Thursday, March 5, 2009

The low-down on the Roloff family and their fan interaction

We're been receiving a lot of inquiries and requests asking about the Roloff family and their fans; everything from what is their reputation with dealing with fans to how to contact the Roloffs. Obviously there are exceptions, but we will attempt to give you a general rundown on the Roloffs reputation with fans.

In person, most fans report that the Roloffs are polite and gracious. Thousands of people travel to Roloff Farms to buy pumpkins and pay to go on the wagon tours in October. Almost all visitors report that the members of the family are very nice at the farm. The feedback is the same from people that attend the speaking engagements of Matt and Amy, and sometimes the Roloff kids -- they are polite and kind to people that meet them face to face.

However, for many fans, they don't have that opportunity, so like many celebrities, fans are hopeful to communicate with their favorite celebrity through the internet - or at least hear them communicate with other fans. That is the question people are asking. What is the buzz on the Roloffs and fan interaction via the internet? It's not nearly as positive as the in-person feedback.

Matt Roloff: There are contact forms on the Matt Roloff official site, http:/ . Matt has said he has staff that sorts through his email and will sometimes bring any important emails to his attention. approximately two to three times a year, through his employee, Matt will answer filtered questions which are posted on his site by his appointed moderator. It's infrequent, but if averaged out, about once every four or five months.

Amy Roloff: Amy's website is relatively new, springing up in October, 2008. Amy also has a "contact me" feedback form where according to what is written on her site, she welcomes hearing from fans. Since Amy's site is new, the jury is still out on her reputation as far as fan communication, but the early returns suggest it would be very rare for Amy to return a personal email or question - unless it was a request to have her as a guest speaker at an event or function.

The Roloff Family: Through TLC's official website for Little People, Big World, they have recently introduced something new. Fans can leave voicemail messages (make sure you're comfortable with the public hearing your voice/message because they are available for anyone to listen to) for the Roloff family and apparently the Roloffs will answer. It is new and they haven't answered anything as of yet. Again, expect it to be the filtered questions that would be of interest to all viewers that you would expect on an official site. As for the other Roloff communication on TLC, it does not exist. Years ago Matt used to post on the message board. According to Matt, he was asked to stop posting on TLC's website. Since that the Roloffs have had no communication with fans on the TLC official site.

Jeremy, Zach, Molly and Jacob Roloff: Like many kids and teenagers, most of the Roloff kids (I feel like putting an asterisk beside "kids" because Jeremy and Zach are only 3 months away from being 19 years old) have accounts on the various social networking sites. As you would expect, fans seek communication from those pages. Their reputation? They Roloff kids don't add fans and they ignore fan messages, questions and comments. Some people do want it known that Zach Roloff had the best reputation out of the Roloffs in terms of being open to occasionally answering questions or returning a comment. However, most of the positive feedback appeared to take place a couple of years ago. I don't think anyone would expect Jacob to have contact with fans and Molly until recently. Jeremy was infamous for wanting nothing to do with fans. More on that a few paragraphs down.

Obviously the easy thing to do for the Roloff family is to cherish their travel and possessions as Amy has spoken publicly about how blessed the family is to travel to new places. The easy thing for the kids to do would be cash their weekly paycheck that Matt has said they receive from being on the television show, hang out all the time with their friends in their many vehicles, swim in the new pool and hot tub, play the latest video games in their rooms on their HD flat-screen televisions...and never give a thought about "fans" and how all of this came about or how it is able to continue.

However, this is my view on this. I think it's undeniable that the Roloffs have achieved their goal of helping the area of LP awareness. They have in a way, it sounds archaic, but true, humanized little people for a lot of the public. Many people have never known a little person and the show has enabled the public to see people with dwarfism as anybody else. Having said that, in achieving that, it's also undeniable that the Roloffs have benefited greatly from the perks of their fame. The Roloffs, particularly now, have said they completely support and enjoy their role as celebrities doing a television show. They love their lives they say. Amy told Gordon Knights' church that God has blessed her and her kids with the opportunity to touch people. Amy has spoken about the power a person has to bless another with a small token of kindness, even if that act seems very small. The Roloffs in print and television interviews express their appreciation for their fans, say they love their fans, are thankful for the support and ask for continued support.

So when their reputation is that they dedicate very little time making an effort to communicate with those fans, it makes their words of appreciating fans and their words of gratitude look very empty. Particularly when part of the Roloffs appeal has been that they are real people that relate to the public. Yet they wouldn't be caught dead dedicating a little bit of their spare time to show some appreciation for the life they say they are grateful for? In my opinion, it doesn't reflect well on them.

I'm not suggesting that they must answer every letter, every email, every message. I'm not suggesting that they become best friends over the internet with strangers who are their fans. I would like to think if I were in the position of someone like the Roloffs, that as I use all my material possessions and express gratitude for the opportunities my position as a "celebrity" has provided me, that I would still force myself at least a couple of hours every couple of weeks to staying in touch with the people whose support has made my life style possible. The easy and selfish thing to do is enjoy all the perks, spend all your free time enjoying those perks, say a few empty lines in an interview about how you're grateful to the fans whose support has blessed your life and never make an effort to communicate with fans.

From maintaining this site, we can say that every member of the Roloff family have fans. I don't think it is unreasonable for Molly Roloff, 15, to show some gratitude and give a little back to the fans whose support has enabled the travel she enjoys or the car she'll be driving. She's at an age where many kids are working low-paying part time jobs where they have to be polite to the public. She can understand that the trips, the house, etc have been made possible by having a television show and the network continues the show because people watch the show. Without the fans support, the Roloff kids would not be enjoying many of the perks and experience they cherish. If the fans that the Roloffs appear to take for granted, stopped caring about the Roloffs, TLC would stop the television show. The large crowds at Roloff Farms in October would fade away. There wouldn't be a demand to pay Matt and Amy their fee to hear them speak. The Roloffs material possessions and life-style that they say they enjoy now, would take a hit. The Roloff kids probably wouldn't like that too much.

For example, people inquire all the time about Molly, they would like to know how she made her Christmas decorations or wondering what kind of tattoo she appeared to have on her ankle. I don't think it's unreasonable for Molly (just using her as an example) every Sunday or every second Sunday, from 7pm to 8pm, to skip the hour of self-enjoyment with friends and say this is my hour of showing appreciation for the life I have. Certainly, many people in the public eye are able to achieve this whether it's with a fan page that they truly use to communicate with people and sometimes returning the comments that an answer would be appreciated. Again, it's not an all or nothing type of thing. They'll never be able to answer everybody and some will always feel jilted, but it is a matter of effort and a tangible way to show gratitude.

Having said all that, if the Roloff family don't feel it's important to maintain contact or have any personal interaction with their fans, I would strongly urge people, kids and parents of kids, to not attempt to contact some of the Roloff kids and their friends on various social networking sites.

Friends of Jeremy and Zach that appear on the show: There are many infamous stories on the internet with disastrous results of fans attempting to ask the Roloffs or their friends from the show questions. When it was well known that Jeremy refused to associate with those fans, some ventured out to asking his friends questions. Some of the responses fans have reported receiving have been downright despicable for anybody that believes in moral decency. Jeremy's friends, including Jacob Mueller (which is one of the reasons why many people groan every time Matt and Amy Roloff talk about how the friends are such good Christian kids), have returned messages to fans by cursing at them, calling them "b*tches" or "losers", or mock the physical appearance of some of Jeremy's female teenage fans, and telling them to do horrible things. If you are a teenager or a parent of a teenager, strongly discourage them from trying to contact the Roloffs or their friends and avoid the cruelness that they sometimes have been known to dish out.

