Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Amy interview on Portland TV show: Amy hints about Season 5

You can watch an interview with Amy Roloff on AM Northwest at this site:


There were a few items I thought were interesting..

*She was asked whether they keep a professional relationship with the crew. Amy really loves her crew. They are friends. I think that can go both ways. On one hand, I don't think it would be possible to do a television series for that amount of time if they weren't friends with people in her home. On the other hand, there is something to be said about professionalism and that is lost when the people filming a "reality" show are friends with the subjects. I like the comparison to reading a biography about someone written by a close friend. Are you going to get the true version of events? No, there is going to be a personal bias. It's human nature when that line of professionalism is crossed. But on a human level, I think it's necessary.

* Interesting what Amy says about college especially considering the video clip from the Metropolis event that featured Jeremy and Zach talking about college. In this interview, and Amy appears to be very truthful, she says it is her desire for the twins to get to college or university, but she has doubts that they will. Jeremy has made recent public statements that he's looking forward to college...obviously Amy is hearing something very different. Amy doesn't sound very confident.

* Amy mentions that Jeremy is on board with the show the most because of his personable nature. That only surprises me in that Jeremy's reputation has probably taken the worst beating out of all of the Roloffs (try googling Jeremy Roloff and see what comes up). I thought that might have put a damper on Jeremy's enthusiasm for being in the spotlight, but apparently not.

*Amy claims she does not read the message boards. I understand her explanation, but she does seem very aware of the criticisms. I'm not sure if I can ever recall a celebrity that has admitted to reading what is written about themselves.

*Perhaps the most interesting item in this interview was Amy's response to the last question about Season 5. That was the big question - will the show go on or is it done (what will air in February is Season 4 Part B). Season 5 was the question mark. She doesn't make an official announcement, but read between the lines of her answer and her facial expressions. I think we have the answer to the big question.

This means viewers will get to see the twins graduate, which I know was important to a lot of viewers.

It was a good interview.


Brenden T said...

Good catch on the college remark. It's normal for kids to say one thing when they're under pressure. I don't consider that a bad lie.

Glad to hear the show sounds like it will keep going.

Joanne said...

I enjoyed the interview. Amy is such a nice down to earth person, and I love their show. Glad to hear it looks good for season 5!

Debra said...

I love Amy as well. She is very natural in her interviews.

David J said...

The thing that jumped out at me was Amy's comments about the twins being worried/concerned that this is their last year of high school and the days of no worries and friends over all the time are coming to an end. It sounds like they aren't prepared for it.

They have a lot of growing up to do. I think they'll be fine once they have something else to do other than hanging out with friends everyday.

Anonymous said...

I love to watch this program, and what great parents the Roloff's are. One thing confused me, though. Several times Amy mentions that she isn't sure what will happen to she and Matt's marriage. What's up with that?