Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Dec 1st episodes - Roloffs discuss Orgasms and Kazebos

A thought just occurred to me; people are going to think this blog is x-rated soon ;-) We're just keeping up with the Roloffs and going where Roloff talk takes us!

Just before we discuss the two new episodes that aired Monday Dec 1st, I wanted to thank all our readers of this page. We are literally getting thousands of hits per day. It is quite over-whelming and flattering.

The first episode centered around Matt's 1967 yellow Volkswagen being restored. They showed footage from the first season when Matt and Jeremy thought they could restore it, Zach said they were stupid and they could never do it. I think the show tried to present it as Zach being wrong, but really folks, back in 2005 I don't think Zach anticipated professionals practically building them a new car free of charge. He was referring to Matt and Jeremy restoring it which of course did not happen.

Anyhow, the show is always vague on how these things go down and I already see viewers wondering why the Roloffs "took" it to a business in California rather than somewhere in Portland. Little People Big World doesn't like to come right out and say the Roloffs are getting freebies. There is still an element to the show that tries to present itself as the same as any other family, but the truth is average families aren't having companies knocking down their door to re-build an old broken down car free of charge. As a result, the show tends to pass it off as Matt saying things such as 'A friend helped us...'

This story explains it. In short, they thought it would be good publicity to be the company that fixed the yellow bug said to be "un-fixable".


They did a marvelous job, needless to say.

Getting back to the show, Matt, Zach and Jeremy fly to California to drive the 'Yellow bug' back home and end up using a U-haul truck for the 14 hour drive back to Oregon. The water cooler item of the day for followers of the Roloffs and LPBW was definitely the conversation in the truck. Matt sneezes, to which Jeremy replies "Did you know that you sneeze it's 1/8th of an orgasm? That's why your legs tingle."

This for the record, is apparently an old wives tale myth...and yes I do feel ashamed that I actually sought this out....lol.


A popular myth to sneezing is that one sneeze is equal to 1/8 of an orgasm. This myth is however untrue. Tests have been conducted many times with only negative results.

The validity of the statement aside, I already see that the Roloffs and TLC are receiving some complaints for including talk about orgasms on a show that is heralded as family friendly. Angry parents didn't want to need to deflect the question from their 6 year old "Daddy, what's Jeremy talking about, what is an orgasm?"

Personally, I thought it was funny! It is entertainment after all. You can actually watch the clip right here. Matt's expression at 19 seconds literally has this blogger laughing out loud. Kudos to Joey Newman, the person responsible for the music in the show for nailing exactly the right type of music at that exact second.

In fairness to the people upset about the orgasm discussion, I think a lot of the complaints the Roloffs and TLC receive is the result of the image they attempt to portray. Matt Roloff is on record as stating Little People Big World is one of the few shows on TV that families can watch with kids of any age. So if a parent allows their small child to watch it and hears talk like that, I can understand their frustration.

Along the same lines, Jeremy's Myspace / National Enquirer scandal and his comments...Jeremy and his friend proudly reminisced about how they stole/drank vodka and in their shenanigans, almost burnt down the Roloff barn. Although drinking/stealing vodka at 15 does seem kind of young to me, it isn't that shocking for a teenager and his friends to have a few stories like that in their youth. However, the problem for many is in the fact that Jeremy is quoted in the Roloff family book as stating:

"My faith in God keeps me from doing some of the negative things so many kids do - drinking, drugs, and other things. My friends and I like to have fun and enjoy life but we do it in ways we know show that we have faith in God and in ways that we know please him."

So after writing something like that, Jeremy's confession about the vodka makes him a liar and it makes their image that they present look phony. That's where a lot of the complaints come from - portraying an image that they aren't upholding. The Roloffs can't talk about being family friendly unlike many shows on TV, being faith-based, and their son writes about how he doesn't drink like those other kids because he is out pleasing God with his friends, yet there is talk of orgasms on TV and that same son is caught at 15 telling a story about him and his friends being drunk on vodka and using racist and homophobic slurs. People are going to feel betrayed and upset. But I digress.

The second half of the show focused on Amy taking a trip to Napa where she fed the Giraffe's and gave a speech at her friend's church (Amy of the Rob and Amy sometimes seen as the show - they seem like such nice people - I really like Rob - he seems like a fun guy to be around). In their speech Amy told a story about how when the twins were 9 months old, Zach stopped breathing and needed to be resuscitated. I think that's the first time they've told that story.

