Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The spitting sequence from the Roloff pilot episode, Little People, Big Dreams.

A few more sneak peaks at what you will see on January 13th at 7pm on TLC. There were a few requests about the "spitting" sequence during the birthday party.
We aim to please, so as requested:

The kid in the white shirt is spitting on Zach while his head is pinned.

Daniel gets in on the spitting. I'm trying not to be too graphic, but the white blob about knee height is indeed spit.

The tormenting continues as Jeremy watches on.

As I was mentioning yesterday, if you haven't seen Little People, Big Dreams, I think you'll enjoy it. If you've ever felt that the more recent episodes have a staged or forced feel to them, you will enjoy the real life tone of Little People, Big Dreams. It was filmed as a true documentary. It was shot in a different style, so it has that live feeling attached to it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Amy interview on Portland TV show: Amy hints about Season 5

You can watch an interview with Amy Roloff on AM Northwest at this site:

There were a few items I thought were interesting..

*She was asked whether they keep a professional relationship with the crew. Amy really loves her crew. They are friends. I think that can go both ways. On one hand, I don't think it would be possible to do a television series for that amount of time if they weren't friends with people in her home. On the other hand, there is something to be said about professionalism and that is lost when the people filming a "reality" show are friends with the subjects. I like the comparison to reading a biography about someone written by a close friend. Are you going to get the true version of events? No, there is going to be a personal bias. It's human nature when that line of professionalism is crossed. But on a human level, I think it's necessary.

* Interesting what Amy says about college especially considering the video clip from the Metropolis event that featured Jeremy and Zach talking about college. In this interview, and Amy appears to be very truthful, she says it is her desire for the twins to get to college or university, but she has doubts that they will. Jeremy has made recent public statements that he's looking forward to college...obviously Amy is hearing something very different. Amy doesn't sound very confident.

* Amy mentions that Jeremy is on board with the show the most because of his personable nature. That only surprises me in that Jeremy's reputation has probably taken the worst beating out of all of the Roloffs (try googling Jeremy Roloff and see what comes up). I thought that might have put a damper on Jeremy's enthusiasm for being in the spotlight, but apparently not.

*Amy claims she does not read the message boards. I understand her explanation, but she does seem very aware of the criticisms. I'm not sure if I can ever recall a celebrity that has admitted to reading what is written about themselves.

*Perhaps the most interesting item in this interview was Amy's response to the last question about Season 5. That was the big question - will the show go on or is it done (what will air in February is Season 4 Part B). Season 5 was the question mark. She doesn't make an official announcement, but read between the lines of her answer and her facial expressions. I think we have the answer to the big question.

This means viewers will get to see the twins graduate, which I know was important to a lot of viewers.

It was a good interview.

Original Roloff documentary: Little People, Big Dreams to be televised Jan13

This is exciting news. Christmas has been moved to Tuesday January 15th! Little People, Big Dreams, the pilot, the original documentary that started it all, will finally be televised again.

If you request it, they will air it ;-) A while ago, I was receiving inquiries about Little People, Big Dreams. I was planning on doing an in-depth review of it, but it got put on hold because of the weekly shows and all that surrounded the airing of Mike's episodes. However, this site was in touch with TLC inquiring on behalf of all the visitors to this site, asking if Big Dreams would become available for sale. I was told that unfortunately it is out of circulation. But what do you know? Suddenly, TLC is going to air it again. OK, I might giving this blog a little too much credit, but it's worth it people.

On a serious note, for anybody who has ever been interested in the Roloff family this is a must see. That is a M-U-S-T see. Even if you've lost interest in the Roloffs over the years because you feel they've changed or you can no longer relate to their luxurious life style. Do not miss the chance to see the first time the Roloff family were filmed for television. This is your chance to see the Roloffs before fame and stardom hit.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, back in 2003/04, the Discovery channel filmed an hour documentary about the Roloffs - Little People, Big Dreams. Due to the success of it, TLC decided to do the weekly show, which we now know as Little People, Big World. A lot of interested Roloff viewers, only began watching after Little People, Big World and have never seen what started it all - Little People, Big Dreams. This is the gem in the Roloff collection. Your Roloff viewing is not complete if you haven't seen Little People, Big Dreams. You don't want to miss this because if you do, who knows when you'll get another chance. It has been years since it was last televised and the DVD is no longer for sale. You don't want to miss this.

What will you see you ask?

You will see the cozy little house.

You will see the kids when they were younger.

You will see Zach tell Matt he needs to take responsibility and he couldn't be a parent for one week (some things never change) while Jeremy throws soccer balls at him.

You will see Amy trying to wake Jeremy up for school (some things never change)

You will see Zach and Jacob fighting (some things never change)

You will see Amy's frustration with Jeremy for getting detention at school (some things never change)

You will see Matt's parents, Ron and Peg, have a serious talk with Matt about Amy's unhappiness. Matt says he is just as happy being broke as he was when his pockets were full of money. Peg says but Amy isn't and that's the problem.

You will see Jeremy get soccer team news from coach "Mike D" (who is not as involved as he would late become).

You will see Matt and Amy talk about their financial troubles and Amy's embarrassment for having to have her parents pay for Zachary's braces. Matt explains that everybody needs to ask for help at some point in their lives. Amy says she's not afraid to ask for help if it is for her kids.

You will see Matt pull out plans for....the remodel. You will see Amy's sincere skepticism, almost a disgust, at Matt's ultimate dream plan for the house. Amy says "By the time this thing is done, all the kids will be in college." Matt replies "It may be sooner than you think."

And lastly, in a scene you will not be able to forget, you will see a brutal scene at the twins 14th birthday party. It is honestly one of the hardest things I have watched. The other kids gang up on Zach, humiliate him and physically bully him. All the time, Jeremy, who is clearly the cool kid (Amy later tries to console Zach by telling him that not all the kids came just for Jeremy, but I don't think Amy or Zach was convinced of that), watches Zach get thrown around, his head shoved into the dirt and spit upon (yes I did say spit on). I realize that at the age of 14 it isn't easy to do the right thing, but when you watch this, I think you'll wonder how Jeremy could not do something, anything, to stop the bullying. I think Jeremy could have ended it by saying "Hey guys, lets do something else." Instead he stood there watching it all. It is awful to watch.

That is Jeremy in the red shirt watching.

Jeremy is not comforting Zach. He's saying "Gross, what is on your face?" (saliva from being spat on)
Jacob Mueller and Daniel hold Zach against his will while laughing at him.
Zach finally breaks down and cries.
Zach walks back to the house, alone, at his own birthday party.
The conversation between Amy and Zach in his room is as honest as real as you'll ever see. "I thought some of them were" was Zach's response to Amy asking him if he thinks of some of those kids as his friends.

As that was going on, Jeremy remained at the party, having a great fun with his friends. I think this might be one reason why Zach appears to still have some animosity towards Jeremy as Amy touched on in a recent interview (frustration was her word). A person doesn't forget an experience such as that. I will give Zach credit, many of the kids that participated in the bullying are the same kids he's friends with today, obviously he has been able to forgive and some of them have obviously matured, but I don't think he could ever forget such a horrific experience as being bullied and humiliated at his own birthday party.

