Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jacob Roloff accident and Jeremy Roloff hurt? Clearing up some confusion

We've been flooded today with inquiries from people that perhaps only heard about the show, but don't know the whole story or are seeking more information.

In the episode "Twins at 18" which aired Dec 8 at 8pm, Jacob Roloff had an accident. This actually took place in May. The shows are aired several months later. The accident occurred on a slide at school and was not on camera (people have been asking). This clip is what was on the show:

Amy explained that as she was running around town preparing for the twins' birthday party she received a call saying Jacob fell off a slide, his his head, was unconscious and in pain. She tells the nurse that Jacob was unconscious for less than minute, maybe two. The nurse asked Jacob if he remembered what happened or climbing on the slide, he answered that he did not remember. He also fractured his wrist.

The only other part in the hospital that was shown was Amy at Jacob's side in the hospital. She told him he was going to put her into an early grave with all his trips to the ER. Jacob's main concern is not being able to swim at Jeremy and Zach's party. At the party, Amy wraps his cast in bubblewrap and a garbage bag. Jacob goes into the water. That's the extent of what was shown in the episode. Jacob's cast was removed sometime during he summer.

I hope that answers some of the many questions and queries about another Jacob Roloff accident.

We've also received many questions about a Jeremy Roloff accident. We'll try to help solve some of the confusion here.

At the end of the show, there was a preview of an upcoming show. Mike and Matt are working on the new trebuchet. Jeremy climbs up on the arm of the Trebuchet high in the air. Mike tells Jeremy to be careful. We then see an ambulance and hear Amy state she dropped every thing to rush to the hospital. We hear a phone ring, a tearful and emotional Amy tells Matt that she thinks tomorrow is going to be a very hard day.

If you follow the show, you know that that TLC is famous for their misleading previews. Due to how the preview was presented, many people think Jeremy was hurt and it was Jeremy in the ambulance.

I believe you're going to find out that it is actually the episode dealing with Mike's death. There was no accident involving Jeremy Roloff. It is Mike Detjen's passing. However, we will all find out for certain when it airs.

It appears as though the preview has sent some people into a frenzy thinking that Jeremy Roloff was in an accident. I hope this clears up some of the confusion.


Jason said...

I think it was really tasteless for them to do with the preview. Why make Mike's death a surprise?

Jeremy is disliked by some people, but did they really feel they have to trick people into thinking he was hurt?

I think the show was will be handled with class, but the preview wasn't.

Kayla said...

Why did they need to make it look like Jeremy was hurt? This is not the time for suspense. People would watch knowing it was Mike. I don't understand why they did it that way.

sean said...

how many times has jacob been unconscious now? i'd say that is more of a concern than the broken bone.

JakeFan said...

"how many times has jacob been unconscious now?"

2 times.