As for the Roloff twins themselves, Jeremy and Zach, they were caught years ago telling their friends what they really feel about fans. They called them idiots, said they want to tell them to F off while discussing their beach birthday party that TLC organized for them, Jeremy said fans suck the unsuckable (I still don't know what that means, but I know it's not a compliment!) and he totally ignores the "losers" despite Matt's pleas to him to be nice to fans.

Given that information, do you really want to have contact with them? Particularly with Jeremy's online conduct in that past, he's proven he doesn't have the ability to communicate in any respectable or decent manner to people, so it's probably in the best interest of all involved that Jeremy remained muzzled on the internet.

Although, it certainly would not make them unique as celebrities that see their personal fortune increase and want nothing to do with fans.I don't think I need to expand on how it reflects on their character or gratitude. Lets be honest -- that kind of talk makes them look like spoiled, nasty brats.

Ending on a positive note regarding Roloffs and fan communication online, Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff have the reputation for being nothing but kind and gracious to those contacting them. There are contact forms available on their website as well as being active on various other websites where they have the reputation of fairly regularly returning comments in a kind and appreciative manner.


Greg said...

That's why I generally don't like celebrities or "famous" people. As soon as they get rich and famous they forget who made them.

There show can be entertaining at times, but can't say I'd want to talk/message them.

Peter said...

Its not unusual for people on tv with fans to not give a crap about the fans. I just wish they would quit lying. Why go out of your way to lie in interviews when everybody knows they're lying about caring about fans. Don't pretend to be something you won't back up Roloffs.

Jamie said...

Particularly with Jeremy's online conduct in that past, he's proven he doesn't have the ability to communicate in any respectable or decent manner to people, so it's probably in the best interest of all involved that Jeremy remained muzzled on the internet.

So true! No wonder why Amy was crying about not raising her boys right. Jeremy is 19 and he can't even use the internet without being a jerk bag. Pathetic really.

Natasha M said...

I emailed zach once and he was nice. I know Jeremy would never talk to lowly "fans". Everybody says Jeremy is stuck up and thinks he's better than everybody.

JP said...

Why would anybody want to talk to Jeremy anyway? He's proven he's a disrespectful jerk many times over.

People should stop worshipping someone just because they're on tv. There's nothing about Jeremy that makes worthy to be admired.

Megan said...

I don't know if it's because they're stuck up (probably) but in Jeremy's instance I don't think he's smart enough to realize he doesn't have a crummy part time job and is driving classic cars because there are fans. Jeremy is all about Jeremy. I'm not surprised.

Jocelynn said...

I like the Roloffs but I have to agree. Other celebrities I watch maintain contact with their fans. It would be nice if they did something sometimes.

It's not really that hard to receive compliments and be civil.

Chris said...

Mueller sucks. I lost any respect I had for Amy when she took him on vacation.

That shows you really what type of guys Jeremy and his flock are, they think they're above everybody and can say whatever they want.

The show doesn't even begin to show these guys for what kind of people they are. That's why people message them and think they're going to be nice, because the show is a lie.

Mueller and Jeremy are punks.

Derek said...

Success spoils everybody. It's a constant in life.

Mellissa said...

The Roloffs Jeremy and Zach, don't realize it now, but the day will come where they'll be longing for the days when people cared who they were. There bubble is going to burst.

Claire said...

I must be stupid because I never expected the boys to be that rude to people. I knew the show wasn't always true to reality, but I didn't think they would be that rude to people. It made me like them less.

Mike said...

I'm OK with them ignoring fans. It would be nice, but not obligated, IMO.

There's no call for the insults and rudeness towards fans though.

Janice said...

I knew there was something about Jeremy's friend "Mueller"?) that I didn't like. Am I the only one that thinks his friends are jealous of the attention the Roloffs get and that's why they're so disrespectful to fans? That doesn't explain Jeremy's attitude...

Anonymous said...

Totally ignoring fans when you have all that the Roloffs do is just disrespectful.

Roxanne said...

All the Roloffs should have a fan page and use it. It's not hard and it would be a good way for them to show they really mean it when they say they're thankful to the fans for the life they have.

I'm on fan pages of people more famous than the Roloffs and they comment people back and read their messages and all that stuff.

Mitch said...

I can't think of anything more boring than talking to a bunch of strangers. Cut Jeremy and the Roloffs some slack.

He's just a normal guy. Let him be that.

While I don't condone what Mueller and some of the other guys said, they didn't ask for this attention. It's not even their show.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry people. It will come back to bite Jeremy in the butt. Amy wrote on her site that Jeremy might stay in the public spotlight after LPBW is done. Mark my words, Jeremy will regret not making an effort with fans.

If Jeremy had half a brain, he would be doing everything he could to build a loyal fan base if what Amy wrote is right and he wants to stay famous after the show.

He has people ready to eat out of the palm of his hand and instead he's spitting at them. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Jeremy will regret it.

Terra said...

Why is anyone surprised? The Roloffs don't care about anyone but themselves. They do the show to get rich. They do nothing for the fans because they don't care about the fans. It's all about making money to the Roloffs.

Julie S said...

It would be nice if the Roloffs were more accessible sometimes. It would make them seem more real. Like it says in the article, thats why I liked the show. They seem like real people. But unfortunately they don't talk to real people. Think about it Roloffs :)

Paul said...

I don't really care, but a huge pet peeve of mine is when celebs justify ignoring fans by saying they're too busy. Bullcrap! Normal people have more time restrictions than celebrities because we're working normal jobs, long hours at real jobs.

Matt answers questions every 4 months? How long does that take him 20 minutes? There's about 2880 hours in 4 months. Matt gives 20 mins to fans. Now that's appreciation!!!!!

Jeremy is self-centered. It would never occur to him to do something without thinking of himself.

Kayla said...

I think it's sad that the Roloffs are all talk and no action.

Doing things only if they get paid is just wrong. It's so greedy. How much money do they really need? They should just stop the lip service about fans.

Jeremy's friends are thugs. You can tell that from watching.

Anonymous said...

who cares, they would just be fake anyway. Jeremy, Zach and their friends HATE fans. They were busted saying that. They are ungrateful little pigs.

Marlene said...

I agree that Peggy is truly a warm, wonderful person. I wish she was on the show more.

Marlene said...

PS. those kids that were cruel should be ashamed of themselves.

You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep. I think Jeremy needs to get away from his "buds".

Rap541 said...

For the record, Mueller told a fan to f-word off and kill themselves and well after this has been deemed a "great *Christian* kid" by Amy Roloff.

Personally, I wish the Roloffs would, in the concern of fan interaction, pick their battles and stick to them instead of the bizarre mess we get. Look, Matt is on record stating he created his website so that a)he could tell the truth and b)his fans would have a safe haven from the tlc website that often banned the more offensive fans. I personally don't need Matt to have a website, because frankly his Q&A sessions are softball sessions where he's not required to answer tough questions. But to be fair, the site is a slow forum filled with people who learn very quickly that NO DISSENT is allowed.

I think people in the public eye have a responsibility to be courteous to fans. I see no need for excessive interaction with the Roloffs... I am not offended if they don't want to interact with fans online. But the reality is that Matt Roloff created his website intentionally so he could provide a "safe haven" for his fans who were behaving viciously on the tlc boards.

Matt is the classic BNF. If you're not familar with the term, its "Big Name Fan" - BNFs generally surround themselves with like minded fans who adore them and often go on the attack to defend the BNF. That Matt is actually involved with the show just makes him a more powerful idol to his true believer fans. I've seen this in so many fandoms, but it's disturbing when it is actually one of the performers of the show who assumes the role.

