Monday, January 19, 2009

"Little People, Big Planet"? Ever wonder what it would be like to appear on a reality show?

If you follow this blog, you'll know one of the favorite blogs around here is Jen Montzingo's Hope Sprouts blog.

(By the way this is an old picture as you can tell, but just in case anyone doesn't know who Jen is, a picture with some of the Roloffs might refresh your memory)

Jen has a recent blog that made me laugh and ponder :) I got a laugh out of all different names she has heard people call the show.
*little people in the world
*little people big planet
*little big people
*people big world
*people in a big world
*or my personal favorite, midgets in a big world (don’t you just love its pc-appeal!) :)

Yikes on that last one! I've come across a few other variations on the internet. I've seen several that insert the world small into the title. "Small People, Big World" or "Little People, Small World".

If you've ever wondered what it would be like to sometimes appear on a reality television show or have friends with a reality show, you should check out Jen's posting. I suppose it would be awkward to watch a show with cameras inside the home of your friends.

The other interesting point Jen brings up is people referencing Little People, Big World when she is out in public. I think it is done with the friendliest of intentions. The cashier probably thought it would be a safe conversation piece and also perhaps she thought it would sort of show that she is little people friendly, if you know what I mean?

A question for anyone reading here that would like to chime in, if or when you meet a little person, let's say sitting next to you on a plane, would you mention that you're an avid viewer of LPBW? I think I would. I'm always interested to know what other little people think of the show and the Roloffs.
For any little people reading, do you get asked about LPBW a lot as well or do people reference it? Is it annoying or do you welcome it?

Here is Jen's blog that is worth the read to see the perspective of a friend of the Roloff family who of course, is a semi-regular on the show.

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Sheri said...

LOL @ some of those titles.

I don't think it's wrong or offensive for an average sized person to say they watch LPBW when they meet a little person.

I understand that the majority of little people appreciate what the Roloffs have done for the LP community.