Friday, November 28, 2008

Open for comments and I've recruited some help

To my blog readers,

The comments are now open(and have been for a while). You're encouraged to leave a comment and made your voice heard. You don't need to be a member, there is no registering required or any of that. You can even post as Anonymous if you choose, although you elect to do that, please put some name or screen name on your post even if you write it at the bottom. That simply eliminates confusion if others address your comments.

I've also recruited some help in helping me with this blog to cater to my readers. I get a lot of inquiries about the Roloffs, Jeremy in particular. I've recruited a few fans and followers of the show that keep a closer eye on Roloffs news and talk than I do. They will help me information and interesting topics to your attention. They will be both positive and negative....because, that's real life!

I've heard from a lot of people and I have followers that both love all aspects of the Roloffs and also have many bones of contention with them and the show.

I think this help I've recruited that passes some information around the internet my way will be interesting to you.

The purpose of this blog is simply to share thoughts and opinions about the latest happenings and items that people are discussing about the television show Little People Big World and the happenings of these reality show celebrities, Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob Roloff. Personally, sometimes my opinions about the Roloffs, like they are about anyone, are positive, sometimes they're negative. Sometimes I'm pleased by what I see or hear, sometimes I'm disappointed.

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Rob P said...

Thanks! Great site. Interesting stuff.