Sunday, November 9, 2008

Amy Roloff Interview

I read a very interesting Amy Roloff interview that I thought might be of interest to anybody reading that hasn't yet read it.

The woman conducting the interview did a fabulous job! The interview was more interesting than interviews I've seen from most national newspapers with the Roloffs. The questions were interesting and relevant.

I've always appreciated Amy's honesty. If it wasn't for Amy's honesty, I probably would have never watched this show for more than an episode or two. She does seem very real and honest.

It's also nice to get some confirmation on opinions that you form from watching the show about the kids. The question and answer given by Amy about Zach and Jeremy were particularly interesting to me. Even though Zach and Jacob are shown fighting and irritating each other, I can tell they are very close and will have a strong bond for many, many years even after they have lives of their own.

I've already seen some criticism of Amy for statement that Jeremy is all about himself. That sounds about right to me. She's his mother. She would know. Jeremy is surrounded by his friends constantly that I think if he were my son, I would try to limit that and encourage a little more interaction with his siblings, especially Jacob. They do...or at least should have a bond being the only two average-sized boys in the family. Jacob worships Jeremy, that is becoming clear to me, even though Zach is as Amy says "a great big brother" to Jacob. It's sad to see Jacob's obvious disappointment whenever he talks about Jeremy telling him to get lost when he attempts to spend time with him. I wish Jeremy would put more importance into the relationship he has with his siblings.

The author of the blog encouraged comments, indicating that Amy might read it or answer it in the future. I hope a question about the "Jeremy scandal" as it is known by some is asked. I really want to like Amy. I want to hear what she has to say about it. It might take away some of the disappointment that people feel to hear Amy's thoughts on the situation. Matt is the type of person that is all sales and spin all the time. I like that Amy is honest and usually gives a real answer and expresses her real feelings. So I hope somehow Amy addresses the matter.

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