Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Feb 16th episode review - Matt Roloff back to Iraq

Just a few quick thoughts on the premiere episode of Season 4B of Little People, Big World.

I've already shared my thoughts on the whole mission and the good that Matt Roloff and TLC did by taking on this cause, so I don't have much to add.

The point that struck me the most was how appreciative the Iraqi kids were, even the eight-year-old girl. It's rare to see children express that much gratitude towards being helped. As Matt said, they capture your heart and make you really appreciate the conditions they're living in every day how fortunate you are. Those kids are inspirational.

It was a sweet gesture for Zach to make the video for the kids. It is evident how much more confident Zach has become with himself since the show began.

Next week is a return to more traditional Little People, Big World episodes that center around the Roloff family. As previously mentioned, it will be about Molly's graduation and Amy returning to Michigan with the kids.


Margaret said...

Zach really has grown. I really like him and hope nothing but continued success in the future.

Gerry said...

Honestly, it was nice they did it, but it made for a boring episode. LPBW is really about the Roloff family.

Allison said...

I agree with the comments about Zach. He has really grown up on the show. Zach looked and sounded more like a man than a kid.

Brokenwing said...

Zach does have more self confidence. Some people criticize Matt and Amy for putting their kids on TV, but this is another reason (on top of all the things the kids have been able to experience because of the show, ie. travel) that the show had benefits for the kids.

The show has made Zach more confident. I don't think he would have comfortable talking in front of people, even if it was for a video and had the air of confidence that he did if he wasn't on the show these last three years.