Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec 15 episode Roloff Winter Wonderland family celebration

A pair of enjoyable episodes tonight. They were in contrast to the intense episode last week featuring Amy's breakdown, but these episodes were nice.

Light, joyful and fun. It's nice to have a variety on the show.

It was Amy's father, Gordon's 80th birthday. He looked wonderful for being 80. He appears to be great health. He took his customary tour of the farm, even climbed up a ladder. His report this year was better than the last time he took a tour. There wasn't much to find fault with this time around.

Her brother Roger (nice to see Amy's siblings two weeks in a row) had his baby daughter with him and they used it as an early Christmas celebration. These were the types of shows that don't have a lot of drama or discussion points, but were still enjoyable to watch.

Zach and Jer even had the van looking clean! :)

Matt ordered the fake snow against, Amy's wishes, but never fear, Amy got her revenge by piling it all in Matt's office and sprinkling the snow around. Good job, Amy! :)

Molly showed off her artistic touch by making some Christmas decorations for everybody. The Roloffs have some artistic flare in the family. Sam is an artist, Molly did a nice job with her work and Jeremy's sketches looked impressive when they showed them one episode.

It was nice for viewers to meet some members of the family that haven't been featured much or at all. I thought everybody came off as very down to earth, friendly and caring.

Overall, a nice positive, uplifting show.


Anonymous said...

This has to be a fake Christmas show. I'd expect Jon & Kate plus 8 to stoop this low but not the Roloffs! Notice that there are no Christmas decorations at the grocery store or the airport in the episode. The old decorations are on their house in balmy mid fall weather. What a farce!!!!

Tony said...

Give them their due. They didn't hide that it wasn't really Christmas like they did with the Thanksgiving farce a couple of years ago.

They commented several times tonight that it was an "early" holiday celebration.

By the weather, it was probably taped in October or November 2008.

Anonymous said...

OK Tony, I agree they really didn't try to hide the fact that it wasn't close to Christmas.

However, on another note, I am growing tired of setups and fake scripts in "reality" televison. The Roloffs were enjoyable but they are on a slippery slope with these recent episodes and their time is near an end (unfortunately).

IMO, Jon & Kate plus 8 are the biggest moochers on "reality" TV. They’re show is sooooo brutal. Jon is the biggest stiff and Kate is the biggest you know what. Also, anything that has to do with Brooke Hogan or the Hogan family in general is absolutely worthless and by far the biggest farce on TV in general.

The Roloffs were very genuine but their run is coming to a slow and painful end. I used to really enjoy their program but the children seem to be getting more out of control (and spoiled rotten) because of a lack of parental support mostly due to them being distracted by the “celebrity” status they have received because of the show.

Everything that I loved about this show has been ruined. I just hope the kids get back on track when the show ends because they sadly might be falling into the category that child actors have fallen into over the years.

AJ said...

I totally agree with that last comment. I think that's why Amy had her breakdown that was shown last week. She's realizing what the boys have become.

Look at them. They're spoiled beyond belief. They don't respect anybody. Look at how Jeremy has been caught talking about fans with such disrespect. He thinks he's above it all. I think the show has been damaging to all the Roloff kids but most of all to Jeremy. I think his ego is out of control. Those kids do whatever they want.

John De said...

Amen about the fear for the kids future. I sincerely believe Jeremy will have some type of drug or alcohol addiction like most child stars. Matt Roloff has already admitted he doesn't know where or what Jeremy is up to.

There episodes were good though. Not real meaty, but a nice time for the families.

Joanne said...

I really loved these 2 episodes. Gave me a warm family feel like in my own. I think the Roloff family is wonderful, extended family too.
They are real. No pretense. They are hard working, loving people and its wonderful to see.

Alice said...

It's nice to see two families that can get along and not tear each other apart like many inlawas ;-)

It was nice to see the kids not being disrespectful for a change.

Anonymous said...

You know the show has jumped the shark and this family has lost touch with reality when they hire people to put up and decorate their Christmas tree. Are they that fake, lazy or something else to not be able to decorate their own Christmas tree? Don't even get me started on those spoiled rotten kids. I used to love this show but you knew their downfall was coming sooner or later.

Kristy, said...

I loved them episodes.I loved all of the decorations!It was Beautiful!!The outside and inside too.