Justin said...

I don't think they need excessive contact with fans on the internet, but periodic. What's outlined in the blog is reasonable, imo.

The problem is people like the Roloffs and Jeremy is the best example of this, only want to do what is the most fun for themselves. Why would Jeremy waste time mingling with fans on the internet when he can be riding in his BMW and spending his money the fans put in his pocket? That's why Jeremy has the reputation he has.

Jacob Mueller is nasty to fans, uses the N word, mocks gay people, deaf and down syndrome people...if this is you Amy Roloff might say you're a sweet boy too!

Tina said...

I think they should talk to fans and DO have a responsibility to. You can't just take take take all the time. Give something back.

Jenny said...

People on tv have fans. People on tv have good lives because of fans. Fans think it's cool to hear from celebrities. It honestly doesn't take a lot for the celebrity to interact sometimes. It's an easy way for the lavished celebrity to be nice.

Its a matter of whether they care or not. The Roloffs obviously don't.

Roger said...

I live in my new mansion with my 12 cars but I can't sit my butt down in front of the (the presumably top of the line new) computer a few times a month and be real with the real people who are expressing kindness and support to you.

That's primadonna. Pure and simple.

I saw that interview with Amy about the new season and she asked that people please keep watching the show. But she's not prepared to say thanks to them by actually associating with them from time to time. It's phony.

Anonymous said...

I think the show and even the Roloffs have their good points, but the Roloffs just don't respect fans. If they did, they wouldn't ignore them.

Alice33 said...

What I really think is sad is the fans that pour their hearts out to the Roloffs, telling them what they mean to them and even asking them a question. I think it's obvious that the Roloffs don't even bother to try and read those things.

In a way, that is very cold. Celebrities do have a responsibility to treat their fans well and part of them is not completely ignoring them.

Frank said...

I blame the parents. If I put my kids on TV, gave my kids money every week. If they got whatever their greedy little heart desired, you bet part of the deal would be that they pick a couple of hours every week give or take and learn how to be an appreciative and thankful person. It's part of proper parenting. If you've done your job right as a parent you don't even need to do any forcing, but the kids would have known what is the proper thing to do on their own.

I don't think Matt and Amy are bad people, but they've raised their kids to think only of themselves.

Anonymous said...

I could tell way back 3 years ago that the fame was going to the kids' heads, especially Jeremy.

Pat said...

I lost all respect I had for the Roloffs when I found out how Jeremy's friends were responding to fans. Jeremy wasn't a lot better from what I heard.

That is not how those kids are portrayed on the show. Matt and Amy should not set up innocent kids who watch the show to walk into a bomb by telling people these kids are good kids and then have them treated so horribly.

Megan said...

what goes around, comes around.

Josh said...

People usually give them too much of a break. It doesn't even require "hours" of time. Everyone uses computers. It's not hard to read a few messages in your inbox from your adoring fans and say a few words. Get to everyone? Of course not. But doing that on a regular basis goes a long away. For God's sake, they aren't expected to personally visit their fans. Holy cow, it takes 30 seconds to press reply and send. It's called being polite and gracious, something the Roloffs don't know much about. They lost touch with reality a couple of seasons ago and this is just one form of proof.

Josh said...

And also it is ironic that as they accumulate more "stuff" they get more and more distant with their fans. Some of the Roloffs may be Little People, but they all have big heads.

Monica said...

i'm not making excuses from jeremy, but i've always felt jeremy's attitude towards fans was peer pressure from his friends.

before jeremy's "scanadal" with the bad words, i used to see his friends leave him comments and they did NOT like his fans. "losers" and "these people suck" were what most of them would say to ieremy.

i don't think jeremy to tell his friends to stop bashing the hands that feed him. i just dont think jeremy would go out of his way to be nice to fans knowing that his friends dont like his fans.

i'm not saying its right because jeremy should understand better than his friends where he'd be without fans but peer pressure is apart of life for teenagers. thank you.

Hans said...

The statement " Lets be honest -- that kind of talk makes them look like spoiled, nasty brats."

It makes older kids LOOK like spoiled nasty brats because they ARE spoiled nasty brats.

America give too much to famous people.

CK said...

I think the Roloffs overstate how many emails they receive from fans. They aren't *that* famous. Not everybody wants to talk email them. Half of those people even know where to go. On a day to day average I don't think it's much.

I've heard their friends complain about fans emailing them and I think they are bold face liars about the amount. Most fans don't even know the names of the friends. It can't be that much. But guess what Mueller and co? If you don't like it, stay away from the cameras!!!

CK said...

By the way, I think that's a fairly accurate review of the Roloffs with fans from what I've heard too.

I think it's hilarious that Matt Roloff once defended them being called stuck up and unappreciative by telling a ridiculous story about supposedly some woman that got out of her car at a busy intersection and demanded that Zach get out and give her an autograph. When he didn't, Matt said the woman called Zach stuck up. IF that story is true, obviously the woman was a crackpot, but to act like that's why the Roloffs are labeled as stuck up is ridiculous.

Matt, you're family is called stuck up because in 4 years people have had as much communication with the dog Rocky and the cat Spike as they've had with Jeremy. That and of course the charming insults from Jeremy and the likes of Mueller.

Emily said...

I didn't even know about them telling fans they are b words and to off themselves! That's awful!

Golly, I thought I saw the worst of it way back in the day, someone left Jeremy a comment telling him his family really inspired them. Jeremy's friend posted after that fan and called her a loser that needed a life. Jeremy laughed with his friend, agreed with him and they went on talking about their plans for the night.

It was SO disrespectful. I didn't think anybody could diss people right in front of them and not even care that people saw it.

Steven said...

Celebrities are so self-indulgent.
It's stupid to take fans for granted. That's what they do when they ignore them.

They can list all the excuses they want, but that's what it is.

There will come a time where they will be begging people to care about them and they'll regret taking it for granted.

Christina said...

Jeremy recently made a Facebook where he or someone he knows, maybe a friend, adds all friends.

Jeremy doesn't use it of course. He doesn't comment anybody or return messages. Just every couple of weeks the add all friends request button is pressed.

In Jeremy's mind considering that he's had no contact with fans in the past, I suppose Jeremy feels pressing the "Add all" button (or having a friend do it) is what he considers major fan involvement and makes up for 4 years of ignoring and insulting people.

By the way, his real friends are still insulting fans. "Jer, these people are pathetic!"

What a mess. LOL.

Diane said...

Christina, I saw that too. Jeremy, supposedly its the real Jeremy, said it's a fan page because people were requesting it.

As some somebody said, I don't think Jeremy realizes that having a "fan page" is supposed to mean that the person actually communicate with his fans.

Only Jeremy Roloff could think he's doing something good by having someone accept all friends and never actually use it.

I think it's suspicious that Jeremy is doing this now knowing how he and his best friends like Mueller treat fans and how Jeremy wanted nothing to do with fans.

He must have an agenda. Maybe he's going to get his own show, a spin-off? Or else the criticism of him being stuck up is suddenly bothering him and he thinks by accepting all friends he will get a good reputation back. By the way, I checked just now and after this blog was posted, "Jeremy" has added about 600 more friends.

Jason said...

Diane and Christina -- Jeremy can't actually use it because he can't use things like Facebook or Myspace without calling people N words, faggits or losers.

It will be the Myspace scandal all over again if Jeremy actually tried to say something. LOL.

Mark said...

If Jeremy did that for fans, he should be commended. Isn't that what everybody was complaining about. Give the guy a break. The past is the past.

