Monday, February 23, 2009

The next 10 episode previews for Season 4B

Previews descriptions for the next several episodes have been released:

EPISODE 23: The Graduate Matt and Amy's great expectations are realized when Molly is named valedictorian of her eighth-grade class. But Amy has her hands full when Molly refuses to give a speech and picks a graduation dress that violates the school dress code.

EPISODE 24: Michigan Knights For the first time in years, Amy takes the kids to visit her family - the Knights - in Michigan. They journey to the Upper Peninsula to her parents' rustic cabin on a lake. Amy's father, Gordon, introduces his grandkids to a simpler, slower paced life. He takes them hiking in the woods and shows them how to shoot old-fashioned black powder muskets. During their stay, the kids learn a lot about their larger-than-life grandparents. However, the idyllic scene turns to chaos when Jacob gets a tick, and no one seems to know how to get rid of it.

EPISODE 25: Somewhere in Time Amy and the kids continue their visit with her parents on Michigan's Upper Peninsula. After grandpa Gordon gives Jeremy a tomahawk-throwing lesson, the whole gang heads up to Mackinac Island where they're transported back to a simpler time of horse-drawn carriages, bicycle rides and dressing up for dinner. Amy relives childhood memories, made all the more fun by her dad's good-natured needling and nagging. After leaving Mackinac, Amy takes the kids to see the house she grew up in. It's an emotional moment for Amy as she tearfully recalls her decision to leave Michigan to start a new life in Oregon.

EPISODE 27: Here Come the Hogkillers Zach and his dwarf athletic team "The Grasshogs" are favored to win this year's Dwarf Athletic Association of America (DAAA) soccer tournament. But this year, some of Zach's LP rivals have put together a tough and talented new team called "The Hogkillers." As their name implies, the Hogkillers have just one goal in mind: demolishing Zach and the Grasshogs. When the Hogkillers face the Grasshogs in the final championship match, Zach must rise to the challenge.

EPISODE 28: Roloffs on the River The Roloffs begin a marathon vacation as Amy realizes a long-time dream by taking her family on a riverboat cruise on the Mississippi River. A visit to Elvis Presley's Graceland inspires Matt to "TCB" - take care of business - and at the last minute, he rushes home to some urgent farm matters, leaving Amy and the kids wondering if he'll make it back before the trip is over.

EPISODE 29: Troubled Waters All is not well now that Matt is aboard the riverboat with the rest of the family for their summer cruise. Matt just wants to relax and hang out on the boat - while Amy pushes the family to seek new adventures and make the most out of every vacation moment. Tension sets in and this ambitious family vacation is on the verge of collapse. But a couple pairs of boxing gloves and an impromptu round of featherweight boxing give Matt and Amy a chance to settle their score.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Unseen video - "If Mike disappeared the Roloff family would be in complete disaster" - Zach Roloff

There are a couple of very interesting video clips of footage about the passing of close Roloff friend Mike Detjen that wasn't shown in the episode that was televised.

The first video is longer than what was shown on television. It stopped after the footage at the soccer game. This video includes Mike making the famous "Roloff burgers". The most interesting and poignant part of this video is what follows. A clip of Mike helping Jeremy with his truck that Mike gave him. Jeremy comments that Mike will always drop everything just to come help him. Zach then makes a comment that if Mike were to disappear off the face of the earth the Roloff family would be in complete disaster.

The second video includes Amy discussing with her friend Amy about what is a hero? I love Amy's following comment because it is very true about the power every person has to influence everybody they come into contact with. It is along the lines of that famous email story about how one small act of kindness - in the story it was a kid, helping another kid pick up their books and being friendly to them in high school ended up playing a role in saving someone who was contemplating suicide (I won't tell the whole story because I'm sure everybody has heard it!). This was Amy Roloff's statement, it's very true:

"Everyone can be a hero, because it's your every day thing. Once you start thinking outside yourself and do something for somebody else, that you might think is so minor, but to that person, it may have affected them in a way that inspires them."

The video also contains a scene of Mike Detjen's son - Tim Detjen, Tim's girlfriend Nicole, Zach, Jacob, Amy and Daniel Meichtry discussing Mike's sudden passing and how active he was. They joke about what Mike would have been like in a retirement home and Amy comments that she used to tell Mike not to worry because she would be there to help him.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Roloffs, Riding and Rockstars - Latest on the Roloff family

We're living up to our name - Keeping up with the Roloff family, by bringing you an exclusive interview and update about the latest adventures of the Roloffs family and perhaps material that will be featured on a future episode.

