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The Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer article about racist and gay bashing comments and questions

By far, the most inquiries this page receives are concerning the National Enquirer article about Jeremy Roloff being called a bigot for making racist and homophobic comments online. With any story like this, it gets repeated so many times that some of the facts of it get distorted, twisted and changed. This blog has followed the story since the beginning. I saw the website that was up temporarily. I saw those screen captures. I was interested to see how this unfolded.

I want to sort through some of the confusion surrounding the whole controversy and respond to questions and comments and explain why this issue continues to bother some people. Based loosely on some of the comments received, we will do a Question and Answer format in an effort to clear up some misconceptions about Jeremy Roloff's racist and homophobic comments that landed him in the National Enquirer and now often find their way into any discussion about Jeremy.

Q: What is this all about anyway? How did this all come about?

A: Jeremy Roloff used racial and homophobic slurs on the internet social network site Myspace. Over the years people on some Little People Big World chat boards would occasionally notice Jeremy and his friends using gay slurs and mocking pictures. In Aug 2008 a website documented several of Jeremy's comments (included were Jeremy's actual screen captures), which not only contained slurs about African-Americans, Mexicans and gay people, but there were comments between Jeremy and his friends insulting his fans and talk of drinking alcohol. Basically, Jeremy and his friends chatted to each other on a venue that was not private. I think of it like a bunch of friends talking on a cell phone, but really they're on a speaker phone where everybody in the building can hear them. What you hear is going to be the person's honest thoughts and real behavior as opposed to what they say up on a stage or in front of TV cameras.

The National Enquirer ran the article - Jeremy Roloff: A Big Bigot In The Land of the Little People in their September 1st, 2008 issue.

Q: Jeremy said one bad word years and years ago when he was practically a baby, right?

A: No, that is not correct. The comments that were exposed were when Jeremy was 15 to 17. There were probably between 40 - 60 comments from Jeremy and some of his closest friends. It wasn't a one time slip up. It was clear that it was part of their normal vocabulary. Jeremy wasn't a baby. It was during this time - when Jeremy was 15 - 17 that Jeremy was grown-up enough to lecture against the use of the word "midget" because it was hurtful to his family. If Jeremy was old enough to understand that "midget" was wrong and hurtful, he was old enough to understand that the N word and "fa*g*t" was wrong.

Q: Who cares?!? All kids say the N word and F*g. Why are people picking on Jeremy James Roloff?!?

A: No, all kids don't say the N word and other slurs. But since you brought it up, all kids don't get hailed as a hero of diversity for standing up and lecturing against the use of the word "midget". All kids don't have a chapter in a book about their Big Values telling about how they don't tolerate the use of the word "midget" and claim that when he is with his friends they only have fun in ways that please God. Jeremy and the Roloffs talk the talk...these comments suggest Jeremy is not walking the walk...

Q: Well, whatever, what did Jeremy actually say. I want some examples of what he said that is so bad people keep on harping on it. Fine, he said the N word as a term of endearment, right?

A: Words like that should not be used at all. Jeremy and his friends did use the N word casually in that context several times. However, there was also a comment from Jeremy telling his friend that he asked Mike Detjen if he could take his friends snowboarding. Jeremy said told his friends that Mike said yes he would do it and Jeremy wrote "...pretty sweet just like a N word". This suggests Jeremy was using the word in the slave servant sense of the word. Mike was doing what Jeremy wanted, so he was like a "N word".

Q: So Jeremy didn't say those words to people from those groups (African-Americans, Mexicans, gays)? He said them to his friends, right? What's wrong with that?

A: Using racist and homophobic and ethnic slurs is NOT ok if he only does it around people who won't be bothered by it. I think it's worse, as it acknowledges that the language is not acceptable, yet perpetuates its use among "their kind" - people he believes won't object, which is people who aren't in the groups the language is referring to.

Q: Uhhh, so what?!? Black stand-up comics use the N word. Why can't Jeremy?

A: I abhor this logic, but I see that you're using the same logic used by a Matt Roloff's employee (paid or not, I don't know) at his official site. It makes me sick that people argue that people have a "right" to use words that are so ugly and carry such hate and hurt behind them.

However, if you're determined to used that logic, there is a video for you to watch from Little Person stand up comic - Tanya-Lee Davis. She appeared on LPBW a couple of weeks ago when Matt and Amy were in Las Vegas. You'll notice she uses the word "midget".

The Roloffs are quite clear in stating their dislike for the word "midget" and do their best to eliminate it from the vocabulary of average sized people. Their message is not "An LP comedian said it, you should say it too.' They are slurs. They are derogatory, demeaning and hurtful. Don't use them.

Q: I totally agree with Matt Roloff's representative over at Matt Roloff's official site! People are too darn sensitive these days! Let Jeremy say the N word, "beaner" and "F*gg*t. Get over it! Those words that Jeremy uses can't hurt unless people let them! It's your fault for getting upset at poor Jeremy.

A: Wow. I'll be honest with you. That irks me. It bothers me that Matt Roloff would allow that to be said on his official site by his employee. I assume the reason Matt Roloff condones that statement is because it is defending Jeremy Roloff.

People are over-sensitive towards the use of slur words? Wow. The Roloffs for years have attempted to eliminate people from using the word "midget. I think Matt Roloff's employee should be ripping into the Roloff family for being "too sensitive". Matt Roloff in this article demanded an apology from a public figure using the "M word" on a TV talk show. Matt also states the M word is just like the N word.

I certainly hope Matt Roloff's employee wouldn't tell their friend Jen Montzingo that it's her problem that she's hurt and offended when someone demeans a little person by making a joke out of them and using an offensive term. It is things like this that are so disappointing. It makes people think that the Roloffs don't care about acceptance or diversity on a larger scale.

Q: Whatever! What else did Jeremy say?

A: He made a comment referencing Mexico as the place where "beaners" live. If I said Harlem is where the N words live, you would probably think I'm a racist. If I said San Fran is where the F*gs live - you would be in the right to wonder if I'm bigoted.

Q: Whatever, what's another Jeremy comment that upsets people?

Jeremy was telling a friend about a great soccer game he played. He said "Not to be a gay bragging fa*git but I'm completely raped their defense." This comment is very offensive to gay people. How can it not be? I'm left to believe that Jeremy does not have a very lofty opinion of gay people when he uses those words in that context. Jeremy and his friends also had several pictures of themselves in obvious "gay mocking" poses done as a joke to demean.

Q: Gay people and people that like gay people are over-sensitive! It's just a word!

A: Put it this way. If you told the Roloffs that your son and his friends, when they see someone doing something stupid, always say "He's being a dumb midget freak" - I don't think the Roloffs would approve. In fact, I think the Roloffs would think that you must be an ignorant person for raising your son to have that much disrespect for people of difference such as themselves.

Q: Who the heck cares if Jeremy and his friends had a comment about drinking alcohol? Lots of teens talk about stuff like that. Welcome to 2008!

A: That might be true, but it grabs people's interest because Jeremy Roloff is credited in the Roloff family book as stating he does not drink or do drugs like other teens. It goes on to state that Jeremy and his friends only have fun in ways they know please God. That's what catches people's attention when they hear about Jeremy and his friends talk about reminiscing a drunk story or having fun by clearly mocking gay people. I think a lot of the problem people have is with the image the Roloffs present on the TV show and in the media. They say the show depicts the real Roloffs. Some people love the Roloffs for the image they see. Therefore, when they hear about this stuff they're left disappointed and betrayed.

Q: What did Jeremy say about his fans?

A: Jeremy and his friends had several comments insulting his fans. Jeremy told his friend that his dad (Matt Roloff) told him he had to be nice to fans and Jeremy told the friend how he thinks fans are losers that "suck the unsuckable".

Q: I want to see the comments for myself! Where are they?

A: The site that hosted the comments is no longer in existence. It is rumored that the Roloffs were able to use their power to get the site shut down, but that is pure speculation. The original comments have since been hidden by Jeremy and his friends only after they were attracting attention from the media.

Q: Hmmmm......maybe this isn't true at all! It's all lies! What was Jeremy's response?

A: When this story first broke, Jeremy's first and only response was for him and his friends to turn their web pages private and conceal the comments.

Q: I still think it's lies! What are those screen captures people talk about? Q: They could be fake?

A: They're real. Do you honestly believe those are fake, along with the avatars of Jeremy's friends and Jeremy and his friends have not denied it? We are way past the stage of whether it is true or not. It is.

Q: Lalalalalala. I don't hear you!!! Fake! Fake! Lies! Lies! Why are you so sure it's true?

A: The National Enquirer article was released. Not only did the Roloffs not deny the article, but Matt Roloff admitted it is true.

Q: Uh-oh...he did?

A: He released this statement:

"There is currently some attention regarding a situation that our family dealt with personally in the past, regarding one of our children’s careless use of inappropriate language while communicating online. Amy and I do not support or tolerate that kind of behavior, and we have worked, and continue to work, to raise our children to have the utmost respect and sensitivity to all issues of diversity and difference. We took the matter very seriously at the time, and reprimanded appropriately. It is unfortunate to revisit this issue, and we look forward to focusing on more positive topics." Matt Roloff

Q: Ok. He apologized. Why isn't that good enough for some people?

A: Actually, Matt didn't apologize in that statement. The word "sorry" is noticeably absent. He claims it is in the past and is basically telling people to shut up about it. An apology would have been 'I would like to apologize to everybody that is hurt and disappointed by my son's offensive and hurtful words'. But I don't think Matt should have been the one apologizing. Jeremy is 18.

Q: Why aren't people accepting Matt's statement?

A: People would like to believe the best about Jeremy, but for that to happen people need to feel that he thinks he's done something wrong. People want him to take responsibility. That statement, in all honestly, makes Jeremy looks like a defenseless child. He's 18, legally a man, as Matt has recently said. Matt is still speaking for him and the topper of that statement about Jeremy taking responsibility....Jeremy's name is not even mentioned! Instead it casts suspicion on the three other Roloff kids. Everyone is going to have their own opinion of the effectiveness of Matt's statement, but one thing it is not is Jeremy taking responsibility for what he has said. His name is not even mentioned...

Q: Why are you so heartless. Why don't you forgive Jeremy and let him live his life without this hanging over his head?

A: To forgive someone, first they must ask for forgiveness. Jeremy has not apologized. There is no indication Jeremy even thinks he did anything wrong and in my opinion, there is no tangible reason to assume Jeremy has stopped using the language.

Q: Why should Jeremy apologize? He doesn't owe anybody anything!

A: He doesn't have to, but it's a character issue. That's what good and moral people do when they do something wrong. People make mistakes. Especially kids. But they need to acknowledge that they did something wrong and genuinely feel sorry about it and vow not to do it again and show that they've learned some lesson. There is no indication that Jeremy has done any of that.

Q: Matt said it was dealt with in the past. Don't you believe him?

A: I'm sorry, but I don't believe it and his statement provokes these kinds of questions: How exactly was it dealt with when its obvious that the problem was not a one time occurrence? If Matt and Amy are as pro-diversity as Matt's statement suggests, then why were Jeremy's ugly racist insults allowed to stay up on the internet long after Matt and Amy supposedly dealt with the problem?

If Matt honestly knew about it and was disgusted by the words his son was using, I can't believe that he wouldn't demand those offensive words be removed immediately. That did not happen. They were only removed after it became clear the media was aware of it.

Q: Well, Jeremy's offensive comments stopped didn't they?

A: Jeremy stopped using that venue to communicate, so yes his offensive online comments eventually stopped. The friends he made the comments with, including Jacob Mueller whom is regularly featured on the show, made similar comments to Jeremy's that were captured as recently as a couple of weeks before the Roloffs invited him on their summer vacation 2008.

Jeremy and his friends used this language and behavior for many years. Common sense tells me the only thing that has changed is that Jeremy stopped using it online. His friends still use it. He's still friends with all the same people. Most importantly, Jeremy has not apologized, admitted he was wrong and explained himself.

Q: What do people want from Jeremy now?

A: I think people, including myself, want to believe that Jeremy and the Roloff family are good people. We understand that people mess up, but when they do, people must display good morals and values and own up to those mistakes and accept responsibility. I think people want Jeremy to give them a reason to believe that he's not a racist, gay-bashing, lying hypocrite.

As it stands now, Dec 5th, 2008, Jeremy Roloff has not even said he's sorry, he was wrong or informed people that anything has changed other than that he hid the comments because he got caught.

Q. Matt Roloff said he doesn't want people focusing on it! Why are people still discussing it?

Matt Roloff can't control public opinion. This news has broke. Once it is out there, people discuss it. Everyday people are googling "Jeremy Roloff National Enquirer racist gay basher". In fact, any google search from Jeremy Roloff inevitably brings up information about this. Why is it important to people? It's a character issue.

The best analogy I've seen about it was about picturing a famous vegetarian that went on television to tell people about the evils of killing animals and eating meat. If it suddenly comes out that our television vegetarian owns a slaughterhouse and steakhouses...that kind of thing is going to stick in the minds of people every time they think of our TV vegetarian. They're going to think that person is a fraud and anything they say is suspect.

It's the same concept as Jeremy writing and talking about the hurtfulness of the word "midget", being pro-diversity, etc, and then being found to be using slurs towards many groups that aren't like him so casually and frequently.

I think people are more disappointed in the Roloffs for their response to Jeremy's article in the National Enquirer than any thing else. I believe their lack of an appropriate response confirms in a lot of people's minds their worse fears about the comments. Jeremy's silence and unwillingness to express any regret or apology almost speaks louder than the original comments he made.


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Justin said...

I don't think Jeremy is a bigot, but it's disappointing because it seems like the Roloffs are more intolerant than they are tolerant and that's why they even have a television show.

I would like to know their demographic breakdown of their audience. I bet they are a lot more diverse than the Roloffs lives.

Craw said...

Jeremy did nothing wrong at all. People just don't understand teenagers today if you aren't a teenager. Jeremy has nothing to say he's sorry about it. Jeremy's respresenting most teens. He's a great guy. Leave Jeremy alone.

RoloffsRule said...

The gays and those with a gay agenda are very uptight. Jeremy has some fun at their expense and they get all upset. Yawn.

Jeremy is a fun loving Christian boy that loves Jesus. That's all that matters :))))

Kyle said...

There are things I like about the Roloffs, but they are full of double standards.

Words don't hurt, but don't say them to us.

If you say a bad word apologize. But if a Roloff says a bad word, he doesn't have to apologize.

They just aren't consistent.

sparkly_jules said...

This is ironic, because I've always suspected that Jeremy is gay.

Me thinks thou dudst protest too much?

I love the show, but I've never cared for Jeremy as a person. He's always struck me as being lazy and spineless.

I love Matt and Amy. I'm very fond of Zach. He seems to have most of the integrity of the all the children.


Tyler said...

Sparkly jules - I don't think Jeremy is gay, but I've never liked him either. This information does not surprise me. He's always struck me as being very self-centered and phony. He doesn't give any thought to others. He has no integrity.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy said a horrible thing and frankly we can't just ignore it.
i am a teenager and i know that it's unacceptable to say such things. Jeremy should definitely know, he is in the public eye, everything you say and do matters. I'm sorry but with the fame and money comes the responsibility of acting appropriately. An 18 years old boy should know the difference between right and wrong.

"Jeremy did nothing wrong at all. People just don't understand teenagers today if you aren't a teenager. Jeremy has nothing to say he's sorry about it. Jeremy's respresenting most teens. He's a great guy. Leave Jeremy alone."

Yes, he did do something very wrong, if anything as a teenager we should be more understandable. We have lived in a world of hate and stupidity for far too long, there is no excuse to continue it. Being a teenager gives you no room to say such hateful things.

"Jeremy is a fun loving Christian boy that loves Jesus. That's all that matters :))))"

Because he is christian it should make it that much more disgusting. IF someone is going to go on television and represent our faith i would hope it is someone who truly believes in the word of god and practices it's lessons of loving our neighbors and that only god can judge others.

Everyone makes mistake, we are human, but part of growing up is owing up to the mistakes we've made.
If you want the world to respect you and the people you love then you must also respect the world and the people in it.
Let's not make excuses for him. You can think a person is amazing and still hold them responsible for their actions.
He needs to apologize and the family needs to apologize for trying to hide it.

Jocelynn Pearson said...

Anonymous on Dec 23 at 1:12AM.....Beautifully said.

Jeremy had first hand experience with family being ridiculed for not fitting in. He should know better than anyone else.

Everyone makes mistakes but becoming a responsible person means owning up to those mistakes and apologizing.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brother, you people accuse Jeremy of calling names but you are calling him names too. Gay's are gay because it is a choice. Not the way they are born. It is a perversion of the natural order that God ordained between a man and women. Remember, gays can not pro-create, they can only convert. That should tell you something. And one more thing, there is no such thing as being homophobic. To be phobic is to have a fear of something. Jeremy isn't afraid of gays; just repulsed by them, and so should everyone. To put up with this perversion is disgusting and wrong. What's next, legalizing the age of consent to 10 years old?

Jason said...

I can't believe I'm responding to such bigotry, but that comment about pro-creating is ridiculous.

There are plenty of heterosexual people that can't pro-create.

Anonymous said...

I notice how the religiously influenced ignorance is always posted anonymously. Funny how they are too scared to admit their ignorance. Because of course the custom in biblical times was to marry the daughters off between the age of 10 and 13, which of course would make the "age of consent" 10 to 13. Though it was a parent's consent and not the consent of the person it was being inflicted on. I really wish people would learn all about the bible that they quote instead of pulling one little piece out of context.

As far as the bible demanding procreation goes that was so that the nation of God fearing Jews could number as the sands of the sea. So does the world today have a problem with under population? I don't think so, it actually has a problem with over population, so to care for God's earth should those that don't procreate be praised? They are the ones doing God's work.

Chad said...