Diane said...

Mark, I think you misunderstood. The point is Jeremy is not using it. Nobody is even sure if it's actually the real Jeremy although it looks like it is.

But all that happens is every couple of weeks Jeremy or whoever is running the page clicks "Accept all Friend requests".

He's not actually using it as a real fan page. That's why I'm not giving him "credit". I think he's had it since December and he hasn't actually said anything besides "It's really me" and "Hey guys, I don't have a personal facebook. This is a fan page. It's been requested many times. Peace".

In 4 months that's all he's done and he hasn't commented anybody or responded to one comment on the wall and stuff like that.

Are you really going to give him credit for pressing one button every 3 weeks and it might not even be him that presses that one button. :)

Diane said...

"It will be the Myspace scandal all over again if Jeremy actually tried to say something."

Jason, that's true. It already has the Myspace feel to it.

Fans are saying all the nice fan stuff, that they love the show, inspired by the Roloffs, that they think Jeremy is cool, thank him for adding them.

Then Jeremy's real life friends comment him calling everybody pathetic and lame and tell him his wall has all these losers on it.

His real friends still leave him comments like that even after "Jeremy's" comment that it's a fan page.

The only difference between this and the Myspace page so far is Jeremy knows better than to comment back to his friends agreeing with him that the fans suck. He doesn't disagree or agree or with his friends when they're bashing fans. Jeremy just doesn't comment at all.

OSU said...

I can't believe how obsessed people get with celebrities and such just because they are on tv. I went to school with Jeremy for 2 years. He was a regular high school guy that didn't care about anybody but himself.

Just because they're on tv doesn't mean they don't have imperfections or should even be admired.

If Jeremy and his friends were rude, then that is wrong, but everybody is rude sometimes.

If you think Jeremy would spend his time saying thanks just to do something for other You really don't know Jeremy Roloff. He didn't even used to say thanks to people at school and people he's known for his whole life when they did things for him. He's not horrible to be hated, he just was arrogant and didn't give a thought to anyone except himself. Like most guys in high school.

Samantha said...

I think that is all accurate. Zach used to be good with fans, but fame ruined him. Jeremy was always stuck up from the beginning.

William said...

Those kids are all a waste of skin. None of them have any business having fans. There is nothing the least bit admirable about those young men.

It's a shame Amy and Matt didn't recognize what kind of friends their sons have. I would have discouraged those friendships if I were them.

I am sure they thought their mean spirited messages to fans were very amusing. Those kids are honestly a disgrace. Their parents should be ashamed.

For any of them to talk of how they are guided by God is blasphemous.

Margaret said...


Tom Sanderson said...

All I can say is that if my teen daughter wrote a person on (and those friends are also on tv) a tv show that presents itself as being family-oriented, wholesome and Christian and they told her to kill herself and called her a loser b*tch, I would not take it kindly.

I think it's transparent from watching the show that Jeremy and his "buds" aren't the sweet Christian kids that Matt and Amy try to sell them as.

Their legacy on the internet is proof of that.

Rap541 said...

Thats my thought as well, Tom. I don't expect every email answered, or an unreasonable amount of contact. But if they're *not* going to ignore fan email, then I expect sweet Christian kids, who get lauded on national television as sweet Christian kids and fine young men to answer with something better than "eff off and kill yourself, loser b****".

Thats Jeremy and Zach's good christian friends emailing teenage girls who are fans of the show. Thats who Amy calls fine young gentlemen. I wonder if she would like it if Molly was treated like that.

Diane said...

Wow, more than a strange coincidence.

After 4 months, Jeremy's fanpage Facebook was deleted yesterday after this article and these comments. A coincidence?

I think either Matt or Amy saw this and found out about Jeremy's facebook or somebody from TLC saw these comments and put a stop to Jeremy's facebook before he said something like he did on his Myspace and it turned into another scandal.

Taylor said...

It is really a sad statement about Jeremy as a person that at 19 years old he's not mature enough to be able to use the computer without bring a jerk, offensive or embarrassing himself or his family.

I think it's precisely what the blog post stated. Either the show or Matt & Amy know that Jeremy must be silenced because they don't trust him to have contact with the public without saying something offensive, rude or mean spirited.

Btw, I saw that Facebook account and it was a piss-poor effort if it was supposed to be Jeremy making a fan page for his fans. A fan page requires communication. Not the single press of the "Accept All" key.

I also wonder if Jeremy's friends realize he's on a tv show? They are morons. They honestly act surprised that people left comments like "I love your show Jeremy". They don't realize people on tv have fans? They obviously don't realize they aren't helping Jeremy's image by insulting fans.

That one friend of Jeremy, Roxy something? What a rude piece of work she is.

It shows the lack of respect Jeremy still have for his fans today. We know his past comments. Obviously his friends think he will agree with their insulting of his fans.

Cindy said...

Rap, you took the words out of my mouth. How would the Roloffs react to a young man telling Molly that she was a loser and should kill herself? It's disgusting to even think about.

Amy is proud of her and her kids association with Mueller and the crew? I'm speechless.

Blackbird said...

In a nutshell, Mueller:

Uses the N word.
Calls people fag*gots
Makes fun of disabled kids.
Calls girls b*tches
He is vicious and ruthless towards fans of his best friend.

This is Jeremy's best friend that he can't bear to be separated from. It speaks volumes about Jeremy himself.

Anonymouse said...

It also speaks volumes about the Roloffs that this is a kid they hold up as a fine young man. No wonder Matt told us to mind our own business over Jeremy's language, no wonder Amy's concern was the horror of having to tell her children to watch what they say.

Clearly they don't mind this sort of behavior as long as it's not directed at them. Namecalling and disrespect is very wrong if a Roloff is the victim. Poor Jeremy... using the n-word and people dare call him rude and racist? He's a Roloff, how dare they not compliment him? AFter all he's a Roloff and has the Christian right to call people fags! Fags are NOT little people or Roloffs or even deserving of life so they should smile at Jeremy calling them faggitholes and be glad a Roloff paid attention to them since Jeremy is always right when he uses a racist slur.

rodney said...

I had hoped for the best for this family when the show began. However, fame is a dangerous game. Even the most level-headed of adults get spoiled by their fame. It's multiplied for a teenager who naturally thinks the world revolves around them even before they were 'famous'.

When everybody caters to you, centers around you, wants to know what you think, it's easy to get a big head and start acting the role of a diva because you're given special treatment.

I think in Jeremy's situation, he's too far gone with the celebrity big head. He can do or say what he wants and he won't face any consequences.

Amanda said...

Who do Jeremy and Mueller think they are that they can talk to people like that? They live off the show, the freebies and the money and they show no respect for the fans. They are spoiled brats.

MJ23 said...

It shows how deceiving television can be. Mueller hasn't been portrayed poorly in these summer trip episode.

But in actual fact around this time, he was writing racial slurs on the net, making fun of gay teens, mocking their anxiety about coming out and saying uncalled for vulgar names to fans of the show?

I am of the opinion that Mueller's and Jeremy's bond reflects very poorly on Jeremy.

I.N.K. said...

Re: Jer's and Muel's behavior on the have to be very naive if you believe their image for the show as innocent sweet kids . VERY naive if you believe that.

That's not suggesting they're animals, but nice kids that care about the feelings of strangers and guys that don't do "teenage" stuff because they're very religious? Believe that and you must be naive.

Rap541 said...

I'm not naive at all. Personally I don't doubt the kids are very typical teens who are merrily sampling alcohol and cigarettes and engaging in premarital sex etc etc etc. Everything about the gang, including Jeremy and Zach, tells me that they aren't little angels.

