Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Matt and Amy Roloff will be guests on the Bonnie Hunt show Wednesday Feb 11

Sorry this is late notice; Matt and Amy Roloff are scheduled to be guests on The Bonnie Hunt talk show Wednesday February 11th.

We'll try to have a recap of the Roloffs segment tomorrow for those of you that missed it or don't get that show in your area.

From Bonnie Hunt's website:

Wednesday, February 11th -

Rob Morrow ('Numb3rs'): Bonnie is pleased to welcome this Golden Globe-nominated actor to the show. She'll find out about this new show he's developing staring her friend Hilary Duff (who was just on the show the previous day!)

Chef Cat Cora ('Iron Chef America'): She's the tough, southern, and only female Iron Chef and she's back in our kitchen showing Bonnie a new recipe. The last time she put bacon in ice cream, tune in to see what delicious dish she's creating this round.

Matt & Amy Roloff ('Little People, Big World'): From the hit TLC reality program, Bonnie welcomes the patriarchs of the Roloff family. They both are little people whose kids are of regular and little person stature. Hear their inspirational story of raising kids and taking care of their family all the while dealing with the challenges of a world not geared to people of their size.



Janet said...

I've never seen this show, but I'll look for it today!

Anonymous said...

Great show!