Is it January 13th yet?? See it all yourself then. Thanks to TLC for supplying when the demand was there.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Father of Amy Roloff, Gordon Knight, wrote about materialism...

This is a very intriguing newsletter piece from Gordon Knight, Amy's father. It is from June when Amy and the kids were visiting during the summer (the national Little People of America convention was also in Michigan) . When extended family members appear briefly on the show, it can be difficult to genuinely get to know what they're all about and their views. This article is very insightful as to Amy's father's views on society and materialism.

"Of Cabbages and Kings June 2008 Bigger Barns

Who is your God? Our culture has confused us; acquiring has replaced enjoying. We think we find life in acquiring gifts from God rather than enjoying the presence of God. Jesus called it the bigger barn syndrome. We need to be able to enjoy the nice things that God gives us, but the gifts must not become rival gods who begin to drain life’s energy from us.

I sometimes wonder whether the term “capitalism” is a nice way of saying a “greedy economy.” Buy, Buy, Buy and if we don’t have the cash put the purchase on the credit card. We want a bigger house, so we are talked into buying a mortgage which we can’t afford unless both parents are working full time. We are all familiar with the story; but when will it end?

Today’s culture feeds our passion to possess. It’s the oppression of racing into a new millennium. But Jesus came to set free the oppressed, and that includes showing us values that lead to a simple focused living. Acquiring has replaced enjoying. We are confused what life is all about. Life with Jesus offers a clear alternative. A lot of us follow a Jesus of our imagination, but when we encounter the resurrected Christ, the relationship changes the way we live. It alters the way we view possessions.

Jesus said: “…For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing…” (Luke 12:23). Also; “Sell your possessions and give alms. Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out…..For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. (Luke 12: 33-34). We need to be able to enjoy the nice things that our God gives us, but these gifts can become rival gods who begin to drain life from us. We begin to treasure the material gifts that we have acquired and loose our focus on the teachings of Jesus the Christ.

We devote the best hours of each day and the best years of our lives to a focused pursuit in acquiring the gifts of God. In reality, our longing is not for the gifts of God. It’s for a relationship with God. Something that cannot be met with food, television, sex, work, or shopping, no matter how many bigger houses and storage barns we build.

Shalom: Gordon Knight Co-lay leader

It's impossible to read this and not think about how viewers have watched Matt and Amy and their family transform their home into a mansion and accumulate possessions that are too numerous to name (Jeremy does have at least three vehicles he has called his own and he is not even out of high school yet). It's not only the amount of possessions viewers have seen the Roloffs collect, the Roloffs usually get the biggest and the best.

I think it is fair to say we know Gordon's thoughts on the matter. He speaks about "Bigger barns". Hmmm.

The July newsletter does contain a portion from someone filling in for Gordon, who mentions that Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob attended their church and they state that Amy is acting as Jesus wanted the disciples to act when she wrote that her hope on their vacation was to touch people.

Of Cabbages and Kings
July-August 2008

I am "filling in" for Gordon this month. Am I prepared for this assignment? Looking back through the study book used in our first Disciple class, I was reminded of many qualities of a disciple. They extend forgiveness daily. Disciples witness to others. They use their gifts in ministry.

We are all disciples. A disciple is a learner. Disciples are not just "to be". They are called "to do". As disciples we are called to expand our territories.

Pat and Gordon Knights' daughter, Amy Roloff, and family were in our church service recently. They were on a trip down the Mississippi River, New Orleans, and then back home to their home in Oregon. Amy left a message in our church prayer book. Her prayer request was that her family may be able to touch those they see on their trip. It is a simple message but says so much. The family was on a vacation, but Amy's prayer was that they not only relax and enjoy, but also do good. Touch someone, That is the work of a disciple.

As disciples we are to serve gladly. Jesus sent out his disciples, his "learners", and instructed then to touch someone. May we be able to touch those we see.

David Knisely

Sometimes I think the Roloffs have good intentions, but their actions can occasionally be vastly different from their words. I honestly do go back and forth on Amy, she won me over again last week speaking about Mike when she made her touching speech and this statement:

"I think it's always worth that vulnerable moment that you let someone get to know you and in turn, perhaps get to know them because you can't go back. Who cares about a messy house? It means nothing. Because if that takes away a moment from getting to know somebody, or spending time or being there for someone...I would rather have that than all the other stuff."

OK. It's official. I like Amy again after seeing her say that.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Video of Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff speech in Metropolis from the summer

In July 2008, Amy Roloff gave a speech in Metropolis. Towards the end of the speech Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob joined her on the stage and they answered questions from a the audience.

This is a 16 minute video taken of her speech. The quality is not the greatest, but it gives some insight about what a Roloff speaking engagement is like.

At the 13 minute mark of the video, Zach and Jeremy are asked about their plans for college. Zach and Jeremy both say they plan on going to college, but are unsure about where or exactly what they would like to take. During season 3 of the show, Zach was heard whispering to Molly that Jeremy did not plan on going to college, so Jeremy's answer that he is planning on going to college might surprise some. I don't doubt Jeremy's intention, but sitting on a stage beside his mother in front of hundreds of people is not the most ideal place to inform everyone that he doesn't want to go to college, even if that is what he was thinking.

Since this speech, Jeremy has re-iterated that he's looking forward to college after high school.

While I'm discussing college, I'll take this moment to clear up some more confusion. We receive hundreds of inquiries about what college Zach and Jeremy Roloff attend. They are currently seniors in High School. Many people are confused because most kids born in May (10th) of 1990 graduated from High School in June of 2008. The reason why Zach and Jeremy are a year older than most of their classmates is due to the fact that they did pre-school twice and started a year later than most kids. You might recall during the recent camping trip episode aired in October 2008, it was Zach and Jeremy's friend, Jacob Mueller's 17th birthday. Jeremy and Zach are 18. They are a year older than most high school seniors.

You can watch the video of the question and answer segment here:

Roloff's in Metropolis

There is also a nice recap of the event here:

This the portion about college.

Question for Zach and Jeremy: College plans? What they are wanting to do?

Zach: "I want to be a teacher. My goal would be to be a teacher, probably history and also be a coach in soccer. Maybe make coaching a career. I kind of would like to be a cameraman. Definitely go to college though."

Jeremy: "I know I want to go to college but I just don't know where. I haven't really picked something yet. Maybe go into business in something that I could do with being a pilot or captain or something. Maybe open a body restoration shop."

EDIT : Update August 2009, It sounds like Jeremy and Zach will be attending Portland Community College. You can read further details in this item here:

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! Roloff newsletter and a Peggy Roloff update

On this, Christmas Eve, 'Keeping up with the Roloff family' would like to wish all of our many visitors a safe and wonderful Christmas. Thank you all for your interest in this site, it's a pleasure talking Roloff and bringing you all the latest Roloff buzz floating around.
On that note, we have a few quick Roloff items to pass along to you.

For those that don't know, the seasons of Little People, Big World are divided into two sections Part A and Part B. What just finished airing was Season 4 Part A.