OKAY he is a child period.
he's not paying the bills
he's not 21
and he's not very responsible.

besides the fact being a homosexual teenager isn't enough and watching people get mad at a boy for being who he is.

im mad at everyone else for being so stupid about this situation.

it is not offensive if you know the media like i do.

carlos mencia created the term beaner and is a famous comedian kids take that in and use it for humor.

and something else, almost all of americas youth listens to rap.

i don't but hundreds of kids do and that just eggs on the n word.
and he didnt intend to use it immorally
bottum line its still just a word and if you let that hurt you personally coming from a teenage boys mouth you wont or shouldn't get very far in life.

and finally no offense but when did america start caring about the gays emotions? they didn't before? and nothing is stopping them from hurting the gays.

i think i know why.

drama, its not a big deal he's just a kid
kids younger then him are having sex
doing heroin and smoking weed
he could be selling drugs to kindergartners.

he says a couple bad words in disregard to his
parents and we get mad?

that doesnt even make sense

werent you young once?

im pretty sure if you even have a brain that what the father said as a statement if you use your brain in a "common sense" manor he apologized

david becken said...

It is not that unusual for people to talk to their friends in this manner, especially teens. They are not injecting the vicious thought into it that people seem to think. In a perfect world, it wouldnt happen, but this world is far from that. These comments were not for public consumption. It does seem hypocritical to tell people you can't say this, but I can say that. What Jeremy wrote in the family's book is years old, and people change positions on issues as they age, especially at his age. Someone who thinks they wont drink when they are 15, may find it very appealing at 17 or 18. It happens. I have used the 'N' word myself, when I was much younger, but when I went out on the street, I treated everyone with respect and dignity. How you actually treat others is more important than if you use an incorrect word when conversing with friends. Think how hard it is on a kid that age to be held to a higher standard than most of the world. He didnt ask for that, it was pushed upon him. As far as his attitude to his 'fans', that is understandable too. Do you know how stupid people can act? When I looked at his myspace page over a year or two ago, there was a grown man leaving comments for him that said "I'll trade you a new pair of shoes for your used ones"! Jeremy was about 15 at the time. Can you imagine your child being approached by such a pervert at that age? That crap is enough to make anyone jaded toward 'fans'. As far as the gay comments, I think some of these guys may be gay, in which case he has the right to say what he wants in that regard. They are a loving bunch of guys to each other, and strike me as gay-friendly, at the very least. The comment he made about the soccer game was not offensive. as far as I am concerned.

I would imagine that Jeremy is embarrassed by this, and may just not know what to do about it. Maybe not, but there is no reason to bash him forever over it. Give the guy a break. He is loyal to his family, and his friends, and that puts him waaaay ahead of a lot of people, including my two sons. He is figuring things out, and having to do it in front of the world. That has to be difficult. This incident does not make him unworthy of love and kindness, and should not subject him to undue ridicule. He will get it right, given time and opportunity.

Jason said...

David, Jeremy's comments in the book were a lie and it does make him a hypocrite. The book was written after or as Jeremy made many of his offensive comments and after he made the drinking comments.

The soccer comment about "not to be a gay braggin f*ggot" is offensive and says a lot about Jeremy's attitude about gay people.

The book was released in early 2007 and written in late 2006 because Zach's surgery was over Christmas that year. Some of Jeremy's comments about drinking were mid 2006 so he was lying in the book when he said he did not drink because he only does things that please God. He is a liar and a hypocrite.

When people defend Jeremy by saying "I say the N word too"...I don't think that's good or makes Jeremy's use of it any more acceptable. I don't think it says a lot of good about you or people that say it, the only difference is you aren't on tv or in print getting praised for telling people that "midget" is hurtful.

I don't think Jeremy and his friends are gay or gay-friendly. I saw some of that stuff too and they made some very nasty and unkind comments. It was mocking of gay people. I think Jeremy and his friends think it's funny to make fun of gay people, but Jeremy thinks mocking dwarves is wrong. That's hypocritical.

Many of the fans Jeremy was insulting were people saying very nice things to him. There was a girl that told him his family was inspiration and wished him all the best. Jeremy's friend called her a loser and that prompted Jeremy to say fans suck the unsuckable. That is behaving like nasty, spoiled little jerk.

David Becken, I don't mean to be personal, but since you said it, I think it is very sad that a father would say Jeremy Roloff is "ahead" of your own two sons. That's not a good reflection on them or yourself.

By the way, the comments were public and they were aware fans were reading.

I think Jeremy is going to be in for a world of trouble when he's forced to enter the big world that exists outside his coven of friends that he's known all his life. Also, he watched his brother get humiliated on his birthday and didn't do anything to stop it. That is not loyalty to his family.

david said...

I don't know what the birthday incident was, so I cant respond to that. I do know that when Jacob was injured by the catapult, Jeremy was wiping tears away as he walked to meet the ambulance. I know that in spite of the comment he made about Mike being his slave, when Mike died, he was visibly distressed. That shows more of his heart than bravado among friends. Of course he is more sensitive to the word midget, because that hits closer to home. That is the whole problem with that type of speech, you relate to what hurts you, while not paying much attention to what hurts others. I was not defending him by saying I used the N word too, I was pointing out that I understand that it is done. As I matured, I realized it wasn't the thing to do, and I think he will likely do the same thing. I was raised by very bigoted people, and had a lot to overcome. He seems to have been raised by more sensitive folks, and may fall into line even more easily than I did. The fact that my two sons are not loyal to family (they are to friends) is not a reflection on me, except that the situation probably occurred because I made them tow the line while other parents seemed to intentionally undermine good parenting. Those 'fun' parents who have no guidelines always win out in a child's mind. My sons are young adults now, and I have no real influence on them any longer. I am being honest with my statement that Jeremy's loyalty is something I admire. You seem to think that one flaw should be given all of the attention, and I think things should be more even-keeled. This situation, while not the best, is neither rare or that important. Kids don't think through before they do things. If they did, things like this wouldn't happen. I don't know what type of situation you were raised in, or what sort of friends you had when you were young, but I can relate to all of this. I am 46, so I was a teen in the late 70's and early 80's. When I was this age, my female friends were called bitches and whores, and we guys were fags and bastards. I can say with 100% certainty that we all loved each other, and we did not intend even a little bit to degrade anyone with the words. It was affection all the way. It's what a lot of young people do. I realize not everyone does it, because my act didn't play well when I visited a friend who went
to Georgetown University.(I was from Louisiana) That's when I learned to temper my comments for different situations. These kids will learn that too, and probably already have. You may be thinking that because your experience was a certain way, everyone else should be like that. I am saying that you have to consider all angles before you condemn someone to carry a cross for the rest of their life. Thinking like that is exactly what causes bigots to condemn whoever they are against. "They don't think and act like I do, so they are scum". It doesn't work.

Jocelynn Pearson said...

David, you state your points very well and very eloquently too.

I'm not quite as confident in Jeremy's character at this point and I don't think I'm as quick to look the other way to some of his misdeeds, but I sincerely hope he does mature as you think he will.

I think Jeremy does have a kind heart, but is easily led astray by some bad influences and he lacks empathy for others. I hope that will come with maturity.

The one point you made that I disagree with is that it's not important. Even though I don't believe it's Jeremy's intention, his type of speech and "humor" can hurt people and the damage can be extensive. Words do hurt even if that's not their intention. A young gay person might be struggling with their sexuality, they might look up to Jeremy, they see him using a hate word and mocking what he is - that might be enough on a bad day to push him to do something tragic. You might think that's being dramatic but it does happen. That's the thing with life, you never know how you are affecting other people, but you are - your influence can either be positive or negative.

No good comes out of that language and Jeremy and the Roloffs should realize it.

Despite disagreeing slightly with you, I do really enjoy reading your messages.

david b said...

You are so right that any little incident could be enough to push someone to tragic circumstances. It may not seem so, but I am very sensitive to that fact. I was a foster parent for years, and some of those kids were gay. I saw the struggle with a society that takes any opportunity to make them feel less than human. Our difference here is that when I see a picture of Jeremy and his friend 'kissing', I do not see it as a mocking of gay folks. I see it as affection, and the hand between the lips allows them to show that affection without LOOKING gay. I really get a gay vibe from them, not only from that, but just use of words, etc. And, gay kids do call each other faggot, fag, etc. Just like African Americans call each other "N". Of course, kids do show affection to each other more than they did in the olden days. My kids are complete homophobes (something else I didn't raise them to be) but I have witnessed, in a room full of young people, two straight teen boys, one sitting on a sofa, the other on the floor below, the one on the sofa stroking the other's hair. No one took notice. I have also seen straight teen boys kiss each other. Again, it depends on the circumstances in which they were raised. Usually, these type of people are raised with more values that someone who would automatically say 'look at the fags!'. Obviously, I don't know the motives behind Jeremy's actions, but they just don't seem vile, based on my life experiences. While saying it isn't important may have been poor wording, I don't think we can heap onto these kids the burden of keeping people alive with their actions. If any of them had 'chosen' to be a role model, I would hold them to a higher standard. What did happen is that the parents decided to put the family on view so that they could afford the lifestyle they wanted. I think that is poor judgment on their part, though I enjoy the show, and have grown to care about the family and their friends. I would never expose my family to that sort of exposure. I think it may all be falling apart now, since Amy is uneasy about all of the critical revues they are receiving. Personally, I think the way the kids, especially Zach, treat the parents with disrespect is far worse behavior. I am also disgusted by the way they do not respect what they have. Zach abuses his automobile, and endangers whoever rides with him. I think that is abhorrent. However, I also see that he is insightful, thoughtful and pretty darn smart. Amy is pretty gruff and harsh, but it comes through that she advocates for her family. Matt, has had drinking issues (which may explain Jeremy's), is always making lame comments, but by golly he has provided for his family, even before putting them on tv. Jeremy has his issues, but also has some admirable qualities. In the long run, I think the good outweighs the bad. And you are right, he is in for an awakening when he gets out in the world, just as I was when I went to Georgetown the first time and called someone I didnt know a bitch!

I think anyone puts themselves in danger when they start touting THEIR values, and recommending to people what should be done. It always back-fires. I have sinned, as recently as today, I imagine, and God forgives. I use my mistakes to help me understand what others are capable of doing, and realize its not my place to stone them. God is more than able to dole out the smites, although it may not happen as quickly as we would like.

About that book.....imagine you are 14 or 15, and your parents tell you they want you to write something to put in there. Knowing it is the type of book it you write about how you are experimenting with booze and cursing and sex, or do you, like any kid would, succumb to what is expected? Not so much hypocritical as it is doing what you are told, or tempering your comments to the situation. Besides, we don't know what his first draft was......maybe he wrote the truth and the editor nixed it? We don't have all of the info about all of that! You shouldn't assume he set out to deceive or lie about anything.

It takes a strong kid to do right all the time, and frankly, most people that age dont have enough experience to figure things out for themselves. If they go to peers for guideance, they are in trouble! And honestly, a lot of parents arent the best resource either.

I enjoy intelligent banter too. Years ago, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I would have already said something offensive that would have ended it. That would have been due to my circumstances (upbringing). The fact that I haven't done that is an example of my continuing growth and maturity, even at this advanced age. When you think you have all of the answers, you stop learning! Those kids have just begun to learn, though I bet they do think they know it all!

Anonymous said...

For God's sake, he was 15-17 years old. I am a gay man and I would be pissed off at him if he called me a fa*gg*t, but he didn't say it directly to a gay man. Nor do I ever use the N word. But when I was 15 I was one of the most homophobic people you could meet. When I came out, people did not believe me after what I had said as a kid. Let's move on and leave them to work it out for themselves. We have all done things we regret, but we make amends and move forward. I really think Americans should stop being so bloody sanctimonious about other people. In the privacy of our discussions with friends we all say things we would not say in public. It does not make us evil or beyond the pale. Give the kid a break. Let him work it out for himself. Jeez.

Justin said...

That's ignorance. 17? He's not 7!!!! By the time kids are over the age of 10 they know what are bad words. Jeremy knew words like "midget" could be hurtful but only when it's directed at a group that includes his family.

Attitudes like Jeremy's fosters hate, it doesn't matter if a member of the group is present. It's most relevant towards gay people. This is exactly why teenage boys are so homophobic and hateful. All their language does is send a a very subtle message that a gay person should be ridiculed.

Ellen Degenerous did a wonderful video about this when a school boy was murdered by another boy because he was gay. Obviously that's the extreme, but it's language like Jeremy's that teaches kids that being gay is so bad and beneath them that they can be ridiculed or worse.

It's unbelievable. Respect little people but use language that trashes being gay and use the most offensive word of all - the N word.

Jeremy didn't make amends for it. He didn't apologize, he didn't say he was wrong, he didn't say he's stopped doing it. He deserves no breaks. He's a hypocrite, ignorant and most likely hateful...if it was a mistake he would have just said so.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I am gay and black and I and hurt by those words no matter who saids it. You can't teach understand if you dont have understanding. So can I say the m word if little people are not around can use it with my friends post it on my blog. No it still wrong and he is wrong and his family is wrong for not making him stand up say sorry. I have watch this show since day one, but no more I dont suport hate.

Gordon Johnson said...

This is disappointing. I believe the best in people and take people at their word. I may have been naive, but reading all this blind-sided me. I never expect to read this about Jeremy - or any of the Roloffs - or their unkind treatment of fans mentioned in another story.

It's very disappointing.

Cindy said...

I used to feel as though I knew Jeremy was a good kid. I always thought he was on the innocent side.

Obviously, I was fooled. Shame on anybody justifying what Jeremy said. It is wrong. I expected Jeremy to know better.

And the comments of his best friend, Mueller to young fans? Disgusting.

Knowing Jeremy's language and how his best friend treats his adoring fans, I don't think the kid I thought Jeremy was is remotely close to the real thing.

I wouldn't doubt if Jeremy and his pals are sitting back and laughing all the way to the bank how they fooled's disgusting. They have no honor, no character.

MJ23 said...

If it was a mistake and he felt bad about it, all Jeremy needed to do was say he messed up and was sorry that he was insensitive and offended people.

For heavens sake, Jeremy said he messed up when he was texting while driving.

He can say he was wrong about driving, but not when he uses hate speech?

That is the biggest mark against Jeremy and the Roloffs. Their refusal to own up to it and say he was wrong and is sorry.

It's unfortunate Jeremy hasn't done that. Even more unfortunate he's best friends with kids that enjoy being cruel to his fans and Jeremy appears to have no appreciation or concern for them. Above all of that, he was stealing vodka way back when he was 15?

All of that paints a picture of a kid that has a big head and could be headed down a bad road.

I honestly don't think Jeremy is a horrible kid, but very misguided and unaccountable for anything he does and very full of himself and appears to have a problem with arrogance.

Wendy said...

I quit watching. This language repulses me. I don't care if people argue that others do it and Jeremy isn't the only one. As Christians we're supposed to strive to be like Christ and try to achieve that to the best of our ability. Jeremy's behavior is below average. It's nothing to strive for.

I'm very disappointed that Amy doesn't sound more disappointed.

Christine said...

For the life me, I don't know why Matt and Amy didn't just tell Jeremy to apologize and say they were embarrassed.

I realize the show is big business and perhaps they're being instructed by PR people who thought vague silence was the best route or perhaps it's a matter of stubborn pride and they don't want to admit their kid did something wrong and apologize?

I don't want to believe they actually condone Jeremy's behavior. I would have accepted an apology and an admission of embarassment by Jeremy.

Jdixon said...

I don't know about anyone else, but I fault TLC for not separating themselves from Jeremy's comments.

I've read the press release from Ms. O'Neill(?), the TLC president. She wants to reach out to all groups and cultures, but TLC didn't even separate themselves from Jeremy's derogatory actions.

When Dog the Bounty Hunter said racist things, A&E released a statement distancing themselves from his remarks and point blankly said they did condone it. I did not read any such statement from TLC about Jeremy's comments.

Lauren said...

JDixon - I don't think TLC needs to state the obvious. Of course they don't support Jeremy's language.

It's unfair to blame TLC. They don't have control for a teenager's stupid online comments. Lay the blame with Jeremy if you will. TLC aren't responsible.

I think it is obvious that Matt's statement about the situation was forced by TLC. The statement was weak, but TLC got a statement and that's good enough for me. You can only expect so much from a television network. They can't prevent their "stars" from acting like an insensitive jerk.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy has demonstrated inappropriate behaviour and his person is continued to be characterized as a teenager who is nothing short of a great role model; the national enquirer did right, he absolutely 100 percent deserved to be exposed.

Anonymous said...

The more I watch, the more I'm convinced that Jeremy himself is gay. The fact that people who are in the closet tend to overdue the homophobe thing only clinches the deal. I'm not putting Jeremy down for being gay, if he is - but I would expect a person in the public spotlight to tune down the homophobic action. He has a responibility as a public figure to act accordingly in public venues. What he does at home is his own thing.

Julie said...

Add me to the list that is disappointed Jeremy didn't say he was sorry or express regret.

Everybody makes mistakes, but when you're wrong, you're wrong, and Jeremy was wrong.

The Johnsons said...

It's sad because the Roloffs are supposed to be bringing people together. Jeremy's words divide people and cause hurt. We're disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think and have always thought that Jeremy and his friend Jacob are gay. I knew nothing of this National Enquirer story until I googled "Is Jeremy Roloff Gay". They certain appear gay.

Keith said...

Oh, they aren't gay. People think everybody famous is gay. Look at any IMDB page or website for ANY actor. There is a "Is he gay" thread about everybody.

Jeremy and Mueller are just being insensitive teenagers by making fun of gay people. I don't think it's a huge deal and hopefully they'll grow out of it, but given the whole message of the show, he should know better and I think an apology was in order.

I just don't see Jeremy and Mueller as being anything other than best friends who are insensitive and think they're cooler than they actually are.

JS said...

Jeremy is never made to be accountable for anything he does.

Anonymous said...

