Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A friend of the Roloffs is as disturbed by some actions of the religious community as I am?

Given some of the disappointment and my moral disagreements with a few things that I've been learning about the Roloffs (Jeremy's racist and homophobic comments, Amy's promotion of Focus on the Family), I really need someone to like on the show, someone who I am not constantly disappointed in when I learn more about what they believe and how they carry themselves.

She was on the show Monday night for one brief segment (I'll take what I can get!). She is the Roloffs friend, Jen Montzingo. Unfortunately in the scene where she arrives at the Roloffs "remodeled" home, she arrived with the awful Jacob Mueller. Oh well, you win some and you lose some! ;-)

She has a blog that I enjoy reading:


I wish Little People, Big World would devote at least one segment to Jen as they have done in the past with some of the other friends on the show. Jen's blog occasionaly deals with some of the issues LP's face that aren't really discussed on the show anymore. In fairness to the Roloffs and TLC, I think fame has made some of those experiences for the Roloffs obsolete. For example, Jen puts it into perspective sometimes when she blogs about her experiences shopping or going to a movie. It's more than just the gawkers, it's people that make comments and treat her as though she's not really a person. Parents and kids that come up to her and want her to speak to them because she is just so....different? I try to imagine dealing with that every day. Running to the bank machine and you're constantly treated as though you're not really a person. I think Jen, who I sense has a good handle on it and doesn't let it bother her too much, does a good job of explaining some of the frustrations. She comes across as such an easy person to relate to; it's unfortunate that some people are so hung up on appearances.

Jen also has a blog about personal faith and struggles with religion. I have very similar views to Jen. Considering Amy's support of Focus on the Family on her link page and Jeremy and his friends' mocking behavior towards gay people, I found it incredibly refreshing to know that at least one friend of the Roloffs share some of the same views that I do. I'll quote briefly from her blog.

"I have really struggled with my faith over the past year or so. Actually, when I think about it I really haven’t doubted God so much as I have lost a great deal of faith in church. I probably too-obviously hint about it and then try to act coy like no one gets it. But this boy-loving girl just doesn’t understand why the Christian world at large is sometimes so-hateful toward my boy friends that like boys. I get that this isn’t a big issue for everyone and I probably make it a bigger issue than it needs to be, but I just want to scream when I feel people make God out to be a hate-monger. But I really do pick fights and need to confess that, both to my Dad and to everyone else. This probably has something to do with some lacking area in my own life, things I am working through. I think the frustration with church (not a specific church mind you, but the American church at large) buts up and juxtaposes itself against coming to terms with my own issues (abuse, parents divorce and remarriage, etc…things that are just too painful and not appropriate for a public blog). I am in counseling and thriving, which is a testament enough! :) I am fighting with the idea of institutionalized religion and authority, and I’m sure I’ll work through it and come to terms with it."

She also has another blog/article about the hurt that certain derogatory words inflict and why mocking people who are different is so deplorable. I think that relates to a lot of the points I've tried to make in the past about Jeremy's comments. Different words, but same concept.



Linda Magnus said...

Jen seems nice enough, although I don't agree with her opinion about religion being used as hate. They are standing for Bible principles.

What is awful about Jacob Mueller?

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your support and for reading my blog. Wow, I am honored that you would take the time to read it. I truly appreciate all the kind words you sent out my way, it made my day. Hope you are having a good weekend.
Blessings~ Jen

Christa said...

I whole heartedly agree with your comments about Jen. When I began watching the show, I wasn't aware of how hardcore conservative the Roloffs or a section of the fanbase apparently are. It is is nice to know they do have friends that may have a different outlook.

Leanne said...

I think it would be a great idea for Little People Big World to do an episode on Jen. They've done episodes about Little Zach, Casey, Chance, Marty and Rob & Amy. Jen has been on every season of the show. I think it would be a fantastic idea.

Doug said...

[[Jen's blog occasionaly deals with some of the issues LP's face that aren't really discussed on the show anymore. In fairness to the Roloffs and TLC, I think fame has made some of those experiences for the Roloffs obsolete.]]

Why are they obsolete for the Roloffs? Matt, Amy and Zach are still little people living in the real world.

jerslundgirl said...

jen is totally awesome :) its great that jeremy has a friend that is a sweet as jen.

i can honestly say that in all my interest and studying (haha) of jeremy and his friends, jen is the sweetest and kindest of jer's and zach's friends. tho i think bryan has his sweet moments too!

jen is the kind of person that will do something for someone just to be nice, not to get anything for herself, just because its a nice thing to do for someone else. i dont think theres many ppl like that. so that just makes jen the awesomest (well i reserve that title for jeremy but you get my point! haha)

jen, you're awesome :) i hope good karma comes back your way someday for being you and the nice things you do that probably not many ppl ever know about. best wishes for everything with you.

Tracy said...

Thank you for speaking up about a very personal subject. I wish more Christians would stand up when certain Christians turn God into hate monger. God is supposed to be about love.
I also think they should feature your story one of these days.

