especially Jacob. They do...or at least should have a bond being the only two average-sized boys in the family. Jacob worships Jeremy, that is becoming clear to me, even though Zach is as Amy says "a great big brother" to Jacob. It's sad to see Jacob's obvious disappointment whenever he talks about Jeremy telling him to get lost when he attempts to spend time with him. I wish Jeremy would put more importance into the relationship he has with his siblings.

The author of the blog encouraged comments, indicating that Amy might read it or answer it in the future. I hope a question about the "Jeremy scandal" as it is known by some is asked. I really want to like Amy. I want to hear what she has to say about it. It might take away some of the disappointment that people feel to hear Amy's thoughts on the situation. Matt is the type of person that is all sales and spin all the time. I like that Amy is honest and usually gives a real answer and expresses her real feelings. So I hope somehow Amy addresses the matter.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boyscouts, I don't think so...

The second week of the new season of Little People Big World, centered around the Roloffs installing Geothermal heat pumps. The second half was about the Jeremy, Zach and their friends going on a camping trip.

Honestly, I found both episodes very boring so I don't have much to say. My husband thought it was interesting learning about the Geothermal heating. That's about it for that episode.

The camping trip had me rolling my eyes. It was Jacob Mueller's birthday. If you read this blog, you know he's Jeremy's best friend that was very much implicated in the Myspace scandal, frequently using racial slurs - even as recently as couple of months ago, mocking gay people, cracking jokes about deaf kids and kids with down syndrome. I was surprised that TLC decided to make him so prominent in an episode so soon after the Myspace scandal.

It's almost humorous how TLC attempts to portray Jeremy and his friends as innocent boyscouts. I don't think many viewers are buying it anymore. Most of the trip centered around them packing. They quickly rushed through about a minute of them camping. A quick shot of them blowing out birthday cake candles, playing on train tracks and sliding on picnic tables. My guess is TLC packed up and left after so those kids could really do what they wanted....

Seriously, it really is hard for me to stomach TLC trying to convince the audience that these are sweet, innocent boyscouts. Their Myspace comments convinced me that they are actually very nasty, spoiled and ignorant kids who do indeed engage in all the unwholesome activities that other teens are known for, despite the lies Jeremy told in the Roloff book.

I'm very disappointed every time Amy refers to them as good kids.

The most recent episodes consisted of Matt and Amy giving a speech to KFC franchise owners and Zach putting on a history play. I don't really have anything to say about either of them. Both were very forgetable. Zach's play was cute. He probably got a bit of help in the editing department from his TLC crew friends.

I usually browse around the internet in four or five different spots to gauge opinions. I find those things to be more entertaining sometimes than the shows themselves. The lack of talk after the shows have been very noticeable. I enjoyed the Iraq episode, but the others were....blah. I wonder if the Roloffs have become so far removed from their image that they've built that it's hard from them to compose an episode. They can't follow Jeremy and his friends because they're doing and saying things that would be offensive to most of the audience and the sponsors. I think they are still reluctant to show just how wealthy the Roloffs have become in a time when many people are struggling. So many viewers of the show used to enjoy the fact they could relate to the Roloffs and that's completely gone now. I've lost track of the number of classic cars the family has. Apparently they went for about a year before they revealed that Amy bought a vintage truck. I think Jeremy has at least three classic vehicles and he's 18 flippin years old. So if the show can't film how the kids and their friends really behave and they don't want to flaunt their possessions, I have a degree of sympathy for how difficult it must be for them to compose a show at this stage.

Of course, they could drop the act, and deal with real issues. Such as Jeremy lying to everybody about not drinking alcohol and using slurs and address those things, but obviously there are image issues that would prevent them from ever actually being honest. I for one would have more respect for them if they dealt with real issues honestly than pretending to be something they aren't. I saw an interview with Matt a couple of weeks ago, he's still insisting that they're a wholesome Christian family. Nothing about Jeremy's conduct that was revealed is wholesome or Christian and nothing about the way Matt and Amy responded to it was indicative of having values or attempting to instill values in their children.

However, obviously the Roloffs and TLC have a goal of trying to sell an image and make $ and that's what is important to them. Sigh.

What the heck? Isn't anybody paying attention? Ignorance...