Part A has always finished around Christmas as this year did, and Part B starts up in March or April. However, in case you missed it due to all the emotion from the finale about Mike Detjen's death and memorial, Season 4 Part B is scheduled to return in February with brand new episodes. These will surely feature the events of this past summer (June 2008) as well as Matt returning to Iraq to help the family we met in the premiere.

The next bit of news in the Christmas spirit...the Roloffs sent their newsletter that Matt sends out every few months. This one was brief just wishing fans a Merry Christmas. It goes to show that everyone can have a "whoops moment" with mass emails ;-) I think there might have been some kind of technical difficulty with the newsletter they sent as it was accompanied with banners complete with instructions about how to send a vibrant newsletter :-)

This was the newsletter in case you think you're missing out. Sometimes it is much more detailed letter with an update about the Roloff family, but this is a basic Merry Christmas:

Happy Holidays from our house to yours....

The entire Roloff family would like to wish you and your family a holiday season filled with love, laughter and special memories. May the spirit of the season bless each and every one of you and fill your heart with the true meaning of Christmas...Best Wishes for health, happiness and dreams come true in 2009!

Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly & Jacob

My cynical side must question if it is best for them to keep signing the very friendly newsletter from all members of the family when in the past, some members of the family (ahem...Jeremy!) have expressed some not so friendly sentiments towards fans and well-wishers. But it's Christmas Eve, so lets appreciate the nice gesture.

The last item of business is an update on Matt's mother, Peggy Roloff's recovery from hip replacement surgery. It's been five weeks. All sounds well.

"I’m so thankful that today is five weeks from my total hip replacement. We were at the surgeon’s follow-up appt. yesterday. “See you in a year!” “WHAT??” When I asked about physical therapy his reply was, “what do you want to do?” “Do it.” So we’ll be returning to aqua aerobics and other muscle building activities since I have been favoring this hip for so many years. Still a bit scary to rotate out but doc says it’s okay. This week with the snow on the ground and temps below freezing I walk very carefully outside.

Thank you for all your prayers during this time of my recovery."

You can read it all as well as find the picture at the top of this article, with Jeremy and Santa (Ron) on Peggy and Ron's website :

Merry Christmas everybody!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dec 22nd episode - Roloff family remembers Mike Detjen

I wanted to get this up relatively quickly to give people a place to post their thoughts. If you're reading after just watching the Little People Big World episode about the death of their dear family friend, Mike Detjen, you're probably still crying!

It was a very emotional hour. I wanted to say before I begin talking about the episode; some people are voicing their feelings that TLC were disrespectful to Mike by showing this episode as the finale, I don't feel that way.

It is a reality show and death is a part of life. Viewers have come to know Mike through his friendship with the Roloff family. It had to be addressed. It would have been disrespectful to not dedicate an entire episode to Mike and what he meant to the Roloffs. I thought the show was very tastefully done and it obviously had the blessing of Mike's son, Tim Detjen.

The only aspect of the show that I would have changed if I were producing would have been the first 20 minutes of the program. I would have skipped that much of an emphasis on building the second Trebuchet and focused more on how involved Mike was in the lives of the Roloffs during the last 7 years. Unless you were a hardcore follower, I don't think the first 20 minutes really prepared viewers for why Amy, Jeremy and the entire Roloff family were so completely devastated by Mike's death.

Emotional moments? The entire hour was emotional. Amy carried the episode as the main narrator and her emotion was evident in her voice throughout. Matt's speech was also very touching. It is always hard to see someone that is usually so strong breakdown.

However, the entire memorial footage was just full of tears. It was a very nice touch for all the kids on the soccer team to wear their jerseys and to place the soccer shoes by Mike's picture.

That would choke anybody up. Zach's speech was to the point and very true. Another coach would not have given Zach the opportunity in soccer. I believe it was the only time we've ever seen Zach start to sound emotional, as his voice was breaking a few times.

Amy's speech was very touching as well. The pain in her voice was very clear. It was nice that she mentioned Mike's son, Tim, and how Mike told her he was so proud of his sons and would tell her every time they called.

If there was one moment that had the most emotion for me, it was Jeremy's speech. After hearing throughout the show about how distraught Jeremy was, I wasn't sure he was going to be able to speak. I'm glad he did. I've never seen Jeremy so vulnerable. His interview that followed was also incredibly sad and heartbreaking. He spoke from the heart and the pain in his voice was very moving to hear. His words were very true. Jeremy learned a very important and hard lesson about life at a relatively young age when he spoke about never taking people in your life and what they do for you, for granted. I thought Jeremy showed a lot of strength to give the speech he did at the memorial.

Personally, I can't complain about anything involving Mike's death. I think it was a lovely tribute and in my mind, it is not disrespectful to celebrate someone's life and show how much his loss meant to his good friends.

If you missed this episode, be sure to catch it on the repeat and have tissues in hand.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Amy Roloff Interview - interesting thoughts about Zach and his friends

Amy Roloff did another interview, this one is available in a podcast (for the computer illiterate - it's not that complicated - if you have speakers you should be able to hear it :)

The interviewer had nothing but great things to say about Amy's demeanor and personality during and after the interview. Amy does come across very well in these conversations/interviews. She's very down to earth. That was my original impression of Amy.

The interview, for now, is in 3 brief sections. In the second part, she says:

"Look around you at other people whose outside package you may not feel comfortable with or necessarily think 'Oh geez, can't get too close to that, there's a lot more going on in someone beside the outside package that you may see. Why don't we take time, the outside package is just the package, why don't you take time to unwrap it and get to know what is inside and that's the person's thoughts and feelings and personality, and you know what? That's a pretty cool person to know."

I so desperately want to like Amy. That of course is very true. However, personally, I can't escape the elephant in the room when you realize that Amy's son and their friends that she appears to be very fond of (ie. Jacob Mueller) use slurs and make jokes that demean those whose outside packages are different than theirs. I wish I could read a statement like that from Amy and not think about that, but I can't. Once you know that, and Amy's lack of response or the fact that her son and those friends that she has given her approval to, did not even apologize to those people with the different outside package who were hurt by those words and the mocking - it makes Amy's words empty.

Moving on, in the third section of the interview, she talks about Zach's personal struggles. I must say, I absolutely love Amy's honestly and how open she is talking about herself and her family. The show would not be the same if it wasn't for Amy's and Zach's honesty. Anyhow, in the third clip of the interview, Amy talks about how Zach sometimes feels frustrated with his friends, because at times, he feels like he is not listened to or respected as much as he would have been if he was of average size.

"He sometimes gets frustrated with Jeremy, who is average height and has that personality, all the friends come up and talk to him and all that, sometimes Zach feels his friends don't purposely ignore him, don't purposely not include him or like him. I think he sometimes feels that they just forget about him or just don't think. That kind of makes him feel bad or get frustrated."

I highlighted that part of the interview because that's one of the parts of this series that I enjoy. I think it's neat that in the little we see of their entire lives, if you pay close enough attention, you can pick up on certain things. Although, the show has been on for 3 complete years, 4 seasons, so I hope in that time we would be able to get a better understanding of the dynamics. As a long time viewer, you can observe and form your own opinions separate from whatever the particular storyline of an episode happens to be.