Sean with the company Rockstar - the energy drink, was gracious enough to answer a few questions, share several pictures and fill us in on a recent day with the Roloff family. As you can see by some of the pictures, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Jacob Roloff and Jacob Mueller participated.

You'll notice in the pictures, Jeremy's best friend, Jacob Mueller has a large bandage on his left hand. We're told by another source that apparently he severely cut his hand and needed to have surgery on it before Christmas.

Sean took the time to fill us in on the experience:
Q: For anybody that doesn't know, what is Rockstar?
Rockstar is an energy drink based in the U.S. We are the 3rd largest energy drink in the world and the largest in the Pacific Northwest. You can get any and all information by visiting our website at:
What is the connection between the bikes and Rockstar Energy drink?
Right now we are doing a promotion for retail stores involving 90cc Suzuki mini-motorcycles. An account has to meet certain requirements in terms of case quantities purchased, pricing, and in store displays. I won't go in to the details but the bikes are a promotional tool.
What type of bikes are they?
90cc Suzuki mini-motorcycles
How did Rockstar get involved with the Roloff family?
I met the roloffs at their farm during pumpkin season. I was introduced to Amy and the rest of the family by a friend of theirs. Amy asked if I would help participate in the DAAA golf tournament which I of course accepted. I offered to provide a motorcycle for the family as well as one to be auctioned off at the golf tournament.
When was this done/filmed?
This was filmed about 3 or 4 weeks ago.
It appears from the pictures that Amy, Jeremy, Zach rode the did they do? No wipe outs? Any of them look like they have a future in riding or look like a pro?
They all did fantastic. Amy went first and once she was rolling all was good. She did fall initially but that was a miscalculation due to turning too quick and not giving the bike enough gas. She was a trooper, got right up and was unstoppable. Both of the boys were instant successes. Jeremy was jumping off bumps and seeing how fast he could go. Zach was more reserved but pushed his limits as well. Mueller was the one I was most impressed with. He killed it from the start.
Did they all seem to enjoy it?
It was a blast. We all had a ton of fun tearing around the farm, finding hidden hips and jumps. Rockstar has a mini motorcycle race division which the family expressed interest in attending so that might be the next step in our motocross relationship.
Any funny or interesting stories to share about your time with the Roloffs?
Nothing that stands out other than they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are genuine people and appreciative of everything they have accomplished. They're lovely people who I hope to have many future dealings with.
Do you know when it's expected to be televised? Did they say if it would be in this portion of the season(4b) or not until the fall?
Not sure about an air date. The film crew didn't know what would be done with the future so it is all up in the air.
Thanks again to Sean for filling us in.

Video of Molly Roloff getting ready for her 8th grade graduation - talk of Molly dating

Here is a video preview of the February 23rd episode of Little People, Big World at 8pm on TLC.

Molly and her friends get their hair done in preparation for 8th grade graduation. The hairdresser talks to Molly about how Zach and Jeremy would react if she were to start dating.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 16th episode review - Matt Roloff back to Iraq

Just a few quick thoughts on the premiere episode of Season 4B of Little People, Big World.

I've already shared my thoughts on the whole mission and the good that Matt Roloff and TLC did by taking on this cause, so I don't have much to add.

The point that struck me the most was how appreciative the Iraqi kids were, even the eight-year-old girl. It's rare to see children express that much gratitude towards being helped. As Matt said, they capture your heart and make you really appreciate the conditions they're living in every day how fortunate you are. Those kids are inspirational.

It was a sweet gesture for Zach to make the video for the kids. It is evident how much more confident Zach has become with himself since the show began.

Next week is a return to more traditional Little People, Big World episodes that center around the Roloff family. As previously mentioned, it will be about Molly's graduation and Amy returning to Michigan with the kids.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Newsletter from Roloff Farms and more episode details

The Roloffs just sent another Newsletter about Season 4 Part B beginning tonight.


"Tune in as Little People, Big World returns! Tonight is the premiere of the second half of Season 4 (affectionately referred to by the family as... Season 4B).

