Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Original Roloff documentary: Little People, Big Dreams to be televised Jan13

This is exciting news. Christmas has been moved to Tuesday January 15th! Little People, Big Dreams, the pilot, the original documentary that started it all, will finally be televised again.

If you request it, they will air it ;-) A while ago, I was receiving inquiries about Little People, Big Dreams. I was planning on doing an in-depth review of it, but it got put on hold because of the weekly shows and all that surrounded the airing of Mike's episodes. However, this site was in touch with TLC inquiring on behalf of all the visitors to this site, asking if Big Dreams would become available for sale. I was told that unfortunately it is out of circulation. But what do you know? Suddenly, TLC is going to air it again. OK, I might giving this blog a little too much credit, but it's worth it people.

On a serious note, for anybody who has ever been interested in the Roloff family this is a must see. That is a M-U-S-T see. Even if you've lost interest in the Roloffs over the years because you feel they've changed or you can no longer relate to their luxurious life style. Do not miss the chance to see the first time the Roloff family were filmed for television. This is your chance to see the Roloffs before fame and stardom hit.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, back in 2003/04, the Discovery channel filmed an hour documentary about the Roloffs - Little People, Big Dreams. Due to the success of it, TLC decided to do the weekly show, which we now know as Little People, Big World. A lot of interested Roloff viewers, only began watching after Little People, Big World and have never seen what started it all - Little People, Big Dreams. This is the gem in the Roloff collection. Your Roloff viewing is not complete if you haven't seen Little People, Big Dreams. You don't want to miss this because if you do, who knows when you'll get another chance. It has been years since it was last televised and the DVD is no longer for sale. You don't want to miss this.

What will you see you ask?

You will see the cozy little house.

You will see the kids when they were younger.

You will see Zach tell Matt he needs to take responsibility and he couldn't be a parent for one week (some things never change) while Jeremy throws soccer balls at him.

You will see Amy trying to wake Jeremy up for school (some things never change)

You will see Zach and Jacob fighting (some things never change)

You will see Amy's frustration with Jeremy for getting detention at school (some things never change)

You will see Matt's parents, Ron and Peg, have a serious talk with Matt about Amy's unhappiness. Matt says he is just as happy being broke as he was when his pockets were full of money. Peg says but Amy isn't and that's the problem.

You will see Jeremy get soccer team news from coach "Mike D" (who is not as involved as he would late become).

You will see Matt and Amy talk about their financial troubles and Amy's embarrassment for having to have her parents pay for Zachary's braces. Matt explains that everybody needs to ask for help at some point in their lives. Amy says she's not afraid to ask for help if it is for her kids.

You will see Matt pull out plans for....the remodel. You will see Amy's sincere skepticism, almost a disgust, at Matt's ultimate dream plan for the house. Amy says "By the time this thing is done, all the kids will be in college." Matt replies "It may be sooner than you think."

And lastly, in a scene you will not be able to forget, you will see a brutal scene at the twins 14th birthday party. It is honestly one of the hardest things I have watched. The other kids gang up on Zach, humiliate him and physically bully him. All the time, Jeremy, who is clearly the cool kid (Amy later tries to console Zach by telling him that not all the kids came just for Jeremy, but I don't think Amy or Zach was convinced of that), watches Zach get thrown around, his head shoved into the dirt and spit upon (yes I did say spit on). I realize that at the age of 14 it isn't easy to do the right thing, but when you watch this, I think you'll wonder how Jeremy could not do something, anything, to stop the bullying. I think Jeremy could have ended it by saying "Hey guys, lets do something else." Instead he stood there watching it all. It is awful to watch.

That is Jeremy in the red shirt watching.

Jeremy is not comforting Zach. He's saying "Gross, what is on your face?" (saliva from being spat on)
Jacob Mueller and Daniel hold Zach against his will while laughing at him.
Zach finally breaks down and cries.
Zach walks back to the house, alone, at his own birthday party.
The conversation between Amy and Zach in his room is as honest as real as you'll ever see. "I thought some of them were" was Zach's response to Amy asking him if he thinks of some of those kids as his friends.