Can i just say, that your source is the National enquirer? the same paper that prints bad photos of celebs and says they’re dying of anorexia? Or how about all the apparent secret love affairs their having. “angelina walks in on brad and Jen”seriously? You have to be a little credulous considering where your getting your information.

Jocelynn said...

Anonymous, did you even read the blog?

Unfortunately it is true. The Roloffs have said it is true. Matt's statement is in the blog. He called his statement "Recent Article" and said his kid used "Inappropriate language".

The National Enquirer just wrote a story about what many people saw on Jeremy's Myspace. They were right about this.

Logic of the circumstances would tell you that it's true too. If somebody lied and said I used racist and gay slurs that I never said, I would be angry and tell everyone it is a lie.

Jeremy closed his page, didn't deny it and then Matt releases a statement saying one of his kids used inappropriate language.

Denying that it's true makes you look very foolish. There are other stories where Matt and Amy refer to it. There is no doubt about it.

Stephanie said...

As we see today with our President, everybody makes mistake with language and jokes at times.

However, it is human to make mistakes. It takes a man to apologize for his mistakes.

I hope Jeremy learns a lesson.

Anonymous said...

I would like to respond to Craw's message that said "Jeremy did nothing wrong at all. People just don't understand teenagers today if you aren't a teenager. Jeremy has nothing to say he's sorry about it. Jeremy's respresenting most teens. He's a great guy. Leave Jeremy alone."
So, are you basically saying that teenagers can get away with anything!? Hell, I'm a teenager and I know dam well that that statement is NOT true. Teenagers are transforming into adults and therefore need to be responsible for their actions and accept the consequences to them. If teenagers didn't have to be responsible for tehir actions: a) every one of them would be running a muck on the streets and, b) there wouldn't be such a thing called "JUVENILE HALL" where teenagers accept consequences to their actions!
I am now offically not able to watch Little people big world because it is completely tainted with distain and DISGUST! And also what RoloffsRule said..."The gays and those with a gay agenda are very uptight. Jeremy has some fun at their expense and they get all upset. Yawn.
Jeremy is a fun loving Christian boy that loves Jesus. That's all that matters"
I am completely disgusted in this comment as well. Like how do you look at yourself in the mirror or go to sleep at night. I can safely say that the people on this site, commenting on this topic that say comments like RoloffsRule did, are gay-bashing biggots and as the English would say "effing pillocks!" seriously you guys are just idiotic fans with inmoral complexes! I will say 6 letters in conclusion for those particular people "D-E-N-I-A-L!"

Anonymous said...

oh boy......another situation where tv life doesnt match real life.
get over it ppl , guess what your neighbor isnt the same behind closed doors and neither are you.
the only thing jeremy lacked was lack of judgement which most teens and nowadays ppl in their 20 still do.
he will learn from this.
wasnt his choice to have his family life filmed 24/7 ~ guess what his family is making big bank from it.
thats life and thats living.
peace ~

Connor said...

I've stopped watching this show now because of this. It's a joke now. They teach tolerance, but Jeremy spews slurs. Something is wrong with that picture.

Jeremy should know that God doesn't approve of bigoted attitudes.

Andrea said...

I liked Jeremy on the show, but I lost all respect for him. He should be ashamed. I would be so embarrassed and ashamed if I were Amy.

dot dot dot said...

Jeremy didn't apologize because he is a racist and a bigot. His friends do hate gay people. I guess the word hate means different things to different people, but all of Jeremy's friends are conservative Christians that think gays are disgusting and will burn in hell. That's why they use the word f*g like they do.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a kid is never told "No" in his life.

He becomes a selfish ignorant jerk that cares about no one else but himself and having a good time.

Jeremy doesn't have any empathy or remorse for anybody or anything he does.

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling a lot of the posts here represent a lot of hypocrisy. For one, how many of the people demonizing a CHILD for poor behavour have not made a single mistake or exhibited poor judgement in their lives, even as ADULTS. Thats why in our society we don't allow children to be responsible for themselves until over 18 or 21. We DON"T EXPECT them to be able to make proper judgements or have enough life lessons or perspective to act in society as we may deem appropriate. Kids are extremely immpresionable and can at times act in ways that do not truely reflect their true character or inner heart. Many of you being so decisivley judgemental im sure could be critized equally for mistakes made by you. You have the safety of being completey anonymous, a very easy position from which to cast a stone. Even if this is a mistake you haven't made it is still a child who is learning and forming his identity. It is very unusual to be a child and under public scrutiny, a position I don't think most people can relate to whatsoever. Unlees you can I would hesitate to be judge jury and executioner of a CHILD, whom our society says normally should garner extra protection, understanding and leanincy in respect to their actions and behaviours. Even if you have not made this exact mistake or one of this nature should should we distinguish one type of bad judgement from another? No, poor judgement by a child is poor judgement. Learning from mistakes and growing is part of growing up. It amazing how many you seem to be perfect people. I have watched the show from time to time and the incidents refered to here don't reflect the behaviour I ever seen on the show, actually quite the opposite. It's kind of funny that as a society we demand reality shows, we want to have an inside look into real people and real lives but when we actually get the inside view into real people and how real people live and act we respond with anger and insults. Make up your mind to you want to see on reality TV and ACCEPT it for what it is or don't participate.

Rap541 said...

Anon, I ask this in all seriousness. Do you really believe that a 15-17 year old raised in a suburb of Portland Oregon (because despite all the show's insistance, the Roloffs aren't living in the back woods the way *I* was raised) who has access to tv, the internet, and a cell phone is an innocent lil babe who just thinks "n*gger" and "beaner" and "f*g" are meaningless words?

The Roloffs like to portray themselves as Christian. Do you think it's acceptable for a 15 year old Christian to willfully call someone a n*gger?

Poor judgement by a *child* is still poor judgement. What Jeremy did was *wrong* and he's not a five year old who can smile to the camera and say "Gosh, I never knew "n*gger" was a bad word". If, according to the book Matt wrote, Jeremy at fifteen can understand that "midget" is a bad word - then I think he's accountable to know that "N*gger" and "Beaner" and "F*ggithole" are bad words.

If my niece deserved a harsh word at six for "midget" - and my sister pounced on that the same way my mom pounced on me for pointing and staring at people in wheelchairs when I was the same age - then why isn't a fifteen to seventeen year old deserving of chastisement for willfully using hatespeech?

Are little people more deserving of respect than black people and mexicans?

Is Jeremy too mentally slow to know what words mean? He doesn't seem retarded, but the "he's a little boy" attitude makes me think a lot of people think he's just not bright enough to understand he's being racist. I can forgive a person who is fifteen and mentally retarded, but no one seems to like it when I suggest Jeremy just isn't mentally capable. So, if my neice at six can understand she's not being a good girl over namecalling, what exactly is Jeremy's excuse? He's a Roloff and on tv so he gets to be a bigot with no correction?

Honestly? Put the man (because at last check this *boy* is almost nineteen) on tv and have him explain himself. Where I grew up, an eleven year old went to adult jail for murder. If that half wit is responsible for murdering a four year old, then I think Jeremy Roloff can own saying the n-word.

Jason said...

[[I have watched the show from time to time and the incidents refered to here don't reflect the behaviour I ever seen on the show, actually quite the opposite.]]

Anon, I think that is what people were shocked about. It is supposed to be a reality show. Seeing how Jeremy *really* is talking with his friends makes the show look fake and scripted.

What is the *real* Jeremy? The one in front of cameras where the film goes through a long line of editors and producers (including Matt and Amy) or Jeremy talking to his buddy on the computer?

Obviously if the show was real and true to reality, we wouldn't have needed the National Enquirer to bring Jeremy's language public.

Anonymous said...

Rap541, I never said they 'are meaningless words' or anything like that is ok. read my post agian. I said people escpecially kids say and do dumb things it dosn't make them bad people. It dosn't even mean they really believe it. I also have yet to see any one verifiable piece proof of the exact nature of any of these statements. The national enquirer is known to sensationalize their stories so taking the impression they create with an article for fact is probably a mistake as well. It is in their interest to make their stories inflammatory and sensational. Don't try make out putting the story into reason as any kind of excuse or a conding of any such statements I never said or meant that. Don't twist the meaning of my words. The fact is people are hypocritical. You can try to make it worse somehow by saying he pretty old, but bottom line is most teenagers i know are not very grown up. Wrong is wrong but peiople's holier than thou attitude is way over the top.

Brokenwing said...

Anony, I agree with most of what you said, but Jeremy did say those things. I saw some of them. There were screen captures. Matt said it was inappropriate language. If Jeremy didn't say those things Matt would have said Jeremy was lied about.

Brandon said...

Claiming that Jeremy was framed is like aruging with a 3 year old.

Matt Roloff wrote: "Recent Article: "One of my children's use of inappropriate language online"

They were true. Hundreds of people saw them with their own eyes. People took screen captures of them.

If you didn't see them, you should bow out of this discussion because you aren't informed.

Lets see....hmmm...people saw them. There were screen captures. Jeremy didn't deny it. Matt Roloff confirmed it.

But Jeremy's fan club is still la-la'ing in the wind.

God, this is pointless to even argue.

You're missing the entire hypocritical point of it all. And no, not all kids are as nasty as Jeremy and say the N word and beaner and fa*got.

Rap541 said...

Anon - I have seen the myspace quotes and I saw them before the Roloffs had their little man child not erase the comments, but close his myspace in August of 2008.

Funny how Matt dealt with the comments made years earlier by letting the baby Jeremy who knew it was wrong keep the comments up for *years* and never had the comments taken down until AFTER the National Enquierer got ahold of them.

Thats how Matt dealt with it - by letting it sit up for all to see until the media got ahold of it and then suddenly it was wrong. The comments are easy to find now. SO spare me the "I have no idea that Jeremy really said Mike Detjen was 'sweet just like a n-word" or refered to Mexico as "that beaner place" because Matt Roloff is litigious enough that if it was just made up out of whole cloth - he wouldn't have made a half assed apology.

The fact is, Jeremy wasn't a baby boy. He's not half witted and you're not saying he was wrong, you're doing the Roloff dance - maybe it didn't happen and if it did, well, there's an excuse.

He's really going to learn to not do it again by hearing "well, maybe it did or didn't happen but you were a child so lets just pretend you didn't do anything since you're on a tv show....." right? Thats how kids learn responsibility? By being allowed to walk away without acknowledging that they were wrong?

Cindy said...

Like everybody will say Anon - there are things I like or liked about Jeremy - but the National Enquirer was truthful. They do get things right from time to time, just ask John Edwards. The National Enquirer copied what was already online. Thousands of people saw what Jeremy said until closed his webpage. As Brandon said, Matt Roloff confirmed them in his statement so it is really very, very silly and childish to pretend like Jeremy is innocent when even the Roloffs say it is true.

Rap541 said...

"For one, how many of the people demonizing a CHILD for poor behavour have not made a single mistake or exhibited poor judgement in their lives, even as ADULTS."

And how many of us had our parents blithly excuse our bad behavior even as adults?

Trust me - I misbehaved. And I was punished and made to apoligize even as a child because children don't learn by not recieving any consequences. When my sister wrecked a car, she was point blank told she wasn't getting another car until she worked off the damage. Even though she was just a child at seventeen. I got grounded for namecalling someone with the n word at age ten because ten was OLD ENOUGH TO KNOW BETTER.

You keep calling that almost nineteen year old a blameless child who needs a cuddle after he says "n-word" and I really hope you're willing to kick in for the costs. I hope you cuddle and praise your own child for acting like Jeremy as well. Because I am honestly amazed at how a 15 year old - and I am giving the kid credit even though some of his racist remarks were much later - is a little boy who isn't responsible for anything.

Anon - do you giggle and say "how cute you are" to your own kid calling someone a n*gger? Is that how you will handle discipline? Until your child is 18? Oh wait, that CHILD is gonna be living at home at 19 so I guess Jeremy won't need to put his big boy panties on until the show ends. Maybe when he's 30, he'll be able to watch his mouth and be accountable. Certainly he's a CHILD at 18.

I wonder how the CHILD feels about being called an irresonspible baby who isn't able to control himself? After all isn't the big boy able to drive? Oh right, he's a child with car keys. I wonder if the baby wipes himself yet. He certainly needs his mommy to pull him out of beddybye and send him to his widdle school.

Anonymous said...

All of these responses seem to claim that the behaviour is being condoned or excused and thats not the case. It's simply a matter of perspective and reason. I am not willing to write someone off as a bad person or for something said or done as a teenager that is irresponsible, stupid or reckless. To make such definitive statements about a person in this circumstance is simply overreacting and not untirely fair. Thats NOT to excuse or condone it. It simply means that as a young and possibly immature or ignorant teenager he may have some growing to do. It does NOT neccesarily mean this is a bad person and a vitriolic response IS over the top.

Anonymous said...

also, look at your responses. The hypocrisy is right there. Your responses are full of hate speech themselves.

Jason said...

also, look at your responses. The hypocrisy is right there. Your responses are full of hate speech themselves.

You can't really believe that. Do you call the judge/lawyer in a hate crime case a racist for using hate speech when they repeat the charges that the criminal was guilty of? I think everybody is smart enough to know that anybody speaking out against Jeremy has made it very clear those terms are unacceptable and are simply repeating what Jeremy said to emphasise how ridiculous it is that Jeremy hasn't apologized and the excuses certain people make for him.

Take a look at the article about the LPA. The man with the LPA used the word "midget" while explaining how unacceptable it is. Is he a hypocrite for using the word while explaining why it is wrong? No.

Jeremy did not use these words to explain why someone else was so wrong.

Rap541 said...

Anon - point to me where Jeremy Roloff apologizes.

I'll shut up when I see it. I mean that.

Now, would you like me to reference the dozen of posts here that say "Jeremy did nothing wrong"? Because there's a LOT of those.

Would you like to see the posts suggesting that the National Enquierer made it up? How about the posts about how Jeremy's being a fine Christian boy for hating on the gays.

Guess what? He sure grins when he's praised as a fine Christian, well if he's going to own the compliments then he needs to act like a Christian and ask forgiveness. A good person is willing to admit fault. That's why I concede that I can be too harsh and I apologize if you feel I am attacking you.

If I can do it, and I'm a "hater" and "trying Christian patience" - why can't Jeremy Roloff actually demostrate that fine Christian decency he is continually lauded for? Why are we wrong to expect it?

Anonymous said...

those other responses are NOT my response. I can only speak for myself and Jason i am not referring to the repeating of jermey's remarks i am refering to rap541 OWN words in his response.
'certainly needs his mommy to pull him out of beddybye a put his big boy panties on until the show ends' & 'and send him to his widdle school' & 'baby Jeremy' a statement dosn't have to be a politically incorrect term for it to be hateful. these statements are hateful as well.

'Would you like to see the posts suggesting that the National Enquierer made it up?

no, and I never implied that thank you. I simply said i can not comment of the exact nature and context of them because i simply did not see them.

How about the posts about how Jeremy's being a fine Christian boy for hating on the gays.'

again don't try to CONNECT ME to any other out of line posts on I only speak for MYSELF. of course I wouldn't condone those posts as you should be able to tell from my level headed, reasonable responses. I think it is very clear i would not condone those. I am not a hater. Honestly people just seem to get off on tearing down celebs thats been happening forever. That dosn't mean that what was said is right but the reactions are out of reason.

Rap541 said...

Anon? If you're going to insist Jeremy is a child, why is it offensive to refer to him as a child? He's a child when it suits people to apologize for his behavior - but he, and you, have the right to be offended when he's refered to as a child? I expect a child of five to get a free pass and a "he didn't know".

You want me to be reasonable? I think its very reasonable to expect a young man who uses ugly racist hatespeech in public to be held accountable for it. I don't think he should be boiled in oil, but I do think a 15 to 17 year old kid needs to do more than hide behind his daddy while his daddy makes the apology - not naming him - for him.

I think calling a teenager who drives and is made much of in the public eye as a responsible fine young christian a child when he does something unacceptable is infantilizing him and teaching him how to be irresponsible. I don't this young man taking responsibility for his behavior in the slightest and if he's going to act like a little boy who needs his mommy to mind him and get him out of bed and off to school (and god knows we've seen enough to know I am not making it up) then why exactly should I honor him by calling him a man? He's a child when he does something wrong, so why isn't he a child all of the time?

" I simply said i can not comment of the exact nature and context of them because i simply did not see them. "

I am going to be reasonable here and point out one salient fact - if you haven't read the article, then how can you say with knowledge that people are over reacting?

And a side note - if you're not passive aggressively implying the NE article was lying, why cast dispersions on it to begin with? You were the anon who said this, correct?

"I also have yet to see any one verifiable piece proof of the exact nature of any of these statements."

Isn't this strongly suggesting that the NE article was made up?

Anon - you're an anon poster. If you don't condone Jeremy being held up as a Good Christian for hating on queers and n-words - then you may want to attach a name to yourself. Because a lot of big Roloff fans are also real fans of hating queers and n-words.

As I said, I would shut up if Jeremy made a public apology. I would even allow him to say things like he didn't know it was wrong,or he didn't know it was hurting people and accept that at face value. But he doesn't get credit from me until he actually asks for forgiveness. Until then, he's just another nasty kid who has parents who spoil him.

Anonymous said...

What is jemery and his touching buddies hidding from their fan come on boys set yourself free and live your life.

Nick said...

Oh come on; let's have some reality here. Communicating using common language and idiom does not necessarily equate to "bigotry" or "hatred" or even "intolerence". It's the intention that reveals the heart, and quite frankly that's beyond our ability to judge in another person. Sometimes people will use this sort of language as a joke, or to impress friends, or because that's the way they were raised; there may be no intention to harm anyone else.

Sure it's distasteful, or makes a bad impression, or makes one look ignorant, but it doesn't "make" anyone anything.