I think Zach is dead on with how he feels. I've always observed that "the friends" were more Jeremy's friends than Zach's. Even though it's not featured, watch the next time all the friends are over. Very often Jeremy leads the way. If Jeremy walks out of a room unannounced, the pack follows Jeremy. When they're shopping and Jeremy stops to look at something, all the friends stop with him. I recall one of the shopping scenes when Zach and Jeremy were shopping with 4 or 5 friends preparing for an overnight trip. Zach was attempting to say something to the friends, but not one of them were paying attention, they were all hovered around Jeremy. I understand Zach's frustration.

I will say, around the time of Zach's leg surgery in December 2006, one of their friends, Daniel, did (at least on the show) start to consider Zach more and actually seemed like he was truly Zach's friend instead of being a friend by default due to being the brother of Jeremy.

I think it's interesting to ponder how Zach's life would have been different if Jeremy wasn't his brother. In one way, I think having Jeremy as his brother automatically put him on the popular track that he wouldn't have encountered on his own. Being the brother of a person like Jeremy automatically puts Zach in the inner circle of the popular kids - and it always makes growing up easier for a kid when they have an in with the popular kids.

However, in other ways, I think it would have benefited Zach because the people he made friends with would have been his friends first and foremost. I actually think it will benefit Zach if he and Jeremy were to go to separate colleges and he got away from the life-long friends who weren't more enamored with Jeremy.

You can listen to the interview here:

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Early sneak previews of the Dec 22 episode...Roloffs lose a dear friend

There is an early sneak preview of the much anticipated episode on Monday Dec 22 at 8pm dealing with Mike's passing.

In this scene, Zach talks about what Mike has meant to him as a soccer coach. I assume the first part of the episode will deal with how important Mike is in the lives of the Roloffs and the second episode will be about his passing.

Amy's sad phone call:

The family talks about Mike's passing. Molly says Jeremy took it the hardest. He's distraught blankly looking at the floor in his room.

Coping with Mike's passing. Amy mentions that Jeremy cried very hard for a very long time. She was concerned about Jacob because he's not very expressive. It's very emotional when Amy says "He was just there every time I needed him."

This preview seems out of place considering...there was a scheduled house-warming party that turned into a time to reflect on Mike's life. Zach comments that the new house seems like a hotel.

Matt's very touching housewarming speech turns to Mike...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Commercials for the Roloff season finale episode dealing with Mike Detjen's death have begun airing

If you tune into TLC any time in the next few days, you might catch the commercials for the Season Finale episode on Monday December 22nd at 8pm. It will indeed be dealing with the passing of the Roloff's close friend, Mike Detjen.

He passed away June 5, 2008 of a torn aorta. He was at a soccer club board meeting when it was believed he was having a heart attack. He was rushed to hospital, coherent and alert, where they operated to repair a torn aorta. Sadly, Mike did not make it through the surgery.

Here is a description of the commercial for those who have not seen it yet.

Once again, there is beautiful music from Joey Newman, the music this season has been top-notch.

It begins with Jacob and Mike working on the new trebuchet. Jacob says he is helping Mike with it. Mike says "Jacob is a really smart kid so he gets every thing done for us."

Mike is shown walking away saying "You have a good night"

One moment changes every thing...
(sounds of sirens)

Amy is shown explaining: "I got a phone call. Something was wrong. Mike had a heart attack. The doctor said this was serious."

Jacob and Zach are shown sitting at home on the couch and at the table. Zach says "We don't really know what to do"

Little People Big World, Season finale, Monday Dec 22 at 8pm on TLC.

This will surely be the most emotional episode in the history of Little People Big World.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec 15 episode Roloff Winter Wonderland family celebration

A pair of enjoyable episodes tonight. They were in contrast to the intense episode last week featuring Amy's breakdown, but these episodes were nice.

Light, joyful and fun. It's nice to have a variety on the show.

It was Amy's father, Gordon's 80th birthday. He looked wonderful for being 80. He appears to be great health. He took his customary tour of the farm, even climbed up a ladder. His report this year was better than the last time he took a tour. There wasn't much to find fault with this time around.

Her brother Roger (nice to see Amy's siblings two weeks in a row) had his baby daughter with him and they used it as an early Christmas celebration. These were the types of shows that don't have a lot of drama or discussion points, but were still enjoyable to watch.

Zach and Jer even had the van looking clean! :)

Matt ordered the fake snow against, Amy's wishes, but never fear, Amy got her revenge by piling it all in Matt's office and sprinkling the snow around. Good job, Amy! :)

Molly showed off her artistic touch by making some Christmas decorations for everybody. The Roloffs have some artistic flare in the family. Sam is an artist, Molly did a nice job with her work and Jeremy's sketches looked impressive when they showed them one episode.

It was nice for viewers to meet some members of the family that haven't been featured much or at all. I thought everybody came off as very down to earth, friendly and caring.

Overall, a nice positive, uplifting show.

Previews for tonights episodes - fake snow arrives

Here are this weeks previews for those of you that need to get a sneak peak.

Fake snow arrives:

One of the problems with a huge re-model...not enough Christmas decorations :)

Fine dining in the garage?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Roloff Winter Wonderland

Just a reminder that the Dec 15th episode will indeed be the Roloff Winter Wonderland celebration.

The Roloffs had their house decorated by this company. There are pictures on their website as they're decorating the Roloff home.

To each their own, but it's been quite a change for the Roloffs. Personally, I prefer the cozy little Christmas in the first season. The family cutting down the tree, decorating the tree, helping each other put up the porch lights. Now there are professionals giving them the best and biggest lighting job in Oregon (that's an unofficial statement!). Don't judge too quickly though, you never know there might be some nice family moments in the episode...

It is being billed as an early holiday celebration. It will include family reunion of both the Roloffs (Matt) and the Knights (Amy's) - the first since the "Thanksgiving" reunion two seasons ago. It will also be the most recent real-time footage that we've seen of the Roloffs in this season.

The shows the following week (Dec 22) will be going back to June 2008 when Mike Detjen passed away.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec 8th episodes - Roloff Birthdays and breakdowns

The Dec 8th episodes were surprising in that the show that contained "the scene", the water cooler buzz if you will, was not the episode that featured the twins 18th birthday and Jacob being taken to the ER.

You can see the blog below for what happened with Jacob. The rest of the episode centered around the twins 18th birthday. Amy wanted to do something special for them. They weren't full of ideas beyond wanting a pool party, so Amy took their friend Jacob Mueller to lunch to plan. As Amy's narration explained that the twins have had the same friends since kindergarten and remained very close to some of those kids, one of them being Jacob Mueller...That sound you heard coming from television screens everywhere was fans groaning "WE KNOW! Unfortunately!" I don't think the Roloffs or TLC are in tune with the fact that when they mention how sweet it is that Jeremy and Zach have been friends with Mueller all of their lives that a large majority of the audience does not think that is a good thing. It's quality over quantity, er...amount of time. Jacob Mueller is the type of kid you would want to keep away from your kids. Ever notice how much more likable Jeremy seems in those very rare (and boy, are they ever rare!) scenes when he's not in the presence of Mueller? Anyhow...I'm getting side-tracked...

