Thursday, January 22, 2009

The music of Little People, Big World and Joey Newman

To be honest, I didn't pay too much attention to the music of Little People, Big World when the show started. I just never really noticed, except for the high-pitched "uh-oh" sound which I'm still not sure I like ;-)

Joey Newman was nominated last year for an Emmy for the original music featured in the Grand Canyon Road Trip episode. However, this past season was when I really noticed it and came to appreciate it. Particularly when the show is showing something emotional, the music captures the mood and makes it that much more moving. The episodes that I was really impressed with were when Amy had her "breakdown" on her trip with her siblings and of course Mike Detjen's passing. I don't know what music Joey Newman and the music of Little People, Big World will be up against next year, but I'll predict an Emmy win this time for the "Remembering Mike" music.

You can listen to it on Joey Newman's Myspace site. He has the music of three Little People, Big World songs up. "Remembering Mike" which I think is outstanding, the music from the Grand Canyon episode that earned him an Emmy nomination and the LPBW theme song.

It's easy to find and play. On the right hand side you'll see a little radio play list. Just click on one of them (I recommend "Remembering Mike") and it'll play. I think it's a beautiful piece of music. When I listen to it, I think of that episode and what was happening when they played the music, some of it towards the end was Amy talking about a messy house meaning nothing as she was tearing up talking about Mike.

You can click on the link below to go to Joey Newman's Myspace site and hear some of the LPBW music.


Brandon said...

I like that music too.

The other good thing about Joey Newman's myspace is that unlike Jeremy's Myspace you won't find any racist and homophobic slurs and he's actually appreciative of fan support!

Sorry I couldn't resist!

kd2121 said...

That song is very sad, but very good. I hope LPBW wins the emmy next year.

DansJets said...

How about the music in Matt Roloff's first trip to Iraq, to help a family over there. That was a beautiful score and very moving, from when he left the farm to the airport, then on his return to Portland to see all the family again.