Monday, February 2, 2009

Amy to speak this week at Texas A&M 'social justice week

This week Amy is a speaker at Texas A&M for their "Social Justice Week".

Each day during "social justice week" they'll address issues such as sexism, racism and classism. A representative from "The Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Resource center, who will also be participating in "Social justice week" says it calls attention to communities that are often under-represented and misunderstood.

When I read something like this, Matt or Amy Roloff being a guest speaker at a function like this one, I can't help think of only one thing - yes you know what's coming - but honestly how can the whole Jeremy issue be ignored? This is the basis of the whole issue. Guest speakers invited to a diversity seminar should not have kids that use hate speech words that are offensive to 3/4 of the other speakers in the room! And if other speakers did have kids who used these words, I would hope that they would expect their son to apologize and have a reaction other than wanting people to ignore it.

If Amy honestly feels they are unfairly labeled hypocrites, I would love for all the guest speakers of the various issues and diverse groups, to gather in a room and for Amy to tell the other speakers what Jeremy and his friends, who she feels are "great kids", what they have said about the various groups the speakers belong to. I would like for Amy to explain to them that she doesn't feel that Jeremy should have apologized, the public should just let it go and let her son continue make demeaning jokes about the other minority groups.

If Amy and Matt truly feel the hypocrite label is unfair, I would love for her to explain this issue at an event like this with this assortment of speakers and for her to see what kind of reaction she would get.

You can read the whole article about this event here:


Rap541 said...

Well. First we need to accept that Amy and Matt do not speak on diversity for free and remember that these speeched are a source of income, and not being done from the heart with no thought of reward. This is a job for Matt and Amy and gay money is as good as straight.

I honestly don't know how Matt and Amy feel on say, homosexuality, or other races, or other religions, because they have sent two completely messages on this. The first message, to sum up, is "Don't treat people differently just because they look different". The second message is "It's not really a big deal, and it's kinda sad that we have to tell our kids to watch what they say".

I feel like if Matt and Amy really don't understand why people are calling them hypocrits then they aren't as bright as they portray themselves. But really? I have an unpleasant feeling that they spend a lot of time laughing at the fans - and by that I mean both the people who have a problem with Jeremy's casually racist comments and the people who run to defend the Roloffs as the best family ever don't you haters dare say one negative word hater hater hater!

I honestly wonder some times if some of the folks who virulently defend the Roloffs really understand that all they are to the Roloffs are dollar signs.

Sheri said...

Rap, the Roloff family are Christians. They would not disrespect people by laughing at their support. They share their lives for our enjoyment and for the betterment of Little People awareness. They open their home up to visitiors for an entire month. Amy repeatedly has spoken about the joy she gets from speaking to fans of the show.

Matt has mentioned that he gets a chuckle out of some of the criticisms written about the family because of how wrong they are, but they would not disrespect fellow Christians that support them by laughing at us.

rap541 said...

So people who don't like the Roloffs are fair game? And not Christians? Good enough for the Roloffs to take their money - the Roloffs do allow gays on the farm despite their Christian values - but not good enough to be respected?

Sheri - we've been through this before. If Matt is laughing at people for believing Matt in how his family is presented, then Matt is not presenting reality, Matt is presenting a lie.

No one is allowed onto Roloff Farms without it profiting the Roloff Family. That's not opening one's home, that's opening a business. I've seen the site when the fans were planning to go and the moderators instructins were very clear. No one cared that fans were coming, and you stand in line and buy a pumpkin.

Sheri - are you saying you believe Amy is doing her speaking for free? Or are you saying that Amy deserves to be paid beause her message is so fantastic? Because I know people, good Christian people, who will do diversity speeches for free just to get the word out. Matt and Amy do not show up just for anyone's get together, they show up for whoever offers them money. I understand your point, but you're giving the Roloffs credit for "giving" when they are not. They would NOT do the show without being paid. They do NOT speak about dwarfism for free. Please do not present two paid professional speakers as "doing it for Christ and LP awareness only god bless those saints" because thats what Matt and Amy are laughing at. For such incredible Christians, I see very little Christian behavior in their home.

