Saturday, November 1, 2008

Little People Big World - Iraq

Getting caught up to speed.

The season premiere of Little People, Big World featured Matt traveling to Iraq with a doctor to help a family who had children with forms of dwarfism.

After the summer of scandal and disappointment, I reluctantly watched the premiere. Once it's been discovered that a "Reality" family have been lying to you, how do you go about watching them knowing the deception that exists? The appeal of the earlier seasons of the show was that it gave us the impression that what we were watching were the real people living as they would without the camera. I was unsure as I began watching Season's four premiere how I'd feel seeing the facade...I was pleasantly surprised - I enjoyed the Iraq episode.

The naysayers will say Matt Roloff and TLC had an agenda, to rebuild their image. I have to admit, I think that's the reason why they went out of sequence to begin with the Iraq story - that's going to receive good press. Regardless of any possible agenda, I commend Matt for the mission.

The story captivated my interest for the entire hour. It had a very CNN-esque feel - giving the viewers a glimpse of what it's like to actually travel to such a dangerous place in the world and it gave us a chance to see some of the great work that our soldiers are doing in Iraq. It was heart-warming to see the soldiers being so playful towards the Iraqi children. I'm sure the family captured the hearts of everyone watching. The tears and emotion from the parents was what I found to be especially moving. The children were adorable. There they were living in such poverty and amidst such danger and medical problems, yet the children were full of smiles and love. I think any thing that gives people a chance to put a name on a face and humanize a problem is a great thing. I commend Matt for taking up the cause.

I've read recently that two of the children did get the treatment they needed. In the episode that we saw, due to the numerous delays traveling to Iraq, the doctor needed to fly back to the United States because he had only allotted x number of days for the trip. Matt continued to Iraq, they took pictures and x-rays to bring back to the surgeon and they would perform the surgeries at a later date.

The thing that did surprise was the abscence of a good-bye or welcome home by the kids, namely Jeremy and Jacob. None of the kids bothered to get out of bed to say goodbye to dad on his way to Iraq - I can speak for my kids when I say I know they would be waking up early no matter what to say good-bye to their dad in that situation. Zach and Molly drove to the airport to pick Matt up. That was cute seeing them wait for Matt to arrive. It was an odd scene when they arrived home. Here was Matt home for the first time after spending a week in Iraq and Zach needed to call Amy to come say Hi to Matt. As for Jeremy and Jacob, they looked like they had to be dragged out for the purpose of filming instead of kids grateful that their dad was home and safe. It was just odd that throughout the entire program, although it didn't feature much of the family, whenever there was a family scene, Jeremy and Jacob were absent. There was an earlier scene of Amy, Molly and Zach early one morning waiting for Matt to call home from Iraq. Again J and J were absent. I guess sleep is more important than talking to your dad in Iraq for some kids. *sigh*

The Season Premiere, much to my suprise (LOL) gets a thumbs up from me. I felt TLC lived up to their name (The Learning Channel) finally and I enjoyed. Or perhaps it was the absence of Jeremy that made it enjoyable instead of watching TLC attempt to portray nasty kids as innocent boyscouts?

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