I was raised in a culture (like most males) where you often called other males (friends) by names that inferred things about their sexuality "Dude, you're such a huge queer", or similar. If, presuming that they actually aren't a homosexual, there are no homosexuals around to be insulted, everyone knows what I meant when i said it, and my intention, aren't we just being needlessly politically correct to enforce that I not use a phrase that I'm comfortable using and my friends are comfortable receiving? Sure I may possibly show myself to be crass, but who isn't sometimes?

Lastly, I'd be horrified if I actually said this to a homosexual friend accidentally, unless we were actually friends enough that I knew he'd be OK with it; in some cases wouldn't this show acceptance? I'd also never use this sort of language in a derogatory way against a group that was purposely hateful, ie., "those bloody queers" or whatever.

So, what's the answer? If there's no intention to cause harm, there's no expectation of an environment where harm might be caused accidentally (ie no one was expected to be overheard), then aren't we actually accusing someone of not being PC enough?

Justin said...

Nick, I hate it when people try to defend Jeremy by saying stuff like "I say racist and homophobic stuff too!"

All that means is you have some racist and prejudicial atttitudes too.

You're in denial if you don't think calling someone "Oh you're a huge queer" isn't showing a homophobic or disrespectful attitude towards gay people. It is. Same with saying hate words like the N word. Calling someone the N word because they did as they were told is racist. Calling Mexico where the beaners live is racist. Jeremy and his friends taking a picture and calling it "trying to be gay emo f*gs" is putting down gay people.

It doesn't matter if there's no black, mexican or gay people involved in the conversation. It's still using hate words that are putting down people of those groups and it says a lot about the attitudes of the people using them.

The PC stuff as the blogger pointed out many times is just an excuse used by those who are racist or bigoted against gay people to condone their language and attitudes.

It's the great Roloff double standard. When Jeremy gets called a racist and bigot for using racist and derogatory homophobic language (gay bragging f*ggit is just about as derogatory as you can get) people who say they all use the racist and homophobic language say it's just not being PC. But you say nothing when the Roloffs tell all not to say "midget".

I love this story:

This is just a bunch of teenaged friends having good friends and they're respectable people who aren't disrespecting LP because there wasn't any LP around?

Of course they're putting down LP. They're being jerks and they're being bigoted. (to prove a point obviously). Hey, they didn't say it to the face of a LP so all is cool? BS.

That's what Jeremy and his friends are doing to almost every group except Christians and LPs.

I think Jeremy is racist and definitely has something against gay people. Being racist or bigoted doesn't mean you're going to be attacking people to their face. It doesn't even mean you're going to be rude to their face. It can mean when they're not there, you're going to put them down and disrespect them because their black or their gay and I think that fits Jeremy perfectly.

JakeFan said...

i think it wasn't right Matt didn't use Jeremy's name in his statement, but they do a whole episode about Jake's bad language.

Matt and Amy favor Jeremy and Zach far too much.

Anonymous said...

Eh, I could completely see something like this coming. When a family becomes a bad mix of liberal and conservative they learn how to liberally express their conservative viewpoints. The result: Homophobia, racism and general bigotry. At least with the raging conservative Duggars they would be completely respectful about their misconceptions. The traditional roles emphasised in THIS family however...ickkk I couldn't even imagine living in such a Medieval family.

Anonymous said...

I am a gay man and used to enjoy this show. When I first became aware of these comments I wrote to TLC expressing my views. Surprisingly I did receive a quick response advising that TLC took this situation seriously and forwarded my concerns to the appropriate department. That was the last I heard. I have read all the previous comments on this sight. Was I offended by this child, no. Considering how Jeremy has supposedly been raised did leave me disappointed. Not so much in his comments but the response or lack there of by his parents. I do think he has been raised in a somewhat sheltered environment. Gay or not gay, not important. Is this an absolute reflection of his would be attitude through life? Of course not. I hope that as he matures he begins to realize that the real world is richly diverse and the sensitivities of others should be respected.

Sandy said...

[["When I first became aware of these comments I wrote to TLC expressing my views. Surprisingly I did receive a quick response advising that TLC took this situation seriously and forwarded my concerns to the appropriate department."]]

I'm surprised. I wrote TLC and was ignored. I no longer watch TLC or any Discovery channels.

Zee to the Z said...

People don't you understand, there is no "hope" that Jeremy will change.

You don't understand Jeremy. He's a christian. He doesn't care if he does something wrong. He thinks Jesus loves him and will forgive him for all and anything he does wrong so he doesn't care.

Also all of Jeremy's friends are the same way and believe the same thing. He doesn't hear anything different than it's OK for him to act however he wants because Jesus loves him.

Jeremy doesn't care what he does or how he treats people because Jesus is his out and all the people he is friends with are all the same way.

Anonymous said...

Like they say the closet gays are the ones that yell the loudest. Do you people really mean to tell me that you can't tell Jeremy Roloff is gay himself? It is plain as can be too see that he is definately gay. That is why him and his friends to the gay bashing in the public eye to cover up hoping everyone will think they aren't gay. The friend that went on vacation with the Roloff's is Jeremy's boyfriend.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Mueller has a girlfriend. They aren't gay. Jeremy flirts with all girls. If Jeremy was a girl he would be considered a slut.

Jeremy and Mueller say questionable things that some people find offensive...yes.

Anonymous said...

I find it absolutely hilarious that he is joking all the people that watch the show and throw truck loads of money at him, including me.

i just try not to think about this too much when i watch it. haha it helps a little.

and no matter what jeremy does, nothing will take away his looks and little teenage girls (and some boys, not that theres anything wrong with it.... hell, i think hes cute and im a straight [kinda haha] 16 y.o. dude) will admire him forever even though he kinda sucks...

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, I officially love you, Zee to the Z.

You had me rollin :)

Peter said...

[[I find it absolutely hilarious that he is joking all the people that watch the show and throw truck loads of money at him, including me]]

What do you mean, "joking" all the people?

Do you mean insulting/disrespecting?

You are right about Jeremy always having some "fans" and it is really, really annoying.

Lets face it, theres not much to admire about Jeremy except some people think he's "cute".

I've seen both little girls and gay guys say they don't care that they know Jeremy + friends insults them because Jeremy is so "hot".

It's pathetic.

I can't not think about this stuff whenever I see anything about the Roloffs. It's like seeing your parents put gifts from Santa under the tree and then trying to still believe that there is an actual "Santa" that did it and ignore what you saw.

Once you know something is an illusion, it can never the same.

I think the Roloffs are very stuck up, very nasty and very prejudice.

Zoloft said...

I think what the anon was suggesting is that there's a theory being presented on some message boards that Jeremy and Mueller know that some fans suspect they are gay and therefore, in order to mock homosexuals, they pretend to be gay.

So Mueller wearing t-shirts with Jeremy's face? Is a mock of fans, and all the photos of these two rubbing each other? Mocking gays and pretending to be gay in order to twist the tail of fans.

Which, considering Jeremy's room temperature IQ, is possible, but the plan seems to be summed up thusly:

1.Pretend to be gay!
2. ????
3. We sure showed those fans how straight we are and how wrong they are!

I mean really, pretending to be gay in order to mock homosexuals or fans of the show that pays Jeremy his big bucks seems pretty ungrateful to begin with. That's before we get into the morality of mocking those who are different than yourself.

If Jeremy and Mueller are seriously portraying themselves differently in order to taunt fans - which is what this theory suggests - doesn't that say gangbusters about these fine Christian young men and their character?

"You people watch me on tv and I get a ton of money for it and I am so grateful for the change in my lifestyle, I need to make nasty "injokes" about you with my best pal."

Seems like if Jeremy and Mueller have some sort of plan to make private jokes on screen about fans in order to mock, that they aren't exactly grateful for the opportunity they have been given.

*Mind you - I personally don't believe either Mueller or Jeremy have the wit to come up with a subtle mocking of fans. We are talking about two boys who snicker over their faggithole remarks, after all. But this theory has been presented a few times on

Kyle said...

As a teen guy myself (19), I don't think Jeremy and Mueller are gay. I may be mocking, but it's done as a joke.

Can you honestly say you (if you're girl or guy) have never posed for funny pictures with your friends with puckered lips or hugging? They might go over board, but it's just as a joke. Like the running and jumping when they saw each other, that's a joke to be funny. I don't think it's done "at" anybody.

Zoloft said...

I think it's the sheer number of photos of Mueller and Jeremy "pretending to be gay" that make me think a lil hard on the topic. Particularly since its something they're choosing to immortilize on television. I mean, sure, they're dumb young men - Jeremy was 18 when he was running into Mueller's arms - but... after a while, if you pretend to be gay long enough... are people wrong in assuming you're presenting the truth?

I mean we're told over and over, its a reality show. So if Jeremy and Mueller make the decision, right or wrong, to pretend to be gay - are viewers wrong to assume that the two young men might be gay? That's why I am not so impressed with the "mocking" answer. I mean really - when did portraying yourself as a possible homosexual on national tv become acceptable behavior for straight Christian men?

I'm not asking this as a dig, I am serious. Is there anyone here who seriously would be proud to say "My 18 year old son and his best bud pretended to be homosexuals on a nationally televised tv show and I think its awesome and shows how Christian and straight they are!"

Really? The best way for Christian children to make their parents proud is to pretend kiss their same sex playmates? I wonder how many people would like to see Molly and one of her girl friends kissing to show how Christian and straight they are?

I mean I have seen about twenty photos of Mueller and Jeremy hugging, hugging shirtless, Mueller rubbing Jeremy's bare chest from behind while Jeremy's eyes are closed.... Am I supposed to think "oh thats how straight boys act, they rub each other and pretend kiss"?

Come on. If they aren't gay - and they certainly may not be - are they really unaccountable for their behavior? Two young men pretending to be gay long enough... and yet the only people who are wrong are the ones who wonder if they're gay? Why aren't these young adults accountable for their behavior? They're both bright enough to know they are in the public eye. Seems like they enjoy it when they get praise for mocking but as soon as the tide turns to "what if they ARE gay" then they are lil blameless boys who had no idea their actions had consequences or were hurtful. When it hurts them, then they were just joking!

Of course when it hurts others, then they seem to have no trouble laughing about their goofing.

Its about accountablity. We're talking about adults, high schoo graduates at this point. They aren't sweet lil boys who need momma to change their dypees and they shouldn't be defended as such.

Anonymous said...

[[What do you mean, "joking" all the people?

Do you mean insulting/disrespecting?]]

haha yeah pretty much. i should have been more clear.

but yeah other than the "cute" element, theres not much there...

he's not smart, he's a crazy hypocritical christian, he's a gay basher, rascist, and all around bigot... he's pretty much an all around disgusting human being personality-wise.

good thing (sarcasm) he has money to sleep,eat, and bathe in until the day he dies otherwise he would have to actually work around other people that may be different than him..... and little people too i guess.....

Christine said...

Anon at 12:34am - I totally agree with you.

I'm not one usually to say negative things about people on the internet or in general, but I've rarely had less respect for anybody than I do for Jeremy and his friends. Normally I wouldn't pay any attention to people like that, but because I watch their show and what they try to present themselves as, I do.

I don't think Jeremy is a good person. I think the stereotypical reputation of snotty private school kids is %100 accurate about Jeremy and his friends.

I've heard other fan stories. I've talked to a few fans. I've had limited experience with a few of Jeremy's friends. I've heard about other people's experience....they are the nastiest, the rudest, the most selfish and hypocritical kids I've honestly I've known about. There is no kindness, no morals, no doing the right thing, no treating others like you want to be treated.

They all have their signature line as things like "Lovin Jesus!" but they sure don't love their neighbor. Well, unless their neighbor is a white Christian that they've been going to school with for 10 years and personally know. They treat the rest of the world horribly.

I really think that's why Jeremy is such an all around disgusting human being. I'm not excusing him, but when all his friends are just as nasty as he is, it's easy to see why he's that way.

Jeremy is a spoiled rich Christian kid who believes he's better than everybody else and treats people who aren't in his group accordingly.

I haven't seen or heard about him doing one thing, one act of complete kindness or unselfishness (I'm not counting the stuff filmed on TV for publicity) from Jeremy.

When Amy says they've met great people because of the show, she's not meaning fans. Who do celebrities meet? Rich excecutives. The high rollers that through their big galas and events. Presidents of companies that hook up with them for business deals.

It's ironic that the Roloffs were made because real, average working struggling to get by related to them and liked what they the Roloffs figurately pee on those people, want nothing to do with them and treat them like that.

Jeremy is the one who does it the most.

Peter said...

I'd like to see what the ratings of this show would be like if all of the viewers knew about Jeremy's racism, homophobia and how religious right the Roloffs really are.

That appeals to some people. Let them float the Roloffs boat. I think it's terrible that minorities and non-christians support this show unaware of what they're supporting.

And I wish all fans would realize what the Roloffs really think about them - yes that means you reading this that think the Roloffs just hate on all the "other" fans and not you. They show no respect.

DD said...

Jeremy is without question an a$$hole.

I heard he got yet, another, old car.

When will people realize all the Roloffs are about is making money for themselves?

They're totally ungrateful, stuck up, "christians".

Anonymous said...

I am a 45 year old business consultant with $300/hour billing rate. I am Chinese-Canadian, of colour. I grew up in an urban/rural area quite similar to Hilsboro, OR. I had and have friends that I've known since grade school. In a matter more in parallel with Zach, I had and have friends that grew up with me, knowing me and my "colour" made no difference to them. Otherwise, I was a "jock" and barely had to work in order to succeed. I had a core group of guy friends that hung together just guys, skinny dipped together, ran around barely clothed (and shorts were much shorter back then), steamrolled (jumped on someone still in bed to get them up) and mudded our parent's cars and trucks. We snuck beers and ran from the police. We were a good looking, healthy group of athletic guys. Guess what, none of us turned out "gay", most of us are married with our own kids and got a lot less good looking and athletic, The basketball team peed on each other in the showers. It wasn't Golden Showers; it was the watergun God gave you. Was it immature, stupid, naive and even a little gross? Sure, but we were kids. It's called childhood
And guess what, we and I (a person of colour) would make "fag" jokes and even "midget" jokes, even though both my family and me had been suject to bigotry. Why? Well, I didn't know any "fags" or "midgets" or even jews at the time. I was trying to find out who I was and started by figuring out who I wasn't. Telling a joke, using "racial slurs" does not make you a bigot. It makes you ignorant, immature and naive and that's pretty much what you are fresh out of high school. I went to a liberal arts university in a major metropolitan area, as most of my buddies did where we met and learned about "fags", "dykes", "Jews", "cripples" and "n**gers". And, today, my very jolly circle of friends includes all of these groups. And, we still tell the same old jokes and laugh our asses off at them.
As someone well acquainted with bigots, I can tell you that they're the people who with minimal information (say a few seasons of television showing a few edited hours of one's life) will judge you and slap a label on you without ever making the effort to get to know you. They're the people who decide that "minorities and non-Christians" should see things their way as if we're incapable of making up our own minds. They are the people who assume that there is a “type” of Asian, Black, Jew or Christian which is despicable. I'm a Roman Catholic; I probably have huge differences with Evangelicals, but I don't think they're despicable.
My long experience with the United States as an observer, I have family that lives in upstate New York and throughout California, is that things have to black and white, good or bad, gay or straight, conservative or liberal. There is a whole lot more to the universe than that. There is a startling amount of diversity in the world, like the fish you see in a coral reef. I am also very suprised that in the land of the free and opportunity that so many seem to act like there is a shortage or both freedom and opportunity. Someone being successful must somehow be corrupt. Giving gays the right to marry, somehow takes something from me. I understand that the ban on gay marriage (a human rights issue) was passed by a high turnout of Black voters. Does that make them bigots? Everyone has to have the same economic success? Isn’t that's how socialists talk. I really get the impression that Matt Roloff works hard for his family, even if that does spoil the kids a little. My parents did that for me.
Jeremy and Zach Roloff and their friends remind me of me and my friends at that age. It wasn't always pretty, but it was boyhood for, in our case: future laywers, teachers, bankers, a doctor a captain of a naval vessel, several businessmen including a couple that work entirely overseas in foreign cultures, and the head of a Latin American history department of a major university (and that guy had Jeremy's grades in high school). I hope that have similar success.

Rap541 said...

Yes, because crap grades and a gang of friends in high school always equal success. I mean, it's been statistically proven, hasn't it? Jocks are always more successful and the important thing in high school is to be a popular sporty guy since poor grades and a sports jersey is the statistically proven correct path.

In fact statistics prove quite the opposite.

I think sometimes people fail to understand that people who have a problem with Jeremy's language don't want the kid strung up for the rest of his life. Have we all said racist words in our lives? Yes. However, are you personally proud of that behavior? Or do you acknowledge it was a mistake?

A lot people when faced with Jeremy's comments seem to be taking the stand of "No one should say anything harsh since well, he's just a kid and we all make mistakes". The problem - particularly with kids like Jeremy, is that even their parents take this view - and if Jeremy (and other spoiled kids) are never told "thats wrong" - then they never correct the behavior.

Frankly I find the hints of racism in the pro-Roloff camp - the "its christian to hate gays so Jeremy is just loving Jesus and God every time he calls someone a faggithole" groups who post here and on matt's board a little disturbing, but I don't necessarily ascribe *those* beliefs onto the Roloffs - frankly they just don't seem that religious - but when exactly did we get to the point that a teenager with a potty mouth deserves praise and not correction? I mean really- when did it become perfectly acceptable for kids to talk the way Jeremy does and *be defended* for it? I'm not gonna lie - one of my favorite words as a kid rhymed with "truck" and can't be said on tv. I knew it was wrong, and when I got caught... no one said "teens just do that". Heck no, I got grounded. I got grounded for "piss" too - that's a term the Christian Roloffs use ON TELEVISION. When did being a teen mean no limits and no correction? If Jeremy is never told "calling people f*gs and n*ggers isn't socially acceptable because it's hurtful" - is he ever going to learn?

Anonymous said...

Look I think it's dumb how everyone blows up at this. Have not all of us said something before that was wrong. No one is perfect especially teenage boys but come on people we all need to realize that he made a mistake, be big people about it, forgive him and move on. As far as Mueller wearing a shirt of jeremy, all of his friends seem to wear his clothes. Put yourself in jer's shoes how would you feel if everyone was bashing you for what clearly seems like just inside jokes with friends?

Jason said...

[["As far as Mueller wearing a shirt of jeremy, all of his friends seem to wear his clothes."]]

You do realize what people are talking about? It wasn't a shirt belonging to Jeremy...It was a shirt with a picture of Jeremy on it. If they are going to do that ON tv, I'm not going to feel sorry for them when people talk.

Jeremy wasn't forgiven because he didn't apologize or admit he was wrong. Look at the response to Dan's interview. People are very forgiving.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy the show immensely but I completely agree that derogitory comments are not acceptable regardless of who you are, and fans need to stop defending Jeremy. He needs to acknowledge that his behavior was wrong.

Anonymous said...

What the kid did was wrong to say the very least. There is never an excuse or a justification to slander someone , just because you dont agree with them. I do not agree with what homosexual people do, but if they want to do it, that does not give me any right to cut them to pieces.

by the way i read a comment on how he was some nice christian boy and loves Jesus so he is all ok. i am a Christian and worship Jesus and my Jesus tells me to love everyone, more then i love myself, so i dont know how it is ok to do what he is doing, just becuase he is a christian. he screwed up, and he should be a man and take responisiblity. the thing is a real man would not do this in the first place, and by the some chance something accidently (jeremy did not do his on accident) he would apologize for his wrong doing. he still needs to come out and apologize though.

Thatcher said...

I barely watch this show anymore because of what a jerk Jeremy is. He disrespects everybody.

He has nothing to be proud of, but acts like he's God's gift to the world. He's just a spoiled rotten rich kid.

The rest of the Roloffs don't grate on me like Jeremy does.

Anonymous said...

I actually love the show. Although, I have been in the public eye before (which is why I choose to remain anonymous). And I would never EVER say anything in that context behind closed doors, let alone in a public place where everyone can read it. I don't hold it against him because people make mistakes in Hollywood. (believe me I learned the hard way). Its just the way life is. When you make a mistake publically, then you have a duty to the fans to publically own up to it. He's an adult, letting his father release a statement is such a cop out. When I was 15 I was taking the train by myself to New York every day to further my career. SO for him not to just be a man and own it annoys me. I think he has good intentions, he's just really immature and doesn't understand the impact of his statements, but he does need to put out an apology regardless..

Anonymous said...

all language is offensive if your not part of the conversation, having a disussion about the "n" word causes you to think internally igger or igga you have no control other than ignoring the entire dialog because there are hundreds of thousands of words in all languages around the world that are there to create a response even a silent one, a great entertainer just passed recently (george carlin) and in a televised performances from the 70-80's he ranted out the top 7 "dirty words" and he listed more than that but the top 7 included some of the most colorful words in the english language, colorful because they make such appropriate filler when you don't have the time to dictate a formal response to a situation. of course there is a time for these words and a time not to use them but to be serious the time not to use them is when you have to perform professionaly, and the way the world works now is that the professionals have learned ways to use the "bad" words in a common manner young actors in film use curse words and derogatory remarks scripted and paid for and people buy tickets and nominate awards for professional performances from all ages no matter if it meets PC criteria and quite often now it is better recieved showing the true grit so that the stronger the message the better responce shock value and desensitization is overflowing people like to point fingers at what they think is the cause and conversation is our first amendment right we are supposed to be able to saw whatever we want and if its wrong we learn from our mistakes i think the comment is hilarious and i think he should copyright the quote if it isn't already if i had a job a local videogame store and i needed to fulfill a specific quota of reservation and the customers were being tight with there had earned money and by chance i was able to upsale i would use that comment to express how difficult it was to acheive a single upsale and then in attempt to keep my hours go back to work and all it proves is that life is to difficult with all of the challenges to succeed a little humor can help getting through the day.

now if violence is what you mean as bashing like a curb-check to some innocent person that happens to be different that is different.

and yes words and the actions of others strongly affect the way that people respond to the world so instead of the individual the big picture will never change

so enjoy what time is left in life because its short and people get angry over the little insignificant things instead of getting past it and moving on to the next point

kill your tv

down with corporate america

learn to kill your own cows, chickens, and pigs

you rely to much on others and you will always be disappointed

S.J.M said...

I am shock,not about what jermey said but was sadden about the parent,this my first time hearing this,wait until i tell my twin this.I been watching this show since it been on.I am a black lady and start to wonder after 2yrs why i never seem a black person but i try not to go there,wow i guess i am wronge again.Christian? I never heard they talk about GOD or chuch.

Anonymous said...

I belive every word of this. Espeically the smoking weed stuff. My friend is good friends with him and he smokes weed all the time. As for the bad language doesn't really surprise me. That whole family is a bunch of ass whipes except Amy. I live a few miles away from them. The family is pretty rude. Hey ladies. I have his # :)

Zee said...

Jer was in Amsterdam this summer :)

I have some swamp land for sale to anybody who believes the clean cut Jeremy Roloff image they tried to portray in the book.

LZ said...

"That whole family is a bunch of @ss whipes except Amy."

I've found the same thing. I can't say about all the other stuff (it doesn't surprise me, though), I've had some dealings with Matt, Amy, Jeremy and Zach. Amy is the only one that I would not classify as rude or as a jerk, but that is my own opinion.

Anonymous said...

I am so angry. I just found about this And just cant believe it. I was a huge fan of this show but now I think its a bunch of crap. These people always talk about accepting people for the way they are but I think their own son is a racist. There absolutely no excuse for what he said none what so ever I am a teenager and i would never say soemthing like that those words were hurtful and he needs to apologize.

Anonymous said...

Jeremy is gay anyway. You can't watch the show without thinking that. He wears those skin tight jeans, he's fairly feminine in his mannerisms and he's a little too "touchy-feely" with his friends.

Mark my words. We will eventually read about Jeremy coming out of the closet.

Anonymous said...

I agree, I think Jeremy is gay. I have thought that since the first time I watched the show. Often times closeted gay men will do anything to make people think they aren't gay. Making fun of f*gs is very common with gay guys who are still in the closet. Over the next few years as he matures I think we'll all learn he is gay.

Anonymous said...

I agree and I hope is does come out to be gay. He's HOT

Anonymous said...

I don't see how you guys believe Jeremy is gay. Come on seriously!!

Austin said...

I am gay and I don't think Jeremy is gay.

Stereotypes about fashion choices and mannerisms aside, the biggest clue to me that he's not gay is that if he were gay, he would have been out of Hillsboro like a shot.

Teenagers who are gay and grow up in homophobic small towns, with religious parents and the hate of of the Christian church, can't wait to escape.

They want to get away from their church and religious school that hates them. They want to get away from their judgemental family. They don't want to be hated by their once friends.

Read up on Josh Walker who is both gay and a dwarf. He wanted and did move far far away from home where nobody knew him and he was free to be himself. That's typica. for many gay people.

If Jeremy was gay he would want to get out of there. But he doesn't. He's the opposite. He won't go two feet without his homophobic and hateful friends. I'm not talking about his male friends either. I know a few things and Jeremy has Christian (in name only) female friends who probably say f*ggot more than Jeremy and are very, very hateful about gay people. If Jeremy was gay, he would distance himself from those friends. He doesn't. He remains very close to them.

I think Jeremy is just the typical ignorant young Christian who doesn't question anything he's taught and thinks it's funny to laugh and ridicule people who aren't like him and his friends.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Austin.

I am also gay, I think I know one when I see one. Jeremy is not one of us. (Thank God.)

Zach, on the other hand, definitely makes me wonder.

I_have_a_lot_to_say said...

I found this site last week and have been reading comments.

I'm disgusted at how people treat Jeremy. Everyone can have an opinion, but many of you have wrong and hurtful opinions of Jeremy. You should keep them to yourselves! Why do you need to belt it out?

Jeremy has been raised right. If you watch the show you would know that. He loves God, family and friends. That's what you're supposed to. He may not be perfect but he's a good boy. Only Jesus is perfect. Get off your soapboxes.

So what he said a bad word? You don't need to crucify him for it. He is just a kid trying to do the right thing.

Secondly this to Rap541, you need to get off Jeremy's back and stop talking smack about him. You said you don't even know him. You can't then go say he's a liar.

God doesn't approve of gossipers and that's what you're doing. Don't believe what you hear strangers say about Jeremy.

Just because you or your kids or kids you know don't have a foundation of Christ and God in their lives don't mean Jeremy can't stay clean.

I've watched the show for three years. Jeremy has never done anything to make me question is words about abstaining from alcohol and other temptations weaker people give in to. Jeremy and his friends build forts and go geocaching and explore God's nature.

I remember reading Matt talk about this. He said Jeremy is a good boy. Matt said Jeremy comes home at night and will sit around with him for hours just talking. That doesn't sound like a kid who is out getting drunk does it? No!!!!

Please close your yap. What are you trying to accomplish by saying what you say about Jeremy?

Think about it.

Rap541 said...

Do good boys use racist words?

I mean, we're told in the Roloffs book - you know the one that never prints untruths - that Jeremy is a champion of diversity, but we also know his myspace was loaded with negative racist comments, for which his father sort of apologized for when they got printed in the national enquirer.

I know if the comments and the news article wasn't true, as a parent I'd be gleefully suing. Matt didn't. So its not *gossip*.

I also ask you the same question I asked Sheri. Are you willing to state you believe everyone who claims they saw Jeremy drinking alcohol in Europe is lying? Because thats pretty much what you're doing.

You're correct, being Christian does not make you perfect. Therefore Jeremy ISN'T perfect. The problem is that he's held up AS perfect by a lot of people like you and it's pretty easy to start believing your own press.

I can easily say Jeremy is a liar based on the fact that he can be caught in lies. Either he drinks or he doesn't. He says he does not drink, because it offends God. Yet, numerous witnesses place him doing shots in Europe. Based on that, and the references *Jeremy himself* made about *how he drank* in his Myspace.... Jeremy is lying about *something*.

Either he was lying about getting drunk on Dad's vodka with his pal Adam (the kid who apparently had a serious drinking problem and who was one of his good Christian buddies) and or he's lying about how he and his friends don't drink.

One of Jeremy's statements HAS to be a lie, do you get it? Either he's lying on his myspace (and everyone who saw him drinking in Europe is also lying) or he's lying in the book. But he can't both drink like a cool kid, and not drink like a nice Christian boy. See the problem in believing *BOTH* things Jeremy has said? They oppose each other. Therefore he's lying about something.

Mind you, I assume logic is wasted on you.

Greg said...

Rap, I agree with you, but just to clear up one mistake, the guy who stole Matt's vodka with Jeremy was a guy named Jake R, not Adam.

Adam had comments to Jeremy about getting a DUI, missing a party because he was giving up drinking because of the DUI and about pipe tobacco.

It doesn't really change anything, but just to be factual :) Jake was Jeremy's partner in the vodka story.

Rap541 said...

My apologies - you're correct. Poor Adam was not the buddy Jeremy was drinking with cited in the myspace.

Dana said...

Rap, seriously what is wrong with you?

The book was released in April 2007. Jeremy was 16 years old. He made the quote you jump all over.

He did not say at 16 years old that when I'm 19 years old, I won't have a glass of wine at graduation.

He was 16 then, he's 19 now.

No matter how much you try to smear him, Jeremy is not a drunk, he is a fine Christian kid who is not perfect, but aims to do the right thing by Christ.

Rap541 said...

Dana - I am told he's not drinking per that book. If I have to praise him for his statements - he does not drink as it does not please god, therefore he's a fine Christian.... then at some point... I actually expect him not to be drinking. He was drinking when the book was written and he's drinking now. How is he telling the truth - that he DOES NOT DRINK - if he is?

Why am I "having a problem"? Because Sheri is calling everyone who witnessed him drinking *liars* since Jeremy is a Christian who says he doesn't drink. Why don't you have a problem with this?

I actually don't have huge issues with alcohol... but I do have a problem praising a kid for teetotalling when he clearly is JUST SAYING it and not actually practicing it. Why does Jeremy get credit for not drinking when he clearly does drink? Why isn't he lying when he says he doesn't drink and then does? Why is EVERYONE ELSE the bad guy but Jeremy is a pure Christian boy (not man) who always speaks truth even when he doesn't?

amber said...

rap541, i think jer was lying, but what do you expect? what 16 year old admits to it? of course he's going to say he doesn't. all kids would say they don't.

until he starts getting convicted of dui's or gets found passed out in public restrooms i don't think it's worth it to bring it up like it's something bad.

Rap541 said...

Amber - there's a subset of people here who also claim Jeremy doesn't lie and we should all take his word as he is a Christian.

Sorry - it's been thrown in my face that Jeremy doesn't drink and doesn't lie. People are being called liars for saying they saw Jeremy doing shots since "Jeremy is Christian and doesn't lie and he says he doesn't drink" so I think those people deserve some back up.

Because the folks in Europe AREN'T the liars they are being called by the Christian Jeremy support crowd. Why do those people deserve the tag "liars* but Jeremy Roloff who drinks and says he doesn't deserves "Honest Christian man who doesn't lie and of course doesn't drink" when both are patently untrue?

Why is it ok for Jeremy's fans to call people liars over the things Jeremy does when those things are true? I mean... I assume *some* of the Europeans might be Christian too. Why do they deserve to be vilified as liars?

This just goes to prove something I've thought for a long time. When it comes to something negative about Jeremy Roloff, his "Christian" fans insist that everyone reporting it is a liar, until the proof is blindingly clear (like the myspace situation) and then, once it can't be denied, then it's suddenly no big deal if the kid lies and drinks.

If its no big deal then Sheri needs to apologize for stating that people who saw jeremy drinking were liars.

CrawCraw said...

Rap, God doesn't say you can't drink. Do you remember the whole turning water into wine???

Teenagers drink. Get over it. Jeremy is a normal teenager. You don't like hearing this but the only kids who don't drink or say "bad" words like Jeremy does are math or science nerds who usually have no friends and never leave the house.

BFD. Jer has some fun sometimes like all kids. Christian teens do drink. Maybe it wasn't that way when you grew up, but it is now.

Who cares if Jeremy maybe wasn't telling the whole truth in the book? Everyone lies.

You've never told a lie? Yeah right. I've lied. I don't pretend to be perfect.

You never drank before you were 21? Yeah right. I do and ALL my friends do.

You never did anything like Jeremy did with the Vodka in your life? Yeah right, I don't believe it. By the way, that was a funny story. Get a sense of humor. They were creative too. lol. Matt is cool. He might have been pissed at first, but I think secretly he was proud of Jer for pulling it off. Matt's said on the show how he was always looking to break the rules when he was Jeremy's age and Jer is just like Matt. They're both Christian. It's not for you to say they aren't.

I do love Jesus and I am a Christian just like Jeremy is.

Rap541 said...

So just to be clear - its ok for Jeremy to get credit for not drinking and anyone who disputes his word is a liar per various Christians here. So anyone who says they saw Jeremy drink or has a problem with his lies really deserves to be called out because Jeremy is a Christian, and does not lie..... Those people deserve all the nasty comments. Because if Jeremy says he doesn't lie - it's wrong to not take his word as he is a Christian.

But when Jeremy is caught out - well, its ok. It's ok for kids to break the law* because well, it's cool, and Jeremy is cool, and its cool to lie. Jesus loves it when teens lie about their drinking? Jesus *wants* Jeremy to steal vodka and drink and then lie about it, and Jesus wants the people who eyewitness it to be vilified as liars because well, it's Christian Cool.

So you really do believe Jeremy as a Christian has a right to lie? People who catch him lying should be namecalled? Even though they are telling the truth?

If Jeremy murdered someone and then said "I love Jesus" should he be allowed to walk free since its ok as along as you ask for forgiveness?

Craw - Here's the problem. Honestly, I don't have huge issues with teens drinking, but I do have a problem with being told that Jeremy is not to be criticized for anything. If he drinks, all teens do it, if he lies, all teens do it - but at the same time, he's a christian so how DARE anyone say he lies. Prove he lies? All teens do it. Prove he drinks, its ok with God, God wants underage teens drinking. Point out its against the law, well, Jeremy is cool so shut up. Oh, but don't say he drinks, because he's Christian and if he says he doesn't drink, well, Jeremy James Roloff speaks only truth so anyone who says he drinks? Dirty liars who deserve to be treated badly. Jeremy lies? Oh how cute, someone give the big boy a hug and check his diaper.

You and the rest of the Christian can't have it both ways. He lies, and he drinks, and people who say he does don't deserve your nasty comments. Jeremy being Christian is NOT a reason to tell people he's telling the truth when he is clearly lying.

*The laws being referenced, for those who will scream overreaction. Yes, it is ILLEGAL to steal (thats also sorta in the Bible, FYI) and yes, it's illegal in Oregon for underage kids to obtain and drink vodka. And to smoke. And thats before I get into how using hatespeech is apparently Christian and Jesus loves it when his followers act hateful.

Rap541 said...

"I do love Jesus and I am a Christian just like Jeremy is."

Well, no wonder you think its Christian to mock and be hateful. :) Did Jesus and Jeremy tell you it was ok to mock Kevin Hayes? Or just Jesus?

Gigi said...

Yeah you CANT have it both ways.
You either live by what the Bible says OR you dont. You cant server two masters. What the kid should of said you CANT be a Homosexual and be a Christian.

Adam12 said...

I think Jeremy is a selfish jerk in all ways. Does the guy have any character at all? Does he ever think about others? Does he ever do anything that's not for himself?

Anonymous said...

Jeremy doesn't have respect for anyone. imo.


I am offended by Little People Big World AKA The Roloff's . The Show was presumably created to teach tolerance. I WAS a fan until these racist overtones prevailed.
1. Confederate War Reenactment.
2. Excessive Christian Chatter,  Always a sign of impending Hypocrisy 
3. No people of Color on the Show.
4. Vacations to the deep south where they fantasized about being Huckleberry Fin. 
Translation: We long for the time when white people were kings with blacks as slaves.
Reality: During the Confederate, Huckleberry Times, Dwarves like them would be sold to the circus and their relatives would be shunned.

As a black person these "hints" concerned me so I googled their Show with Racism and found that they have used "Hate Speech" against Blacks , Mexicans and Gays. They admit it but never apologized. There is already a petition against them but what is The Learning Channel Teaching? Millions of people trying to avoid the normal sludge on TV tuned in to Jon & Kate, Little People etc hoping for educational and wholesome viewing only to find the same garbage wrapped in a different package. The father got a 2nd DUI, the children are influenced by their "christian" Schools and their parents. How can anyone else be blamed for the behavior. The Family agreed to these racist tinged activities not just one kid.
TLC got rid of the discussion on their site and is burying and deleting blogs throughout the internet . I stopped watching so I'm not sure what other racist activities TLC has planned for them. Octomom and Balloon Boy Chronicles Coming Soon.... "Little People", yes that's true.

keys TLC Little People Big World Roloff Rolloff Family Bigot Racist Intolerant Dwarf Dwarves Hidden Agenda Anti Black Hispanic Gay Disappointed Fan

Anonymous said...

Oh come on!
I would love to see a war reenactment! it's a reminder of who we are and how far we have come as civil human beings.
Also there are no donkeys on the show, so does this mean they are racial towards asses?
I'm appauled that the editor or creator of this page would allow your obvious racial comment be posted about dwarves being sold in the confederate times. also your rude comment about christian chatter leading to hypocrisy?
what gives you the right to offend that entire family based on the imature acts of an irresponsible teen? so what if they have said this and that, they are only human! if you don't like them, don't watch the show.
I don't watch the show "Jackass" becausE I think thats exactly what they are!. oops! I guess that makes me racist against ASSES!

Anonymous said...

LOL, "unlimited" said...

"4. Vacations to the deep south where they fantasized about being Huckleberry Fin.

Translation: We long for the time when white people were kings with blacks as slaves.

You TARD, your translation is stupid. I translate it as they wanted to have fun like a boy, Huckleberry, and float down a river on a raft... a big adventure in the eyes of a ten year old. Stop making everything racist unlimited. The only thing unlimited seems to be your stupidity and ignorance.

Anonymous said...


YOur number 3 just shows thats the only thing black people look for. If there is no black person, then they are racists. YOu are just plain out ignorant. YOu call them racists, but you are technically being a racist yourself. you cant watch a show where there are no black people involved.... Typical RACE CARD (only allowed if a black person uses it). Where i love, racial slurs are often used, especially against white people. So a little advice for Jeremy, keep it off the internet.

Broncos said...

I'm disappointed in Jeremy. I thought he seemed like the nicest Roloff. I was wrong.

History101 said...

Richard Pryor quit using the N word in his shows. He realized it was wrong. He is on record saying he hates it when black and white people use the word.

That arguement used by Matt Roloff's pal to justify Jeremy's use of that awful word is weak.

Perhaps Matt Roloffs apparent fondness for excusing the use of the N word speaks louder than even his own son using it.

Paull said...

No one can control what another person has to say but we can control our response. Hurtful or not? it is how you see it. Personally I don't care. WHAT HE SAID SAYS MORE ABOUT HIM THAN would be nice if everyone was sensitive to everyone elses feelings, but that is just not the way the world works, to quote Joy Behar" So who cares?"

Anonymous said...

I think Jeremy is gay also. He just doesn't know how to deal with it. And to keep sharing a room with your brother at 19 years old, in a house with more than enough bedrooms to spare - I find that VERY strange behavior

Anne B said...

Some of you people are ridiculous. You're not only suggesting that Jeremy is gay, you're suggesting gay incest??

Those 'everyone must be gay' people need to get some lives. Sick minds.

david b (I'm back!) said...

I had spinster aunts who were sisters and shared not only the same room, but the same bed for 70 years, until one of them died. As far as I know, there was no hanky panky there, just a close bond between sisters. I dont find it unusual that Jeremy and Zach would share a room, and it may even be part of an arrangement for the show. I have read elsewhere that Jeremy actually lives in an apartment of his own, not at the farm. To suggest anything lurid between the two is stupid. However, I am one of the ones who believes Jeremy is gay, as well as some of his pals. I see nothing wrong with this, but society, and so-called Christians, have a way of making gay people feel like scum, so it may be creating conflict in him. This would be especially true if his parents have verbalized hatred for gays over the years. Straight guys dont go through a lot of effort to trick people into thinking they are gay, but gay people do little things that can clue the world in to the fact that they are gay. If they were straight and hateful to gays, they certainly would not want anyone to think they are gay. Gay or not, the commmitment the group of friends has for each other is a good thing. Some of their group mentality has been tainted by a politically incorrect world, but time will turn them in the right direction.

I have been a fan of this show, but I do think it is time to wind it down, as the family is becoming more unlikable each week. I find this to be especially true of Zach and Amy, and the way they behave toward Matt. Matt is a goof for sure, but he has really provided for his family, even before the show. Zach has always been severly disrespectful to Matt, and should have had a ass-whipping long ago. The recent 'BVI' show proved him to be a total ass. That show made Amy look like an idiot too. I know a lot can be achieved with editing, and I am attentive to that fact, but from the looks of it, Amy planned a speaking engagement during Spring Break, and then was pissed that Matt planned a family trip that she couldnt go on. Duh, Amy, YOU planned to be apart from the family during that time, not Matt. Also, on the last show, she did nothing but badger Matt while they were at a dude ranch, but when he left early, she was pissed that he wasnt there. (maybe she was mad that she didnt have anyone to bash on) She is a lot like Kate Gosslin, and you see how that ended up. Anyway, it just really seems to me that the show has become a showcase for their unappreciated wealth (trashed house, burned furniture) and for their horrible behavior. At least on the show, Jeremy comes across as a good kid. Molly seems level-headed too, but I fear for little Jake's future. Oh, and did you guys see when Zach purposly shot Jake in the face with he airsoft gun? A 19 year old adult doing that to a 12 year old kid? Child abuse? I think so, and it should be investigated.

One thing is for sure, there are a lot of varying opinions on here, and probably each one has some truth in it. And I dont see anyone being swayed by anyone else. So, are we wasting our time? Maybe, but it is interesting to see what others think, and how one thing can have many interpretations. Personally, I dont think kids should be forced to grow up in a fishbowl, and I dont think that because they arent doing what they said they do three years ago, they should be called liars. Teen years are a time of constant change. You form your own opinions, and move away (sometimes) from what your parents say and think. Or from what you said or thought last year or last week. Let's just hope these 4 kids (and the friends of them) turn out to be decent folks!

Em said...

David B, wow, that was very interesting! :) Thanks for posting it, it made me think.

Well said about reading opinions. I like reading opinions. It is fascinating to read so many different opinions on the same thing or on the same person.

I don't have the same opinion as you do about Jeremy, but yours is interesting.

Where did you hear that Jeremy lives in an apartment? No offense, that seems far fetched. Not quite as ridiculous as the rumor one person started about Amy living away from her kids and Matt make $22 million a season or somethin'...Ha!

I'm just a "drooling Jeremy fan girl", the guy does have a great butt and the rest of him is pretty cute too! I can't deny what I see. I get lumped into the "Jeremy fan girl club" because of that, except I actually don't think Jeremy is a great person off the show, away from the cameras or in real life, however you want to call it.

On the show I think they decided to portray Jeremy as a cheerful, kinda dim-witted, smiley teen, but also a wholesome young Christian who is very "Aw shucks".

The stuff I've heard about (probably the same stuff as everyone on here as) makes my instinct to think his image on the show is completely false. I can tell what Jeremy and his friends are really like from some of the real things they've said and done. I know guys just like them. There is nothing innocent or particularly nice about them. If nastiness and obnoxiousness were substances you could see, I can almost see it rising from Jeremy and his friends like heat on a cold day when they're in each others company. LOL

As for Jeremy being gay, I respectfully disagree, David B. Please don't take offense, may I ask are you gay? I wonder if your own experience affects your opinion, maybe you could read too much into things? Or you could be right.

My brother is gay, his life influences my opinion. He didn't become a pompous, obnoxious, f** (gay slur) talking teen guy with his male friends. He with withdrew from his guy friends, knowing their opinion of gays, terrified they would find out and hate/mock him for it.

I think Jeremy and his friends are typical of a lot of teenagers that have been raised in private Christian teens. They think gay people are a joke. These guys aren't developed enough to 'walk a mile' in anybody elses shoes and have no reservations about making jokes about 'the gays'. I think they're mocking is mocking and not a secret plea for the world to clue in that they're gay. IMO, it's a cruel but common way for them to express gay people aren't welcome.

I think the chances that there are that many (what are there, 6 or 7 guys in their group?) gay guys out of a group of kids who have all known each other since kindergarten from a small town is very unlikely.

Regardless David B, I look forward to reading your opinions and everyone elses.

david b. said...

Hey Em, Page 1

No offense taken. I am not seeing things from the gay perspective, as I have two sons in their early 20's. They are both homophobes, and that is a fact that embarrasses me. (see my earlier posts way up at the top of this page)I have been a foster parent in the past, and have had some gay foster kids. There have been a variety of personalities there. Some were like your brother, withdrawing so they didnt attract attention to their orientation and lose friends. Some did indeed call each other 'fag', 'faggot' and any other homo-related name you could think of, just as many black folks call each other 'N'. This, basically, is what leads me to think that Jeremy and at least some of the others may be gay, or at least gay-friendly. I just cant see the fake kissing photos as an intended insult to gay people, because I have similiar pictures in my album of straight friends doing the same thing 25 years ago. They werent trying to insult anyone, they were showing affection in what is the least 'gay' way to do so and get away with it. In earlier posts, someone suggested that Mueller was mocking gays by wearing a shirt with a big ole photo of Jeremy on it. (the episode where they are visiting Amy's parents from last season) My contention is that there is no way a homophobe would wear that shirt and risk being thought of as gay, but a gay person would wear it and just pass it off as a joke if anyone mentioned it. Additionally, I saw Jeremy's myspace page when it was up, with all of the comments on there, and it is no different than thousands, if not millions, of other myspace pages. The 'N' word is common all over the place, though 'Beaner' isnt seen as often. When people that age are communicating with each other in a rather private manner (though not private enough in his case) they tend to speak more freely and crudely. Dont we all have different behaviors for different situations?

Actually, I think where I learned about Jeremy's apartment was from a headline on his now-private myspace account. Since finding this post, I have revisited his accounts (he has several, though some are not active) a few times, and though they are now private, the headlines still show publicly. One of them said something like 'moving into my apartment next week. woohoo!' That was some time ago. (there are quite a few Jeremy profiles that arent him, but this was one of his) I dont think it would be at all unusual for him to live off-site, and report to 'work' for the filming. As you probably know, reality television is anything but real! Most of the time, a person that age cant wait to get out on their own, no matter how nice the 'rents place is. I have seen THAT happen too many times to count. An 18 year old wants some privacy for bada bing, no matter what their orientation is. I imagine Jeremy's cut from the show's profits is ample to cover the costs of independence. (I think the actual take for the family is 75k per show. I doubt it is split evenly, but I could see each of the kids getting in the 5k range per show)

continued on page 2

david b said...

Page 2 of 2

I feel rather awful for discussing anything about a kid's sexual orientation when he himself is private about it, but my intent on here has always been to defend Jeremy a bit, and encorage others to back off a little. Jeremy and the others are still works in progress, and though they need to be accountable, they shouldnt be forever condemned for percieved wrong-doing. Who among us would look good, if all of our mistakes were so publicly scrutinized? Jeremy may turn out to be the biggest jerk ever, but I see some good there, and feel like he will turn out ok, given the chance.

As you indicated, editing may be responsible for all of our opinions about all of the Roloffs, Jeremy included. If you look hard, you will see little things that may betray what the editing intended to portray. One example I saw was a show where Matt went out of town, and asked the kids to clean the property for an event. Editing made it look like the kids sat around for several days, doing nothing. Then, at the last minute, they hustled and got the job done. If you look closely, while they are hustling at the last minute, there are slight variations in what they are wearing from scene to scene, though all of the activity was supposedly taking place at the same time. Jeremy's shoes change color several times, back and forth, and there are slight clothing variations among the kids. So, one can conclude, there was a person responsible for making them dress the same for the 'clean-up' scenes, but they missed a few details. That's not reality, that's 'producing'.

Well, I guess I better leave room for others! I sort of feel like I'm beating a dead horse, but I do enjoy the interation.

Em said...

David B, thanks for the thoughtful response :)

I don't take Jeremy's slurs as lightly as you do, but I hope you're right about there being some redeeming value in Jeremy and all of them. Speaking "more freely" is not as harmless or as unintentional as you make it out to be, but we can agree to disagree. We could debate that for years so I'll leave that be. lol.

I think everyone has noticed the editing changes in scenes, but editing can go both ways too. Some people think Jeremy seems very mature on the show now. I think that's intentional editing to counter Jeremy's horrid reputation. It started last season at the height of Jeremy's terrible reputation and criticism about him being a bad kid. All of a sudden I saw Jeremy being made to be the mature kid. They could easily bring out all of his immaturity if they wanted.

I believe you're mistaken about the Myspace account and the headline. I think you were fooled by an impostor account. Jeremy stopped using Myspace.

I still disagree about them being gay. Like you, I only have my opinions and I could be wrong and you could be right. In my opinion their gay jokes or stunts or whatever we're calling what they do, aren't hints. If they were gay, they wouldn't want people to know. From what I know, what people say is true. Their friends, their teachers, their school, their friend's parents are as far right wing 'politically' (code word for anti-gay) as you could imagine. Jeremy has some friends who were very vocal at election time and their views about gay people were very clear. I don't believe Jeremy and Mueller, if they were gay, would risk doing that because they wouldn't want people to suspect.

In defense of Mueller (and this is the only time I would ever defend him! lol) I don't think his 'Jeremy face' shirt had anything to do with homosexuality, either mocking gay people or it being a sign'. I think that was joking between friends. Maybe ribbing about Jeremy's star status or corny promo photos. It's worth noticing that the picture on that shirt wasn't a seductive or a sexy picture of Jeremy. It was one of the first promo pictures he did for LPBW that was several years old. I'm sure they probably laugh at it for its 'corny-ness'. So on Muellers shirt, I don't think there was anything gay about that, no hinting that they're gay and no mocking.

david b. said...

Page 1

Em, you defended Mueller pretty well. Maybe you should do it more often! He probably will need that as time goes by! I agree about the shirt not being any sort of signal. It may have been Jeremy's shirt to start with. I always try to look for something good in each person, so maybe I am over-extending myself on this bunch. As I said, the more I see of them, the less I like them! I just hope they aren't as awful as people are percieving them to be.

I guess the slurs and behaviors don't bother me as much because of the environment I grew up in. I am 'only' 47, but I remember a time in my Louisiana hometown where there were restrictions on blacks, concerning what stores they could enter. They also couldn't vote. As a child, I saw KKK meetings in the woods at night where torches and crosses were being burned. This scared the hell out of me, so I can imagine the effect it would have on intended victims! (for the record we were not attending these meetings, just driving by) As recently as 1996, I saw people in KKK outfits standing in the middle of Hwy 59 near Houston, waving at cars as they passed. The 'N' word was used daily by most people when I was a child, and if you were gay, you darn-well better not let it show. Obviously, all of this is wrong, and the world today seems so much more accepting. That's why these 'lesser' infractions don't impact me much. I can see where if a person is young enough to not have lived like that, or who lived in a less-hostile area at that time, the things that are happening in Hellveta would be more offensive. Personally, I think it is helpful for a person who is a bigot to show it at least a little bit, because then people will know who to avoid. I was raised by very bigoted parents, and one of them is still on the planet. I am stunned by some of the things this parent of mine can say. I keep thinking that as that older generation dies off, some of the hatred will disappear. Obviously, some of it will be passed down through the generations. Sometimes, it just appears on its own. My kids love black folks, but if you throw a gay guy in the mix, let the insults begin! Lesbians are ok, though. I don't know where that comes from. They are disgusted when my parent insults blacks (a daily event), but THEY feel justified in insulting gays. (my parent does that too) To me, it's all ugly, but to them, its ok to pick and choose who to hate.

david b. said...

Page 2

Jeremy had a few MySpace pages going at the same time back in the day. Zach had a couple as well. Then there were the poser pages you mentioned. You can't do it now, but when they were active and public, it was easy to know which were real, just by observing what friends the profiles had. For example, Jeremy's real profiles had as friends, Zach, Amy, Mueller, Jere's girlfriend, (Kristin?) and all of the boys you see hanging at the Roloff farm. The comments were there to look at, and you could plainly see that these were the real pages. The fake profiles had pictures of Jeremy that were lifted from his real profile, but they did not have the correct friends and comments to be genuine. Jeremy continued to use MySpace even after the Enquirer story, but his profiles went private. He continued to use MySpace for months, though a recent check I did shows no recent activity on those genuine profiles. Even now, I could show you what ones are the real ones, and it was one of those that had the headline about the apartment, though that has been removed now. Jake currently has an active profile, but it is private. Molly had one, but I don't know its status. I assume they are being more careful than Jeremy was. You are supposed to be 14 to use MySpace, so the parents probably should monitor them more closely. Mueller and Dan continue to use MySpace, but have also gone private. (have I mentioned that I have a lot of free time on my hands? lol)

This is a really weird side note, probably only interesting to me. On the show this week, Amy went to Panama City Beach for a speaking engagement. She went to Anchorage Children's Home, the very place I worked, and where I fostered some of the kids I mentioned in an earlier post! It was sort of ironic for me to see the mother of the possible homophobe we have been discussing standing in the very house where I helped raise some gay kids! I worked there from 1988 to 1991, so none of my kids are still there, and were not shown on that episode. Big People, SMALL World!