So far, all you have convinced me of is that Christians think they have the right to look down on others and hate who they please because they are better than everyone else. Having been to church a time or two, I know that isn't Christ's message and it saddens me that so many of the fans of the Roloffs viciously defend the Roloffs with namecalling and hate in the name of Christianity.

Sheri said...

Rap, Matt chuckles at people who are critical of the Roloffs for not being perfect and who act like they (the person criticizing) is perfect.

Money is a part of life. They do the show, it's successful for TLC, they get their share. However, that's not their primary motivation for doing the show. They've put themselves on display to spread LP awareness. I've seen the articles where little people talk about how they appreciate the Roloffs. Matt and Amy have spoken about hearing from LP kids who tell them they no longer get teased. They deserve our respect.

I also commend them for having the courage to talk about their love of Christ openly. We need more people in America that aren't reluctant to talk about God in the media.

I don't know what you're suggesting. The Roloffs charge a small fee at pumpkin time. Being a Christian does not exclude one from making a living. There are not many TV shows where you are able to pay less than $10, tour the "set" and meet the stars. The Roloffs do it because they are humble people grounded by their love of Christ.

The Roloffs don't hate.

Rap51 said...

So you would agree that the christian Roloffs *love* all includuimg the niggers gays kikes and beaners?*

*using jeremy's words since they are so christian. You agree Jeremy's words are christian right? Jeremy *as a Christian* loves the niggers, gays, kikes, and beaners, using his loving terms?

You do *agree* with Jeremy, right? You love the niggers, gays, Kikes, and beaners because you are Christian? Right? You will publically state this ?

Carol said...

I watched the video and it is very hypocritical and deceiving when Amy talks about accepting other groups knowing what Jeremy's language and attitude is like.

Melissa said...

Rap51, that's just the way kids talk. Jeremy doesn't really know what he's saying. He doesn't know the historical significance some of those words.

I don't think Jeremy was being hateful. He was just being a stupid kid trying to sound cool, like a lot of kids. Jeremy is typical of most teenagers.

Carol, Amy is not Jeremy. Amy didn't say those things or mock them. I don't think she is hypocritical.

Rap541 said...

Melissa, as a fan,you will then state that Jeremy loves "gays, niggers, kikes, and beaners" yes? You believe he wasn't mocking so you have no problem sating you know his state of mind and you know he has no problem with these racial groups? Since *you* know?

Rap541 said...

To go further, to be *clear* Melissa, you think Amy should not bear any blame for Jeremy her son calling anyone a racist name since he's 18 and a man who bears his own blame for his actions, correct? You understand that if Jeremy calls someone a *nigger* he bears all the blame because he is old enough to understand what *nigger* means and his parents can't be blamed so when Jeremy is calling people *racist* words, it is *entirely* because Jeremy knows better?

You do understand that he's not a child? And you are playing games about his racism? He's a child! He is a kid! Kids aren't racist! But don't blame him parents! so WHEN Jeremy calls someone the n-word, Melissa declares the "he's a kid" arguement and the "his parents can't be blamed for how their child acts" so Jeremy is FREE to say NIGGER! to who ever! AND NO ONE IS TO BLAME!

Right? It just comes out of Jeremy's sweet christian mouth and bless that sweet christian boy, it isn't his fault since he's a widdle boy at 18 bless us he's so cutiepie!

Zoloft said...

"Jeremy doesn't really know what he's saying. He doesn't know the historical significance some of those words. "

Is Jeremy retarded? A moron? Is it ok to say that Jeremy Roloff is mentally defective? Because he can understand how to drive machinery but he's too dumb and mentally impaired to understand how to not be rude?

If he doesn't understand the words he says, is it ok to say he's mentally defective? Because FYI thats pretty much the definition of mentally defective and I would be a lot more understanding of Jeremy's failings if his parents were admitting the poor kid is too mentally impaired at 15-18 to understand name calling is wrong.

I am waiting for Matt and Amy to state this. Until then, I think someone Jeremy's age *when the show started* should know better than to use the n-word.

Melissa said...

It's not uncommon for kids to not know the historical meaning of words. No, Jeremy is not mentally defective.

Words change over time. To kids, the N word is affectionate. They don't know what that word once symbolized and that's not how Jeremy used it.

