Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Roloff Review - Jeremy accident! A wild night out ends with Amy and Jeremy dancing on table, starving Roloffs forced to eat grubs!

I usually write these and then go back and add a title. This is a quick review of the Little People Big World episode November 24Th. So you can stop the panic and yelling at me now ;-) The title is having some fun with TLC's tendency to exaggerate the "story lines".

A few thoughts on the show:

* The first episode dealt with the completion of the addition to the house/remodel/home expansion. The finished product does look beautiful. Of course, I think the Roloffs got a lot of"help" from sponsors of the show and TLC. That makes it a lot easier to accomplish that feat, but the end result is a beautiful home that has more of a mansion feel to it than a regular family home.

Most accurate line of the night went to my favorite Roloff friend, Jen Montzingo. Upon seeing the house she said "This feels weird. It doesn't even look like your house."

Call me crazy, but beauty and expense aside, I liked the coziness of their home as it was in the original documentary Little People, Big Dreams back in 2003.

*The Roloffs hit Sleep Country for new mattresses for everybody. Matt of course wants the best and most expensive. The store representative cautions him that it's very expensive, but that's not a concern for Matt. They also decide to get the kids all brand new furniture. Jeremy and Zach decide on a fancy looking black leather sofa set. Jeremy commented on the great price...wink, nudge, ahem.

They arrive back at the house with the trailer hooked up to Matt's SUV. Jeremy is backing up and smashes into the garage. Matt was angry with him. Amy defended him. For Jeremy's part, he was wandering off looking rather unconcerned, but later did manage a quick "Sorry pops".

I think Matt was completely warranted in his reaction. He tried to help guide Jeremy into the garage, but Jeremy, according to Matt, likes to show off, brushed off help and sped backwards into the side. Amy tried to excuse Jeremy by suggesting that they're used to asking for help as little people, but Jeremy isn't used to asking for help. C'mon Amy. I think anybody knows that when backing into a narrow brand new garage it might be a good idea let someone help instruct you. Amy and Matt both agreed Jeremy was careless and went too fast.

I'm starting to narrow down what it is that turns a lot of people off Jeremy. It's his cavalier attitude towards everything. I didn't get the impression Jer even cared that much. 'Ah who cares' seemed to be his attitude although he did manage a "Sorry pops!" I would like Jeremy a lot more as a person if he showed some humility, some guilt and took some responsibility when he does something wrong or makes a mistake. (looks at elephant in room, er. Jeremy's racist and homophobic comments) Unfortunately, I think Jeremy likes himself too much to be capable of feeling bad about something he did.

*The second episode was another Roloff vacation. Roloffs in Florida. It was a lot of fun. I have to hand it to Amy for living it up. There is nothing she won't try or experience. She was determined to have a good time. It was quite a contrast to her demeanor during the RV trip a year ago. Of course being crammed into an RV for that amount of time is a lot different than a luxury vacation in Florida.

They went to a Greek restaurant. Amy and Jeremy (at Amy's urging) ended up dancing on tables with the belly dancers. Molly also appeared to get into it. Good for them for making some memories, although I can't fault Zach and Jacob for not dancing on tables...I wouldn't have done it either at that age.

Amy "wrestled" alligators. On the tour the Roloffs ate grubs. Yum. Once again, Amy got the family rolling in that regard. The tour guide commented that they were the first customers to actually eat them. I think the Roloffs would do well on Fear Factor or Survivor. Amy and Jeremy downed it cheerfully and painlessly. Molly was game to try, but spat it out. Zach actually chewed it.

The vacation ended with the Roloffs experiencing an indoor sky-diving activity. I have to say Amy knows her kids. It was subtle, but I think Amy picked up on Jeremy apprehensiveness about going first. Amy volunteered without making it too noticeable. Good job, Amy.

I have to hand it to Matt as well. Zach originally wasn't going to try because of his shunt. Matt was going to sit out for obvious physical reasons, but ultimately, he gave it a shot to show Zach that it's good to try new things. Even though Matt doesn't have much control of his legs and the instructor needed to hold onto him, he gave it a shot. Zach did it after Matt and said he enjoyed it.

I give Matt and Amy both a thumbs-up for their actions on the vacation. One other aspect that I'm observing is that Amy is really becoming close to Jeremy because of their adventurous spirits. She really enjoys that about him. When she was dancing on the table, she looked for Jeremy first. She wanted him to eat the bugs with her (while I question her choice of meals, I admire the act itself of a mother bonding with a son), the sky-diving bit is something I see them doing together. A few weeks ago she swam with the sharks and couldn't wait to tell Jeremy about it.

All in all, pretty shows this week.


Linda Magnus said...

Matt shouldn't have been upset. It was an accident. Jeremy is a good kid.

Good on Matt, Zach and especially Amy for not holding anything back on the vacation and living life to its fullest. Matt and Amy are great parents teaching their kids those lessons.

jerslundgirl said...

it was kinda un-jeremy like. i dont think stuff like that usually happens to jer. but like he said, stuff happens sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I love the family as a whole, but they do disrespect their parents too often & Jeremy has become a bit of a spoiled ......

Love the show!!

Joanne said...

Anonymous, Jeremy and all the kids are spoiled brats. Jeremy has no sense of appreciation or respect for things or their parents.

I wonder what will happen to Jeremy when he stops being given things because he's a Roloff?

Anonymous said...

what freebies and what do they get paid if jon and kate got 75,ooo they have to get more they have been on much longer, I do like them all!