Thursday, February 19, 2009

Roloffs, Riding and Rockstars - Latest on the Roloff family

We're living up to our name - Keeping up with the Roloff family, by bringing you an exclusive interview and update about the latest adventures of the Roloffs family and perhaps material that will be featured on a future episode.

Sean with the company Rockstar - the energy drink, was gracious enough to answer a few questions, share several pictures and fill us in on a recent day with the Roloff family. As you can see by some of the pictures, Amy, Jeremy, Zach, Jacob Roloff and Jacob Mueller participated.

You'll notice in the pictures, Jeremy's best friend, Jacob Mueller has a large bandage on his left hand. We're told by another source that apparently he severely cut his hand and needed to have surgery on it before Christmas.

Sean took the time to fill us in on the experience:
Q: For anybody that doesn't know, what is Rockstar?
Rockstar is an energy drink based in the U.S. We are the 3rd largest energy drink in the world and the largest in the Pacific Northwest. You can get any and all information by visiting our website at:
What is the connection between the bikes and Rockstar Energy drink?
Right now we are doing a promotion for retail stores involving 90cc Suzuki mini-motorcycles. An account has to meet certain requirements in terms of case quantities purchased, pricing, and in store displays. I won't go in to the details but the bikes are a promotional tool.
What type of bikes are they?
90cc Suzuki mini-motorcycles
How did Rockstar get involved with the Roloff family?
I met the roloffs at their farm during pumpkin season. I was introduced to Amy and the rest of the family by a friend of theirs. Amy asked if I would help participate in the DAAA golf tournament which I of course accepted. I offered to provide a motorcycle for the family as well as one to be auctioned off at the golf tournament.
When was this done/filmed?
This was filmed about 3 or 4 weeks ago.
It appears from the pictures that Amy, Jeremy, Zach rode the did they do? No wipe outs? Any of them look like they have a future in riding or look like a pro?
They all did fantastic. Amy went first and once she was rolling all was good. She did fall initially but that was a miscalculation due to turning too quick and not giving the bike enough gas. She was a trooper, got right up and was unstoppable. Both of the boys were instant successes. Jeremy was jumping off bumps and seeing how fast he could go. Zach was more reserved but pushed his limits as well. Mueller was the one I was most impressed with. He killed it from the start.
Did they all seem to enjoy it?
It was a blast. We all had a ton of fun tearing around the farm, finding hidden hips and jumps. Rockstar has a mini motorcycle race division which the family expressed interest in attending so that might be the next step in our motocross relationship.
Any funny or interesting stories to share about your time with the Roloffs?
Nothing that stands out other than they are some of the nicest people I have ever met. They are genuine people and appreciative of everything they have accomplished. They're lovely people who I hope to have many future dealings with.
Do you know when it's expected to be televised? Did they say if it would be in this portion of the season(4b) or not until the fall?
Not sure about an air date. The film crew didn't know what would be done with the future so it is all up in the air.
Thanks again to Sean for filling us in.


Erica said...

Cool! Thanks so much for posting this

Eric said...

Amy is such a dare devil...I don't know any Mom's like her. lol.

Anonymous said...

It looks like fun, but odd to see little Jake standing next to the nearly naked girl on the van :-O

Jeremy looks thin.

Glad Zach gave it a shot.

Is Mueller the 5th Roloff kid? He's always there...

Greg said...

Not surprised the boys were good on the bikes. Well, a little surprised Jeremy wasn't the most impressive, but I thought those kids do a lot of motorcycle riding. Not surprised Mueller was good.

Didn't Camerino once tell Matt that while he was away, Jeremy's friends were whipping around on motorcycles?

I think I saw a youtube video once of Jeremy's friends dirt-biking. I'm not sure if that was Mueller or Scott. I get this mixed up.

Steph said...

Is it just me or does Jeremy look extra skinny?

The Rock Star guy with the star on his jacket is hot :)

Craw said...

It's great to once again hear that the Roloffs are great people. People that don't like the Roloffs must be jealous because the proof keeps on coming that they are great people.

Jeremy looks great. He doesn't look "extra" skinny".

It was cool for Amy to try it out.

God bless the Rock Star people for donating the motorcyle for Amy's DAAA event.

Thank God Jake didn't ride them, everybody knows what would have happened. LOL. It's hard to believe he's related to Jeremy.

I'm sorry to hear about Mueller's hand. It must be serious if he still is wearing something to cover it after 3 months. I will pray for him.

