Saturday, December 27, 2008

Video of Amy, Zach and Jeremy Roloff speech in Metropolis from the summer

In July 2008, Amy Roloff gave a speech in Metropolis. Towards the end of the speech Zach, Jeremy, Molly and Jacob joined her on the stage and they answered questions from a the audience.

This is a 16 minute video taken of her speech. The quality is not the greatest, but it gives some insight about what a Roloff speaking engagement is like.

At the 13 minute mark of the video, Zach and Jeremy are asked about their plans for college. Zach and Jeremy both say they plan on going to college, but are unsure about where or exactly what they would like to take. During season 3 of the show, Zach was heard whispering to Molly that Jeremy did not plan on going to college, so Jeremy's answer that he is planning on going to college might surprise some. I don't doubt Jeremy's intention, but sitting on a stage beside his mother in front of hundreds of people is not the most ideal place to inform everyone that he doesn't want to go to college, even if that is what he was thinking.

Since this speech, Jeremy has re-iterated that he's looking forward to college after high school.

While I'm discussing college, I'll take this moment to clear up some more confusion. We receive hundreds of inquiries about what college Zach and Jeremy Roloff attend. They are currently seniors in High School. Many people are confused because most kids born in May (10th) of 1990 graduated from High School in June of 2008. The reason why Zach and Jeremy are a year older than most of their classmates is due to the fact that they did pre-school twice and started a year later than most kids. You might recall during the recent camping trip episode aired in October 2008, it was Zach and Jeremy's friend, Jacob Mueller's 17th birthday. Jeremy and Zach are 18. They are a year older than most high school seniors.

You can watch the video of the question and answer segment here:

Roloff's in Metropolis

There is also a nice recap of the event here:

This the portion about college.

Question for Zach and Jeremy: College plans? What they are wanting to do?

Zach: "I want to be a teacher. My goal would be to be a teacher, probably history and also be a coach in soccer. Maybe make coaching a career. I kind of would like to be a cameraman. Definitely go to college though."

Jeremy: "I know I want to go to college but I just don't know where. I haven't really picked something yet. Maybe go into business in something that I could do with being a pilot or captain or something. Maybe open a body restoration shop."

EDIT : Update August 2009, It sounds like Jeremy and Zach will be attending Portland Community College. You can read further details in this item here:


Janice said...

I laugh at Amy's snark towards Jeremy. After he gave his answer about college, Amy snarks "Well, he is in his senior year...he is my (brooding) kind of guy.

I adore Amy.

Thanks for posting this.

Jocelynn Pearson said...

It was hard to hear, but worth it. Zach did well speaking to the audience.

I also picked up on Amy's reaction to Jeremy's answer about not really knowing what he wants to do. A lot of kids are like Jeremy. I think he will narrow down his interests and will be fine.

Joanne said...

Lots of kids dont know what they want to do right out of school. And in todays world, I would imagine its even tougher to pick something you can actually make a living off of.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHa, dude, these twins were checking out Corban College (the school i go to) today!I hope they come here!

Anonymous said...

Being that jeremy is a moron in terms of grades i doubt he will be in any type of business or mechanics any time soon

Anonymous said...

in response to "Being that jeremy is a moron in terms of grades i doubt he will be in any type of business or mechanics any time soon"

I think you can do anything if you put your mind to it. If you've watched the show, you know his dad didnt even go to college and he obviously reached his goals. Why dont you cut him some slack.

Anonymous said...

what happened to matt on the last show? now everyone is worried about him. my husband and couldn't sleep. we love matt and hope he is ok.