What I *resent* both from the Roloffs themselves, and from their crazy fans who Matt Roloff encourages, is the "SHUT UP THEY ARE A FINE CHRISTIAN FAMILY STOP HATING THESE WONDERFUL PEOPLE" attitude. Amy and Matt, when interviewed, act holier than thou and go on about what great kids they have, that they can just "look in their eyes" and have no need to punish since one talk always stops the racist hatespeech (despit evidence to the contrary. The fans are worse, because the "they're christian and awesome and doing this for the sole purpose of LP AWARENESS so you are scum for daring to find a single fault" response. When the behavior is cited as non christian, we get the "Christians aren't perfect". So if you criticize the Roloffs, they tell their fans to go out and slam you - and Matt does this, cheering on the more virulent on his own site - because why? The Roloffs aren't to be faulted because they are Christian and lp, even though in the same breath it's admitted that the Roloffs are like the rest of us, flawed, but they don't deserve to hear criticisms? I really strongly question the decency of Matt Roloff telling his fan girl Mrs. Sawyer to go out and defend people with and praise her for her vile, sexual insults. I mean, fans? Help me out here. Is Matt showing his love of Jesus by applauding someone who insults people because they criticize his family? Isn't Matt on record stating he welcomes criticism, but he's also got his little fan hit squad that he praises for driving away criticism?

Can someone explain how thats ok and that since Matt does it, since he is Christian and an LP, its not acting like a vicious angry jerk who can't handle criticism?

Brandon said...

[[Amy and Matt, when interviewed, act holier than thou and go on about what great kids they have, that they can just "look in their eyes" and have no need to punish since one talk always stops the racist hatespeech (despit evidence to the contrary]]

Rap, what I find really interesting about Amy's quote there is she was obviously talking about Jeremy's hate speech and was pretty clearly saying she did not punish Jeremy because she had a talk and "looked into his eyes".

But if you read Matt's official statement, he insisted that they "reprimanded appropriately".

Obvious Matt and Amy aren't on the same page. Unless Matt's "we took it very seriously and reprimanded appropriately" means having a loving talk with Jeremy and "looking in his eyes" and deciding that he's learned his lesson, even though it continued.

It's hard to believe anybody believes that things about Jeremy, Zach, Mueller and the gang being innocent sweeet kids buidling forts instead of drinking/smoking and everything. It's kind of sad because I think the people who are fooled are probably true Christian adults who take people at their word.

But anybody that has bit of insight and honestly knows that's impossible to believe. Not only Jeremy's own comments, but do people realize that the same friends on the show used to have pictures of themselves drunk? I mean c'mon the one friends Myspace url is something like drunkIrish and he used to have an entire album of himself hammered. The kid Jeremy teamed up with for the apple war on tv had a comment saying he temporarily had stopped drinking because he was arrested for DUI! I saw a couple of Jeremy's buds talk about how they got some killer "bird feed" for each others bday and bird feed is of course weed.

I seriously think if you were to go up to one of Jeremy and Mueller's pals and read them Jeremy's quote from the book about how he doesn't drink or do drugs and all those other bad teen things, that their friends would pee themselves laughing at you for believing that.

It's just sad that some of the people that believe the Roloffs about the wholeseomenesss of the twins and their friends are actually good, honest people that take people at their word.

Sherri said...

The Roloffs have never maintained that they are perfect or have perfect children. They are human. They are Christians trying to be the best they can be for Christ.

Jeremy, Zach and their friends (you can't hold the Matt, Amy or Jeremy responsible for what other kids do) may or may not have experiemented as teenagers do, but they have are not the bad kids that you see on the news every night. They are not heroin addicts, stealing cars, mugging people or fathering 8 babies.

They aren't perfect but they are pretty darn good kids and they are that way because Matt and Amy raised them to love God.

Sherri said...

PS - We would all love to have little contact with the Roloffs in our lives, but we must respect this wonderful family. They have busy lives and they make the world a better place in other ways. I suspect there are many things they do and give of themselves that we never hear about.

If the Roloffs don't have time to be more inter-active with fans on the internet, we have to respect that.

Sherri said...

PPS: People are saying harsh words about Jeremy's friend Mueller, but I have watched him on the show for the last three weeks and I have been very impressed by this boy. He is a good friend to all the Roloff kids and Amy really seems to like him. He looks like a very good boy. If he was as bad as some people say, it would have shone through and Amy would not have exposed Molly and Jake to him for the whole summer.

Rap541 said...

I have never heard the Roloff children say on camera that they love God.

Sherri, your comment that the Roloffs never maintained that they are perfect or have perfect children but are Christian is part of the problem.

Is Jeremy loving Jesus when he called Mike Detjen his n-word? Should Jeremy be held up to other *Christian* children for that? How about the beaner remarks? and the faggithole comments?

Are black people, hispanics and gays deserving of Jeremy's words and not Christian?

Should people be silent on this? Jeremy behaves in a decidely unchristian manner and although he makes no apology for his behavior, and has repeatedly engaged in this behavior, each and every time he does it, he says he loves God so he doesn't have to change his behavior?

Jeremy has a get out of jail free card for his fans like you. He's Christian so he can repeatedly treat others like crap and since he's Christian, he doesn't even need to apologize, he's Christian and not perfect so he can treat people like n**gers, f*ags, d*kes, k***s, pubes, c***ks (all words from Jeremy's Christlike Myspace) and he doesn't even have to apologize! He's a darn good kid for this because well, he's what? Oh right, a fine Christian young man. He can be a racist as long as he's not using heroin.

That Jeremy has not apologized for his racist remarks indicates to me that he is not *trying* to be a good Christian in the slightest. He made public racist remarks, hid behind his daddy like a little boy and never said he was sorry, and thats Christian?

What church do you people go to? Christian Identity?

Rap541 said...

Sheri - is it Christian for Mueller and other friends of Jeremy to tell a fan to eff off and kill herself and call her a b*tch and a loser? Its a fact -you can email Peggy Roloff and ask her since it was brought to her attention by concerned fans.

No doubt yes, telling people to eff off and commit suicide is your kind of Christian as well.

Come on SHeri - is "Eff off and kill yourself" how the sermon ends in your Christian church and would you welcome a Roloff or Mueller or anoter Roloff friend telling your childtren that?

Lori said...

Rap, you talk like you are perfect and have raised perfect children.

Amy and Matt are doing the best job they can and I think they have done a fantastic job. All kids say things to their friends that as parents we wish they didn't and it's a constant battle to clean up their mouths. That doesn't mean they are bad kids.

While I don't condone it if Mueller was rude to a fan, all people, even Christians are rude sometimes and say and write things they shouldn't. Keep in mind, Mueller was not prepared to become a celebrity and I don't feel he should have been contacted by the fan. It was asking for trouble.

Leave these kids be.

Susan Myers said...

I live in the Hillsboro area. Although I have not personally spoken to Amy, I have seen her around town several times as well as several of my friends and co-workers have seen and spoken to her. She is always gracious and a total sweetheart.

I've seen Jacob and Amy at the soccer field when our son has played Jacob's team in the past. Jacob is like any other kid his age and Amy did not act any differently than any other parent. She is down to earth and an overall completely normal and polite person.

If fans feel slighted, that's unfortunate, but I assure you that's not the Roloffs intention.

Rap541 said...