As that was going on, Jeremy remained at the party, having a great fun with his friends. I think this might be one reason why Zach appears to still have some animosity towards Jeremy as Amy touched on in a recent interview (frustration was her word). A person doesn't forget an experience such as that. I will give Zach credit, many of the kids that participated in the bullying are the same kids he's friends with today, obviously he has been able to forgive and some of them have obviously matured, but I don't think he could ever forget such a horrific experience as being bullied and humiliated at his own birthday party.

Is it January 13th yet?? See it all yourself then. Thanks to TLC for supplying when the demand was there.


Roxanne said...

Thanks! I'm not going to miss it this time.

I feel bad for Zach. That girl is the worst. Jeremy is a terrible brother. Mueller was a jerk in 2004, too.

Joanne said...

Thanks for posting this. I will be tuned in as well. Poor Zach! Shame on Jeremy for not defending his brother.
I will have to watch and see, but from what you mentioned here, I was surprised about the bullying.

Dev said...

Dev, I'm looking forward to it. Saw it once a long time ago.

Rayner said...

Thanks for posting this. I can't fault Jeremy too much. Who can say they always did the couragious thing as a kid? Sometimes in an instance such as what appeared to be happening, a kid doesn't fully comprehend what is taking place.

I place more blame on the kids bullying Zach than Jeremy, but as you point out, they were only kids and have matured.

Erica said...

I can't wait. I've heard about this, but never been lucky enough to it.

Jeremy was an adorable looking kid.

He probably has some regret for not protecting Zach, however he was only 14. In the first picture it appears to be teasing that spun out of control. Perhaps Jeremy didn't realize it until it was too late?

Mark W said...

Jeremy would have been remarkable if he had defended Zach, but sadly, many kids would do exactly what Jeremy did - nothing. Peer pressure is tough.

Pat said...

This isn't just kids being kids. Under Oregon law, there were multiple counts of Assault IV, a misdemeanor. The spitting might have been rated Assault III, also a misdemeanor. Spitting is taken much more seriously since the advent of HIV/AIDS. If one deliberately spits on someone else, not an uncommon event in institutions, it is treated as an assault.

I'll have to watch this and see where Matt and Amy were during this, and the other adults, if any. If this had been a party at my home, and this behavior was witnessed, the party would be over for everybody involved except Zack.

I would find it difficult to forgive and forget such callous behavior. As the recipient of a lot of bullying in my own childhood, I know it hurts very deeply. I don't like the person Zach has become most of the time, but I sympathize with him here. I truly detest the person that Jeremy has become. Perhaps in a few years he will have grown into a fine individual; at this point he is not much.

I have followed the stories about the Roloff family for a number of years, from the very first newspaper story about Matt and his wonderful playground. I continue to watch the show just to see what happens next, though I spend a lot of time wondering What They Were Thinking!

Pat said...

These aren't playful kiddies - there are multiple counts of Assault IV as defined by Oregon law, and the spitting could be considered Assault III. Both are misdemeanors.

Where were the adults? The party should have come to a screeching halt and all participants except the victim sent home.

CrawCraw said...

Pat, you're crazy. It's not criminal! They were kids playing around and it got too rough for Zach.

How can anybody blame Jeremy? He's not Zach's super hero there to defend him at all times. They were their friends. It wasn't a beating in a street. That's why Jeremy didn't jump in.

If Zach had a personality more like Jeremy I bet it wouldn't have happened.

Connie said...

Pat, while I share your disgust for what those kids and I share your disappointment/anger towards Jeremy for not helping his brother, I think you're overreacting.

I think it was teasing taken too far.

Craw, I believe it happened because Zach was an easy target to harass. Of course, if Jeremy was the dwarf, he would have a very different personality than he has today. Experiences and how people react to a person molds their personality.

Jerry said...

I don't like the person Zach has become most of the time, but I sympathize with him here. I truly detest the person that Jeremy has become.

I agree with this. Zach is too bitter and angry for my liking, but this shines some light on why.

In my opinion, Jeremy hasn't changed any. He is all about himself. He doesn't think about other people's feelings, even his brother's at their birthday party. There wasn't anything in it for Jeremy to stop it except maybe lose some of his standing with his friends. As usual, Jeremy thought of Jeremy first and only.