While Amy is away, the family builds a gazebo for Amy in her favorite spot on the farm - the place where she looks at the sunset. It is, in fact, called a Gazebo and not a Kazebo like the Roloffs said on the show. I cut them some slack on that, to this day, my mother still refers to the fireplace and the chimley - known to most people as a chimney :-)

I wonder how extravagant and thoughtful the Mother's day gifts to Amy would be if not for the television show, but I have to hand it to Matt, he always does something special for Amy on Mother's day.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was hilarious. It's really nothing new. Remember before the Bahamas episode Jeremy said Amy and Matt could have the boat to do "sexual things".

I could see some people being upset but I think it just shows how much the show has changed from the first season.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe a word of that book. It was written by a ghost writer.

Karen said...

I'm still laughing at Matt's reaction!!!! He was speechless.

Jeremy was funny too. He is looking on very intently like he is very impressed with himself.

Anonymous said...

First of all, that animal farm thingy that Amy visited is not in or near the City of Napa at all. It's not even in Napa County. It's in Sonoma County.

Mark P said...

I completely agree 200% about the image. Roloffs should stop trying act like their strict religous types. They are more Al Bundy (Married With Children) than they are religious conservatives - at least in their actions.

Amanda said...

I love Jeremy!!!!!!!!! He's so funny. Yeah he probably lied in the book and said things he shouldn't have but I still like him.

Nancy Lee said...

I wasn't bothered by the orgasm comment, but Jeremy should not have been texting while driving. I also think Matt favors Jeremy too much. He is more interested in talking to Jeremy than he is with Zach. It's very clear by watching him.

Uncle Rob said...

First -- jer is texting while driving and matt makes a joke out of it. Texting requires at least one hand off the wheel and both eyes off the road. Apparently neither of these dimwits comprehend that even a second of inattention while driving can be fatal. And if you're pulling a trailer, the opportunities for disaster skyrocket.

I would have taken jer's phone from him and thrown it out the window. But this was nothing compared to the "woman" incident ...

A driver (apparently a woman) was merging from a right-hand on-ramp. From what I saw, she was ahead of the uhaul and did have her blinker on. Now, you can make the argument that she did come a bit close to the uhaul and perhaps her safer course of action would have been to slow down and yield to the uhaul ...

However, any reasonably safe driver with more than one ounce of brains knows that once it becomes obvious that someone is merging into your lane of traffic, you either: (a) slow down to allow a safe merge, or (b) if traffic allows, put on your blinker and pull into the left lane.

What does jer do? He doesn't slow down (he may even have sped up), leans on the horn and changes lanes without signaling, all while pulling a trailer. Does the term "road rage" come to mind?

Later, in the interview chair, jer states: "she pulled out in front of me and stepped on her brakes. It didn't make any sense." It didn't make sense you loon because she didn't apply her brakes until after you had pulled alongside her in the passing lane, still blowing your horn!

The woman may have been guilty of carelessness and poor judgment, but jer, displaying a callous indifference to his safety and the safety of his father and brother, escalated the incident to the level where it could have been disastrous.

The icing on the cake, of course is zach smiling and glad-handing him, and matt complimenting him and calling him a "road warrior". Later, in the interview chair matt tells us how proud he is of jer's driving. Insanity. Idiocy!

Well, consider the source -- matt with his two DUIIs, amy's reckless speeding, and now jer's road rage driving. And if zach drives his car the way he drives the mule and his bike, then he'll be a real winner too. Molly will probably be the only one in that zoo who'll drive safely.

jer, if you're reading this, you are so lucky that I'm not your father. I would have taken your license away for a year, and sent you back to driving school and made you take anger management classes.

roluffs -- I'm begging you. Show a little concern for your neighbors in Oregon. Take a cab.

Doug said...

Great point. Jeremy didn't do anything worth of praise.

Doug said...

Also, Matt's reaction to Jer's driving is an example of how Matt builds Jeremy's ego. Jeremy thinks his driving was the bomb but it wasn't

Will said...

Jer is just a kid. He did a good job driving.

He has a sense of humor. Matt was right. He's growing up. You can't have a conversation like that with a six year old. LOL.

Craw said...

Jeremy has the greatest comments. He makes the show so good.