"All kids say things to their friends that as parents we wish they didn't and it's a constant battle to clean up their mouths. That doesn't mean they are bad kids. "

It doesn't mean they are great kids either. Lori, please understand, I do understand that kids make mistakes, I really do. What I see here, is a pattern of behavior that is allowed to continue because the parents aren't concerned about it or aren't bothered by it. I am troubled by Amy's public comments that so far have amounted to her being bothered not that her son was was caught using racist language that would make a sailor blush, but that she had to go to the trouble of explaining to her kids that since they were in the public eye, they need to watch what they say. Not that it was wrong, but that it was important not to be caught.

I'm troubled by Matt's "we welcome criticism" comments when he's also praising some of his enforcer fans from his own message boards for their taking on the haters. Matt's on record praising people who wilfully disrupt other message boards (specifically Sawyer on the TLC boards). I'm tired of having to smile at it and nod and say "yes, that's Christian and that family isn't perfect but they are not to be criticized since they are Christian and while not doing everything perfectly, anyone who does say something critical is an atheist hater".

To bring it back on point, the Roloffs get a lot of *money* for their show. They aren't donating it all to LP awareness, it goes in their pockets, and thats fine, but lets not act like they are different from the jokers on Survivor or the Amazing Race, or even Jon and Kate plus Eight. They wouldn't be doing this if it wasn't profitable so it would be nice if they weren't treated like they are. And while I don't see any need to interact with any of them personally, it does show gratitude if they do. They're living off you, after all.

BrokenWing said...

"I am troubled by Amy's public comments that so far have amounted to her being bothered not that her son was was caught using racist language that would make a sailor blush, but that she had to go to the trouble of explaining to her kids that since they were in the public eye, they need to watch what they say. Not that it was wrong, but that it was important not to be caught."

Rap, perhaps you didn't read or hear Amy's interview properly where she talked about "the Jeremy scandal"?

She said she didn't like the language. She talked to him about it. She said "is this how you want to be treated" and implied that she asked him what he was thinking when he made some of those old comments. She also said even though you (meaning Jeremy and his friends) might not mean it to be hurtful, someone else might take it that way. I think Amy understands it's wrong. She said he needs to watch what he says because even though he didn't intend it to be hurtful, it obviously is to other people so watch what he says.

I do think it would be nice if the Roloffs did a little more with fans than they do. I agree with the article that all the stories about them in person are good, but like it says, this is the internet age that connects everyone. It would be nice and neat to occassionally be able to ask members of the Roloff family a question and get a personal answer instead of questions that go through someone else.

I heard Jeremy did in the very beginning but stopped because fans that he didn't have time for felt discriminated against. I wish they would realize that some effort is better than none. I don't think most fans are unreasonable about expecting too much contact, but a chance, a possibility, some venue for it? That would be a nice show of gratitude for the support they receive.

Lauren said...

I think they should stay in contact with their fans. The Roloffs are people that have been blessed with a lot of things because of having fans. It's only giving of some of their time back to talk to people.

Unfortunately the hollywood "I'm a star" attitude is all too common for anybody that achieves some success and praise.

Lauren said...

Oh and I've heard about some of those message that Jeremy's friends have sent to his fans he should be ashamed. They probably think they are really funny and cool to stomp on someone's feelings like that. It gets me worked out up even thinking about it. Jeremy should be ashamed. That's the type of thing that makes it hard to believe those kids actually care about Christian or even being a decent person.

I just don't blame Matt and Amy for it.

gina said...

I love watching your show,with the world in the mess it's it when I get home from work on Mondays I watch your show, It makes you realize that family is the most important thing as you always show.I would love to come to Oregon to your farm to meet the family. you guy's make every viewer feel like they are apart of the family. good bless you all.

Julie said...

Everybody makes decision they think are best, but the main reason why I would opt against putting my family on tv, is the adverse side of fame and popularity. It ruins the best of people. A teenager, especially a teen that already has confidence (some might say cockiness) and is reasonably attractive, will already think the world revolves around him. Adding fame to the mix is bound to make the teen's head that much bigger. It sounds like that's what has happened to Jeremy. There seems to be a big discrepancy between the Jeremy portrayed on the show and the Jeremy with his friends off the show. JMO.

Keith said...

I don't think Jeremy gives one iota about fans or being nice to them. He used to mock them online with his friends. Those feelings didn't just magically go away.

JS said...

I don't care what excuses anyone gives, Jeremy is the typical celebrity that gets famous and then thinks he's better than everybody even though he's living off them. He can't make any time for anybody now that he's famous and getting stuff because of the fans.

A couple of years ago Matt said Amy was trying to keep the kids from getting big heads from the fame. They failed big time.

gina said...

I'm not trying to be smart.But how does everyone know Jeremy is a jerk and he hate his fans,and he has let the show go to his head have you people met him? I just watch the show and he seems like a normal teenage boy. no differant then anyone elses child. I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN TOLD NOT TO JUDGE ANYONE ELSE'S KIDS BECAUSE YOURS COULD BE ACTING THE SAME the show big fan

Justin said...

Gina, Jeremy made many comments with his friends where they were insulting fans. He told of how much he thinks fans are losers.

I think some people need to have higher standards for behavior.

Racist and homophobic language and insulting people being kind and supporting somebody doesn't count as being a jerk? A person doing that should be told they are being a jerk and be held accountable.

Don't forget the point of the whole show and their public image either. I think Jeremy in addition to being ignorant and homophobic and being an stuck up ungrateful kid, he's also a liar and a hypocrite. I don't think "liar" and "hypocrite" can be disputed.

gina said...

JUSTIN who heard jeremy say these thing? I don't know alot about the computer but I heard he's on my space and anyone can chat with him and his family is this true?I'm not saying what he is saying if he is saying anything is okay. I just love watching them as a family you don"t see that kind of family bonding anymore.I guess seeing the farm and the house they have they are living the American dream.And I think everyone has been dishonest at one time or another. look at the comedians the are always say things about people and making fun of heavy people.but people laugh at that and we are paying them to make fun of someones weight and other things they say. I watch them all the time's just a whole differant world out there have to learn I guess not to take everything to heart. I know It's hard not to.I'm not trying to be smart about it I see this kind of stuff all the time you learn to accept people how they are and they will have to live with the way they treat people

Christina said...

Gina, lots of people saw it. You couldn't really "talk". There was one part where anybody could leave a comment but Jeremy never talked to fans leaving him nice comments or questions. He he left it public so anybody could see the comments between Jeremy and his friends. They are the real friends you see on the show. Jeremy and his friends would insult fans all the time and say very rude things about them. They did that all the time too.

I don't think you should accept people how they are when they're being rude or insulting.

gina said said...

Christina thats for answering my questions. I guess when you watch the show every Monday night you think thats how the life really is. It's just like the family show Jon and Kate plus 8. You watch the show that these people are making so much money off of. you think this is a great together family then you read at the newstands.Jon is never home he's at his moms on weekends and he has been seen leaving clubs with college girls why do they show differant thing on the show? it's differant lives and we are paying them to act out this fairy tale life when people are loseing there jobs and people are loosing there homes. I feel alittle differant about the roloffs now. We wanted to go out there farm to meet them in the fall we live in ohio. thats a long trip to try to meet someone or a family you admire if they treat people as people say they do. I still love them but feel differantly now Thanks.What else do you know about them?

just wondering said...

I've noticed on the show when Matt's parents are on the show his says pop's and honey. why doesn't he call he mom ? is this his step mom?

Christina said...

jw, no I don't think so. I think that's just her nick-name of sorts that the kids call her. Some kids say things like "Nan" and Honey is what the kids call her so I think Matt does it for them. If kids call grandparents a special name, that's usually how the parents start referring to her too.

Christina said...