This evening's episodes feature Matt's second life-changing trip to Iraq to deliver much needed medical assistance to an Iraqi family of little people living in a poverty stricken war zone.The Roloff family is very excited about this 20+ episode set, as it has something for everyone. Matt builds an enormous bridge on the farm, Amy leads the kids on a riverboat cruise and a tour of the South, the twins begin their senior year of high school, Molly graduates from 8th grade and attempts to get her driving permit, and even Jacob has his 'own' episode. :)

Tune in for this wonderful and inspiring season... as the Roloff family continue their raw and unfiltered journey through life's adventures."


Also, TLC released details about week three of the new season, for one of the half-hour episodes.

Mar 02, 8:00 pm

Little People, Big World

Somewhere in Time

Amy and the kids continue their visit with her parents in Michigan. There, she takes the kids to see the house she grew up in. It's an emotional moment for Amy as she tearfully recalls her decision to leave Michigan to start a new life in Oregon.

Mar 02, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World Where it all Began

(No description as of yet)

Cute Roloff family video and recent picture of the Roloff family

If TLC decides they want change the opening of the show (no disrespect to Joey Newman!), I think someone has just found the new theme song for Little People, Big World.

The Jeremy Roloff super fan, Jerslundgirl, somewhat famous in the world of Roloff fandom on the internet has made a cute Roloff tribute video to the theme of the 80's sitcom, 'Growing Pains'.

It's a cute video good for a smile. I feel like wanting to hug someone after viewing :-)

You'll see many photos of the Roloff family. It's nice for the Roloffs that they have so many family bonding moments caught in pictures. That's why Amy is always snapping pictures, even in the show.

If you want to see a recent picture of Molly, Zach and Jeremy Roloff (Jeremy Roloffs current hairstyle is apparently very important to people! We receive a lot of inquiries from people wanting to see Jeremy's latest appearance/haircut) towards the end of the video there is a picture of the three high school Roloff kids at their winter dance last month. They all look wonderful.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Recap of Matt and Amy Roloff on The Bonnie Hunt show last week

As promised, here is a recap of Matt and Amy Roloffs' interview on The Bonnie Hunt show last week.

For a talk show interview, it was good. They were on for about 10 minutes. Bonnie Hunt said she's a fan of the show and has seen every episode, so that always helps make for a better interview. However, on all talk show interviews, they're introducing the Roloffs to people who may have never heard about them before so the subjects tend to be old news to hardcore viewers.

Here are the highlights of how their interview went:

*They played the old clip where Jeremy was trying unsuccessfully to use a phonebook. Bonnie said anybody with kids can relate.

*Amy Roloff talked about adapting to a world where everything is taller than she is, using stools, etc.

*Amy said she didn't think she could have a traditional life, get married and have a family, she thought who would want to marry her?

*They discussed how they met at a LPA conference, they have different stories. Amy says she first saw Matt at a wrestling competition. Matt said he thought they first met at a basketball game. Bonnie Hunt joked that maybe he married the wrong person? Matt said sometimes he wonders. The audience groaned, so I don't think they got the joke :) Bonnie explained that Matt was just teasing.

*Bonnie said Amy is really something and women are in her corner as a mother.

*They talked about doing the show in the beginning. Amy said the usual stuff about not wanting TV to change her kids.

*Bonnie said growing up it was rare to know a little person and that's why she loves the show. Amy said that was Matt's goal, to show that they're just like regular people, they just come in a different package.

*Amy and Bonnie were talking about having great producers. Amy said they know her better than her friends and family. Matt said they film 16 to 18 hours a day, 5 days a week. He said there are rotating crews on 12 hour shifts.

*They talked about dealing with criticism, such as the messy house. Amy said it's hard because they aren't actors playing a part, this is who they are.

*Matt said if she's asking about the kids and criticism, they know the kids would either cave under the pressure or flourish and be resilient and he thinks it has been the latter. Amy said it's because they didn't care, that's who they are.

*Bonnie mentioned Matt's DUII and how he was public about it, there were three episodes. Amy said unfortunately it happened, it's part of their life and the show is a story of their lives. Matt said criticisms are a part of life, he's always been ridiculed for being little people and some people are positive about the show and others want to nitpick.

-Matt thanked Bonnie for not picking on him for wearing an ascot. Bonnie Hunt had joked with the first guest about wearing an ascot. Matt said he put it on as joke. Bonnie said their kids will wonder what Dad is thinking. Amy said Jeremy is probably thinking 'Is he remotely trying to be stylish?' When Matt took it off, it very long and reached the floor. Matt said "Little People, Big Ascot right there."

