Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The spitting sequence from the Roloff pilot episode, Little People, Big Dreams.

A few more sneak peaks at what you will see on January 13th at 7pm on TLC. There were a few requests about the "spitting" sequence during the birthday party.
We aim to please, so as requested:

The kid in the white shirt is spitting on Zach while his head is pinned.

Daniel gets in on the spitting. I'm trying not to be too graphic, but the white blob about knee height is indeed spit.

The tormenting continues as Jeremy watches on.

As I was mentioning yesterday, if you haven't seen Little People, Big Dreams, I think you'll enjoy it. If you've ever felt that the more recent episodes have a staged or forced feel to them, you will enjoy the real life tone of Little People, Big Dreams. It was filmed as a true documentary. It was shot in a different style, so it has that live feeling attached to it.


Joanne said...

Looking forward to the visitor... I feel so bad for zach. I have always rooted for the underdog, if you will, and it was just a nasty thing for the boys and girl who did this to him. I hope today, they look back at this and are totally ashamed at what they have done.
GOD forbid anything like that happens while I am around, the bullies will hear about it and I would put an abrupt end to it.
I wonder how Matt and Amy handled it, and if they had a talk with Jeremy to see why he didnt step in.

Jocelynn Pearson said...

Well said, Joanne. I hope those kids are ashamed of how they behaved. They most likely are. They couldn't help but mature some.

If I had been Amy, I would have sat Jeremy down and had a long and serious discussion with him about what took place.

Miranda said...

That's horrible. Jeremy should have helped Zach. :(
Worst birthday ever.

Anonymous said...

Well happy day! Close to the one year anniversary of Zach being tormented and spit on by classmates with no back-up from big bro. Shameful.

I just have to wonder what was going on in that house before the cameras arrived. And Amy is hay baling and mystified about why oh why Zach might have some fears about entering college. She obviously didn't protect him at his own home. That would never have been tolerated in our home. Jer rocks! Way to give in to peer pressure and not stick up for your brother! He is AWESOME and DUDELY. and a loser.

Brokenwing said...

You have the right to post, but in my opinion, I don't see the point in dragging this back up. It's not the "one year" anniversary either. It was their 13th birthday party.

Personally, I am tired of people bringing this up. Zach has obviously gotten over it. Many, many years ago! He's still best friends with some of those kids. Most of all, I'm tired of people throwing this in Jeremy's face. He was 13 year old (maybe even 12, depending on when the party was actually filmed). He's 19 now. How long until people let him move on without throwing this back at him? Especially since in my opinion, the only thing Jeremy did wrong was not do something exceptional.

Rap541 said...

So in other words everyone has the right to post, but if Brokenwing (who rarely ever offers an opinion without waiting until she can simply say "you're wrong") decides its unacceptable - she has the right to say it shouldn't be posted.

Complaining that people are discussing something you want dropped is not discussing the Roloffs. Brokenwing, could you try *adding* to the discussions here instead of whining how you want certain topics dropped and not discussed since you've already formed an opinion? Everyone has a right to their opinion but your opinion is always that people who discuss things you don't like should drop the topic.

Rap541 said...

First - he *was* 14, not "maybe 12" but you really really are a hypocrit, BK.

What if Jeremy was twelve? I mean, you have defended calling twelve year old Jake a brat with the defense of "he is a brat" and certainly haven't protested "slutty" or "skanky" or "brain damaged" when the twelve year old wasn't precious Jeremy....

Jeremy stood by while his twin brother was harassed and mocked and grinned during the abuse. But bless us, even though he was fourteen, he musn't be ever made to feel bad! But other Roloffs? "Brats are brats and deserve public mock outs but not JER!"

Why is Jeremy excused for acting badly at fourteen but Jake deserving to hear criticism at twelve? Care to explain why Jeremy's lapse (at "twelve") is something that shouldn't be thrown in his face, but Jake is fair game at nine-twelve?

Oh right, because Jeremy is perfect and Christlike even when he is grinning with his best buds as they spit on his family and at fourteen simply isn't accountable for anything!

Jocelynn said...

