Saturday, November 1, 2008

What the heck? Isn't anybody paying attention? Ignorance...

I'll divert from episode reviews for a blog, to address something I read. As many of you know, the Roloffs open their farm up for the month of October and apparently make a killing selling pumpkins, tours and merchandise. I've seen some of the stories from my fellow bloggers. Most of them are nice stories. A couple however, left me shaking my head in dismay.

Most people that take the trek out to Roloff farm do it because they watch the show and it would be neat to see the farm. I naturally made the assumption that people that watch the show would be educated about issues about dwarfism. Apparently not all. One blogger wrote that their family decided to take the afternoon to visit the farm. They were hoping to meet the "midgets". The even wrote that they were going to take pictures, because one of their kids didn't go because she was terrified of "midgets".

Wow. I guess nothing seeps in with some people. How can people watch this show and talk about people with dwarfism with such ignorance and allow their kids to be so ignorant? The ignorance is astounding. But then again, I would have thought the family preaching tolerance wouldn't have a son that uses racial and homophobic slurs and mocks minorities. It really is sad that people can't absorb basic lessons in human decency and respect.

On the subject of ignorance, I'm reading a blog from Jen Montzingo, a friend of the Roloff family. She has appeared on some episodes of LPBW. She wrote a blog about ignorance. I hope Jen takes the opportunity to have a talk with Jeremy about the broader subject hurtful words towards any group of people. The video she refers to has since been removed, but her comments are still very relevant.

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