That portion of the interview is on this video clip from the Bonnie Hunt website.

They talked about what will be on the new part of this season. Matt's return to Iraq, the family vacation down south, the Mississippi river, Amy mentioned that they help out from hurricane Katrina and she thinks Molly learns to drive in this part of the season.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Matt Roloff interview with the Vancouver Sun - How things have changed for the Roloff family

Matt Roloff did a new interview with the Vancouver Sun. They did an article about him a couple of years ago. The theme is about how things have changed for the Roloffs since the last time they talked to Matt.

To summarize the notable parts of the article:

*Matt reiterates that when Little People, Big World began in 2006 only Matt and Jeremy were in favor of the show. Zach disliked the show the most.

*Today, Matt says they've all adjusted well including Zach and Amy.

*Matt says Amy's opinion about the show has changed the most. Amy's expressed this in her speeches and interviews as well. Matt says Amy doesn't just tolerate the show now, she embraces it.

*Matt thinks the show is successful because they don't "tidy up" for the cameras and it appears authentic.

*The article states: "And while the show has underwritten house renovations and ensured the kids' education, Matt will tell you that the best thing that ever happened to his family was buying that farm after he and Amy married in 1987."

*This past pumpkin season attracted over 50,000 visitors.

* Matt is confident that when the show is eventually finished, the kids will do well and drift back into normal society.

*Matt states that he's looking ahead to the end of the show. He says he looks forward to slowing down, reading and finishing projects around the farm.

*He points out that Amy is the one who is now more out in the public.

*About the upcoming season, Matt says Jeremy and Zach are talking college, Molly's grade 8 graduation and he mentions Jacob's experience hiking in Michigan (the previously mentioned tick).

You can read the full article here:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sneak previews for Little People, Big World - Matt Roloff returns to Iraq

Here are three sneak previews for the premiere episode of Season 4 Part B. These episodes will be shown next Monday, February 16th.

Matt and Amy discuss the dangers of him returning to Iraq

Matt prepares to leave for Iraq again

A touching clip of Matt in the hospital with one of the children, Bara, the eight year old girl, after her surgery

Some people have questioned the motives of Matt and TLC for going to Iraq (good publicity), however, I think the most important thing is that these kids received treatment they would not have otherwise received if Matt and TLC weren't prepared to take this on. True, good publicity does come along with doing something like this, but that's not what is important. They helped those kids and for that I commend them. It wouldn't have had an impact that it did if Matt didn't get personally involved.

Most important of all, I think of how comforting it must be for an Iraqi child to have a visitor that has looks somewhat similar to them, who has been through surgeries and is there to provide support and comfort. I imagine Matt was the only adult with dwarfism present. They did a great thing and I think everybody involved should be proud of themselves - the soldier that befriended the family and contacted Matt, Matt for pursuing this and making it happen, TLC for investing the time and resources to go along with it and the surgeon and all medical personnel for traveling into a war zone to help this family.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Matt and Amy Roloff will be guests on the Bonnie Hunt show Wednesday Feb 11

Sorry this is late notice; Matt and Amy Roloff are scheduled to be guests on The Bonnie Hunt talk show Wednesday February 11th.

We'll try to have a recap of the Roloffs segment tomorrow for those of you that missed it or don't get that show in your area.

From Bonnie Hunt's website:

Wednesday, February 11th -

Rob Morrow ('Numb3rs'): Bonnie is pleased to welcome this Golden Globe-nominated actor to the show. She'll find out about this new show he's developing staring her friend Hilary Duff (who was just on the show the previous day!)

Chef Cat Cora ('Iron Chef America'): She's the tough, southern, and only female Iron Chef and she's back in our kitchen showing Bonnie a new recipe. The last time she put bacon in ice cream, tune in to see what delicious dish she's creating this round.

Matt & Amy Roloff ('Little People, Big World'): From the hit TLC reality program, Bonnie welcomes the patriarchs of the Roloff family. They both are little people whose kids are of regular and little person stature. Hear their inspirational story of raising kids and taking care of their family all the while dealing with the challenges of a world not geared to people of their size.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Interesting Matt and Amy interview - Kids get weekly paycheck from the family corporation, rumors about Matt's health...

