Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jeremy Roloff hurt Jacob's wrist on the summer vacation - kicked a soccer ball at his cast

There are some interesting videos on TLC of scenes that you probably haven't heard about. It details Amy and the kids visiting Central Michigan University.

As you recall, Jacob Roloff originally fractured his wrist in May, 2008 when he fell off a slide at school.

On the summer vacation, he is seen wearing a black brace on his wrist. Amy's mother, Pat Knight, made a reference to her "injury prone" guy.

There was more than just the original injury. Zach explains they were were kicking the soccer ball around on the field, when Jeremy kicked the ball hitting Jacob's wrist. It was still healing and started hurting really bad. As Jacob is crying, Amy comes to his aid to ask what happened. Jacob says "Jeremy kicked the ball as hard as he could at it (his wrist)" at his arm. Amy tells him "You were playing soccer, it's bound to happen honey". An exasperated Jacob momentarily starts to argue yet puts his head in his hands.

I have to be honest. I'm sure Jeremy's intention was not to actually cause pain, but I can certainly understand why Jacob is often frustrated. If Jeremy intentionally belted the ball at his healing wrist, I don't really consider that something that is "bound to happen" as Amy told Jacob.

They went to the campus health clinic where they're told they can ice it and give him pain medication.

Amy states: "We've been on vacation last than a week and Jacob has already been bitten by a tick, fallen, and hurt his injured arm. I think if Jacob makes it to adult life without killing himself he will be very proud of those war wounds he has and will have stories to tell."

Also a video of Amy taking photos before Molly's 8th graduation

A day on the town - More with Amy and the kids visiting in Michigan with her parents, Gordon and Pat Knight


Raven said...

I think Jacob likes playing the victim. I sincerely doubt Jeremy actually kicked it as hard as he could. Must have hurt, but just an accident.

Craw said...

Call it like it is. Jake is a wimp. It's a soccer ball. Amy was right. People get hit with soccer balls playing soccer.

Don't blame Jeremy because Jake cries at everything.

Cathy said...

Poor Jacob!
Jeremy needs to be more careful around him.

Rhonda said...

In the other video, in Michigan with Amy's folks. I wish Amy and her kids would show more respect for the elderly.

All the kids and even Amy sprint ahead up the stairs and across the bridge and Gordon and Pat are slowly making their way up the steps. They are 80 years old. Wait for them. Don't run ahead and leave them behind.

Jim said...

Jake needs to toughen up. Not much more needs to be said than that.

Giles said...

Why does the camera stay pointed straight ahead when it happens? All the fuss is to the left.

Mueller and Molly walk to where it happened. The camera stays pointed directly straight ahead. If I'm professional camera operator and I'm trying to capture what happens, if I hear a bang and "Ouch that hurts" and another kid is crying, I wouldn't keep the camera pointed straight ahead.

This is precisely why the show has no intergrity or professionalism. The camera men care more about being pals with the family and not making them look bad than they do about capturing reality.

I don't honestly see how it could been an accident.I think that is the reason why the camera purposely did not focus on it. You can see where they cut the film and resume with Amy approaching Jake.

Jeremy kicked the ball so hard it stung his foot because he was barefoot.

Lynn said...

I think it was just an accident. Jeremy is not a bad kid. Why would he try to kick it at Jeremy's healing wrist?

Giles said...

Lynn, watch the clip closely. You can see the dynamics of what is happenin: when they purposely don't show it, where they edit and Jake's emotion/explanation.

-The ball is kicked towards Jake.

-The other kids want him to kick it. Hence Molly saying "Jake kick it".

-Jeremy is frustrated. As he runs (towards the camera) he grits his teeth and says "Fine, I'll kick it myself".

-Then you hear the hit.

-But the camera chooses to not show it, as the camera stays pointed directly ahead. You always have to be mindful of editing on this show, but you can tell that it actually happened right then and there because as soon as Jeremy runs by and there is the sound - both Molly and Mueller react and walk towards Jake.

