Saturday, November 1, 2008

Boyscouts, I don't think so...

The second week of the new season of Little People Big World, centered around the Roloffs installing Geothermal heat pumps. The second half was about the Jeremy, Zach and their friends going on a camping trip.

Honestly, I found both episodes very boring so I don't have much to say. My husband thought it was interesting learning about the Geothermal heating. That's about it for that episode.

The camping trip had me rolling my eyes. It was Jacob Mueller's birthday. If you read this blog, you know he's Jeremy's best friend that was very much implicated in the Myspace scandal, frequently using racial slurs - even as recently as couple of months ago, mocking gay people, cracking jokes about deaf kids and kids with down syndrome. I was surprised that TLC decided to make him so prominent in an episode so soon after the Myspace scandal.

It's almost humorous how TLC attempts to portray Jeremy and his friends as innocent boyscouts. I don't think many viewers are buying it anymore. Most of the trip centered around them packing. They quickly rushed through about a minute of them camping. A quick shot of them blowing out birthday cake candles, playing on train tracks and sliding on picnic tables. My guess is TLC packed up and left after so those kids could really do what they wanted....

Seriously, it really is hard for me to stomach TLC trying to convince the audience that these are sweet, innocent boyscouts. Their Myspace comments convinced me that they are actually very nasty, spoiled and ignorant kids who do indeed engage in all the unwholesome activities that other teens are known for, despite the lies Jeremy told in the Roloff book.

I'm very disappointed every time Amy refers to them as good kids.

The most recent episodes consisted of Matt and Amy giving a speech to KFC franchise owners and Zach putting on a history play. I don't really have anything to say about either of them. Both were very forgetable. Zach's play was cute. He probably got a bit of help in the editing department from his TLC crew friends.

I usually browse around the internet in four or five different spots to gauge opinions. I find those things to be more entertaining sometimes than the shows themselves. The lack of talk after the shows have been very noticeable. I enjoyed the Iraq episode, but the others were....blah. I wonder if the Roloffs have become so far removed from their image that they've built that it's hard from them to compose an episode. They can't follow Jeremy and his friends because they're doing and saying things that would be offensive to most of the audience and the sponsors. I think they are still reluctant to show just how wealthy the Roloffs have become in a time when many people are struggling. So many viewers of the show used to enjoy the fact they could relate to the Roloffs and that's completely gone now. I've lost track of the number of classic cars the family has. Apparently they went for about a year before they revealed that Amy bought a vintage truck. I think Jeremy has at least three classic vehicles and he's 18 flippin years old. So if the show can't film how the kids and their friends really behave and they don't want to flaunt their possessions, I have a degree of sympathy for how difficult it must be for them to compose a show at this stage.

Of course, they could drop the act, and deal with real issues. Such as Jeremy lying to everybody about not drinking alcohol and using slurs and address those things, but obviously there are image issues that would prevent them from ever actually being honest. I for one would have more respect for them if they dealt with real issues honestly than pretending to be something they aren't. I saw an interview with Matt a couple of weeks ago, he's still insisting that they're a wholesome Christian family. Nothing about Jeremy's conduct that was revealed is wholesome or Christian and nothing about the way Matt and Amy responded to it was indicative of having values or attempting to instill values in their children.

However, obviously the Roloffs and TLC have a goal of trying to sell an image and make $ and that's what is important to them. Sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Jeremy is a stupid, spoiled brat and I am not going to apologize for saying it! And no ; he is NOT "HOT" He is very average in looks. But just knowing how DUMB he is should have EVERY girl in his community running, fullspeed, in the opposite direction! Zach? Mama's Boy, and filthy. And no I do NOT "hate" dwarfs b/c I state the obvious truth about that coddled, infantilized BOY. As for the train tracks,,,well does the term Natural Selection mean anything to anyone? Too Bad.