Matt and Amy did another interview, this one appeared to have a different tone to it. I thought the questions were on the hard-hitting side. I don't know if it was intended to be that way, but it made for an interesting, quick interview. Although the "rumors" that Matt had a heart attack seemed to come out of the blue.

To quickly summarize:

*Matt said the kids have thick skins and sometimes the critics are right. Sometimes they have to say 'yeah I do have to work on that'.

*Matt says sometimes it is a cat and mouse game with the cameras and the kids. Molly wanted to practice driving without the cameras.

*Amy was asked the same question Oprah asked them about ending the show if the kids said they hated doing the show. Amy answered "If they ever came to us and said, "Under no circumstances," then we would have to have a family discussion about what is best for everyone, and then it would be over."

*They were asked if what the viewers see are real. Amy said those moments don't represent the last or the next 20 years. That answered seemed a bit evasive to me. I think that's a tricky question for Matt and Amy. In the past, Matt and Amy, particularly Matt has suggested that what the viewers see is not accurate. However, if they're too forceful with that sentiment, will people want to watch if what they see isn't really what happens?

*Matt was asked if the show influenced his DUII trial.

*They were asked if it is so hard being in the spotlight, why do they continue to do it. Matt replied that they're committed to sharing their story as painful as it can be "like when the kids to stupid stuff or even my DUI. The funny part is that the very stuff you don't want to share is the stuff that makes the most compelling television."

*Matt and Amy Roloff were asked about Jon and Kate Gosselin receiving criticism regarding child labor laws. Matt answered: "We can't speak for the Gosselins, but our kids have gotten a lot of benefits from the show, including a weekly paycheck from the family corporation.

It is rare for Matt to volunteer that information, certainly about the Roloff kids getting paid for doing the show. They were always very quiet about discussing that subject.

*They were asked about the "hints" that Matt suffered a heart attack? Amy said Matt's health is just fine.

*They were asked to give advice for marriages. Amy said it's all about give and take.

Read the full interview here:

Episode previews for Feb 23rd - Jacob gets a tick

As previously mentioned, new episodes of Little People Big World return February 16th - Matt returns to Iraq.

However, the previews are out for the following week, the second week of new episodes. The 8:00-8:30pm slot will be about Molly's eight grade graduation. The 8:30pm - 9:00pm episode will feature Amy and the kids traveling to Michigan to visit Amy's family. The preview states, Amy's father, Gordon Knight, takes the kids on a hike, however it turns chaotic when Jacob gets a tick and they can't get rid of it.

OK, if there is a betting pool and the Roloff family goes swimming and one member of the family gets stung by a jellyfish, my money is on Jacob! If they go hiking and one member of the family gets a tick, my money is on Jacob!

If the Roloffs ever do some sort of activity where one member of the family is injured or encounters any kind of discomfort and the afflicted member is not Jacob, it will be shocking! :-) Poor kid.

Feb 16, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World Back to Iraq: Part 1

Matt and an orthopedic surgeon return to the Middle East to perform leg straightening operations on Ali and Bara?a, two of the dwarf children Matt met on his first trip to Iraq.

Feb 16, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World Back to Iraq: Part 2

Matt and an orthopedic surgeon return to the Middle East to perform leg straightening operations on two of the dwarf children Matt met on his first trip to Iraq.

Feb 23, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World

The Graduate

Matt and Amy's great expectations are realized when Molly is named valedictorian of her 8th grade class. But Amy has her hands full when Molly refuses to give a speech and picks a graduation dress that violates the school dress code.

Feb 23, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World

Michigan Knights

Amy takes the kids to visit her family, the Knights, in Michigan. Amy's father, Gordon, takes his grandkids hiking in the woods but the idyllic scene turns to chaos when Jacob gets a tick, and no one seems to know how to get rid of it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Matt Roloff guest honor at New Mexico State University

It appears as though Matt and Amy are both receiving a number of speaking engagments and different events of that nature.

In addition to Matt's event in Saratoga, California on February 12th, Matt will be the guest of honor at New Mexico State University during the annual Innoventure competition Feb. 20.

Reminder about the show dealing with Mike Detjen's passing

Just a reminder to all the people who missed the broadcast the first time around, TLC will be airing the episode dealing with the passing of Mike Dejten on Monday February 9th at 8pm - 9pm. It will be on again from 11pm to midnight.