Mueller came up with ideas such as helicopter rides....ah remember the days of Chuck E Cheese, now it's helicopter rides...I guess you can plan big when you open your lives up to television cameras!

Jacob Mueller is taking some heat (or at least getting some funny looks) for his no girls stipulation for the pool party. Far be it for me to defend Mueller, but that conversation should be cleared up since it went by quickly.

The conversation went like this:
Mueller: Zach's lenient on every thing, but no girls....
Amy: We can have some girls
Mueller: Jer doesn't really want them either
Amy: Oh really? Ok
Mueller: You know why?...
quick edit away
Mueller: The thing with girls is we could have them come at 4 and leave at 7....I'm sure we could put up with them for 2 hours.
Molly: ...Isn't that 3 hours?
Mueller: Whatever, chill out.

Loved Molly's snark in that moment. She needs to keep on directing it towards the right person and all will be well.

As you could see from the conversation, they didn't elaborate on the "you know why?"

I don't think it was that unusual given that Zach isn't always himself around girls (which is not that unusual for some guys) and if Jeremy was just coming off a drama-filled relationship with Kirsten....I think a day with just the guys is not that alarming.

Instead of the suggested helicopter rides, they opted for gliding. As Amy, Mueller and anybody who has ever watched Jeremy and Zach predicted, it was something geared towards Jeremy more than Zach. I wonder if they could have found something that was more equal on the enjoyment level? He did enjoy it once he tried it, but spent most of the time looking nervous and uncomfortable. Poor Zach, the birthday parties always result in Jeremy having more fun, but hey at least, this party didn't end in the kids ganging up on Zach and spitting on him like birthday parties of the past.

Jeremy's quote of the night came when he was sharing his thoughts on turning 18: "The whole world has opened up. I'm legally an adult. I can go get a Costco card if I want."

The second half-hour episode focused on Amy's reunion with sisters Kathy and Cindy, and her younger brother Roger - they showed pictures of him when he was a child and into his teens - it answers the question of who Jeremy takes after in appearance - Jeremy and Amy's brother looked very similar when he was Jer's age.

The siblings alluded to the fact a few times that as adults they aren't very close as they live in different states and hope the trip would be a new start.

A brief scene back at the farm shows Matt attempting to get the kids to start cleaning up. Jacob is mopey. When Matt tells Zach to clean, Zach angrily brings up the fact that Matt apparently pays Jeremy ridiculous amounts of money to clean. There was mention of the laundry room, but earlier Jeremy appeared to be working on the same pile of clothes that Zach was now supposed to be putting away.

Back in New Mexico, while Amy and her siblings are having fun horseback riding, Amy says she received a call from an upset Zach because everyone got into a fight over cleaning the house.

Amy on the phone is heard saying: "The thing is, I can't sit here and quit every thing, Zach. I need to be able to move on after you guys are all gone. I can't just quit my life. I'm in New Mexico doing a celebration birthday for my sister and I've got chaos. And I'm a messed up mom because I didn't do well by you guys."

What happened next was shocking and completely unexpected because Amy is usually so tough. She breaks down emotionally. Her sister asked if she was alright, Amy answers no. Amy was upset enough that her sister wondered if someone was injured.

There is a very somber mood as Amy and her siblings drive back to the resort. Amy's brother tries to provide some humor by asking if she needs another spa. Amy says she needs the sweat lodge to release the negative energy that was suddenly thrust upon her.

Roger asks: So the troops are getting a little restless back home?
Amy answers in a very serious, very sincere and very raw tone: No, it's more. I think Matt...and, um, the kids are terrible.

Roger: You have terrible kids. Terrible. (obviously not serious)
Cindy: Not as terrible as mine.
Amy: I do. I didn't do well raising them. Totally crummy.

It was a very intense to see Amy so vulnerable and emotional. Of course in-vehicle camera being inches from her face and the once again brilliant sad mood music of Joey Newman made it all the more intense.

Amy's emotion wasn't over. Amy reveals that she spent the night crying. The next morning, at 4:30, they head out for a Native American spiritual ceremony. Amy states that she is there for clarity and help with a lot of big decisions.

During the ritual Amy is asked what she believes in?

Amy: I want to thank God for the faith that he has given me and knowing that he is always with me. I'm thinking that maybe I'm not doing well with helping my boys."

It was very emotional and came completely unexpected. I have to believe Amy's breakdown was about a lot more than just an argument back home about cleaning the house. It appeared to be a lot deeper than that. I felt bad for Amy. I can't imagine a worse time to have a breakdown like than a reunion with your siblings. Usually that's a time when everyone talks about how wonderful their kids are instead of confessing fears that she hasn't raised the boys right.

I appreciate the moments of Amy's raw honesty. It was another interesting hour of viewing. Amy's breakdown and her reasons for it was definitely was the hot topic of the week.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jacob Roloff accident and Jeremy Roloff hurt? Clearing up some confusion

We've been flooded today with inquiries from people that perhaps only heard about the show, but don't know the whole story or are seeking more information.

In the episode "Twins at 18" which aired Dec 8 at 8pm, Jacob Roloff had an accident. This actually took place in May. The shows are aired several months later. The accident occurred on a slide at school and was not on camera (people have been asking). This clip is what was on the show:

Amy explained that as she was running around town preparing for the twins' birthday party she received a call saying Jacob fell off a slide, his his head, was unconscious and in pain. She tells the nurse that Jacob was unconscious for less than minute, maybe two. The nurse asked Jacob if he remembered what happened or climbing on the slide, he answered that he did not remember. He also fractured his wrist.

The only other part in the hospital that was shown was Amy at Jacob's side in the hospital. She told him he was going to put her into an early grave with all his trips to the ER. Jacob's main concern is not being able to swim at Jeremy and Zach's party. At the party, Amy wraps his cast in bubblewrap and a garbage bag. Jacob goes into the water. That's the extent of what was shown in the episode. Jacob's cast was removed sometime during he summer.

I hope that answers some of the many questions and queries about another Jacob Roloff accident.

We've also received many questions about a Jeremy Roloff accident. We'll try to help solve some of the confusion here.

At the end of the show, there was a preview of an upcoming show. Mike and Matt are working on the new trebuchet. Jeremy climbs up on the arm of the Trebuchet high in the air. Mike tells Jeremy to be careful. We then see an ambulance and hear Amy state she dropped every thing to rush to the hospital. We hear a phone ring, a tearful and emotional Amy tells Matt that she thinks tomorrow is going to be a very hard day.

If you follow the show, you know that that TLC is famous for their misleading previews. Due to how the preview was presented, many people think Jeremy was hurt and it was Jeremy in the ambulance.

I believe you're going to find out that it is actually the episode dealing with Mike's death. There was no accident involving Jeremy Roloff. It is Mike Detjen's passing. However, we will all find out for certain when it airs.

It appears as though the preview has sent some people into a frenzy thinking that Jeremy Roloff was in an accident. I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Can't wait for tonight's show and want a preview?

If you can't wait for the show and want a sneak preview, here is a good place to look. It's not for everyone, some want to be spoiler free when they watch the show for the first time, but if you do want a sneak preview, you can see 7 preview clips here

The most interesting preview is the news associated with a previous posting about Jacob's broken arm. As we told you, it happened in May and will be dealt with tonight.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

The family Matt helped in Iraq - update

This is an update on the family in Iraq that Matt helped which was featured in the Season 4 premiere back in October. I think the all the soldiers involved, Matt and TLC should be proud of themselves.