Christine said...

David B, you're wrong about the Myspace profiles. They are fakes. Mueller deleted his myspace. So did Jen.

Anonymous A said...

Jeremy is gay, I know because I am gay and was hidden for years. I acted and talked about gays just like Jeremy does so as to keep people from suspecting me of being gay. My gaydar is 99.9% accurate and its pointing to him being gay.

Anonymous B said...

Jeremy is most definitely NOT gay, trust me...

Anonymous said...

People give Jeremy too much importance. Who cares what he thinks?

He's as selfish as can be, living a materialistic, meaningless life. He's all about himself.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous B, Why should we trust you?

Anonymous said...

Gay he may be, who cares? More importantly he's rude and has an inflated ego about his awesomeness. Why does it all have to be about being gay? he's plain old RUDE. Nice job Amy and Matt.

Em said...

I feel caught in the middle. LOL.

Caught between thinking Jeremy is "hot" and believing that he's an unappreciative spoiled jerk with a huge ego.

RDoug said...

Em, why can't he be both?

Em said...

He can. I just feel guilty. When you enjoy seeing someone because they are attractive, it's nice to believe that he's a nice guy. Thinking or realizing that he's a selfish jerk with an inflated ego makes me feel guilty for wanting to see him. ;)

David said...

Christine, the fact that Mueller and Jen deleted their Myspace profiles does not make me wrong about which were the real Jeremy profiles. They werent deleted at the time I am talking about - over a year ago.

If I have time (and I'm sure I will) I'll find and post the links for the two or three real Jeremy profiles, which are now private and inactive.

Diane said...

David, I don't mean to gang up on you, but Christine is right. I think you're honestly mistaken. The other Jeremy myspace profiles had fans on them. That was always a sign of fake. There are a few fakes that take portions of true information and are able to fool people.

Anonymous said...

you guys suck the unsuckable

Brandon said...

"you guys suck the unsuckable"

Jeremy's words live on. He's kind of a poet :)

Anonymous said...

I thought it was strange the the show never had any black people on well you just lost this viewer and about ten more people I hope the show is taken of the air

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't have been a shock that Jeremy would say racist and gay bashing things if you knew anything.

Don't you know almost all of their friends are as far Right Wing Conservative as you can get?

Back to Jeremy. Here is the Myspace page of one of Jeremy's pals at Faith Bible and one of his trucking buddies. Amy is also good friends with his mother.

A skinhead-like hair cut and he proudly flies the Confederate Flag. Almost all of their friends have similar opinions as Bob.

A guy (Jeremy) whom almost all of his friends are like this fellow, says things that make people think he could be a racist and dislikes gay people? That should NOT be a shock if you knew anything.

Sheri said...

Anonymous at 6:49 - So what? What are you trying to prove?

Only the unintelligent fail to recognize that the Roloffs are a good Christian Conservative and Republican family. But then again, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that some of the liberal left wing tree huggers don't realize that...they are little slow (hehe).

Being conservative does not make one a racist. You are ignorant. Not the Roloffs or their friends. Also, the Confederate Flag does not mean one is racist. Again, ignorance on your part.

Leigh said...

Please tell me that page does not belong to one of Jeremy's friends? I'm a vegetarian. I don't think I can like him anymore if he's friends with people like that it tells me a lot about Jeremy and the Roloffs.

That page says that guy is from Alabama. Sometimes people list the wrong hometown on Myspace because Alabama is at the beginning of the list, but please tell me this is a mistake and he is not really Jeremy's friend?

Brandon said...

Leigh, sorry to break it to you, but it is Jeremy's friend. He was in the graduation party episode, standing beside Jeremy.

Ignore what the town listed says. If you look at his pictures, look in the Browns Camp album. That is Jeremy's friend Scott in the red truck. I am sure you know who Scott is if you watch the show.

I partially agree with Sheri. People should know that the Roloffs are so conservative in their opinions if you have the internet. There were too many signs to ignore.

They have a right to their opinions, but it does get frustrating to see fans who see the message of the show and think the Roloffs are more liberal in their stance on social issues defending and supporting the Roloffs because they don't know the truth.

The Roloffs must have a good laugh when they see the opinions of some of their supporters who get fooled.

Anonymous said...

Just a family that will be destroyed by media in the next years.

One thing bothers me, Matt Drink, Drive, Get away with it, his kids never go to school but only to get the exams, nobody works in this family etc etc

Anonymous said...

Matt, if anything, is a workaholic. While the cameras obviously don't film anything worth showing at work most of the time, Matt actually works for a software company called Amdocs as a consultant, owns and operates both Roloff Farms and a company that markets LP accessibility devices to the hospitality industry, has written (with help, admittedly) two books, and lectures for compensation.
Amy is a homemaker, argueably the most difficult job that one receives no monetary compensation for. Also, she has worked as many as two jobs simultaneously during the series, lectures for compensation, and volunteers as a soccer coach.
Jeremy is a college student.
Zach is a college student.
Molly is a high school student with a high GPA.
Jacob is a middle school student.
I would guess that despite the success of LPBW most of the businesses and schools involved would not consent to filming the Roloffs at their locations, perhaps because it would be a big distraction. That's just my opinion, but I base it on the assumption that written consent would have to be obtained from everyone who appeared or could appear on camera and the added precautions required to prevent private information (social security numbers, credit card numbers, orders etc.) being displayed.
I don't admire the Roloffs for their decision to book a reality gig, but I respect that it is their decision. I do think that "nobody works in this family" is an unfair statement.
Matt, slow down and romance your wife. Amy, hang in there. Jeremy, grow up a little more. Zach, good on you for standing up to your dad, and good luck. Molly, congrats on your grades and keep up the good work. Jake, try not to break anything for a while; you don't look good in a cast or a hospital gown.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I just found this site because I was so turned off by this season's shows. Loved it in the beginning.

What an eyeopener this has been!!

Will never watch it again.

Victor said...

Jeremy is a selfish, ignorant and hypocritical jerk. I am not surprised.

david b said...

Diane, I dont feel ganged up on. You are actually making my point for me. At least one of Jeremy's real profiles had some fans as friends. That is part of his downfall. A fan would leave a comment, then his friends would leave nasty comments about that fan. The fake Jer profiles had fans as friends, but did not have Jeremy's real friends as friends. The profiles I know to be the real ones had Mueller, Dan, Scott, Zach, Molly, Jake, Amy, Jen, Kristen and other Roloff pals as friends. His real friends would not add fake Jeremys to their friends lists, and that is one way I determined which were the real ones. Another way is that the real profile of his was the oldest one. He had profiles that had comments dated way before the fake profiles even existed. For example, the fake profile's first comment may have been dated May 12, 2006 (just as an example), but the real profile had a comment dated a year before that. The fakes came along after the show started, but his original profile was created before the show aired. Is it begining to make sense?

Also, at that time, many of those Hellveta (sp?) guys and gals were using Alabama as their home state. I imagine they did this to keep people from being able to find them by browsing their zip code. I imagine they were all being pestered by the fans trying to get to Jeremy.

Diane said...

David, you have most of it right. I just think you're confused about what you saw on what profile.

You're right Jeremy used to add some fans in the beginning. He had a comment explaining why. Matt told him to be nice to fans. His friends would insult them and Jer would sometimes join in. That's when he said the fans suck the unsuckable.

His real profile, Jeremy_James had all his real friends you listed. His last log in was Aug 2008 because that's when the National Enquirer stuff was starting to come out. Jeremy went in to turn the profile to private to hide the offensive comments. That's it. That was his real profile. That was the one with all the friends you named.

There was nothing about him getting an apartment. That's where you're wrong or were fooled by a fake.

It's anyones guess why many people put Alabama as their state, but I think you're wrong about the reason. Myspace used to make people select a state and the first state listed was Alabama. Many people used to just press enter instead of scrolling down to the proper state because they didn't care and it was quicker to press enter.

Rye said...

I thought Jeremy read the Bible?

Ephesians 4:29

Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.

Anonymous said...

When i read this i was suprised... The roloffs are always saying they have such good kids that have done some bad things. JEREMY IS A AS* AND IS A RACIST,BIGOT AND OTHER THINGS I DON'T WANT TO SAY.

Sheri said...

Amy's graduation speech to Jeremy included her saying that Jeremy never allows anything to get him down.

I felt she was in part referring to this. He has an amazing strength that he gets from his faith in his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Attempts to discredit him and depress him, roll off of his back. Think of the number of teenagers who would have allowed something like this to bring them to their knees and affect their happiness and joy for life. Not Jeremy. He went on and pushed through and never allowed it to get to him.

I was pleased that Amy mentioned this trait regarding Jeremy's character. God Bless Jeremy.

JWill said...

Jeremy is an all around douche. I saw him here at Oregon State a few weekends back. He seemed like a total prick. He thinks he's a lot greater than he actually is.

Sheri said...

JWill, More lies? Did you even meet Jeremy? I doubt it. Jeremy doesn't even attend Oregon State University. He is going to Portland Community College. Please stop slandering the young man.

Rap541 said...

Actually Sheri, I have heard from a very good source that Jeremy was visiting Scott at OSU recently.

Considering that you're knee jerk reacting and calling Jwill a liar, you *may* want to stop with slandering others yourself.

Ray said...

Sheri, I tend to believe that JWill is right. It was stated on this blog that one of his friends (Scott, I believe) attends Oregon State. Jeremy was likely visting his buddy, and thus others saw him there.

Justin said...

I've talked to enough people that know Jeremy who have said he's an incredibly selfish person that doesn't give a crap about anyone else and he has a huge ego. What JWill said is not surprising.

Dana said...

Sheri, I agree. It's sad how eager some people are to want to believe anything bad said about Jeremy over the internet.

osurulez said...

i saw jeremy at osu and he was super polite

Anonymous said...

To the comment that if you look at any 18 year olds myspace you will find stuff a lot worse... while that may be true, other 18 year olds do not preach about tolerance and diversity. Jeremy Rolloff is being a hypocrite by saying these things.

Brandon said...

Right on, Anon at 8:18.

Jan said...

I love the Roloffs but I always have thought Jeremy was full of himself. I'm not surprised to hear the reports that he was like that at Oregon State University. Good looking kids that are raised being spoiled and the center of their parents attention almost always turn out to be arrogant and stuck up.

Letmeclearthisup said...

Rap, you're living in just as big of a dream world as Dana and the Jeremy super supporters. Let me help all of you break it down.

Dana: Jeremy is not a saint. He's your typical self centered teenage boy. The kid clearly made some huge mistakes and reality check, is probably still an a$$. He doesn't need to be defended, he's a big boy. But you are clearly dreaming. He is not Jesus, I promise.

Rap: You and your "sources" for everything are getting a bit annoying. You don't know the Roloff's, trust me. You might want to stop listening to these "sources". You're the first to believe anything bad said about Jeremy or the Roloffs, but when something good is said you always question the poster or whatever. So stop lying just to make this family look bad and focus on your own family.

Rap541 said...

Letmeclearthisup - in all seriousness - where did I attack Jeremy here? I do have a source, and yes, Jeremy has been to OSU visiting Scott. I made no claims as to Jeremy's behavior, I simply don't appreciate Sheri calling people liars because "JEREMY HAS NEVER BEEN TO OSU".

There are plenty of threads where you could make a case for me attacking Jeremy.... and you pick this one to make your stand? Really? I was attacking Jer by noting that yes, he has been to OSU?

Btw... if I was the *first* to believe anything nasty about Jeremy... why *didn't* I agree with Jwill and riff on what a douche Jer is? In fact, I didn't - I know Jeremy has been to OSU and therefore its unfair and wrong of Sheri to dismiss any report as a lie....but since I have no confirmation of his behavior, I made no comment.

Gosh I sure did tear him a new one didn't I? ;) And you sure showed everyone how nasty I am by ranting like a fool on how I jump on nasty stuff. I mean... the proof is right here, in the thread where I don't. Gosh you sure are clever heh heh heh :)

Anonymous said...

You know what, JEREMY ROLOFF IS NOT WHO YOU ALLL MAKE HIM OUT TO BE. you know people are making this out to be a huge thing with Jer. and those " Racist comments" But rceally, REALLY how many people on this earth say racist things?

The ONLY reason we are attacking Jeremy is because we think that because his parents are little, that he cant have an opinion on people. AND It really pisses me off that all these news stations and everything are GOING ON HIS MYSPACE AND TAKING THINGS OUT OF HIS BLOG!!! A profile like that is private, The whole world isnt meant to see it. AND just because you dont like Jeremy doesnt mean that you have the right to screw up his life!!

This pisses me off becuase i've had people stalk me over myspace and they screwed up my life!!!!! She was a friend and then she got mad at me and ruined my life by taking stupid stuff off myspace and facebook.

They said that after they first took the info off of his profile, the NEXT time they went to, his profile had been set to private... WELL WHO BLAMES HIM...... if I knew someone was taking comments off of my profile and using them AGAINST me. I would set my profile to EXTRA private. So leave the poor kid alone.

I'm sure it wasnt his idea for this show to go on. Sure what kid DOESNT want to be on TV. But its not his decision that his parents are little. Its not his decison that the show was made and its not his choice that hes naturally a fun lovin guy. So leave him alone.... because you all have pissed me off... >:(

Kay said...

You all are a bunch of sorry a$$ losers leave the The Roloff and their friends along you all need to get a life and to you anonymous @ 1:53pm March 1, 2010 it is obvious that you are friends if not related to the roloffs so if you don't like what you see well then don't come looking for trouble on this web site just get a freaking life and stay away from here you jerk off okay.

Rap541 said...

Couple points, to address your concerns.

" But rceally, REALLY how many people on this earth say racist things?"

A lot. Do you excuse it because many people do it? Many people call lps "midgets". Many people do it, so why should anyone stop? I mean, many people doing it excuses the wrong, right?

"ONLY reason we are attacking Jeremy is because we think that because his parents are little, that he cant have an opinion on people."

No one has said Jeremy can't have opinions because his parents are little. What people have said is that Jeremy's comments were hurtful and racist. If Jeremy wants to continue making hurtful racist comments, he is free to do so... and people can and will feel free to judge him accordingly.

"A profile like that is private, The whole world isnt meant to see it. "

In fact, you're completely wrong on that point. Jeremy's Myspace was easily accessible to anyone who happened to log into Myspace and know Jeremy's name. He had no expectation of privacy. Also I know of at least one person who directly emailed Matt Roloff about Jeremy's myspace hoping to avert the blow up that eventually happened (ie was concerned that someone was eventually going to broadcast Jeremy's public comments)

"I'm sure it wasnt his idea for this show to go on."

Not only is Jeremy lauded by his fans for being the Roloff who supported Matt with being on tv, but Jeremy is no longer a minor child and in fact has been a legal adult since May 2008. That means he wasn't a child being attacked when the National Enquierer got a hold of his public Myspace. Jeremy can't legally be forced to be on tv. He's not a slave, and he's not a child. He has made the choice to be a *public* figure.

lucas said...

"how many people on this earth say racist things."... Lots of people do things on this earth that aren't right. Murder, child abuse, robbery, rape,... it doesn't make it right. Hate towards fellow humans because they aren't white, christian, straight, male and upper class makes me sick. It is most disheartening when it comes from someone spewing nonstop about what a great Christian they are. (Its equally sickening with zealots of other faiths).. Hate is not a family value. Racism IS HATE. talk about sorry losers, it's these kind of people that drag our country down. Native Americans, what a beautiful philosphy they have, must be laughing their butts off hearing about those that want to kick out "immigrants", . Note to you racists out there Go back to where YOU came from. If you're not a native american, you too are an immigrant.

Dana said...

Wow, talk about getting carried away!

Jeremy was not "hating". He wasn't saying racist things. He was joking. The only racist thing you could even try to argue was calling Mexico that beaner place and that was a joke to his friend.

Who cares that he said fa*got? A lot of young people do. Jeremy and his friends said it as jokes to each other. Some people will not let it go as the joke it was from Jeremy because you know he doesn't approve of homosexuality because they are believers in the Bible and followers of Jesus Christ who taught that people of the same sex should not lay with each other.

Leviticvus said...

I just talked to Jesus Dana and he said to ask you where did he mention homosexuality in any of his teachings?

Perhaps you confuse him with me.

Btw, you are going to hell for eating shellfish and entering the temple unclean. Travelling with any males while you're menstruating is also a no-no you've violated.

Would you prefer to sit beside Adolph Hitler or Jerry Falwell on banquet nights?

Rap541 said...

Dana - let me review your comment!

"He wasn't saying racist things."

So when he said Mike D was 'sweet just like a n*gger'for doing as he asked, you don't believe there was any racist context? A white teen using the word "ni*ger" to describe someone being servile to him? Really? Swear to Jesus?

"He was joking."

In fact Jeremy has never actually said he was joking. He's never found the wherewithal to make any comment.

And joking is all in the eye of the beholder. I am often joking in my comments and reviews, and while many people agree, you often say I am being unkind. In fact I deliberately used the word "retarded" once in a non namecalling context and wow, the indignation was quite fun until I pointed out how this parelelled the "Jeremy wasn't *intending* offense so anyone who was hurt is just being too sensitive" arguement.

"The only racist thing you could even try to argue was calling Mexico that beaner place and that was a joke to his friend. "

If you were Mexican, Dana, would you find it funny and thank Jesus for Jeremy commenting on your ethnicity with a term that TLC isn't allowed to air?

"Who cares that he said fa*got?"

Yes, we understand, Dana, you don't care. But obviously your word isn't law, and this topic would have actually died if people *didn't care*. Obviously people do care, and in fact are offended.