Rap, for the record, I think he was 13. If I recall correctly it was their 13th birthday party. It could have been on their exact birthday or it could have been held a few days or weeks before their birthday. Brokenwing could be right about that.

Regardless, I think even a 12 year old is capable of doing the right thing. How old was Amy's brother when they told the story about how he stood up for Amy against a boy two years older than he was because he was always harassing Amy on the way home from school?

Anonymous said...

why are people still focused on when dan spit on zach that is so 4 years ago

get over it and move on please get to the current year focus on how much jeremy has developed such a nice fine ass that is what every female should be focus on that is single and 19 yrs old. i know i am i just want to grab that thing.

Anonymous said...

How accurately & succinctly put Anonymous 4:02..........Jeremy has certainly developed into such an ass(hole)......

Em said...

Haha, true I think (Anon at 4:46). Maybe he always was.

Rap541 said...

Joce - I am pretty positive it was the twins 14th birthday but I think you'll agree that the important point is that Jeremy isn't accountable at 13-14, and should not be judged as he was a child and not capable of making adult choices, but Jake at 10-12 is accountable as an adult and is fair game since he's not Jeremy.

That's really my problem here. Jeremy was a blameless little boy who shouldn't be judged since he was a child, but Jake who is younger is an adult, deserves it, and needs to take it like a man.

The Jeremy Fan Club can't have it both ways. If Jake is old enough and man enughat 12 to be called a skanky brain damaged slutty brat, then I think Jeremy doesn't need anyone's protection either.

Anonymous said...

jeremy and Zach was 15yrs when the spitting act happen that was may 2005 they where in the 8th grade that year. keep in mind that they started school a year later because amy kept them in pre school one more year extra and that was the 2004-2005 school year, that was the pilot for their show when the show got the green light they started filming days before school started in of 2005 which means that it was right at the end of august because school started in september right after labor day which was their freshmen year at faith bible high they attend the school for four years september 2005-june 2009 finishing at the age of 19 yrs old because they started school a year later now i need for everyone to move on with what happen in 2005 because their friends were between the age of 13 going on 14. Happy holidays 2009

Jocelynn said...

Rap, on second look, you might be right. I just checked the other article Spirits has about it and it states "14th". My mistake. Regardless I agree with your point.

Anon at 8:59, you are mistaken too :) The birthday party bullying took place in the original one hour documentary, Little People, Big Dreams. The date on it is 2003/2004. It was definitely not 2005.

Anonymous said...

who cares what age it happened? Most children entering elementary school should have already been taught that bullying/and picking on people is not acceptable.

Why is this still brought up? Because it shows a pattern of behaviour. It shows what parents have taught their children about respecting others. Zach getting tackled and spit on with his best bro standing by?, I can bet that wasn't a first time thing. What difference does it make if jer was 10 or 11 or 12???It shouldn't happen at 5 or 6 or 7!!

(note to Amy- since you continually take credit for the first however many of your childrens lives, raising them all alone and such, explain how they all ended up so angry)

So Zach was abused by an older sibling... is this why he is so aggressive towards Jacob? just wondering,


Anonymous said...

Brokenwing...How do you know he's gotten over it?


Anonymous said...

I know that if I had a birthday party, televised nationally, showing me being spit on... i'd be thinking about it.. still....

Expressed said...

I probably shouldn't jump into this fire, but 11:10 Anon?

I would assume Zach has gotten over it because he considers those guys his best friends today.

I know this won't be popular, but did anyone consider that Zach might have brought some of it on himself because he's not a very pleasant person? Could he have been being bossy and a crybaby at the party? Zach bossy and crybaby...unheard of! ;)

Seriously, if Zach had a personality more like Jeremy, it wouldn't have happened. I also don't think it's Jeremy duty in life to stand up for Zach.

Anonymous said...

Please don't assume anything about Zach. You don't know how he's feeling at this moment, and as the mom of a few teenagers I know that things that seem like a small deal to others, often are very important to kids of this age group. Zach doesn't need to have a personality like his twin. Just don't underestimate how hurtful and also powerful reactions from peers can be at this age.

Happy Holidays to all, Jennie..