Gina, I feel exactly the same way as you do. I think a lot of people do. You watch the show and feel like you know them and like them. Then you see and hear real things, and they're nothing like the people you thought they were on the show, and it takes something away from the show. At least it does for me.

It became glaring obvious that Jeremy, Zach and their friends really hate fans. Do you remember the episode about the twins turning 16 when they went to the beach?

Zach and Jeremy had a messages to their friends dated before the party actually happened. They told the friend that they were planning on going but needed to settle on a date because TLC was coming. Zach told the friend that they were going to the beach and Jeremy and him and were going to tell the fans F off.

It was just a whole bunch of disrespect. The part that the public could comment on was a blog Jeremy posted right after the near tractor accident carrying the wood. Fans left him comments there not only about that, but telling him how much they liked him, the show and admired his family. Then Jeremy's real friends, would post things like "Who the hell are these bleeping losers? They suck!" Then Jeremy would post agreeing with his friends.

One of the worst that I saw was when a fan of Jeremy's, a girl from Puerto Rico made a fan page about Jeremy and said she loved Jeremy and thought Amy was the greatest mom. Then Jeremy and his friends had comments together mocking this girl, with things like "you gotta check out her profile, look at her picture! What an ugly loser!"

It was just heartless and completely unnecessary. Those things happened all the time. The first few times it happened, I kept thinking it must be a mistake, it can't really be them, because they are nothing like how I thought they were. But then you realize that it is 100% them and once you see how they talk and feel about things, after a while I realized the image from the show couldn't be real.

Then there is the whole thing about believing they are as innocent and as Christian as you think they are from the show and the books. Jeremy's friend from the show had pictures of himself drunk. Do you remember Jeremy's friend when he had the apple war with Zach? That kid told Jeremy that he had quit drinking for a bit because he was arrested for drinking and driving.

They aren't the only teenagers to do that, but the difference between how I thought they were from the show and how they really are when I saw those things are huge.

Like the blog says though, people say the Roloffs are nice to everybody on the farm when they're making money from it. The part that bothers me is how they really feel about things.

I still like things from the show, but I take it with a grain of salt now knowing that is more image than reality. It's hard when you don't really believe that they are actually nice people.

Robert said...

Gina, you're probably safe if you go the farm to meet the Roloffs. The question isn't how they treat people in public flesh life.

It's how they act when the cameras are turned off that concerns people.

gina said said...

christina I guess I was blind sided. I do notices how lazy jeremy can be when his mom try's to wake him up and he takes for ever to get up. I wonder how much the get paid. I loved the riverboat trip. Heck If I knew the where that close to Ohio I would of loved to went down there.I guess when you get paid that much you can go on trips like they do.I think that farm is great. you would think when they are plces like the river boat and on vacations the public would try to get close to them. I read somewhere that they look for Matt and Amy to divorce. they said they have noticed the way amy acts on the show. That just what I don"t understand is she really unhappy or just acting?Have you ever thought about going out to yhe farm?It's like a wonder land. How often are they being filmed?How would you know if they would be at the farm if you did go. Would hate to go clear out there and my luck they would be on vaction.I'm not trying to be stupid but you said something about a girl making a page about jeremy and he made fun of her how do you know these things.I don't know that much or nothing at all about my space and bloging I have no clue what that stuff is but I enjoy chatting back in forth with you guy's Yes I feel differant about the show know I kinda lose that connection I'll stillwatch it but I'll pay more attention to how they act now. I know they are spoilled. Molly seems like a sweet girl. she doesn't seem lazy.

PR said...

When one makes the decision to put themselves in the media or television, they are asking the public to support them by watching their program or buying their merchandise.

There absolutely is a responsibility that comes with that position.

They ask for the support. They receive the support. People pour their hearts out to these celebrities. It is cold and callous for them to totally ignore them.

However, it must come from within the individual. It can't be external pressure or they'll never follow through on it. It is a character issue.

Derek said...

The thing with Jeremy is I actually like him as he's portrayed on the show. Yes he has his faults on the show, but he's easy-going and seems like he would have a good heart.

However, I know people aren't always what they appear to be television. Jeremy adoring friends who would talk about and to well-meaning people like this shines a light on what he must really be like. The Jeremy I thought he was from the show wouldn't be friends with someone who would say such terrible things to people, let alone best friends. The Jeremy I thought he was from the show wouldn't use such hateful and hurtful language.

I listen to him speak on the show, but they are just empty words to me. They no longer carry truth or sincerity.

Ginny said...

I love the Roloffs but I wish they would care more about their fans.

brit said...

I think it's disgraceful that the twins talk that way about their fans, but I also understand where they are coming from. I bet you that Matt and Amy had the idea to do this show. If it were my parents who opened out lives up to the world, I would hate it. Now, that's not to say that they are allowed to say rude things to fans, but I can understand why they resent them. The boys are not celebrities, they really are just normal people. As far as the messages on facebook and myspace from fans, I would not respond nor add to any strangers. There are freaks in the world. They could respond to a letter, but then they'd get caught a pen pal type of thing. I'm 20 years old, and while I don't condone the way they refer to their fans, I do understand the resentment and where they're coming from.

Giles said...

I think they past the stage of being little kids forced into the show, with the only exception now being Jacob and no one is talking about him. Amy has said they all are in favor for the show and if any of the kids weren't, the show would end.

Zach and Jeremy are almost 19 years old almost a year ago. C'mon. Molly is a smart girl. Kids Molly's ages are working jobs and interacting with the public/strangers.

To prevent teenagers who have a camera crew doting on them and are given VIP treatment for everything from getting the typical stuck up attitude, they need to teach them to have some gratitude and appreciation. Being corgial and making time for fans is not too much to ask.

Molly is smart enough to know how it works. No fans = no show. No show = no perks and fun stuff she enjoys. But Molly sure does seem to enjoy the trips. She sure was excited to have that brand new swimming pool ready for her birthday party. Look at their lives before the show, look at it now. These things are all happening because fans are watching the show. The kids like the perks from the shows. Give a little back. Ignoring fans and even worse, disrespecting fans are only making them into little stuck prima-donnas.

They could easily respond to messages on Myspace or Facebook. People do it all the time. It's not a big deal. The difference between you and the Roloffs is fan support is the reason why they enjoy the perks they do. You might be working at a restaurant as a waitress on your Friday and Saturday nights. The Roloff kids have never needed to do that because they have fans.

Spending a couple of hours a week communicating with their fans that have given them the perks they like is just common sense and gratitude.

I agree the most effective way would be for them to have a Myspace or Facebook for their fans and keep their real friends away with it since they are obviously nasty kids to fans and can't control their mouths when talking about fans.

Internet safety for the Roloff teenagers is just an excuse and not a very good one. I think all of the kids are smart enough to not act on some type of message like, "Molly meet me at 2nd street in the cafe on Sunday at 1pm!"

As the blog stated there is no danger or threat in Molly answering"

Molly, those Christimas gifts you made were beautiful. Were they hard to make?

Zach, have you seen the new Mountain Dew cans, what do you think dude?

Jeremy, do you have any advice for someone trying out for ODP?

Answering those questions aren't putting them in any danger. That's just a lot of drama and excuses for the kids to be self-absorbed and unappreciative.

Brandon said...

Brit, they aren't just normal people. They are celebrities. They go on vacations every third week. They've written a book. They do book signings. They're on the Oprah show and Good Morning America. They get free stuff given to them all the time.

When the civil war hat Zach wanted was sold out at the store in Michigan, do you remember what happened? The clerk told him it was sold out. For most teenagers that would be the end of it. But Zach and the rest of the Rolofs aren't normal teenagers. They are celebrities and got special treatment. The owner of the store saw to it that Zach got his hat.

