Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New episodes of Little People, Big World Feb 16th

The date has been announced for Season 4 of Little People, Big World to return.

Season 4 - Part B will begin airing on February 16th at 8pm on TLC. It will be dealing with Matt and the surgeon returning to Iraq.

Also, we have been receiving a lot of inquiries from people who missed the episodes about the passing of the Roloffs close friend, Mike Detjen. Those episodes will be airing again on Feb 9th at 8pm and again on Feb 16 at 6pm.

Feb 16, 8:00 pm

Little People, Big World Back to Iraq: Part 1

Matt and an orthopedic surgeon return to the Middle East to perform leg straightening operations on Ali and Bara?a, two of the dwarf children Matt met on his first trip to Iraq.

Feb 16, 8:30 pm

Little People, Big World Back to Iraq: Part 2

Matt and an orthopedic surgeon return to the Middle East to perform leg straightening operations on two of the dwarf children Matt met on his first trip to Iraq.

You can check out the full schedule on TLC's website:


Thursday, January 22, 2009

The music of Little People, Big World and Joey Newman

To be honest, I didn't pay too much attention to the music of Little People, Big World when the show started. I just never really noticed, except for the high-pitched "uh-oh" sound which I'm still not sure I like ;-)

Joey Newman was nominated last year for an Emmy for the original music featured in the Grand Canyon Road Trip episode. However, this past season was when I really noticed it and came to appreciate it. Particularly when the show is showing something emotional, the music captures the mood and makes it that much more moving. The episodes that I was really impressed with were when Amy had her "breakdown" on her trip with her siblings and of course Mike Detjen's passing. I don't know what music Joey Newman and the music of Little People, Big World will be up against next year, but I'll predict an Emmy win this time for the "Remembering Mike" music.

You can listen to it on Joey Newman's Myspace site. He has the music of three Little People, Big World songs up. "Remembering Mike" which I think is outstanding, the music from the Grand Canyon episode that earned him an Emmy nomination and the LPBW theme song.

It's easy to find and play. On the right hand side you'll see a little radio play list. Just click on one of them (I recommend "Remembering Mike") and it'll play. I think it's a beautiful piece of music. When I listen to it, I think of that episode and what was happening when they played the music, some of it towards the end was Amy talking about a messy house meaning nothing as she was tearing up talking about Mike.

You can click on the link below to go to Joey Newman's Myspace site and hear some of the LPBW music.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Matt Roloff speaks about celebrating differences

There is an article about Matt Roloff's upcoming event in Saratoga, California February 12. According to the article, tickets are selling well and a second event might be added.

The article includes some new comments from Matt.

I have a couple of thoughts on two different statements Matt makes.

"All of the family members have experienced their ups and downs during the process, but the family has undoubtedly noticed the differences the show has made in communities.

"It's desensitizing America," Roloff said. "We want to walk down the street and have people say, that is a person, not that is a little person."

I think that is very true and the show has been successful at achieving that. As I mentioned in the "Loveline" story, I believe most of the viewers of the show don't even really think of Matt, Amy and Zach as little people. They're judged, liked, disliked, as any person being observed would be. Perhaps when people began watching the show that factor was involved, but it evaporated long ago. When Amy speaks about the kids in school or Mike's passing, I don't think many people think "Oh, that's what a little person parent does". She's just a person like everybody else. On that point, I'm in complete agreement with Matt and commend the Roloffs and those responsible for the show.

However, the second point once again leaves me shaking my head in frustration and I know I am not alone. There are many things I love about the show and admire about the Roloffs, but this point is hard to wrap my mind around.

"It makes it something bigger than us being on TV," Roloff said, adding that the show's message is about "celebrating the differences" in all communities, and he is satisfied when he realizes it is doing just that.

But they haven't done that with their own son and his friends who they consider to be great kids and they don't appear terribly concerned about it....Of course, I actually agree with Matt's statement. That is precisely what people who are disappointed with the Roloffs say as well - the show is about celebrating the differences of all people. That is the message the Roloffs carry from the television show to the speaking engagements.

That is why so many are shocked that Matt and Amy don't appear to be aghast when their son and his friends, who they say are "great kids", use slurs that are hurtful to many of those groups and mock those differences whether it being with degrading pictures or comments from "great kids" (friends) such as "u think i am some sleezy jew or smthin?"or "acting out motions for deaf kids lmao thats funy dude." That's not "celebrating differences"! Of course there were more offensive comments directly from Jeremy, but there were so many comments and a few of them are widely known, but it doesn't make the lesser discussed comments any more acceptable considering the message of "celebrating differences". Don't Matt and Amy wonder what a parent of a deaf child thinks when they see teenagers making comments or "jokes" that Jeremy's "great" friend did? Matt and Amy obviously don't even feel behavior such as that deserves an apology as long as it is Jeremy and his friends.