It's a very touching story. To summarize for you, the boy Ali and his 8 year old sister, both received their surgeries. They need another surgery on their necks because the weight of their heads are too severe.

On a sad note, the older girl, Saja, did not receive surgery. They determined it was too late to treat her condition.

They're not sure when or how the two kids that can be helped will receive the other surgeries they need. On a positive note this was said:

“Let us say they saved the major part of the family … so they can go back to school,” Al-Hilli concluded. “I think Ali will have a great future … so the Soldiers saved his life.”

Here is the beginning of the article:

BAGHDAD — Ten-year-old Ali Abdulla sat on the edge of his bed with rods and pins holding his leg bones in place, but still managed to smile when he spoke affectionately of 2 Soldiers he said touched his life. “I love them a lot because they have a big heart,” said Ali through an interpreter. “They are very special people in my life.”

You can read the full story here:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

List of new shows on the way - twins turn 18, a Roloff Christmas and Mike Detjen's passing

There are three more weeks of new episodes of Little People, Big World before Christmas. Historically, Part A of the seasons don't go past Christmas.

The shows sound interesting. Here is what you have to look forward to courtsey of the written previews at TLC.

Dec 08, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World
Twins at Eighteen

Zach and Jeremy have reached adulthood-sort of. They're 18, but they don't seem ready to leave the nest. Amy prepares a pool party for the twins, but when Matt drags his feet on getting the pool in working order, the whole party is put in jeopardy.

Dec 08, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World
Big Sister, Little Brother

Amy joins her siblings in Taos, New Mexico to celebrate her sister's birthday. They ride horses, raft whitewater rapids and experience a Native American sweat lodge, but the fun grinds to a halt when the chaos at the farm finds its way back to Amy.

Dec 15, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World
A Roloff Winterland Part 1
It's been over 2 years since both Matt and Amy's families got together, so they invite the Knights and the Roloffs to the farm for an early holiday celebration. Amy attempts to deck the halls and transform their home into a "Roloff Winterland".
Dec 15, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World
A Roloff Winterland Part 2
Matt and Amy's families gather for their holiday celebration. Coordinating a meal for 25 guests is a lot to manage. The family get-together includes Matt's brother Sam (a little person), Amy's parents Gordon and Pat, and a guest appearance by Santa.

The episode with Matt's brother, Sam, marks the first time Sam will appear on the show.
Sam Roloff is also an artist. You can see some of Sam's work on his website:

Sam also has an old site with family photos with his then 2 boys, Max and Henry. There are some pictures of Sam's family with Matt's family.

Dec 22, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World
Friend of the Family

Family friend Mike Detjen is as involved with the Roloff family as he's ever been: building a new trebuchet, coaching the twins' soccer team. But when a heart condition suddenly takes Mike's life, the family must face coping with the loss of their friend.

Dec 22, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World
Death in the Family

In the aftermath of losing their dear friend Mike Detjen, the Roloff family recalls his special place in their lives. They prepare for his funeral and turn an already planned housewarming party into an emotional get-together to honor his memory.

Open invitation to Jeremy Roloff for a question and answer interview

We've received some feedback from people that feel it's unfair to talk about some issues that we've discussed on this page, because Jeremy Roloff is not here to have his say and explain his side of things.

Recently, some members of the Roloff family have done interviews with pages such as this one.

So to be perfectly fair (and we do aim to be fair and balanced), we would like to extend this invitation to Jeremy Roloff himself. If he is interested in doing an interview or answering the real questions that people are discussing about him (not only the National Enquirer controversy, but all of the talk about him over the years) and have the chance to clear the air once and for all - not through his father Matt Roloff and not filtered through an employee of his father's, but if Jeremy, now that he is 18 years old, would like to have his chance to respond and answer the questions that our thousands of visitors have been asking - Jeremy is certainly welcome to get in touch with the site at:

We don't expect anything to come of it, but we would be irresponsibile and unfair if we did not at least give Jeremy a chance to answer the questions and subjects people have been talking about regarding Jeremy over the years. Our visitors have many varying opinions that differ completely. Some are full supporters of Jeremy, some aren't. Some are disappointed and hope Jeremy has some kind of explanation. We feel we have our fingers on the pulse of all things Jeremy Roloff, all the buzz, every thing people have discussed.

Jeremy has been widely discussed about a number of different issues. Matt Roloff has spoken for Jeremy. His friends have occasionally attempted to explain some things about Jeremy.

So if Jeremy finally wants to face it head on and have his say against all the talk that goes on about him - the invitation is open to Jeremy Roloff to get in touch with the page at and put some things to rest.

The Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer article about racist and gay bashing comments and questions

By far, the most inquiries this page receives are concerning the National Enquirer article about Jeremy Roloff being called a bigot for making racist and homophobic comments online. With any story like this, it gets repeated so many times that some of the facts of it get distorted, twisted and changed. This blog has followed the story since the beginning. I saw the website that was up temporarily. I saw those screen captures. I was interested to see how this unfolded.

I want to sort through some of the confusion surrounding the whole controversy and respond to questions and comments and explain why this issue continues to bother some people. Based loosely on some of the comments received, we will do a Question and Answer format in an effort to clear up some misconceptions about Jeremy Roloff's racist and homophobic comments that landed him in the National Enquirer and now often find their way into any discussion about Jeremy.

Q: What is this all about anyway? How did this all come about?

A: Jeremy Roloff used racial and homophobic slurs on the internet social network site Myspace. Over the years people on some Little People Big World chat boards would occasionally notice Jeremy and his friends using gay slurs and mocking pictures. In Aug 2008 a website documented several of Jeremy's comments (included were Jeremy's actual screen captures), which not only contained slurs about African-Americans, Mexicans and gay people, but there were comments between Jeremy and his friends insulting his fans and talk of drinking alcohol. Basically, Jeremy and his friends chatted to each other on a venue that was not private. I think of it like a bunch of friends talking on a cell phone, but really they're on a speaker phone where everybody in the building can hear them. What you hear is going to be the person's honest thoughts and real behavior as opposed to what they say up on a stage or in front of TV cameras.

The National Enquirer ran the article - Jeremy Roloff: A Big Bigot In The Land of the Little People in their September 1st, 2008 issue.

Q: Jeremy said one bad word years and years ago when he was practically a baby, right?

A: No, that is not correct. The comments that were exposed were when Jeremy was 15 to 17. There were probably between 40 - 60 comments from Jeremy and some of his closest friends. It wasn't a one time slip up. It was clear that it was part of their normal vocabulary. Jeremy wasn't a baby. It was during this time - when Jeremy was 15 - 17 that Jeremy was grown-up enough to lecture against the use of the word "midget" because it was hurtful to his family. If Jeremy was old enough to understand that "midget" was wrong and hurtful, he was old enough to understand that the N word and "fa*g*t" was wrong.

Q: Who cares?!? All kids say the N word and F*g. Why are people picking on Jeremy James Roloff?!?