Anonymous said...

The Roloffs have a great place to ride.

In the last picture, the dude in the middle beside Jeremy looks like he really would like to elbow Jeremy in the face because he's doing that silly face and the cheesey thumbs up. Too bad he didn't. HA/jk. I like all the other Roloffs though, but I think Jeremy acts stupid and he would get on my nerves.

Rap541 said...

I'm kinda curious how this is spun on the show :)

You know... Matt going on about how he has a friend at Rockstar...:)

Personally, they can drink all the Rockstar they want.... I tried one and it tasted like fizzy medicine. But do the kids really need more sugar? I mean, their dad is diabetic, and their granddad.

Jeremy does look pretty thin. Maybey it's the outfit?

Dana said...

Rap541, what is your problem? It doesn't need to be "spun"?

The man explained it in the interview. He met Amy during pumpkin season through a friend of theirs.

I drink Rockstars because I'm active and participate in sports and they're good. I'd like to have one of that pile of cases Jeremy is sitting on :)

Dana said...

My 2 cents on the Jeremy looks thin comments?
Jeremy is THIN. He doesn't look differently than he does on the show. Don't people making the comments watch the show?

Big Red said...

I think Jeremy lives more of a Rockstar lifestyle than just drinking the drinks and more than would ever be portrayed on the family tv show ;-)

Rap541 said...

Dana, what is your problem? Have *you* watched the show? There's any number of episodes where Matt "has friends" who want to do something for him like a freebie. He had "friends" who wanted to make Zach a custom mountain bike, for example. I personally understand that Matt is getting freebies in exchange for advertising, but Matt does not usually say "We're accepting all this stuff from Rockstar because we're letting them have free advertising on the show". It is usually spun to make it look like someone just thought the Roloffs were so awesome, they wanted to gift the Roloffs, when in fact, this was probably required.

I mean really - Matt is diabetic. Do you think he drinks Rockstar with its 12 tablespoons of sugar in each can?

And yes, I am aware that Jeremy is not a big kid but these photos make him look very thin. I am not sure why, if you agree he is a thin kid, that you're so offended by people noticing it.

Dana said...

[[if you agree he is a thin kid, that you're so offended by people noticing it.]]

Why are people noticing something that always there to begin with? It's like saying "Amy looks short in these photos". She looks short because she is a dwarf, just like she is on the show. Mueller looks tall in these photos because he is tall when he is on the show. Jeremy looks thin in these pictures because he is a slendor kid.

I don't think the business of the show needs to be spelled out. Amy met them at the farm. It will likely be "spun" as Amy's friends with Rockstar had these bikes as a promotion and thought it would be fun to show the kids at the farm. We know they're doing it for the publicity, but why does that matter?

Rap541 said...

Again, why are you chiding people for saying he's thin? You're the one telling people to not say it. Why do you percieve it as an insult for people to say that Jeremy looked thin?

Are we to *only* say "Jeremy looked FANTASTIC"? Is that the only acceptable comment? Because I do not get at all why you are throwing a hissy of offense over the remarks. No one is saying Jeremy looked bad yet you're acting like we all need to be slapped for our comments.

"It will likely be "spun" as Amy's friends with Rockstar had these bikes as a promotion and thought it would be fun to show the kids at the farm. We know they're doing it for the publicity, but why does that matter?"

SO you agree it will be spun, yet are upset that I wondered how it will be spun. It *matters* in that the Roloffs are on a reality show presenting this as their real life. You've just conceded that some of what we see is a staged lie. The Rockstar product placement has nothing to do with the pumpkin farm, it has to do with the TV show. What "not on tv" farms are Rockstar associated with?

I think Mueller rather thin as well. Do you think I am insulting him as well and deserve your ire?

Anonymous said...

I don't know what to make of the picture of Jake next to the bikini

Rich said...

Amy really is awesome! A mini-bike riding mom. Could she get any cooler?

Sheri said...

The Roloffs deserve everything God has blessed them with. As the man said, they are humble and genuine. They use their blessing to bless others, such as Amy arranging for the motorcycle to be auctioned off for a good cause. God bless all involved.

JakeFan said...

the picture of jake by the rockstar van is funny :)

i can imagine what jake is like after he gets a couple of rockstars in him. i've had them and i like them :)

Anonymous said...

Jake needs to avoid the Rockstar. It won't help with the bedwetting.

And what's wrong with Mueller's hand? I saw a comment, but no previous mention . . . .