I know his state of mind because I know the context he said it in. A lot of kids use it in that context and they aren't racist.

I don't know Jeremy's feelings on all those groups, but I know better than to make a conclusion based on teen speak. Jeremy says he's not racist.

Jeremy is a teen and teens say things parents don't approve of sometimes. They swear curse, etc. A child cursing is not the same as the parent cursing.

Melissa said...

Furthermore, I don't know Jeremy's stance on gay people - a lot of religious Christians don't approve, but I think people are reading too much into some immature teen joking. I'm not going to say Jeremy hates all gay people because he jokingly called his friend a "fa*git hole".

Anne B said...

Excuse me, Jeremy Roloff is a Christian boy.

Why should he be "tolerant" of gay people? Do you also want him to be "tolerant" of drug addicts, terrorists, murderers and rapists too?

Jeremy has a right to have his opinions and if he wants to make a joke about gay people he has that right as a Christian. He's not promoting hatred or violence. He's making a joke about sexual behavior Christians don't find acceptable in God's world.

Dana said...

Anne B, I agree 100%. Society has become too PC. People can't say anything without somebody getting offended. Jeremy did nothing wrong. He was speaking to his friends.

rap541 said...

Wow, Christians stand up for hatespeech and proudly declare it Christian.

Being gay is not against the law. Being black is not against the law.

In the bible, in Leviticus, the same section that has the problem with gays, God pretty clearly outlines that deformed people are unclean and not allowed in the temple.

Christians here? Who think Jeremy has a right as a christian to be vile in his speech about gays and blacks? The Bible says the same thing about dwarfs. Its Christian to mock the unclean and Matt, Zach and Amy have no right to ticked off if they are treated as less because like the gays, the Bible clearly states that they ARE less. Why should we be tolerant of them?

Melissa, you're clearly stating that an uppermiddle class young man with access to the media, the internet and to popular media has no idea n-word has a meaning other than buddy. You're also stating that he has no idea about beaner or faggit - even though he's used all three words in the racist context along with the collequial sense. Do you really think he thoiught "that beaner place" was affectionate?

You say you don'tknow his mind, but you're insisting you know he meant "that beaner place" as affection. Personally, I am not ready to say Jeremy "hates all gays" but I will say he and his family are hypocrits for having a problem with their family being namecalled "midgets" but not really giving two craps about anyone else.

Oh wait, are you subscribing to the "He's Christian so he's allowed by God to treat people badly, shut up you godless scum and accept Jeremy's comments as being your better" view?

Melissa said...

[[Being black is not against the law.]]

Rap, that's a foolish thing to say. Jeremy is not racist. He spoke like the majority of teens do. They use it as an affectionate term. Jeremy says he has black friends. I've seen a picture of Jeremy with a black girl at his school. They were both smiling. He's not a racist.

The only reason I differtiated between Jeremy's feeling words about race vs homosexuality is because he is a Christian and most like dislikes that behavior. I doubt he hates gay people, but he could be less likely to be friends with a gay person than a black person.

Amy is correct. People like you or blowing this way out of proportion. It's teenage talk and using words to have different meanings than they once did. You're out of line to declare Jeremy a racist for something most teens, both black and white.

Yes, I believe Jeremy and all the other teens like him don't know the N word is still very hurtful to some people because of the history attached to it. I don't think Jeremy knows and understands how his calling a friend "Hey wazzup N word" is being racist.

The word has been disensitized by pop culture and teens.

Brandon said...

I love how people that defend Jeremy's language (funny how his physical mocking/posing for pictures gets ignored) by saying society is too politically correct and blah blah.

But amazingly, these people defending Jeremy with that excuse aren't bothered by Jeremy and the Roloffs being "PC" and not wanting the word "midget" used.

It's so hypocritical. It's like banging your head against a wall.

Honestly, I think it's because, especially with the gay mocking, the people defending it (including the Roloffs) are prejudiced against gay people and that's why they don't see how making jokes and words like f*g and phrases like "gay bragging f*ggot" aren't that bad.

A prejudiced person isn't going to be able to see why it's wrong or care about group being targetted.

Zoloft said...