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Zach hang out more with Mollys friends now?

Rod said...

Plain & simple. You do that to my brother, you get your ass whipped.

Craw said...

Oh please. Jeremy owed Zach nothing. Ever think that maybe just maybe Jeremy didn't break it up because he saw how Zach was acting and was used to Zach being a bratty jerk and knew Zach didn't deserve to be protected when it finally came back on him?

If Zach was objective (he's not), he would probably agree. It's the same concept with Jake. He acts like an annoying brat. When it comes back to bite him in the butt, he cries. He doesn't deserve to have a hero jump in and save him. Zach didn't deserve to have Jeremy jump in and save him.

Am I the only one who has remembered all the back stabbing and negative things Zach has said about jeremy over the years? He might have got a little tiny bit better in the last year, but not much. He's showed more restaint but I remember how fast he went into that little tirade about Jeremy and Mueller in the BVI episode.

Reading things like this makes me realize how stupid some people are. Zach is a brat, pisses his friends off and get teased. Because of that you think it's Jeremy's job to ruin his own party by getting on his friend's cases and making some big issue out of it.

And I've never seen or heard Zach defend Jeremy in any way.

Rod, if you'd "whip your friends ass" if your brother was being a brat to them and they teased them, you probably never had many friends.

Some of you people are as bad as Amy is with babying Zach.

Rod said...

Craw - I've had and now have many friends, thank you. Teasing is miles away from spitting/hitting. If my brother were being a brat, I'd take care of it myself. Unless he were to physically attatck them and they defended themselves, nobody...and I mean NOBODY....including YOU.... would lay a hand on him. NOWHERE in my previous post did I say what Jeremy should have done. I simply & emphatically stated what I would do if it were my brother. There are lines one WILL NOT CROSS when it comes to blood. My friends and I know where that line is. Think I'm blowing smoke?.....Try me.

Rap541 said...

"What difference does it make if jer was 10 or 11 or 12???It shouldn't happen at 5 or 6 or 7!! "

There is no difference.

The problem is that Jeremy isn't held accountable for his actions here because he is 14 and therefore a child and while I think 14 is pretty darn close to where someone should know letting your friends pile on your handicapped brother and spit on him, I also really strongly question where the parent were when this incident occured.

Meanwhile, Jake, who hasn't even reached the age of 13, let alone 14,is an *adult* according to some posters here. He's rude? He's a man and we can call him a brat since he's NO CHILD.

When Jeremy screws up, even at 19, he gets the "aw, he just made a mistake he's really still a boy" treatment, but his much younger brother at 12?

Deserves to hear "Jake is a slutty brain damaged skank and NOT Christian" because.... well... He's apparently a man, and legally responsible for himself. :)

Unlike Jeremy, who is still a lil boy who just *doesn't know anything* and *isn't respnsible for any of his actions ever*.

Craw said...

Ok Rod. What should have Jeremy done?

Rap, I can't believe you are comparing Jacob with Jeremy. There are huge differences. Look no further than what Matt thinks of each of them.

Rap541 said...

Craw - is Jake an accountable adult at 12, able to bear insults? Because you treat him that way, and you treat Jeremy his much older brother as an unaccountble child.

Rod said...

Here you go Craw:

Scenario 1, Zach is being a brat:

Jeremy takes him aside & basically reads him the Riot Act. "Zach, you're being a douche, knock it off. You keep this crap up & keep picking at these guys, they're gonna get pissed & do something about it. This is supposed to be a party & you're effing it up by acting like somebody even younger than Jake. Either you put a stop to it or I will, you are NOT going to ruin this for me or anybody else because you don't know how to act"

Scenario 2, Zach is being bullied:

"OK guys, that's enough. It's not funny & it's not *cool*. You were invited here for a Birthday party, not a *let's eff with the midget* party. It's his party too. Anybody thinks they want to spit on him or beat on him for laughs, you can pick on somebody your own size & go through me to do it. I thought we were here to have a good time. Anybody that isn't, the door's over there"

We don't know what happened that led up to what was depicted, either scenario is viable. Either way, I believe Jeremy should have taken action to stop it before it got to that point.