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Father of Amy Roloff, Gordon Knight, wrote about materialism...

This is a very intriguing newsletter piece from Gordon Knight, Amy's father. It is from June when Amy and the kids were visiting during the summer (the national Little People of America convention was also in Michigan) . When extended family members appear briefly on the show, it can be difficult to genuinely get to know what they're all about and their views. This article is very insightful as to Amy's father's views on society and materialism.

"Of Cabbages and Kings June 2008 Bigger Barns

Who is your God? Our culture has confused us; acquiring has replaced enjoying. We think we find life in acquiring gifts from God rather than enjoying the presence of God. Jesus called it the bigger barn syndrome. We need to be able to enjoy the nice things that God gives us, but the gifts must not become rival gods who begin to drain life’s energy from us.

I sometimes wonder whether the term “capitalism” is a nice way of saying a “greedy economy.” Buy, Buy, Buy and if we don’t have the cash put the purchase on the credit card. We want a bigger house, so we are talked into buying a mortgage which we can’t afford unless both parents are working full time. We are all familiar with the story; but when will it end?

Today’s culture feeds our passion to possess. It’s the oppression of racing into a new millennium. But Jesus came to set free the oppressed, and that includes showing us values that lead to a simple focused living. Acquiring has replaced enjoying. We are confused what life is all about. Life with Jesus offers a clear alternative. A lot of us follow a Jesus of our imagination, but when we encounter the resurrected Christ, the relationship changes the way we live. It alters the way we view possessions.

Jesus said: “…For life is more than food, and the body more than clothing…” (Luke 12:23). Also; “Sell your possessions and give alms. Make purses for yourselves that do not wear out…..For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also”. (Luke 12: 33-34). We need to be able to enjoy the nice things that our God gives us, but these gifts can become rival gods who begin to drain life from us. We begin to treasure the material gifts that we have acquired and loose our focus on the teachings of Jesus the Christ.

We devote the best hours of each day and the best years of our lives to a focused pursuit in acquiring the gifts of God. In reality, our longing is not for the gifts of God. It’s for a relationship with God. Something that cannot be met with food, television, sex, work, or shopping, no matter how many bigger houses and storage barns we build.

Shalom: Gordon Knight Co-lay leader

It's impossible to read this and not think about how viewers have watched Matt and Amy and their family transform their home into a mansion and accumulate possessions that are too numerous to name (Jeremy does have at least three vehicles he has called his own and he is not even out of high school yet). It's not only the amount of possessions viewers have seen the Roloffs collect, the Roloffs usually get the biggest and the best.

I think it is fair to say we know Gordon's thoughts on the matter. He speaks about "Bigger barns". Hmmm.

The July newsletter does contain a portion from someone filling in for Gordon, who mentions that Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob attended their church and they state that Amy is acting as Jesus wanted the disciples to act when she wrote that her hope on their vacation was to touch people.

Of Cabbages and Kings
July-August 2008

I am "filling in" for Gordon this month. Am I prepared for this assignment? Looking back through the study book used in our first Disciple class, I was reminded of many qualities of a disciple. They extend forgiveness daily. Disciples witness to others. They use their gifts in ministry.

We are all disciples. A disciple is a learner. Disciples are not just "to be". They are called "to do". As disciples we are called to expand our territories.

Pat and Gordon Knights' daughter, Amy Roloff, and family were in our church service recently. They were on a trip down the Mississippi River, New Orleans, and then back home to their home in Oregon. Amy left a message in our church prayer book. Her prayer request was that her family may be able to touch those they see on their trip. It is a simple message but says so much. The family was on a vacation, but Amy's prayer was that they not only relax and enjoy, but also do good. Touch someone, That is the work of a disciple.

As disciples we are to serve gladly. Jesus sent out his disciples, his "learners", and instructed then to touch someone. May we be able to touch those we see.

David Knisely

Sometimes I think the Roloffs have good intentions, but their actions can occasionally be vastly different from their words. I honestly do go back and forth on Amy, she won me over again last week speaking about Mike when she made her touching speech and this statement:

"I think it's always worth that vulnerable moment that you let someone get to know you and in turn, perhaps get to know them because you can't go back. Who cares about a messy house? It means nothing. Because if that takes away a moment from getting to know somebody, or spending time or being there for someone...I would rather have that than all the other stuff."

OK. It's official. I like Amy again after seeing her say that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Knight and Roloff Family. We live in Michigan too and very much enjoy what you all stand for in life. Your ambitious love for God and mankind is a fresh breath to everyone. Continue the great work and you will always be a blessing to us and an inspiration to all good people around the world. My uncle was Michgan pioneer and author Ben East. God bless you all, Matt & Kim in Michigan

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Susie Riffe from Indiana and to a Christian. I love the Roloff family because they are so real. You have to remember that Gordon is Amy's father and that Matt will never be good enough for his little girl. That saying I think he picks on Matt and his belongings. I'm sure that Matt has accomplished and provided for his family more than Gordon ever amagined. Amy always thanks God she never leaves him out. I watched the show that Amy and her family go visit her parents. Gordon seems to have alot of treasures himself and yes he worked hard for them but so do the Roloff family so let's not judge. God will. That being said thankyou Rolloffs for sharing your whole life to me and mine I really respect you. Sincerely Susie Riffe

Anonymous said...

The scriptures say that God takes pleasure in the prosperity of his people. If you work hard, demonstrate good stewardship, God mulitples back onto you.

I can personally attest to the spirtual principles of prosperity:

I have just bought my 4th home and paid cash for it, getting a good deal in the process. I started out working temp jobs and renting bedrooms in other peoples' homes.

These are not ill gotten gains and I tithe and give offerings deligently.

I'm tired of the jealousy exibited towards the Roloff family. They have not cheated or defrauded anybody; they give God the glory, they have helped out needy families, they generate revenues by their consumerism.

Anonymous said...

Leave the kids alone

Lee Terry said...

How do I write gordon Knight My dad worked with him at Ford Motor

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Kathy Stokes said...


Sue W said...

Kathy Stokes Who gave you the right to judge!? You call yourself a Christian, I think not!