"Yes, I believe Jeremy and all the other teens like him don't know the N word is still very hurtful to some people because of the history attached to it. I don't think Jeremy knows and understands how his calling a friend "Hey wazzup N word" is being racist."

So you think a reasonably well educated white teenager raised in the suburbs of Portland, by two parents who work the diversity circuit, who has clearly been exposed to the media, and to the world(the kids aren't being raised Amish in other words) has NO IDEA that N-word is hurtful?

You don't think that sounds the slightest bit ridiculous? Jeremy JUST NEVER KNEW it was wrong.He's internet savvy enough to have a Myspace and to be into rap music - and its never once dawned on him? I mean did he say "Hey nigga bitch!" to Oprah? After all, why not? He DOESN'T KNOW ITS WRONG SO OPRAH WOULD HAVE JUST SMILED AT HIM, right? He heard it on the rap cd Mom and Dad bought him and just assumed "my nigga ho" is a casual greeting and EVERYONE AROUND HIM just... agreed?

If Jeremy made it to 18 calling people niggers, fags and beaners, and his parents never once corrected him or explained what those words really meant - then that tells me exactly how little the Roloffs care about diversity. Imagine hearing your boy call someone a nigger and never once correctiving them.

We are ASSUMING that Matt and Amy are old enough to understand n-word is wrong, right? Or is that the next defense?

Rap541 said...

"I love how people that defend Jeremy's language (funny how his physical mocking/posing for pictures gets ignored) by saying society is too politically correct and blah blah."

Brandon I noticed this as well, that Jeremy's pretend to be gay kissing pictures clearly indicate that Jeremy understands that faggothole doesn't mean best bud. I think this is where "He's christian so its ok for him to treat gays like they are garbage" arguement comes from.

Meanwhile, while he's apparently picked up that "gay bragging faggot" is his Christian right as a man to say, he's never ever not once ever been told that N-word is not socially appropriate. Because Jeremy has no idea that N-word has a negative connotation.

I find it hard to believe that Matt and Amy, as *Christians* have never explained to their children why n-word is not appropriate. Because that was covered in my sunday school when I was five. Thats some awesome parenting there, Matt and Amy!

justworkinghere said...

I don't care for Jeremy's language, but it is fairly common among todays youth. I won' hang Jeremy for the culture.

Why do some demand an apology? Those that demand apologies just want a pound of Roloff flesh and no better than the attitude they protest. JMO.

Anonymous said...

All of you have opinions, i have facts. Jeremy loves all people. He is one of the most kind warm hearted people you could possibly meet. Have any of you ever spent the afternoon with him? NO. Then stop throwing crazy statements out there. Jer has never EVER spoken badly of another human. Did you not consider for a second that somebody could have hijacked his myspace?

Brandon said...

Anon @ 11:23pm, if you're trying to say you're a friend of Jeremy's, you should know that the cat is out of the bag. Matt and Amy have admitted it is true. Jeremy did not get "hijacked".

Trying to deny it at this point just makes you look silly. Don't you think if it was not true Jeremy, Matt, Amy, somebody would have said by now that Jeremy was framed? Instead they've called it "inappropriate" language.

Jeremy did call Mexico "that beaner place"
Jeremy did pose in mocking pictures to mock gays.
Jeremy did use the word fa*got numerous times.
Jeremy did call Mike Detjen the N word
Jeremy did use the N word a ton of times.
Jeremy has said people shouldn't say "midget" because it's hurful.

Jeremy did insult fans and call them losers that suck the unsuckable with his friends.

Yeah, that's really the most warm-hearted guy around [::rolls eyes::]

If you are a friend of Jeremy's (and I'm sure you will deny this now because it's the internet), I'm willing to bet you're white, Christian and have known him for a few years.

The issue with Jeremy is not how he treats people who are exactly like him - it's how he treats everybody else and people who aren't in his inner circle.

That's where Jeremy is a disgrace.

Roxanne said...

Anonymous, I find it hard to believe you hang out with Jeremy and honestly say Jeremy has never spoken badly about another human. That's ridiculous! Like Brandon said it is 100% truth. People saw Jeremy speak badly about MANY MANY humans so I don't know how you could say that and think you would be believed.