When people see Matt and Amy react to that by brushing it away and wanting viewers who fully understand their message of diversity and respect to remain hush-hush and not care about that behavior because it is Jeremy Roloff and his friends; that's why people have almost no choice but to conclude that Matt and Amy are hypocrites. They can't reasonably expect people to ignore that or not think about it while they listen to the Roloff family speak about accepting and respecting people who have differences from what you are.

Sometimes I think Matt continues to make statements about the show being about accepting all people and differences knowing full well that people are disappointed in Jeremy and their reaction to it, just to drive us mad ;-)

You can read the full article at this location.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amy Roloff update- lots of travel, DAAA board member and still uncertain about Jeremy and Zach and college

Amy just updated her website with a new blog entry (there are only two, one in October and one January 18, 2009).

There isn't a lot of eye-catching news in it as far as current updates on the family as some of Matt's newsletters in the past have provided.

Her speaking engagement calendar has dates scheduled for April in England. She mentions that she is now on the board of the DAAA and will have a golf tournament in support in September. Amy is also headed to Ireland in July for the World Dwarf games. I'll plead my ignorance, I never knew such an event existed.

Once again, Amy sounds iffy about college plans for Jeremy and Zach.

"What do I look forward to in 2009? Making new memories, being with my kids and a little longer with my boys Jeremy and Zachary before they head off to college, hopefully."

Read her full blog entry here:


Monday, January 19, 2009

"Little People, Big Planet"? Ever wonder what it would be like to appear on a reality show?

If you follow this blog, you'll know one of the favorite blogs around here is Jen Montzingo's Hope Sprouts blog.

(By the way this is an old picture as you can tell, but just in case anyone doesn't know who Jen is, a picture with some of the Roloffs might refresh your memory)

Jen has a recent blog that made me laugh and ponder :) I got a laugh out of all different names she has heard people call the show.
*little people in the world
*little people big planet
*little big people
*people big world
*people in a big world
*or my personal favorite, midgets in a big world (don’t you just love its pc-appeal!) :)

Yikes on that last one! I've come across a few other variations on the internet. I've seen several that insert the world small into the title. "Small People, Big World" or "Little People, Small World".

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sometimes appear on a reality television show or have friends with a reality show, you should check out Jen's posting. I suppose it would be awkward to watch a show with cameras inside the home of your friends.

The other interesting point Jen brings up is people referencing Little People, Big World when she is out in public. I think it is done with the friendliest of intentions. The cashier probably thought it would be a safe conversation piece and also perhaps she thought it would sort of show that she is little people friendly, if you know what I mean?

A question for anyone reading here that would like to chime in, if or when you meet a little person, let's say sitting next to you on a plane, would you mention that you're an avid viewer of LPBW? I think I would. I'm always interested to know what other little people think of the show and the Roloffs.
For any little people reading, do you get asked about LPBW a lot as well or do people reference it? Is it annoying or do you welcome it?

Here is Jen's blog that is worth the read to see the perspective of a friend of the Roloff family who of course, is a semi-regular on the show.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Roloffs making waves on Loveline

A few months ago, Jen Montzingo debated about whether she should link to a video full of ignorance to display their ignorance or whether by providing the link she would just being giving them publicity that they don't deserve. I understand how she felt. Ultimately, I think people can see the ignorance for themselves and the people that don't get it will still be as ignorant as before.

This video is on You Tube. If you don't feel like listening to some stupidity, a caller phones into a radio talk show, describing the episode where Jeremy tells Matt and Zach that sneezing is 1/8th of an orgasm. The caller asks if it's true. As soon as she mentions the program, the hosts turn it into a joke and fall in love with the word "midget" and make references to The Smurffs.

I would proudly like to state that I don't know anything about this program or the on air "personalities". It seems to be a mix of Dr. Ruth and Howard Stern.

The reason why I'm talking about this is because several people honestly wonder why the word "midget" is derogatory. This is a good example of why. Almost every time I've heard people use the word "midget" it's in this sense, said in laughter as a joke and full of ridicule.

The other observation I have, and I find this to be true of most people that watch the show, even those who are critical about certain aspects of the show or the Roloffs - people that watch seem to get it. It wouldn't even cross a person's mind that is a full time viewer of the show to behave like those two morons on the radio. They're people and they're judged on their character and what they do and say - as anybody is. I find it is always people who don't really watch and just have heard about the show who are the ones that as soon as there is a reference to the show or the Roloffs, laughter and the word "midget" follows about 8 times. I find it to be very insulting, but I think it's a good example of why respectful people don't use the word "midget".

