Sunday, December 7, 2008

The family Matt helped in Iraq - update

This is an update on the family in Iraq that Matt helped which was featured in the Season 4 premiere back in October. I think the all the soldiers involved, Matt and TLC should be proud of themselves.

It's a very touching story. To summarize for you, the boy Ali and his 8 year old sister, both received their surgeries. They need another surgery on their necks because the weight of their heads are too severe.

On a sad note, the older girl, Saja, did not receive surgery. They determined it was too late to treat her condition.

They're not sure when or how the two kids that can be helped will receive the other surgeries they need. On a positive note this was said:

“Let us say they saved the major part of the family … so they can go back to school,” Al-Hilli concluded. “I think Ali will have a great future … so the Soldiers saved his life.”

Here is the beginning of the article:

BAGHDAD — Ten-year-old Ali Abdulla sat on the edge of his bed with rods and pins holding his leg bones in place, but still managed to smile when he spoke affectionately of 2 Soldiers he said touched his life. “I love them a lot because they have a big heart,” said Ali through an interpreter. “They are very special people in my life.”

You can read the full story here:


Anonymous said...

God bless that family, Matt, the soldiers and TLC.

Marie Davis

Nicole Thompson said...

I cried when I saw those kids. It's so sad, but inspirational at the same time. They are so positive during such unbearable circumstances.

I'm glad TLC and Matt Roloff brought attention to this and thank you to Mr Hayes and the other soldiers for having the compassion for trying to help a family in desperate need.

Jason said...

That was a harsh comment about the girl that did not get help. I realize it is the brutal truth, but still...