Jeremy had the chance to go in the tunnel backstage at the soccer game and meet Freddy Adu (a celebrity to Jeremy) and Real Madrid soccer players. I've been to soccer games as a teenager. I was never allowed to go backstage to meet the players. Jeremy got it because he's a celeb.

Normal teens and not celebrities my foot! :)

It's ironic that Jeremy had a smile a mile wide when a celebrity to him, Freddy Adu made time for him and was nice to him, but Jer won't spend any time sending an appreciative message when he is the one with fans.

It's that old saying about treat people like you want to be treated. Obviously not for the Roloffs. Jeremy loved that someone he was a fan of was nice to him, but doesn't give a crap about it when he's the one with fans.

Roxanne said...

Yeah, they aren't just regular kids because they are on TV. Actors in movies are regular kids too. The point is they're on TV and have fans. They like the stuff they get from TV. They should be down to earth with fans.

I'm a fan of a 17 year year old guy who has been on TV and in a few movies. He goes to his school. He has a fan Myspace. He's posted 4 or 5 Frequently Asked Questions. He logs in a couple of times a week or every two weeks. He posts pictures and encourages fans to comment on them. He also comments people back. I sent him a message and he answered.

He has a lot more fans than the Roloffs. That shows it is possible for someone with fans to be good to their fans if they care.

JakeFan said...

that's the bad part about people that become famous. they start thinking they're better than normal people and can't be bothered with normal people anymore. if i had all the stuff they got from having fans, i would make some time for them sometimes.

Joey MacDonald said...

I quit watching this show about a year and a half ago after I saw Jeremy hating on his fans with his friends. He behaved like stuck up spoiled prick. If you saw it, you know how distasteful it was. It was fans telling him how inspirational they thought his family was. All this spoiled brat can do is insult those fans with his friends.

I don't know why anybody would still want to watch this jerk Jeremy be a fake on tv.

The greatest thing will be karma. The day will come when he will be wanting people to support his endeavors and hopefully he will be treated with the same disrespect he's given others.

I don't care how many cars he has, Jeremy is a real failure as a human being when it comes to respect and being a decent person. A true jerk.

Maybe after LPBW runs it course, Jeremy can stay in showbiz and play the role of a spoiled rich snob.

Peter said...

Bottomline : They're snobby arse-holes to fans unless eyes are on them.

But they sure do love the money fan support provides them with all their material goods.

Brittney said...

Okay, here is the way that I see it. The Roloffs are on a TV show. This TV show is a form of entertainment for its audience. Just like other reality shows, such as Real World, or J&K plus 8, or other TV shows in general, One Tree Hill, CSI, or even the news, people watch to be entertained or informed.TV shows like CSI or Law and Order have the actors or stars of their shows, The Roloffs play the "actors" or "stars" of LPBW. The actors in all of these shows have gathered fans. Fans who love them, hate them or just enjoy watching them. Just because the Roloffs are on a reality TV show, and are portrayed as their actual selves on TV does not make them any different from other actors on TV shows. Some people call them celebrities, so let's think about this fan interaction like we would any other celebrity.

Say you're a huge fan of Leighton Meester, one of the stars on Gossip Girl. Would you send her a myspace message and actually expect her to write back? Would you even send her a myspace message in the first place? Why should we expect the Roloffs to do anything we wouldn't expect any other TV actor to do?

Now obviously, writing back rude and negative comments to fans is not acceptable at all, but let's be real people. No celebrity sends personal messages back and forth to fans, or even sends online appreciation. Sure, they thank fans at the emmys or grammys or whatever, but I personally do not expect any interaction from the Roloffs that I wouldn't expect from Sophia Bush or Chad Michael Murray. And real celebrities have a lot less to do than the Roloffs anyway.

Just my opinion of course.

Christine said...

Brittney, the Roloffs are celebrities. I agree. They're celebrities because real working people identified with them and liked their show enough to watch it week after week, year after year.

Take a gander at twitter. Celebrities who are a busier than the Roloffs and have a lot more fans do talk to fans. They do communicate. Not to every fan, that's impossible, but there is somethign.

The Roloffs don't do squat for their fans except charge to hear them speak.

They got rich off the fans and now they're too good to do anything with the fans.

William H said...

I pretty much despise celebrities and the last thing I'd want to do is talk to them. They're the must stuck up, egotistical human beings on the planet.

I can't believe that some fans are willing to be disrespected by their "Celebrities" and still defend them.

"they're just too busy to bother with us cuz their time is so sparse".....HAHAHA if you believe that. Yeah they're too busy buying stuff with the money you're putting in their pockets.

If I got rich off basically doing nothing except in an actors case, what I love, because fans care about me, I would totally make some time for them. Most of them would take like 20 seconds to answers. They do nothing. Why do they do nothing? Because most celebrities are self-asorbed jerks.

I get so sick of fans making excuses for these pampered celebs. I work up to 12 hours a day doing hard physical labor. Don't give me crap about it's too tough for people like the Roloffs who play on camera to sit their butt down in front of their new computer or state of the art laptop and have the decencey to show some respect to people by reading what people have to say and showing some things by acknowledging it.

Twitter takes their excuses away and most celebs are on board because it doesn't take them much time to stay in touch with their fans.

The Roloffs can't even manage that because they're egos are too big and they can't make any money from twitter.

Brittney said...

I'm not saying that the Roloffs are great with their fans and they should be pardoned for their behavior(talking about the twins and their friends here) What I'm saying is that we don't personal message Jennifer Anniston and expect her to write back to us, so why should we expect any of the Roloffs to do the same. Actors and Actresses have money and fame for the same reasons the Roloffs do. Fans. And most of the time interaction between fans and celebrities is fake anyway. Celebrities pay people to do all their online communication and pretend to love their fans, which is worse than not responding at all.

In my opinion, I don't understand why people even try to communicate with celebrities at all. You are a fan of their work, ie, their songs, tv shows, movies, etc. That doesn't say anything about who they are. You don't know them personally, you have never met them, so why do you want to talk to them? If you're a fan of their work, that's what Fan Clubs and message boards and blogs are for. I dunno, maybe it's just me, but I don't see the poing in emailing or messaging a celebrity and trying to communicate with them when you have no connection to them.

Oh, and maybe I'm wrong about this one, but I thought I saw an article on here that said the Roloffs did have twitters, at least Amy and Matt, but then they were all taken down because of people creating fake accounts in all the Roloffs names. Makes it kind of hard to even attempt these things when there are people out there who will go as far as impersonate you.

Christine said...

Brittney, I see it differently.

Celebs making time for their fans is the right thing to do. Yes, it is kind of expected now for celebrities to interact with their fans and when they don't, well, that's why they're known as stuck up and ungrateful.

Celebrities are doing it. I'm serious. Check out twitter. Everybody is doing it. If Shaq and Ashton Kucher and Rob Thomas can all twitter and respond to some fans, then the Roloffs sure as heck could!

The other thing that annoys me about the Roloffs is the Roloffs whole thing is their just like normal people. But there they are and they can't be bothered to talk to the normal people that are supporting their rich lifestyle. Matt would need to get a job in sales, Amy wouldn't be traveling all around the world talking for a living if it wasn't for FANS.

The Roloffs are just being primadonna snobs who let fame go to their head and now they don't want to be appreciative of the fans that made them successful. YES other celebrities are doing it.

I think it's true that the Roloffs don't care about their fans unless they're getting paid to talk to a fan. Other celebrities more famous than the Roloffs do it for free.