Saturday, November 22, 2008

Peggy Roloff had a hip replacement - Best wishes

Apparently Peggy Roloff, Matt's mother, recently had hip replacement surgery. I wanted to extend best wishes and a speedy recovery to Peggy. My mother had a hip replacement two years ago. It will get better. :)

I think you can leave her a comment with a get well message on Peggy's website.

Although I am certain I disagree with Peggy on several issues, I share her wish as she stated in the last sentence of a blog she wrote about visiting memorials such as NY ground zero and Oklahoma City.

"This place also cause my emotions to well up as my heart would burst just seeing in ‘real life’ the effects of man against man. Oh, that the heart of man would desire to love and not hate. To be more like Jesus and love as He loved is my goal."

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