"A lot of young people do"

Well, there's a reason to say its ok. A lot of kids drive drunk too.... since a lot do, well, logically you don't have a problem, right?

A lot of kids say midget. How about it Dana? Alot of kids do it so you approve, right?

Education Education Education----- said...

"Racism is mans gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason".

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and consciencious stupidity".

Over 40 frickin years ago, these quotes were made by a very famous American Baptist Minister.

Dana, you might ask your minister who made these quotes, just a thought.... nah, never mind, you seem hopelessly ignorant,.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea that this scandal had even taken place! I've been watching the Roloffs without fail for years. (I even thought that the 2008 episodes were their best season) Boy, don't I feel sheepish. I knew Jeremy was arrogant and self-righteous. I even suspected Jeremy, and all of his little friends of being gay because of the way they constantly prance around on the farm shirtless, and get into random, half-naked wrestling matches all the time. However, I never could've imagined this. What's funny is that I had no clue that this even happened; even though I was watching the show every time it came on. That just proves how quickly and effectively the family worked to sweep this whole thing under the rug. Crafty little folks, aren't they? I was a fan of Jeremy in the beginning. To be perfectly honest, I always thought that he was the white version of me. I am Ethopian and French, but we honestly did have a great deal in common. We both had the same long, lean build. We both had the same curly hair. (Mine is just browner) We both had similar tastes in fashion. We even had the same taste in girls. (His old girlfriend, Kirsten is the type I usually end up with.) So, although he was full of himself, I managed to look past all of that to see alot of other things I liked and could relate to. Sadly, all of that has dissapeared. I saw the family on Oprah, and I saw the episode where Jeremy met his favorite soccer player. (who happened to be black) So I never suspected him of racism. I even thought that, because of his curly hair, Amy might have a little bit of chocolate in her roots. (LOL) Anyway, I am just as shocked as everyone else seems to be. The important thing is to identify where the shock is coming from. I assumed Jeremy was truely a good kid beneath the inflated ego. But I really shouldn't have made such an irresponsible assumption. Jeremy never gave any indication on the show that he was a good person. The time he does spend on camera is usually centered around conjuring up some childish prank or finding a way to make himself look macho or physically capable. We never see him having to tackle issues of substance that challenge the integrity of his morals. We will never see such things from any of the kids because the parents provide them with a very gilded existance. The lavish vacations and exotic adventures are fun to watch, but they also lead them further away from a world in which they are required to do anything other than relax. Perhaps that's why it is so easy for Jeremy to use such language regularly. They were obviously raised to have morals, but after so many years of going through life without having to exercise them, they probably began to loose significance. Before long, you find yourself being sucked into a way of functioning in the world that is just as emotionally disconnected as it is compassionless. The worst part is that Jeremy is so comfortable with not having to think for himself, or about the outcome of his actions, that he can't even bring himself to a point where he actually sees that what he said was wrong. My only hope is that Molly hasn't absorbed her brother's lousy communication skills. I doubt she has, though. Her constant good grades may indicate that she cares about herself and her future. Unlike her brother, who doesn't seem to have very much going on upstairs. I guess that's why he's always shirtless... to take the ladies' attention away from how mentally and emotionally inept he is. Obviously, that's not even working considerring the fact that Kirsten 86ed him. I knew she'd come to her senses one day. You can't build a relationship on haircare tips... lol.

Em said...

Excellent comments, Anon 11:22AM.

I have a lot of the same opinions about Jeremy. I thought he was a bit arrogant, but underneath was a good person.

You're right about how they've been raised since the success of the show and how Jeremy probably doesn't even realize why he was wrong.

I'm quoting you because this deserves to be repeated :)

The lavish vacations and exotic adventures are fun to watch, but they also lead them further away from a world in which they are required to do anything other than relax. Perhaps that's why it is so easy for Jeremy to use such language regularly.

They were obviously raised to have morals, but after so many years of going through life without having to exercise them, they probably began to loose significance. Before long, you find yourself being sucked into a way of functioning in the world that is just as emotionally disconnected as it is compassionless.

Jim said...

I feel the reason he got so much heat from this, is because he wrote in the book that his family wrote to respect people's diversity and what he said, and that isn't respecting people's diversities!!!! But I believe this show won't be around much longer.

Mark said...

Well Said Anonymous 11:22

I wish this show would end and the Roloffs would go away. They are self-asorbed jerks who if they ever had any morals have lost them all while in the quest for celebrity and money. They are rotten people.

Julius Chatton said...

Thank you so much Em and Mark for agreeing with my comments. This is Anonymous 11:22. One thing I forgot to touch on is the age factor. People have a tendancy to blame the stupidity of the youth on some fictional idea that everyone is stupid when they're young. "Well, they're young, so... etc., etc." I've heard that excuse my entire life and it still doesn't make any sense to me. Noone should use the age card when talking about the Jeremy scandal. Jeremy and I are the same age, and I've never had the same ignorant perception of the world that Jeremy seems to have. Immaturity is a choice, no matter what age you are. So, adults who excuse juvenile carelessness are really doing more harm to the youth than good. Especially since it has been proven that children rise to expectations and fall to expectations aswell. Jeremy seems to have fallen, and can't get up. lol

Kate said...

I'm surprised anybody thinks Jeremy is gay.

Firstly, Jeremy is all Praise Jesus!

Secondly, I am from Portland and Jeremy's reputation is that he is a man whore. A girl is with every guy is called a whore. A man whore is a man who is with every girl. The list of girls Jeremy is with might be longer than the number of Tiger Woods' mistresses. That's what Jeremy is known for around here. Being nasty and gross because of the girls he's with.

Anonymous said...

Really? That doesn't surprise me. I mean, I never thought he was gay, but the way the show portrayed him, they portray him as one who's only gone out with one girl for like, a year... so much for reality shows. Along with that, what is the point of him going to a school like faith bible when he will totally do the opposite of what he said he was there for? Such as drinking, and I assume the school wouldn't be too happy if they knew he was such a man whore, that doesn't seem very reserved or christian-like ( not to say that christians are reserve, its just m.o)

Waste of money when he went there, I guess, but the roloffs do have enough money to waste, I guess.

Expressed said...

Anon, it wouldn't surprise me either :)

The political, family show stuff aside, Jeremy is a normal teenage guy.

I'm not surprised that Jeremy has been single for so long since his hotness, lol, heartthrob status took off.

What 17-20 year old guy wouldn't want to enjoy that without being tied down to one girlfriend?

I have heard that Jeremy 'hangs out' with a ton of different girls one on one. I kind of doubt that they are all "just friends", but I don't know if they are "doing the nasty" lol, or even anything sexual at all. But I do know he seems to have LOTS of girls who he hangs out with just him and them.

That's why I'm not automatically calling Kate a liar. If TLC didn't pitch the show as family friendly and the Roloffs didn't go along with it, Jeremy would be considered a normal teen guy that likes to have fun. Party here and there, girls, would rather work on cars than study. I think it's the same for girls.

I'm one of the biggest Jeremy fans around and it's clear to me from Jeremy's comments that he thinks girls are disposable right now. He has made some comments about that. He knows he's hot. lol. What was Amy's line in her question and answer about Jer being single? There is a line from Portland to Miami. Jeremy knows that too.

I think that's why he broke up with Kirsten. He doesn't want to be tied down to one girl during this high time in his life. lol.

Anonymous said...

That's very true. I doubt that he actually sleeps around with all of those girls, but there are probably some "friends with benefits" relationships going on there.

He is just like a normal teenager, except with cameras, and I'm sure that he will settle down and have a family when he gets older, but he clearly has no need to do that right now, just like you said, expressed, why would he when he's at this high time in his life.

Zee to the Z said...

It's true about Jeremy and the girls. I can think of about 15 by name who think they are Jeremy's favorite girl friend. They ALL think that. lol. Those are only the ones I know of. Kirsten and Sarah both think that too. What do you make of a guy who has all those girls thinking they are his Special One? PLAY-AAA!

justin said...

First Off, I'd Like To Give Major Props To The Chaps That Run This Blog. Instead Of Filling It With Their Own Conjectures, They've Obviously Spent Countless Hours Gathering News Items, Letting The Facts Speak For Themselves And Leaving The Rest To The People Who Blog Here. Thank-You For Such An Outstanding Job. I Wish Everyone Knew This About You. Secondly, I Live In A Rather Large City Filled With White, Black, Asian, Punjabi, Latino, Gay, Straight, First Nations, Christians, Jews, Anglicans, People Of Every Culture And Background. It's A Terrific Mix And Yes, Everyone Gets Along Quite Well. In Fact You All Were Treated To This If You Watched The Winter Olympics A Month Ago. I Have Only Seen, I Really Have, Maybe Half A Dozen Little People, So For MY OWN EDUCATION I Decided To Watch 20 Episodes Of The Roloff Show. I Wish My Conclusions Were More Positive. They Spend Their Lives Fighting To Make Sure Everyone Knows Little People Are As Good And Capable As Anyone. Sadly In Doing So, They've Come Off Like They Are Not Only As Good, But Alot Better Than Blacks, Gays, Mexicans, Jews And Every Other Non-White, Non-Christian. Nothing Is So Repulsive When Someone Plays The 'Christian Card' And Is So Two-Faced And Bigoted. So, Here's What I Learned. The Roloff Family Is Better Than The Rest Of Us And Will Do Anything For Money. A Question- How Many Of You With 2 Boys Entering College Without Scholorships Would Buy His And Hers Mercedes? Matt, A Distant And Selfish Father I Beleive Would Sell 8 By 10 Photos Of Jeremy In A Speedo If He Could Get $100 For Each One. I Didn't See Them Helping Out Their Community Much (BTW- Going To A Food Bank To Volunteer Once When The Cameras Are Rolling ISN'T CHRISTIAN. What Are You Doing For Other People When There Are No Cameras, When The World Isn't Watching.)... This Is One Of The Reasons When You Tell Someone Your Christian, They Kind Of Smirk. The Roloffs Should NOT Be Held Up As Examples Of Christians- They're Simply Egocentric, Materialistic, And Racist. Sooo, After Watching The 20 Episodes I Have A Clearer Picture Of Little People. But The Truth Is I Would Not Want To Know The Roloff Family, Nor Would I Want Them Living In My Community. The Good News Is That They Live On Such A Huge Piece Of Land, They Only Have To Associate With 'Other People' When Buying Food Or Sending The Kids To School. I'm Sure The Town Is At Least Grateful For That. If You Are A Christian, Jew, Catholic Or Follow Spiritual Principles,Or Whatever You Beleive, Please Don't Take ANYTHING Away From This Show Regarding Faith. Stay Strong, Stay On Track, Stand On Your Principles And Take TLC Off Your Remote Control. Better Yet, Block The Channel And Have A Happy, Healthy And Joyful Life. Thanks So Much For Reading This... Peace Out...

Anonymous said...

Very true, Zee to Z.
I wish Jeremy wasn't like that, though.
The show makes him look like he' so perfectly christian, and it bothers me. I wish it was actually reality t.v.

Just like the recent episodes we've seen, we all know that wasn't the first beer Jeremy has had, and he seemed a little too into the prostitutes at the Red Light District, and knew lots about them when they went to Germany. I mean, I am assuming he's had sex before, am I correct?
I mean with him and all of those " 15 girls" you'd think it would be inevitable.

Anonymous said...

I think any guy that age would be fascinated by prostitution and the 'low life' of Amsterdam, especially if they hadnt really been exposed to it before. Zac's reaction seemed less real than Jeremy's. Maybe that apron string is shorter than I thought! And if Matt ever does sell speedo pictures of Jeremy, I'm in!

Addie said...

What bthers me is the trip to Paris episode. They state at the beginning of every show that they wanted to be treated like normal people. Yet they managed to get special treatment to go to the head of the long line. It makes me doubt the veracity of the whole family.

I too am a midget and I am treated like normal people because I act like normal people. I don't expect special treatment and I am not afraid to ask for help when needed. I don't mind the work 'midget' at all. Because that is what I am. And that title has given me some great tax breaks over the years. There is a good side to every story.

Roxy said...


Julius Chatton said...

"Thank you so much Em and Mark for agreeing with my comments. This is Anonymous 11:22. One thing I forgot to touch on is the age factor. People have a tendancy to blame the stupidity of the youth on some fictional idea that everyone is stupid when they're young. "Well, they're young, so... etc., etc." I've heard that excuse my entire life and it still doesn't make any sense to me. Noone should use the age card when talking about the Jeremy scandal. Jeremy and I are the same age, and I've never had the same ignorant perception of the world that Jeremy seems to have. Immaturity is a choice, no matter what age you are. So, adults who excuse juvenile carelessness are really doing more harm to the youth than good. Especially since it has been proven that children rise to expectations and fall to expectations aswell. Jeremy seems to have fallen, and can't get up. lol"

(December 24, 2008 11:52 PM)
Being homosexual is not proven that it's a choice nor is it proven that it's genetic, so don't state it as a fact so freely. Jeez. You're on the internet, use the search engine before you look like a complete douche without proof to back you up. -.-

Christy said...

"You have never even met Jeremy, you can't judge him."

I have met Jeremy Roloff. I have had a conversation with him. He is an asshole of epic proportions. He's rude with a huge chip on his shoulder and knows nothing about real life.

It was at PCC, RC. He was hanging around late talking on his phone, I was at the same building waiting for someone. When he was talking, I heard him say "I had an excellent weekend."

From what I've seen and heard about Jeremy, he always has amazing weekends, he is always upbeat, everything is always going great. I had seen him around before and I talked to some of his friends before. After he was done on his phone, I asked "Hey, can I ask you a question? You always seem so upbeat, your friend said you always say have a great weekend, life is always excellent, etc, do you ever get depressed or have down days?"

I seriously was not putting him down or making fun of him at all. I'm not always happy all the time. I wish I was. It's a good way to be. I was curious how he can be upbeat all the time or if I had the wrong impression of him or if he just says that as a default answer.

I remember exactly what he said because he was so F***ing rude. I had no idea it was such a touchy subject and I had no idea it would piss him off so much.

This is the real Jeremy Roloff, not the guy they put on tv.


"Do you have a depressing life?

When I do have a bad weekend, I'll say so. It just doesn't happen often. I think the dilemma here is there are two types of people. Optimistic people, and negative people. Obviously you're a negative person and try to find joy in your day by starting conversations with people that are negative, trying to promote your feelings.

And I wont lie, I don't want to talk to you or tell you if I get depressed. Why don't you tell me what makes you happy ... don't actually tell me (putting his hand up).

There, now you know something that makes me a little ticked, negative people trying to tell me how to answer my truth.

And who exactly do you know that knows me? (again putting his finger to his mouth) "shhh" don't actually tell me. I don't want to know.


I told him I know he said he didn't want to know, but I do find a lot of things in life depressing.
I find the overall state of the world depressing.
I find the fact that mother has cancer depressing.
I find the fact that I can hear the girl in the apartment beside me is always yelling at her 4 y/o daughter depressing.
I find the fact that a good friend of mine got laid off from work depressing.

And then I told him that I was just wondering because I'm not like that, I wasn't putting him down, I was curious that's all.

That is the Jeremy Roloff I know first hand. Matt is right but for the wrong reason. Don't believe what you see on the tv show. Jeremy is a rude prick who obviously has some issues. He doesn't seem like that from how they make him on the show.

The thing I won't forget about my encounter with Jeremy is the little "tell me what makes you happy....shhh, don't actually tell me....who do you know that knows me? shhh, don't tell me, I don't want to know". So F***ing rude and arrogant. That is Jeremy Roloff.

Circa said...

Christy - I'm not even surprised he acted that way, to be honest. it seems a few people who have seen him around at events or whatever, hes not the "good christian" Jeremy on tv

Dana said...

Christy, what is wrong with you? What kind of normal person starts a conversation with a person by asking them if they get depressed?

I think Jeremy was very polite and warranted in everything you say he said. He were invading his time with personal questions that he obviously didn't want to answer.

My pet peeve is people like you who are rude to someone "famous" then you get on the internet and call him obscene names while trying to make him out to be the bad guy.

Brandon said...

Christy, thanks. Very interesting. I'm not surprised at Jeremy's rudeness. He was quite the jerk to fans on the internet before it all blew up and they gave him the "Don't make a fool out of us" speech.

You are completely right too. It's easy for a spoiled rich kid that faces no hardships to be a positive person.

Sheri said...

Dana, well said.


You attempt to degrade Jeremy, yet the person who you are degrading is yourself.

Those words you claim are Jeremy's, prove his wisdom.

Perhaps if you had phrased your question differently, you would have received a different answer. He obviously sensed your negativity and darkness.

If you want to attempt to emulate the way in which Jeremy James Roloff lives his life, perhaps you should have asked him what is his secret? The answer is that he lives a fulfilled and content life because he has given his heart and soul to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

If you want to let go of your negativity, I suggest that you do the same.

Em said...

Christy, thanks. It's disappointing, but I'm not surprised. I hoped Jeremy wasn't a jerk because I wanted to like him (he is very cute, imo) but my gut feeling kept on telling me that he was a jerk in real life. I can totally see Jeremy saying "Tell, psst, don't actually tell me".

Em said...

Dana and Sheri, Christy was not that bad. I wondered the same thing actually. He could have simply said "yeah" or "no" or "sometimes". That's usually what people do when they don't want to go too deep into something. Blow it off with a one word answer. He didn't need to go off the deep end.

Anonymous said...

Christy, that was kind of a weird question to ask someone that you don't know. However, the way he responded to you shows his arrogance and yes, extreme rudeness. If he didn't want to talk to you, famous or not, he did not have to degrade you. He could have simply told you he doesn't like to discuss such things with strangers. This just shows that this show has gone to his head and because of it, he thinks that he is better than others.

Anonymous said...

That's right Em. I can see him saying that too!

connolly said...

what a jerk. anon at 2:31 is right. thats somebody who thinks they're better than others and has a right to be rude.

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