Dev said...

Jen, you're too good for the Roloffs. What Jeremy does, what Amy supports, who Matt backs...it's all hate and ignorance in my opinion.

Alice34 said...

I like that Jen has an open mind. God Bless.

Janet said...

That is a good idea. The show should feature Jen. It makes me sad that some people can be so ignorant towards her.

Alfred said...

No one is too concerned with what the Roloffs think about homosexuality. Jen really should get her own show if she wants a soap box to preach from.

Anonymous said...

God does not hate gay people. He is not a "hatemonger" However homosexual behavior by God's standards, is wrong. Just like lying, stealing, gossiping etc. Apparantly any stance against homosexuality is hate... this is ridiculous now.
I also think it's wrong to get drunk, but I don't "hate" people who do. People are equating disagreement with hate. Just because someone feels a certain way, like being attracted to the same sex, doesn't morally justify it. I feel all kinds of things that I do not act on, because God gave me a conscience and he has shown me right from wrong. Humans are not animals completely controlled by feelings. Anyone who claims Christ but thinks it's ok to be gay, is deceived.

Austin said...

More Christian ignorance. Firstly, Jeremy who is lauded as being a wonderful Christian pleasing God uses hateful slurs against gay people.

Cut the crap about F*g not being a hateful gay slur. It is. There is a very good reason why certain types of people have used it in a way that it can substituted for the word "loser".

Jeremy Roloff the loving Christian uses gay slurs and mocks gay people, putting people down and other Christians excuse him.

You say God or yourself does not hate, but you then tell gay people that they're evil and going to hell and by the way.

It's really nice of you to compare gay people to animals or suggesting that you have a conscience and gay people don't. That's very Christian of you too. Is that your way of loving thy neighbor?

If you really followed the Bible you would believe that God created everything and God does not make mistakes. I am gay and it is not a choice. Gay people, the majority of gay people keep on saying this over and over, only to be told by ignorant Christians that they (Christians) know what gay people feel better than gay people and tell them they made the choice.

By the way, are you like most Christians who use the Bible to hate on gay people, are you selective in what you believe from the Bible? Do you eat shellfish? Do you think the Roloffs, being that they're a blight on humanity for being imperfect physically, should be denied from entering the temple of God?

That's what is so absurd about the Roloffs. They'll use the Bible to discrimatory and derogatory to gay people, but if they followed the same things in the Bible from Levitcus they would be discriminating against themselves because of them.

Seriously, people advanced past that. They realized that women are not made to be slaves to their "men". They realize that people like the Roloffs deserve to have every right that every person does and they don't use some quote from the Bible to justify their discrimination.

I think it is fair to call Jeremy a bigot because he used hateful slurs over and over and he obviously thinks it's hilarious to mock gay people because they're different than he is. He is a hypocrite and a bigot.

Austin said...

By the way I wonder what the Roloffs would think of me if I said I "disagree" with them having dwarfism and they shouldn't be able to have lives like "normal" people.

Let's try to prevent people like the Roloffs from raising kids because Adam and Eve weren't dwarves.

I'm sure the Roloffs would think I'm a swell and loving Christian person for "disagreeing" with them. /sarcasm off

Anonymous said...

Actually I did not compare gay people to animals, I said HUMANS are different than animals. Last I checked, gay people are human too. I was simply making the point that we as HUMANS, no matter what type of person you are have a conscience, which makes us different from the animals. A lot of men would say, that they FEEL like they want to sleep with multiple women other than their spouse..... however they would not ACT on it, because it is morally wrong. When someone pulls out in front of me, I FEEL like I want to scream at them and call them a name, but I do not do it, because I know that would be wrong. In no way am I saying that being gay is the same as road rage.... I'm just saying that our feelings are not always what should decide our actions.
I do not think that you have chosen to be gay. I also know that Jeremy's comments were not Christian at all. Christ would never have said those things. As a Christian it saddens me to think that just because I don't condone homosexuality, you think that I hate you. It is clearly not the case. If you read back our two posts, I think your is a little more hateful than mine. Do you hate me because I'm a Christian? Also who said f#g isn't a hateful slur? Of course it is. Calling anyone a name based on their lifestyle, actions, and or preferences completely unbiblical,and NO good ever comes from it. I'm sorry that you think I am hateful. Actually it is quite the opposite..... the word hate NEVER comes up at my church.... only love, but when you really love someone you need to tell them the truth. The bible is the truth whether you want to believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

You people are morons. Preaching about "god" as if there's one god that people agree on -- even American Christians disagree about the nature of "god" and what "rules" should be gleaned from the bible. Indeed, even American Christian groups don't agree about what texts should be considered part of the "bible" and how the translations of these texts should be read. If you want to go on and on about your own beliefs, that's fine and that's your right. But don't prattle on as if everyone who believes in a "god" or who finds some validity in the Christ mythology would agree with what you're saying, 'cause that's simply not true.

Anonymous said...

Dang And You Wonder Who THe Ignorant Ones Are