We're only a week away from new episodes. Season four continues February 16th at 8pm on TLC.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More new episode details released - Molly's 8th grade graduation and the Roloff summer road trip

More details for the new episodes of Little People, Big World have been released. As previously stated, Season 4, Part B will begin with new episodes Feb. 16th.

The Feb 16th show will be about Matt returning to Iraq while the surgeon performs surgery for the Iraqi children.

The following week will include Molly being named the valedictorian of her 8th grade class but refusing to give a speech and picking a graduation dress that violates the school dress code.

Expect most of the season to be about Amy and the kids traveling. These episodes were filmed throughout the summer of 2008. They started out visiting Amy's family in Michigan and Mackinaw Island. The LPA convention was in Detroit, Michigan around the same time. Amy and the kids continued traveling for most of the summer.

You can read the full article about it here:

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jeremy, Zach and their friends jumping trucks and gang names

Changing gears from the last flurry of relaxing Amy motivational speech videos and articles, here is something exciting for the more adventurous people.

The friends of Jeremy and Zach jumping trucks!

You'll recall the episode about the twins and their friends "mudding". This is an extension of that. Jeremy and Zach Roloff are not present in these particular videos, although Jeremy was present last April when another one of their friends crashed his truck in a sand pit while they were "mudding".

If you watch the show closely, you'll recognize the names Scott and Dan in these videos. Another friend, Jake, is seen in the videos. He's appeared in several episodes as well.

As an added note, if the user-name DBUtacoma looks vaguely familiar to you, there is a reason for that. DBU is the name of Jeremy's, Zach's and their friends' gang. If you watched the preview closely when Jeremy talks about getting a tattoo, he says "All of us are going to get "that" tattooed in a private place". When he says "that", the camera pans to the lettering "DBU" laid out on the floor. They want to get tattoos of their gang name. Also when Jeremy, Zach and two of their friends, Jacob Mueller and Bryan were writing "welcome back" messages on Amy's van, on one of the windows they signed it DBU.

Enough talking, for those truck jumping enthusiasts, here are the videos of the friends of Jeremy and Zach Roloff.

The dare-devil jump by Jeremy and Zach's friend Scott.

Dan, in the "DBU" blazer.

Another jump:

This is a longer video:

If you're into this type of thing, there are a few more videos listed to the right of this video on You Tube.

Video of Amy at Texas A&M

Part of her speech and an interview.

Recap of Amy's speech at Texas A&M's 'Social justice week'

There is a nice recap of Amy's speech from Monday at Texas A&M. She spoke as part of 'social justice week.
I think everybody can agree with Amy's words here:
"We're always trying to change ourselves, to meet someone else's expectations or meet what society thinks we should be, instead of, "I'm going to take what I have and be the best that I can be with what I've got because that's good enough.'"
You can find the whole article about Amy's speech here:

Monday, February 2, 2009

Amy to speak this week at Texas A&M 'social justice week

This week Amy is a speaker at Texas A&M for their "Social Justice Week".

Each day during "social justice week" they'll address issues such as sexism, racism and classism. A representative from "The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource center, who will also be participating in "Social justice week" says it calls attention to communities that are often under-represented and misunderstood.

When I read something like this, Matt or Amy Roloff being a guest speaker at a function like this one, I can't help think of only one thing - yes you know what's coming - but honestly how can the whole Jeremy issue be ignored? This is the basis of the whole issue. Guest speakers invited to a diversity seminar should not have kids that use hate speech words that are offensive to 3/4 of the other speakers in the room! And if other speakers did have kids who used these words, I would hope that they would expect their son to apologize and have a reaction other than wanting people to ignore it.

If Amy honestly feels they are unfairly labeled hypocrites, I would love for all the guest speakers of the various issues and diverse groups, to gather in a room and for Amy to tell the other speakers what Jeremy and his friends, who she feels are "great kids", what they have said about the various groups the speakers belong to. I would like for Amy to explain to them that she doesn't feel that Jeremy should have apologized, the public should just let it go and let her son continue make demeaning jokes about the other minority groups.

If Amy and Matt truly feel the hypocrite label is unfair, I would love for her to explain this issue at an event like this with this assortment of speakers and for her to see what kind of reaction she would get.

You can read the whole article about this event here: