Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jeremy, Zach and their friends jumping trucks and gang names

Changing gears from the last flurry of relaxing Amy motivational speech videos and articles, here is something exciting for the more adventurous people.

The friends of Jeremy and Zach jumping trucks!

You'll recall the episode about the twins and their friends "mudding". This is an extension of that. Jeremy and Zach Roloff are not present in these particular videos, although Jeremy was present last April when another one of their friends crashed his truck in a sand pit while they were "mudding".

If you watch the show closely, you'll recognize the names Scott and Dan in these videos. Another friend, Jake, is seen in the videos. He's appeared in several episodes as well.

As an added note, if the user-name DBUtacoma looks vaguely familiar to you, there is a reason for that. DBU is the name of Jeremy's, Zach's and their friends' gang. If you watched the preview closely when Jeremy talks about getting a tattoo, he says "All of us are going to get "that" tattooed in a private place". When he says "that", the camera pans to the lettering "DBU" laid out on the floor. They want to get tattoos of their gang name. Also when Jeremy, Zach and two of their friends, Jacob Mueller and Bryan were writing "welcome back" messages on Amy's van, on one of the windows they signed it DBU.

Enough talking, for those truck jumping enthusiasts, here are the videos of the friends of Jeremy and Zach Roloff.

The dare-devil jump by Jeremy and Zach's friend Scott.

Dan, in the "DBU" blazer.

Another jump:

This is a longer video:

If you're into this type of thing, there are a few more videos listed to the right of this video on You Tube.


Carol said...

It looks like fun, but how long before one of these kids kill themselves? The parents are crazy!

Justin said...

The first jump was awesome.

The whole "name" thing is a bit juvenile. Aren't they almost finished high school?

Melissa said...

Wait, I'm confused. They crashed? Was Jeremy okay?

Greg said...


Carol, it's their life, it's their trucks. You can do what you want with yours, let them do what they want with theirs.

Mike R said...

Awesome air on the "not pussy" jump!!!

kyle said...

scotts da man. he put dan to shame.

Carol said...


I didn't say they can't do it. Kids do stupid things. It's the parents job to stop them.

I'm alarmed people are applauding. That truck could have flipped over when he landed. He could have lost control after coming down and spun out.

Will Scott's funeral be next years finale? They aren't professional stunt men.

Mike R said...

Carol - Some people live life. Others are afraid of life.

Go Scott!!!!

Anonymous said...

Its true about the truck flip. I found this photo.

Anonymous said...

These kids are just plain out of control.....and their mom & dad are clueless......they should be spending more time at home worrying about their normal kids than on the road talking about their own "disability" as dwarfs that is earning them so stinking much money!!!!!

Anonymous said...

all you old people suck. this is what kids do to have fun. like you old people never did anything daring and thrilling when you were young.

maybe you didn't and your jealous that you wasted your youthful years.