A: No, all kids don't say the N word and other slurs. But since you brought it up, all kids don't get hailed as a hero of diversity for standing up and lecturing against the use of the word "midget". All kids don't have a chapter in a book about their Big Values telling about how they don't tolerate the use of the word "midget" and claim that when he is with his friends they only have fun in ways that please God. Jeremy and the Roloffs talk the talk...these comments suggest Jeremy is not walking the walk...

Q: Well, whatever, what did Jeremy actually say. I want some examples of what he said that is so bad people keep on harping on it. Fine, he said the N word as a term of endearment, right?

A: Words like that should not be used at all. Jeremy and his friends did use the N word casually in that context several times. However, there was also a comment from Jeremy telling his friend that he asked Mike Detjen if he could take his friends snowboarding. Jeremy said told his friends that Mike said yes he would do it and Jeremy wrote "...pretty sweet just like a N word". This suggests Jeremy was using the word in the slave servant sense of the word. Mike was doing what Jeremy wanted, so he was like a "N word".

Q: So Jeremy didn't say those words to people from those groups (African-Americans, Mexicans, gays)? He said them to his friends, right? What's wrong with that?

A: Using racist and homophobic and ethnic slurs is NOT ok if he only does it around people who won't be bothered by it. I think it's worse, as it acknowledges that the language is not acceptable, yet perpetuates its use among "their kind" - people he believes won't object, which is people who aren't in the groups the language is referring to.

Q: Uhhh, so what?!? Black stand-up comics use the N word. Why can't Jeremy?

A: I abhor this logic, but I see that you're using the same logic used by a Matt Roloff's employee (paid or not, I don't know) at his official site. It makes me sick that people argue that people have a "right" to use words that are so ugly and carry such hate and hurt behind them.

However, if you're determined to used that logic, there is a video for you to watch from Little Person stand up comic - Tanya-Lee Davis. She appeared on LPBW a couple of weeks ago when Matt and Amy were in Las Vegas. You'll notice she uses the word "midget".

The Roloffs are quite clear in stating their dislike for the word "midget" and do their best to eliminate it from the vocabulary of average sized people. Their message is not "An LP comedian said it, you should say it too.' They are slurs. They are derogatory, demeaning and hurtful. Don't use them.

Q: I totally agree with Matt Roloff's representative over at Matt Roloff's official site! People are too darn sensitive these days! Let Jeremy say the N word, "beaner" and "F*gg*t. Get over it! Those words that Jeremy uses can't hurt unless people let them! It's your fault for getting upset at poor Jeremy.

A: Wow. I'll be honest with you. That irks me. It bothers me that Matt Roloff would allow that to be said on his official site by his employee. I assume the reason Matt Roloff condones that statement is because it is defending Jeremy Roloff.

People are over-sensitive towards the use of slur words? Wow. The Roloffs for years have attempted to eliminate people from using the word "midget. I think Matt Roloff's employee should be ripping into the Roloff family for being "too sensitive". Matt Roloff in this article demanded an apology from a public figure using the "M word" on a TV talk show. Matt also states the M word is just like the N word.

I certainly hope Matt Roloff's employee wouldn't tell their friend Jen Montzingo that it's her problem that she's hurt and offended when someone demeans a little person by making a joke out of them and using an offensive term. It is things like this that are so disappointing. It makes people think that the Roloffs don't care about acceptance or diversity on a larger scale.

Q: Whatever! What else did Jeremy say?

A: He made a comment referencing Mexico as the place where "beaners" live. If I said Harlem is where the N words live, you would probably think I'm a racist. If I said San Fran is where the F*gs live - you would be in the right to wonder if I'm bigoted.

Q: Whatever, what's another Jeremy comment that upsets people?

Jeremy was telling a friend about a great soccer game he played. He said "Not to be a gay bragging fa*git but I'm completely raped their defense." This comment is very offensive to gay people. How can it not be? I'm left to believe that Jeremy does not have a very lofty opinion of gay people when he uses those words in that context. Jeremy and his friends also had several pictures of themselves in obvious "gay mocking" poses done as a joke to demean.

Q: Gay people and people that like gay people are over-sensitive! It's just a word!

A: Put it this way. If you told the Roloffs that your son and his friends, when they see someone doing something stupid, always say "He's being a dumb midget freak" - I don't think the Roloffs would approve. In fact, I think the Roloffs would think that you must be an ignorant person for raising your son to have that much disrespect for people of difference such as themselves.

Q: Who the heck cares if Jeremy and his friends had a comment about drinking alcohol? Lots of teens talk about stuff like that. Welcome to 2008!

A: That might be true, but it grabs people's interest because Jeremy Roloff is credited in the Roloff family book as stating he does not drink or do drugs like other teens. It goes on to state that Jeremy and his friends only have fun in ways they know please God. That's what catches people's attention when they hear about Jeremy and his friends talk about reminiscing a drunk story or having fun by clearly mocking gay people. I think a lot of the problem people have is with the image the Roloffs present on the TV show and in the media. They say the show depicts the real Roloffs. Some people love the Roloffs for the image they see. Therefore, when they hear about this stuff they're left disappointed and betrayed.

Q: What did Jeremy say about his fans?

A: Jeremy and his friends had several comments insulting his fans. Jeremy told his friend that his dad (Matt Roloff) told him he had to be nice to fans and Jeremy told the friend how he thinks fans are losers that "suck the unsuckable".

Q: I want to see the comments for myself! Where are they?

A: The site that hosted the comments is no longer in existence. It is rumored that the Roloffs were able to use their power to get the site shut down, but that is pure speculation. The original comments have since been hidden by Jeremy and his friends only after they were attracting attention from the media.

Q: Hmmmm......maybe this isn't true at all! It's all lies! What was Jeremy's response?

A: When this story first broke, Jeremy's first and only response was for him and his friends to turn their web pages private and conceal the comments.

Q: I still think it's lies! What are those screen captures people talk about? Q: They could be fake?

A: They're real. Do you honestly believe those are fake, along with the avatars of Jeremy's friends and Jeremy and his friends have not denied it? We are way past the stage of whether it is true or not. It is.

Q: Lalalalalala. I don't hear you!!! Fake! Fake! Lies! Lies! Why are you so sure it's true?

A: The National Enquirer article was released. Not only did the Roloffs not deny the article, but Matt Roloff admitted it is true.

Q: Uh-oh...he did?

A: He released this statement:

"There is currently some attention regarding a situation that our family dealt with personally in the past, regarding one of our children’s careless use of inappropriate language while communicating online. Amy and I do not support or tolerate that kind of behavior, and we have worked, and continue to work, to raise our children to have the utmost respect and sensitivity to all issues of diversity and difference. We took the matter very seriously at the time, and reprimanded appropriately. It is unfortunate to revisit this issue, and we look forward to focusing on more positive topics." Matt Roloff

Q: Ok. He apologized. Why isn't that good enough for some people?

A: Actually, Matt didn't apologize in that statement. The word "sorry" is noticeably absent. He claims it is in the past and is basically telling people to shut up about it. An apology would have been 'I would like to apologize to everybody that is hurt and disappointed by my son's offensive and hurtful words'. But I don't think Matt should have been the one apologizing. Jeremy is 18.