I'm interested in hearing from people who don't think it's particularly wrong for Jeremy Roloff and his friends to use slurs and make jokes about other groups, if those people also think those radio hosts are funny? Hey, everybody has their opinion. Maybe I'm just in the group of the people who think making jokes about people for being who they are is wrong and not funny, but maybe it's our problem for not having a sense of humor and we need to get with the program and start mocking people?

Nah, I like my mindset the way it is. :)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little People Big Dreams tonight at 7:00PM on TLC - Original Roloff show

Tonight is the big night, Little People, Big Dreams finally airs for the first time in many years on TLC at 7:00pm. Note the time, 7:00pm, not the usual 8:00pm time slot. You'll be kicking yourself if you miss it, because it might not be on again. Currently, the DVD of Little People, Big Dreams is not available for sale.

It will be followed at 8pm by the episodes number one and two of Little People, Big World, but don't be confused, if you want to see the original pilot that started it all be watching at 7:00pm on TLC.

The feature scene that will stand out is the infamous birthday party. A tale of the twins - I saw this picture; I don't think there has ever been a better example of a picture saying a thousand words. Twins, but two very different experiences at their own birthday party.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The school the Roloff kids attend are attempting to build a new facility

The school the Roloff kids attend, Faith Bible (which is not a secret - they are heavily featured on the television show) are attempting to create a new facility. They made a promotional video, I believe over a year ago.

Zach Roloff is a featured speaker in the video. He talks about the advantages of having of their own field or court for sporting events. The kids seem to have quite a bit of school spirit. You can spot Jeremy in throughout the video in some of the sporting sequences, soccer and basketball as well as in class. I believe Jacob is in the back row during video of the choir. If you're like me if you watch the video, you'll pick out which kids you recognize from the television show as friends of the Roloffs. I spotted quite a few of them as well as couple of the teachers. One teacher was at the end of school picnic hosted by the Roloffs and I recognize the english teacher who caught Jeremy cheating on an exam.

Just follow the link and click on the video.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Amy Roloff interview - she discusses Jeremy's National Enquirer article about racist and homophobic language

Part two of the podcast with Amy Roloff is now available. You might remember a couple of weeks ago there was a podcast on another site. This is the last half of the podcast. Let's be honest, this is what people really wanted to discuss.

I wanted to quickly recap the interview for those that don't have time to listen to the entire interview or people who can't get the podcast working, but there was one major topic that over-shadowed the interview.

The first clip she discusses the filming schedule. They film 5 days a week. Most of the filming is done on weekends in the summer. Amy says they haven't done as much filming as usual because they did so much during the summer. They also get the Thanksgiving week off and 3 week to a month break during Christmas. Traditionally, they have the entire month of April off.

The other interesting item is that Amy alludes to Jeremy being on television outside of their show in the future. On her website, Amy also makes a comment about Jeremy that "You might be seeing more of him". When she is talking about the messy house she says:

"If you ever get to see Jeremy in TV outside of our show or later in life, he will probably have the most spotless house ever because his closet, all his shirts are lined up on hangers..." (hmm...is she blaming the state of the twins room all on Zach? Their new room after the remodel was looking very cluttered...what color was that leather couch again if you can see it from underneath the pile of clothes...just saying! ;-)

The second segment and part of the third segment is what people are really interested in. For the first time, Amy finally discusses the National Enquirer article. If you're new to the site, you can check the archives on here to find the details - the quick version is Jeremy made racial and homophobic comments on the internet talking to his friends (and his friends made them to him as well), including using the N word several times, the gay slur "f*gg*t, Jeremy called Mexico the place where the beaners live, and endless mocking of gay people. His friends also made derogatory comments/jokes about deaf kids, Down Syndrome, Jewish people, Asian people, and Muslims.

Jeremy's comments went on for a span of over 3 years, when Jeremy was 15 - 17, until Jeremy (as per Jeremy himself) stopped using the internet to communicate with his friends. Jeremy's friends, including best friend Jacob Mueller, were still making the same type of racial and homophobic slurs as recently as May 2008, a couple of weeks before the Roloffs took him on their summer vacation. The National Enquirer in their September 2008 issue published an article about Jeremy called "A Big Bigot in the Land of the Little People".

Of course in this interview, Amy doesn't name it or get into specifics, but she states there was "an incident". Later in the third segment, she also seems to be referring to it.

Amy Roloff:

"One of the hardest things about being in the media, how we are in the media, because this is about our personal life. Sure, occasionally things won't be said right, sometimes my kids won't say the right thing. Sometimes when they're having conversations with their friends and the camera picks it up. Or some of their friends make an off beat comment and it goes on the internet and it gets all blown out of proportion.

I think the thing that probably hurts the most for me is when people will criticize us to the point that we're not good parents or we're hypocrites.

