Saturday, November 29, 2008

Jeremy Roloff made the soccer All Star team for his area

Jeremy Roloff was recently named to the District 1 boys first team soccer All-Stars for the fourth year in a row. One of the friends of the twins, that kid named Scott, made the second team.

I've noticed there seems to be a divide in the viewers of the show. Some people love the soccer element to it and some people groan every time there is a soccer theme. I'm in the former. I like the Roloffs love of soccer.

For those of us interested, yes Jeremy made the All Star team again. Congratulations Jeremy...hey there might be legitimate reasons to dislike some things about Jeremy but I don't hate the kid - give him his due on the soccer field.

2008 Special District 1 Boys Soccer All-Stars

Eric Wilson - Oregon Episcopal
Ben Dugoni Oregon Episcopal
Oliver Field - Riverdale
Anthony Fisher - De La Salle
Jack Rossing - Catlin Gabel
Michael Gale - Oregon Episcopal
Adam Maier - Catlin Gabel
Torben Noto - Oregon Episcopal
Kaji Long-Sherpa Riverdale
Jeremy Roloff - Faith Bible
Jordan Baeza - Life Christian


Rob P said...

I'm not hating on him, but it's a small district.

Big fish in a small pond.

Linda Magnus said...

Congratulations Jeremy! The Roloffs are such an inspiration. He never gave up even after the unfortunate decision ODP made. He didn't give up and reaped the rewards with this recognition.

Zach deserves to be honored for just having the guts to play against all those big kids.

Anonymous said...

thanks i was wondering how jeremy did this year. katie

Anonymous said...

There are only a few teams in that District. It's not hard to make that AS team....Dylan

Anonymous said...

It's not hard to make the AS team as the district is small,plus I'm pretty sure one kid form each school needs to be on it, so the logical choice is Jeremy.

The real test will be when the all-state team is announced. Jeremy got an honorable mention last year. Faith did very well this season, finishing 5th out of 8 teams,there best finish in at least 2 years. They won 3 league games which is a big improvement (last year only won 1 game,year before won 0)

Jeremy even scored in their playoff game against the 2nd place team in the league.

jerslundgirl said...

woohoo jeremy :)

but yeah, i hope jer makes the state allstar team this year. it would be a nice way to end jeremy's hs soccer career.

thats kinda sad that its over. well i think they still have that futsol indoor soccer thing going on now but his highschool regular soccer career is over.

Tracy said...

He looked good in the show a couple of weeks ago. However, I don't think Jeremy has the work ethic, determination or commitment to want to 'be the best'. There is nothing wrong with that. I hope he doesn't look back and regret not giving it more than he did.

degrassifan said...

He looked pretty good in the soccer episode this year. It seems when he is "in the zone" and confident he can do well but when he isn't focused he doesn't do to well. He is a good player but seems to lack consistency.

I think he will make all state this year. If he could make it last year when Faith did horrible, I think he can get honorable mention if not 2nd team all state. Scoring against one of the best teams in the league isn't easy. I wish we knew more about who scored in the other games.

dev said...

I don't think Jeremy will make state. District allstars are easy.

Anonymous said...

He made all state last year,got honorable mention but he still made it. I bet he makes it again this year.

Tony said...

Honorable mention is not making the team. Quite a few players felt he didn't deserve to even get honorable mention. Jeremy is overrated in many ways because of his last name.