Q: Why aren't people accepting Matt's statement?

A: People would like to believe the best about Jeremy, but for that to happen people need to feel that he thinks he's done something wrong. People want him to take responsibility. That statement, in all honestly, makes Jeremy looks like a defenseless child. He's 18, legally a man, as Matt has recently said. Matt is still speaking for him and the topper of that statement about Jeremy taking responsibility....Jeremy's name is not even mentioned! Instead it casts suspicion on the three other Roloff kids. Everyone is going to have their own opinion of the effectiveness of Matt's statement, but one thing it is not is Jeremy taking responsibility for what he has said. His name is not even mentioned...

Q: Why are you so heartless. Why don't you forgive Jeremy and let him live his life without this hanging over his head?

A: To forgive someone, first they must ask for forgiveness. Jeremy has not apologized. There is no indication Jeremy even thinks he did anything wrong and in my opinion, there is no tangible reason to assume Jeremy has stopped using the language.

Q: Why should Jeremy apologize? He doesn't owe anybody anything!

A: He doesn't have to, but it's a character issue. That's what good and moral people do when they do something wrong. People make mistakes. Especially kids. But they need to acknowledge that they did something wrong and genuinely feel sorry about it and vow not to do it again and show that they've learned some lesson. There is no indication that Jeremy has done any of that.

Q: Matt said it was dealt with in the past. Don't you believe him?

A: I'm sorry, but I don't believe it and his statement provokes these kinds of questions: How exactly was it dealt with when its obvious that the problem was not a one time occurrence? If Matt and Amy are as pro-diversity as Matt's statement suggests, then why were Jeremy's ugly racist insults allowed to stay up on the internet long after Matt and Amy supposedly dealt with the problem?

If Matt honestly knew about it and was disgusted by the words his son was using, I can't believe that he wouldn't demand those offensive words be removed immediately. That did not happen. They were only removed after it became clear the media was aware of it.

Q: Well, Jeremy's offensive comments stopped didn't they?

A: Jeremy stopped using that venue to communicate, so yes his offensive online comments eventually stopped. The friends he made the comments with, including Jacob Mueller whom is regularly featured on the show, made similar comments to Jeremy's that were captured as recently as a couple of weeks before the Roloffs invited him on their summer vacation 2008.

Jeremy and his friends used this language and behavior for many years. Common sense tells me the only thing that has changed is that Jeremy stopped using it online. His friends still use it. He's still friends with all the same people. Most importantly, Jeremy has not apologized, admitted he was wrong and explained himself.

Q: What do people want from Jeremy now?

A: I think people, including myself, want to believe that Jeremy and the Roloff family are good people. We understand that people mess up, but when they do, people must display good morals and values and own up to those mistakes and accept responsibility. I think people want Jeremy to give them a reason to believe that he's not a racist, gay-bashing, lying hypocrite.

As it stands now, Dec 5th, 2008, Jeremy Roloff has not even said he's sorry, he was wrong or informed people that anything has changed other than that he hid the comments because he got caught.

Q. Matt Roloff said he doesn't want people focusing on it! Why are people still discussing it?

Matt Roloff can't control public opinion. This news has broke. Once it is out there, people discuss it. Everyday people are googling "Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer racist gay basher". In fact, any google search from Jeremy Roloff inevitably brings up information about this. Why is it important to people? It's a character issue.

The best analogy I've seen about it was about picturing a famous vegetarian that went on television to tell people about the evils of killing animals and eating meat. If it suddenly comes out that our television vegetarian owns a slaughterhouse and steakhouses...that kind of thing is going to stick in the minds of people every time they think of our TV vegetarian. They're going to think that person is a fraud and anything they say is suspect.

It's the same concept as Jeremy writing and talking about the hurtfulness of the word "midget", being pro-diversity, etc, and then being found to be using slurs towards many groups that aren't like him so casually and frequently.

I think people are more disappointed in the Roloffs for their response to Jeremy's article in the National Enquirer than any thing else. I believe their lack of an appropriate response confirms in a lot of people's minds their worse fears about the comments. Jeremy's silence and unwillingness to express any regret or apology almost speaks louder than the original comments he made.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Letter to Amy Roloff regarding link to Focus on the Family and Jeremy's use of hate speech

The following is a letter that was recently sent to Amy Roloff. It is relevant to many of the issues and concerns that have been raised on this page. It is an accurate representation of what many people have felt following the National Enquirer article revealing Jeremy's racist and homophobic slurs on-line and Amy's website link to Focus on the Family. The author of the letter granted us permission to share her letter on this with you. To this date, Dec 4, 2008, the author reports that she has not received a response from Amy Roloff.

Amy... I do not wish to be unfair...

I also wish that you and your family had a good Thanksgiving.

I might as well be totally honest with you...

When I was a child I went to the circus with my papa in Paris, France-- Where I was born and raised. This was in the early 70's-- so I am dating myself!

The circus had an act that was performed by little people-- and truly-- I now know that the opportunities LP have had over the years has been something which has evolved-- even in the time span from the 70's until now. Looking back, I wonder if this was the best way they could make a living to support themselves and I deplore that fact.

The act scared me-- and I carried a slight fear of little people into my adulthood.

When your television program came on TLC I was happy to be able to watch it and rid myself of that foolish fear. I sincerly enjoyed season one-- and really grew to like and admire you. I thought you were the kind of woman I would want as a friend.

I saw in you a kinship of sorts. I am also a strong woman... And I love my children and I love being a mom.

I cried when you told of how you feared they would take your children away from you when you were pregnant. I couldn't imagine such a thing and I am grateful to you for opening my eyes to what must have been a very real fear of yours.

The very fact that you had to fear losing something and someone you loved over something you had absolutely no control over really bothered me...

Just like I think it should bother you that things like Proposition 8 was passed in California. Yes, I know that the voters have spoken... But I wonder if, put to a vote in the south in 1954-- how school integration would have faired (Brown versus Board of Education). I also wonder what the Germans might have voted in the 1940's regarding the Jews, the Catholics, the little people and the gays-- amongst others who were exterminated.

Would the fact that the people in the south might have voted school integration down make it any less of the 'right thing to do' that it was? Had the Germans voted to kill millions of people in the concentration camps -- would that have made the Holocaust OK? Of course not....

I do not believe that a gay person chooses to be gay any more than you chose to be a little person-- or an African American person chose to be black.

I was particularly offended and put off when the National Enquirer exposed your son Jeremy's My Space page-- filled with hate speech. I was even more put off by your families lack of an appropriate response.

I do not expect this issue to have been dealt with on the show-- that is not necessarily the focus of it-- but I did expect something.

I have teenage sons. I understand the challenges that come with raising them-- and I FULLY understand the 'pick your battles' stance that parents have to take. Perhaps you did address this-- as I hope and pray you did-- anti-hate is always a battle worth waging.

The main reason I contacted you via your website was your link to Focus on the Family. Personally, I find it incredulous that someone who wishes to encourage tolerance and understanding does not display this same trait.

In a nutshell-- I just don't understand.

I would like a reply, but don't really expect one.

Sincerely, A***** M*****

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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