Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Amy Roloff update- lots of travel, DAAA board member and still uncertain about Jeremy and Zach and college

Amy just updated her website with a new blog entry (there are only two, one in October and one January 18, 2009).

There isn't a lot of eye-catching news in it as far as current updates on the family as some of Matt's newsletters in the past have provided.

Her speaking engagement calendar has dates scheduled for April in England. She mentions that she is now on the board of the DAAA and will have a golf tournament in support in September. Amy is also headed to Ireland in July for the World Dwarf games. I'll plead my ignorance, I never knew such an event existed.

Once again, Amy sounds iffy about college plans for Jeremy and Zach.

"What do I look forward to in 2009? Making new memories, being with my kids and a little longer with my boys Jeremy and Zachary before they head off to college, hopefully."

Read her full blog entry here:


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