Anonymous said...

I was going to write a post about how Jeremy should have protected his brother, or at least should have told his friends to, "cut it out", but having seen this scene on TV before, I decided to say: "wow, that girl is the original "mean girl". She really kicked Zach's butt. Haha.

In the end, fortunately, Zach was not physically harmed, so I guess all is ok. But considering his medical issues, he could have been.

Btw, kids being kids does not excuse the fact that he was assaulted. No kid/adult has the right to touch another person. Pat is not crazy. If I was Zach's parent, those kids would not be very happy after I spoke to them. I would never tolerate any kid physically harming my child.Kidding or not.

Brenden T said...

" was going to write a post about how Jeremy should have protected his brother"

I feel people put too much of a burden on Jeremy because of Zach's dwarfism. Jeremy shouldn't have to fight Zach's battles. It's not Jeremy's job in life to protect Zach. They are twins. When did Jeremy get appointed Zach's body guard and protector?

Yes it looks humiliating and not nice, but Zach wasn't being harmed.

Some people are talking as if Zach got kicked into unconsciousness and Jeremy cheerfully watched. It was not that bad.

Too much is expected of Jeremy. Give the kid a break.

Monica Z said...

Did they really spit on him? That's horrible.

Joanne said...

Being a twin myself, there is no way anyone would be doing that to my sister, and me doing nothing about it. Would not happen! I dont care what age you are. Jeremy should know better, even at 14.
Zach has a lot to deal with. Out of all his siblings, he is the only little person, and to not have his twin brother defend him, CUTS deeply emotionally. His FEELINGS were most hurt. He is trying to fit in, only to realize the friends he thought he had, were really there for his average size brother. Not an easy thing to deal with esp at that age.

Debra said...

Joanne, I agree with you and the article. This could be why Zach is resentful towards Jeremy sometimes. It must have hurt Zach to realize that Jeremy does not always have his back.

I disagree with the person who said Jeremy has no responsibility to Zach. Jeremy is average height. Jeremy doesn't have a disability. He does have a responsibility to look out for his brother.

Alyssia said...

I would like to know how Jeremy explains himself. Is he regretful?

Dana said...

Being a twin myself, there is no way anyone would be doing that to my sister, and me doing nothing about it. Would not happen! I dont care what age you are. Jeremy should know better, even at 14.

Joanne, what did you want Jeremy to do? There were what, 15 kids there? Did you want Jeremy to fight all of the kids? That would have made the situation worse. It looks like a girl started it. Did you want Jeremy to fight the girl? It's not realistic to expect Jeremy the challenge that many kids.

What if the situation was reversed? Zach and Jeremy were out somewhere and someone started hurting Jeremy. Would you expect Zach to put himself at risk for Jeremy or would you forgive Zach if he just watched? Jeremy is not a dwarf, but he's not the biggest or strongest kid.

Joanne said...

Dana... I would expect Jeremy to tell these kids to knock it off and leave zach alone. Not hard to do and it should be a natural response when seeing your brother being bullied.

There were times when my sister was in a fight in grammar school, where I had to jump in to help even though I am NOT a fighter.My sister isnt either and some kids were just bent on being nasty. I was not going to be a spectator when my sister needed me.

Joanne said...

Dana.. I didnt answer the second part of your question. I dont think Jeremy would have needed to "fight" these kids as they are his friends. I really think all he had to do was tell them to stop and they would have.
If the twins were somewhere and Jer was being picked on, Zach is in a position of not really being physically able to help him. You are comparing a situation with friends vs strangers..

The friends who did this to zach probably didnt think it was a big deal as they were smiling and laughing. They cannot understand how humiliating that must have been for zach. That comes with age.

Rap541 said...

"Joanne, what did you want Jeremy to do? There were what, 15 kids there? Did you want Jeremy to fight all of the kids? "

I would have expected him to not be *smiling* and *laughing*. DId you like it when Jeremy smirked and continued playing with his friends while his brother went off to cry? Because thats what happened. Zach got beat up and spit *at his birthday party* and all Jeremy did was laugh at him and smile and continue playing.

