Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sneak previews for Little People, Big World - Matt Roloff returns to Iraq

Here are three sneak previews for the premiere episode of Season 4 Part B. These episodes will be shown next Monday, February 16th.

Matt and Amy discuss the dangers of him returning to Iraq

Matt prepares to leave for Iraq again

A touching clip of Matt in the hospital with one of the children, Bara, the eight year old girl, after her surgery

Some people have questioned the motives of Matt and TLC for going to Iraq (good publicity), however, I think the most important thing is that these kids received treatment they would not have otherwise received if Matt and TLC weren't prepared to take this on. True, good publicity does come along with doing something like this, but that's not what is important. They helped those kids and for that I commend them. It wouldn't have had an impact that it did if Matt didn't get personally involved.

Most important of all, I think of how comforting it must be for an Iraqi child to have a visitor that has looks somewhat similar to them, who has been through surgeries and is there to provide support and comfort. I imagine Matt was the only adult with dwarfism present. They did a great thing and I think everybody involved should be proud of themselves - the soldier that befriended the family and contacted Matt, Matt for pursuing this and making it happen, TLC for investing the time and resources to go along with it and the surgeon and all medical personnel for traveling into a war zone to help this family.

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