Sunday, January 11, 2009

The school the Roloff kids attend are attempting to build a new facility

The school the Roloff kids attend, Faith Bible (which is not a secret - they are heavily featured on the television show) are attempting to create a new facility. They made a promotional video, I believe over a year ago.

Zach Roloff is a featured speaker in the video. He talks about the advantages of having of their own field or court for sporting events. The kids seem to have quite a bit of school spirit. You can spot Jeremy in throughout the video in some of the sporting sequences, soccer and basketball as well as in class. I believe Jacob is in the back row during video of the choir. If you're like me if you watch the video, you'll pick out which kids you recognize from the television show as friends of the Roloffs. I spotted quite a few of them as well as couple of the teachers. One teacher was at the end of school picnic hosted by the Roloffs and I recognize the english teacher who caught Jeremy cheating on an exam.

Just follow the link and click on the video.


Peter said...

I'll be honest, I don't have much respect for that school. It seems like it's a school for spoiled rich kids that treat others poorly.

Anonymous said...

just another reform school