I don't expect a fourteen year old to throw down his life for the honor of his family, but I do expect him to say "hey guy, cut it out, thats my brother" at least once, before he continues having a good time. I know Jeremy has been asked about this incident and he says he doesn't remember it... so really, he's hardly the hero brother of the story and it wasn't like he even made an effort to put a stop to it. He thought it was funny and was teasing Zach.

Those were Jeremy and theoretically Zach's friends... yes, I expect him to have the courage and love for his *family* to say, just once, "cut it out guys" to his lifelong friends who were invited to his house for a party. He didn't. He smiled and laughed with his friends as they spit on his brother and then asked Zach what was on his face.

You make it sound like the group of 14 year olds were going to cut Jeremy with knives and kill him if he dared speak a word of protest.

S.Kearle said...

Jeremy didn't appear to be enjoying the bullying.

He didn't break it up, but not many kids would be able to stand up to a group of kids.

Don't forget, the friends of the twins were laughing and smiling. They weren't screaming at Zach that they were going to hurt him. Jeremy must not have realized how bad it looked.

Lets not make it something it wasn't. Jeremy did gain pleasure from it. He just didn't intervene.

Jamie Paulson said...

I hope Jeremy is ashamed of himself. If Jeremy was my son I would have ripped into him so much that he would be feeling about like the scum of the earth and he would have been the one in tears. There is no excuse for Jeremy to let that happen. None.

Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm kind of dreading watching this. I like seeing older footage though, does anyone remember how Amy was even more unlikable back then? As big a fan I've been of the show, I've never seen this! I'm looking forward to it.


Paula said...

Shame on Jeremy for not helping.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Zach always wrestled with the kids the
way he still does with his dwarf friends. At
the 14th bday party the kids were much bigger
then Zach and he couldn't fight back. Unless
you know how Zach acted around these kids before
their party- it's hard to judge their actions or
Jeremy's inaction....

Paula said...

Anonymous, I don't agree.

Zach was not having fun. He was being humiliated. You could see on his face he was in pain. His head was being pushed into the ground and they spit on him.

Jeremy was watching that happen to his brother. He should and will be judged on his inaction.

Anonymous said...

Paula - I watched the show again- and I agree
that they were very rough with Zach.
But I also saw that all the kids are very agressive with each other- - But on lpbw the kids have always been
aggressive- so I was just saying we don't know
if Zach was always aggressive with these kids and
at 14 they are suddenly much stronger then Zach
and this is why he felt picked on. Which he
clearly was. We don't know if Jeremy had witnessed aggression in this group so often he
didn't react or if he really just stood there
when this aggression happened for the first time.
Judging by how Zach is aggressive still at 18 with Jacob and his lp friends -I bet Jeremy had
witnessed Zach being the aggressor also. Jeremy
doesn't seem as aggressive with his siblings compared to the other 3.

Anonymous said...

I remember watching this episode and thinking "Wow Jeremy is so going to step in and...wait what? Where's Jeremy?" I don't care how old you sre when someone is picking on your family and clearly that person is protesting you step in and do somethng no matter how many people are around you. I take this footage with a grain of salt though because it could have been edited to make it look like Jeremy said nothing, maybe he did and they decided not to show it. I was really dissappointed in the Jeremy that was shown here and it is true he hasn't changed much. I also agree with whom ever it is that said that Jeremy's friends aren't necessarily Zach's friends but who knows the footage has been edited so much that who knows what is really happening.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe what those kids did to Zach! Thats so rude and i can't believe Jeremy didn't do anything. My sister and I are not even twins but every time i see her crying i run to see whats wrong. I would never let that happen to her and I hope she would never let that happen to me either.And the weirdest part is that Jacob Mueller and Daniel are there friends now! Zach must be very forgiving

Anonymous said...

this is for the roloff famly just to i love you,r show little people big world i have every season i love the show and i will watch the new season coming on the t.v. on tlc. ok thanks agian for the show ok

oh am Neil Deck of Belleville ontario Canada!!!

take care