I'll divert from episode reviews for a blog, to address something I read. As many of you know, the Roloffs open their farm up for the month of October and apparently make a killing selling pumpkins, tours and merchandise. I've seen some of the stories from my fellow bloggers. Most of them are nice stories. A couple however, left me shaking my head in dismay.

Most people that take the trek out to Roloff farm do it because they watch the show and it would be neat to see the farm. I naturally made the assumption that people that watch the show would be educated about issues about dwarfism. Apparently not all. One blogger wrote that their family decided to take the afternoon to visit the farm. They were hoping to meet the "midgets". The even wrote that they were going to take pictures, because one of their kids didn't go because she was terrified of "midgets".

Wow. I guess nothing seeps in with some people. How can people watch this show and talk about people with dwarfism with such ignorance and allow their kids to be so ignorant? The ignorance is astounding. But then again, I would have thought the family preaching tolerance wouldn't have a son that uses racial and homophobic slurs and mocks minorities. It really is sad that people can't absorb basic lessons in human decency and respect.

On the subject of ignorance, I'm reading a blog from Jen Montzingo, a friend of the Roloff family. She has appeared on some episodes of LPBW. She wrote a blog about ignorance. I hope Jen takes the opportunity to have a talk with Jeremy about the broader subject hurtful words towards any group of people. The video she refers to has since been removed, but her comments are still very relevant.

Little People Big World - Iraq

Getting caught up to speed.

The season premiere of Little People, Big World featured Matt traveling to Iraq with a doctor to help a family who had children with forms of dwarfism.

After the summer of scandal and disappointment, I reluctantly watched the premiere. Once it's been discovered that a "Reality" family have been lying to you, how do you go about watching them knowing the deception that exists? The appeal of the earlier seasons of the show was that it gave us the impression that what we were watching were the real people living as they would without the camera. I was unsure as I began watching Season's four premiere how I'd feel seeing the facade...I was pleasantly surprised - I enjoyed the Iraq episode.

The naysayers will say Matt Roloff and TLC had an agenda, to rebuild their image. I have to admit, I think that's the reason why they went out of sequence to begin with the Iraq story - that's going to receive good press. Regardless of any possible agenda, I commend Matt for the mission.

The story captivated my interest for the entire hour. It had a very CNN-esque feel - giving the viewers a glimpse of what it's like to actually travel to such a dangerous place in the world and it gave us a chance to see some of the great work that our soldiers are doing in Iraq. It was heart-warming to see the soldiers being so playful towards the Iraqi children. I'm sure the family captured the hearts of everyone watching. The tears and emotion from the parents was what I found to be especially moving. The children were adorable. There they were living in such poverty and amidst such danger and medical problems, yet the children were full of smiles and love. I think any thing that gives people a chance to put a name on a face and humanize a problem is a great thing. I commend Matt for taking up the cause.

I've read recently that two of the children did get the treatment they needed. In the episode that we saw, due to the numerous delays traveling to Iraq, the doctor needed to fly back to the United States because he had only allotted x number of days for the trip. Matt continued to Iraq, they took pictures and x-rays to bring back to the surgeon and they would perform the surgeries at a later date.

The thing that did surprise was the abscence of a good-bye or welcome home by the kids, namely Jeremy and Jacob. None of the kids bothered to get out of bed to say goodbye to dad on his way to Iraq - I can speak for my kids when I say I know they would be waking up early no matter what to say good-bye to their dad in that situation. Zach and Molly drove to the airport to pick Matt up. That was cute seeing them wait for Matt to arrive. It was an odd scene when they arrived home. Here was Matt home for the first time after spending a week in Iraq and Zach needed to call Amy to come say Hi to Matt. As for Jeremy and Jacob, they looked like they had to be dragged out for the purpose of filming instead of kids grateful that their dad was home and safe. It was just odd that throughout the entire program, although it didn't feature much of the family, whenever there was a family scene, Jeremy and Jacob were absent. There was an earlier scene of Amy, Molly and Zach early one morning waiting for Matt to call home from Iraq. Again J and J were absent. I guess sleep is more important than talking to your dad in Iraq for some kids. *sigh*

The Season Premiere, much to my suprise (LOL) gets a thumbs up from me. I felt TLC lived up to their name (The Learning Channel) finally and I enjoyed. Or perhaps it was the absence of Jeremy that made it enjoyable instead of watching TLC attempt to portray nasty kids as innocent boyscouts?