-Then they stopped it or edited the next part out. When they resume with Amy approaching Jake, you can tell that time has elapsed because Zach is out by the 10 or 20 and Mueller is now behind Zach. When it happened Mueller walked towards Jake (which was at the back of the end zone.

-When it happened, Jeremy exclaims "Ohh, that hurts!" He is barefoot. He kicked the ball hard enough that it stung his bare-foot.

-Jake's explanation: "He kicked it as hard as he could right at it (his wrist)." Amy tells him it was bound to happen. Jake is beside himself with frustration and says "Sheesh...I was like two feet away".

-I don't think there is any doubt what happened.

Tina said...

Good explaination Giles.

Jeremy is a jerk. Why does this family treat Jacob so horribly?

Amy's pecking order of her kids is clear and Jacob knows he is on the bottom. Always.

Jeremy hasn't matured in two and half years. three years. In 2006 Jeremy kicked a soccer ball at Jacob's face, laughed about it and called him a wuss.

In the summer of 2008 he boots a soccer ball at Jacob's tender wrist that was healing from a broken bone.

Jeremy is 18 years old. You don't do that. When is he ever going to start treating people with respect. Obviously it's not just strangers that he doesn't show respect for.

Leigh said...

My heart goes out to Jacob.

Amy ignores his story about what happened and how Jeremy kicked it as hard as he could at his wrist.

Look at his eyes at 1:42 when Amy shoots him down. He feels so alone and frustrated because Amy won't listen to him.

Nancy said...

What is wrong with Amy? She NEVER stands up for Jacob. NEVER.

She should have told Jeremy off for not being careful (and that is the best case scenario for what happened, worst case and likely, he meant to do it) and punished him. Jacob is 7 years younger than Jeremy and was wearing a soft cast.

It's easier for Amy to lecture Jacob and side with the twins and their friends and be cool in their eyes than actually parent and stick up for all her children - even Jacob. That kid has no support in that family.

Deb said...

I'm not at all impressed with Jeremy.

Changing clips, Jacob his shown at the check-out counter of the gift shop in Mackinac Island. He has to be the most beautiful looking child I've ever seen.

I'm surprised companies have not snapped him up to do commercials.

Dana said...

Nobody knows what happened. The camera missed it. It's conjecture to suggest Jeremy knew what he was doing and meant to do it.

Amy is the mother of both kids and she if she didn't feel Jeremy did anything wrong, I trust her judgement.

Anonymous said...

It's quite obvious Jeremy did it on purpose. Jeremy knows he can do whatever he wants and nobody will stop him. He's just a punk.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous@7:23 - You must not have any opinions at all about the Roloffs. You watch and have a completely blank mind?

I heard Jacob Roloff say Jeremy kicked it right at him as hard as he could from "like 2 feet away".

justin said...

Maybe Jake Does Do Some Things For Attention. He Has To. He's Obviously The 'Afterthought' On The Child Pecking Order. As For Jeremy, That Dude Is A Ticking Timebomb. He Can Do Anything Without Any Consequences. He Smiles Alot Into The Camera But He's Got An Oober Mean Streak In Him... On The Other Hand, With All The Facts In About Jeremy, I'm Alittle Surprised He Hurt His Little Brother. I Mean Jacob Is White.

Anonymous said...

Justin, give it up with all the racist comments about the roloffs. Sure they might seem racist here but there is no point in pointing fingers and making jeremy seem like a white supremacist all the time- saying things like " I mean Jacob is White" is just assuming thoughts. We all assume here, but really.
Just M.O.

justin said...

Dear Anonymous. I Apologize To You, Really. It's Just When People Are Given So Much, Shouldn't They Have At Least Some Responsibility To Act With Some Dignity? Everyone Makes Mistakes. It's About Saying 'Y'know, That Was Dumb. I Shouldn't Have Said Things Like That. I'm Truly Sorry.' Then Moving On, Maybe Getting Out Into The Community And If You Won't Work, Then Volunteer And Give Back.