Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! Roloff newsletter and a Peggy Roloff update

On this, Christmas Eve, 'Keeping up with the Roloff family' would like to wish all of our many visitors a safe and wonderful Christmas. Thank you all for your interest in this site, it's a pleasure talking Roloff and bringing you all the latest Roloff buzz floating around.
On that note, we have a few quick Roloff items to pass along to you.

For those that don't know, the seasons of Little People, Big World are divided into two sections Part A and Part B. What just finished airing was Season 4 Part A.

Part A has always finished around Christmas as this year did, and Part B starts up in March or April. However, in case you missed it due to all the emotion from the finale about Mike Detjen's death and memorial, Season 4 Part B is scheduled to return in February with brand new episodes. These will surely feature the events of this past summer (June 2008) as well as Matt returning to Iraq to help the family we met in the premiere.

The next bit of news in the Christmas spirit...the Roloffs sent their newsletter that Matt sends out every few months. This one was brief just wishing fans a Merry Christmas. It goes to show that everyone can have a "whoops moment" with mass emails ;-) I think there might have been some kind of technical difficulty with the newsletter they sent as it was accompanied with banners complete with instructions about how to send a vibrant newsletter :-)

This was the newsletter in case you think you're missing out. Sometimes it is much more detailed letter with an update about the Roloff family, but this is a basic Merry Christmas:

Happy Holidays from our house to yours....

The entire Roloff family would like to wish you and your family a holiday season filled with love, laughter and special memories. May the spirit of the season bless each and every one of you and fill your heart with the true meaning of Christmas...Best Wishes for health, happiness and dreams come true in 2009!

Matt, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Molly & Jacob

My cynical side must question if it is best for them to keep signing the very friendly newsletter from all members of the family when in the past, some members of the family (ahem...Jeremy!) have expressed some not so friendly sentiments towards fans and well-wishers. But it's Christmas Eve, so lets appreciate the nice gesture.

The last item of business is an update on Matt's mother, Peggy Roloff's recovery from hip replacement surgery. It's been five weeks. All sounds well.

"I’m so thankful that today is five weeks from my total hip replacement. We were at the surgeon’s follow-up appt. yesterday. “See you in a year!” “WHAT??” When I asked about physical therapy his reply was, “what do you want to do?” “Do it.” So we’ll be returning to aqua aerobics and other muscle building activities since I have been favoring this hip for so many years. Still a bit scary to rotate out but doc says it’s okay. This week with the snow on the ground and temps below freezing I walk very carefully outside.

Thank you for all your prayers during this time of my recovery."

You can read it all as well as find the picture at the top of this article, with Jeremy and Santa (Ron) on Peggy and Ron's website :

Merry Christmas everybody!


Jocelynn Pearson said...

Thank you for having this blog. It's a great place to hear about all the latest news about the Roloffs. I visit your site regularly. I enjoy hearing the Good, Bad and the Ugly and making up my own mind about it.

I think your site is the best Roloff source on the net.

Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Jocelynn Pearson and family

Fenwick B. Justice said...

For those of you who expressed your concern about Jeremy's alleged bigotry, worry yourself no longer.

As clearly shown in the above picture with Granpaw Claus, Jeremy is fixing to joyfully skip out of the proverbial closet.

I can't believe I defended this guy.

Jason said...

Fenwick...oh brother ::sigh::

Anonymous said...

Jeremy's pose with that hand on his hip and that smile of his seems to have lots internalized homophobia. Those that protest too much are often the gayest ones of all.

Fenwick B. Justice said...


I could care less about Jeremy's orientation; however, I have a problem with hypocrisy. A faggot hating other faggots is a hypocritical faggot, and that's the worse kind.

Erica said...

Jeremy is a great guy and the picture of him with Santa Ron is cute.

I hope the Roloffs had a great Christmas.