You have to remember you're taking one moment and over analyzing and making a huge judgment on my life and I think it is unfair because you have the opportunity to over analyze it and criticize it, but often I don't know who these people are, I don't know anything about their life, until you can look in the mirror and in your own closet, don't be so critical that we haven't dealt with it, that we haven't tried to consistently and constantly remind our kids that you know what, maybe some of the things you say are hurtful, you may not think they're hurtful, you may think it's all in fun or just because the other person laughs at it themselves, doesn't mean it won't hurt them inside. But be careful of your words, be careful of your language, not because I'm telling you, but because it's the right thing. Is that how you want to be treated and looked upon.

I mean I know there is an incident that happened, geez, about 3 years ago or 2 years ago, but it made it like it happened now, when my boys are 18 years old. Media and people can twist and turn things around, but you're stuck in a hard spot because you're in a catch 22, because no matter what you say the statement in itself will be over analyzed, over criticized, she didn't cover this topic or things like that.

So I will admit that's probably the toughest part because I don't ask everyone to agree with it in fact I don't ask everyone to like everything I do. One thing that has been over-criticized is the messy house......"

"It's hard as a parent especially when things are said about your children. To me, they don't deserve that kind of raking over the coals from strangers, from people they don't even know, from people that have the opportunity, glimpse into their life.

I never wanted their personality or their reaction or thoughts or how they think to be so guarded because we have tv in our life. When things come up, we may not discuss it on tv, we may not deal with it on tv, in some ways I'm disappointed people think Matt and I wouldn't deal with it at all. We take those opportunities and we've sat down with their friends or Jeremy or Zach or Molly or Jacob. It's not a one time event. I try to do that from day one. It's a matter of consistency, talking with them and approaching them and sometimes even disciplining them, but just because something is done wrong, doesn't always require discipline. If they got it from talking with them and their eyes say 'oh yeah geez, why did I do that, what was I thinking, what was I feeling?'...to me if they understand it and get it at the point, then the next time think about what you're doing. Think about how you're treating your friends. Think about how you talk with your friends about other things, other people.

I didn't want my kids to so self guard them and to be so worried about this happening, but yet we now do have to let them know that unfortunately, the things you do and say, like normal people, but it's totally magnified, people will take it out of context and construe to the point where this wasn't really meant the way they had hoped it turned out to be.... I think there is a lot more (good?) in the tv show than certain things that may have happened because it's like, we're not perfect."

The interviewer goes on to say everybody needs to remember not to judge and tells Amy she has raised wonderful children.

Amy says: "A lot of it has to do with my faith, we have a faith, that's our belief, the Christian faith. I ask the kids, where was your heart? What are you thinking? Where is our head at? What are we thinking about the tv show and what we want to get out. When you look at it and weigh in and talk to the kids about it, you know we're doing a lot more good and where our heart is and what we want to do is what I tell the kids to look at. Not do it out of greed, gain, maliciousness, meanness, sometimes things just happen."

You can listen to all 3 clips here under Part 2.


There is a lot to discuss there! I'll post some of my personal thoughts on Amy's response at a later date, but I look forward to hearing your comments on Amy's first response to "the Jeremy scandal".

Monday, January 5, 2009

Little People Big World schedule for the next month

Here is the TLC schedule for Little People, Big World for the next while. Season Four Part B is slated to begin sometime in February.

You'll be able to catch some repeats until then. They have changed their line up from previous years. You might recall previous seasons of Little People Big World used to air in the mornings at 11:30am. They will now air weekdays from 4pm to 5pm.

Starting tonight, the show will return to the regular Monday 8:00pm slot, but they will be repeats.

In summary, until new episodes start up again, you can see repeats weekdays from 4pm to 5pm and Monday nights at 8pm.

Another reminder, next Tuesday January 13th at 7pm is the big day when TLC will finally air the original pilot episode, Little People, Big Dreams.


The TLC "Beautiful Life" commercial featuring the Roloff family

We've received a fair number of inquiries about the TLC "Monday Night" commercial featuring the Roloffs, Jon and Kate plus eight and the Duggars.

If you're an avid viewer of TLC you might be sick to death of the "Beautiful Life" song because it is played quite often, however it is widely requested. I think to viewers of Little People, Big World it is known as the "Jeremy smiling" commercial. We're here to feed the demand for Roloff news and information. If there is a demand for the Jeremy smiling commercial, by golly, we will deliver.

It is worth mentioning that Jeremy has said he has thought about modeling and is open to it if that opportunity presents itself. Personally, I liked Amy's stance on the modeling aspect of it during season one when Molly did a back to school ad. Amy cautioned against it and said she hoped her kids would do something with a little more substance.

As for the commercial itself, I find it somewhat humorous. The sheer glee and happiness of the family leaping through the grass is a tad over the top, and Jeremy being present for a family dinner is a stretch ;-) but it's a cute and fun little promo piece.

The commercial -