Friday, November 28, 2008

The fancy vacation home the Roloff family had in Florida

I've seen some people talk about the latest Roloff episode and refer to the home they stayed in Orlando as the place the Roloffs "rented".

I think most people that watch Little People Big World realize the Roloffs don't pay for very much. TLC arranges it. This is an interesting article explaining how the Roloffs vacation home we saw came about.

"I was approached by a marketing firm from one of our associations to host the Roloff family as they were coming to Orlando to film a segment of their show “Little People, Big World”. I must admit, I have not seen a lot of episodes, however, the ones I’ve caught were very interesting and I hugely appreciate the integrity, drive and tenacity of Amy and Matt – the mom and dad.
The marketing firm told me that the show draws about 7 million viewers per week on
TLC (The Learning Channel). They also said “TLC is dedicated to high-quality, intelligent and relatable non-fiction entertainment that inspires, engages, informs and unites the audience in the spirit of life’s possibilities. TLC intimately connects more than 94 million homes in North America. TLC is currently one of the largest cable television networks in the United States, producing more than 800 hours of award-winning original programming.” After hearing this, I thought that it might give us a great opportunity to show the country what a vacation home from Global Resort Homes is all about."

Follow the link to read the rest of the article. It's interesting to learn how things come together on the show. I wonder if there are still any viewers that still believe that the Roloffs, like most families, actually pay for their vacation spots? I'm not knocking them for their free spots, but I do wonder how many viewers are rather naive in what they believe about the show. This is the note Amy left the owners in the Guest book. That was nice gesture on Amy's behalf.

“Thanks so much for opening your home to us. We had a wonderful experience and enjoyed every aspect of our stay. The pool, hot tub, air hockey & pool table were the perfect compliment to our daily excursions in and around Orlando. Staying in a house gave a new dimension to our vacation, and my family will enjoy the memories of our stay for many years to come.”
Amy Roloff


Anonymous said...

I read on TwoP forum several comments in which people were wondering how ANYONE who had ever watched the show could possibly want those filthy beings renting their house wonder TLC has to do such a Sale Job to get it rented out to them. It might be the first time in...? what? YEARS since those filth-mongering kids actually slept with BEDDING on their beds. Jeez.

Linda Magnus said...

It's how business works. Nothing wrong with a trade off. They didn't force Global Resort Homes to give it to the Roloffs for free. They made a business decision.

Anon - The kids didn't have sheets on their beds in the first season only.

Russ said...

I am the General Manager for Global Resort Homes. We provided the Roloff's with a complimentary stay with the hopes of getting some good PR for our Vacation Homes. The home is brand new and is beautiful. After watching the episode, I'm am not sure that we got the PR that I was hoping for. Oh never know about these kinds of things. In the end, Amy said the house was great and it sounds like they had fun while visiting Orlando.

Terra said...

Russ, I don't blame you for being disappointed. I wonder how many other companies that have donated to the Roloffs/show feel the same way. I don't think they even said the name of your resort on the show. It doesn't seem like you got much of a return.

Michelle said...

I thought the home was beautiful. The Roloffs didn't appear very grateful, at least not on the show. Amy's letter in the guestbook was nice, but on the show they weren't very appreciative.

Matt was nitpicking at the texture of the walls and Amy complained that there wasn't a stool provided for her.


jerslundgirl said...

russ, this might be a strange question, but i notice everything. haha.

was that a flat screen mini tv in the bedroom? when amy went in to wake jer and zach up in the bedroom there was something on the dresser across from zach's bed. i couldnt tell if it was a flatscreen tv, a computer or some kind of monitoring system. whatever it was, it was on while they were sleeping :)

Lydia said...

I watched Amy kind of cry and get all sad at the end of one show where she wasn't sure Matt and her were going to be together much longer. I loved seeing her feel free, even with that fake tattoo..All I can say is you go Amy...take care of's apparent matt sure isn't. He thought nothing of splitting the two time the family had a vacation...but was upset when you didn't go to the BVI. AND he stayed the whole time. Maybe you need to move on, Amy.