Sunday, February 15, 2009

Recap of Matt and Amy Roloff on The Bonnie Hunt show last week

As promised, here is a recap of Matt and Amy Roloffs' interview on The Bonnie Hunt show last week.

For a talk show interview, it was good. They were on for about 10 minutes. Bonnie Hunt said she's a fan of the show and has seen every episode, so that always helps make for a better interview. However, on all talk show interviews, they're introducing the Roloffs to people who may have never heard about them before so the subjects tend to be old news to hardcore viewers.

Here are the highlights of how their interview went:

*They played the old clip where Jeremy was trying unsuccessfully to use a phonebook. Bonnie said anybody with kids can relate.

*Amy Roloff talked about adapting to a world where everything is taller than she is, using stools, etc.

*Amy said she didn't think she could have a traditional life, get married and have a family, she thought who would want to marry her?

*They discussed how they met at a LPA conference, they have different stories. Amy says she first saw Matt at a wrestling competition. Matt said he thought they first met at a basketball game. Bonnie Hunt joked that maybe he married the wrong person? Matt said sometimes he wonders. The audience groaned, so I don't think they got the joke :) Bonnie explained that Matt was just teasing.

*Bonnie said Amy is really something and women are in her corner as a mother.

*They talked about doing the show in the beginning. Amy said the usual stuff about not wanting TV to change her kids.

*Bonnie said growing up it was rare to know a little person and that's why she loves the show. Amy said that was Matt's goal, to show that they're just like regular people, they just come in a different package.

*Amy and Bonnie were talking about having great producers. Amy said they know her better than her friends and family. Matt said they film 16 to 18 hours a day, 5 days a week. He said there are rotating crews on 12 hour shifts.

*They talked about dealing with criticism, such as the messy house. Amy said it's hard because they aren't actors playing a part, this is who they are.

*Matt said if she's asking about the kids and criticism, they know the kids would either cave under the pressure or flourish and be resilient and he thinks it has been the latter. Amy said it's because they didn't care, that's who they are.

*Bonnie mentioned Matt's DUII and how he was public about it, there were three episodes. Amy said unfortunately it happened, it's part of their life and the show is a story of their lives. Matt said criticisms are a part of life, he's always been ridiculed for being little people and some people are positive about the show and others want to nitpick.

-Matt thanked Bonnie for not picking on him for wearing an ascot. Bonnie Hunt had joked with the first guest about wearing an ascot. Matt said he put it on as joke. Bonnie said their kids will wonder what Dad is thinking. Amy said Jeremy is probably thinking 'Is he remotely trying to be stylish?' When Matt took it off, it very long and reached the floor. Matt said "Little People, Big Ascot right there."

That portion of the interview is on this video clip from the Bonnie Hunt website.

They talked about what will be on the new part of this season. Matt's return to Iraq, the family vacation down south, the Mississippi river, Amy mentioned that they help out from hurricane Katrina and she thinks Molly learns to drive in this part of the season.


Kevin said...

I think it was slighly better than most interviews they've done on television. I agree that the material is basic.

Larry King should have the Roloffs on! Larry gets to the heart of all his guests and asks about everything important.

mallory blevins said...

I think this was really interesting matt was funny with his asca