Friday, March 20, 2009

March 16th Episode: Roloff family arguments, exasperation, bad moods, bugs and bonding

Review of the March 16 episode.

*Matt is back with the rest of the Roloff family (and Jacob Mueller) aboard the American Queen riverboat. For those asking for more information on the boat the Roloffs were on, this is the website for more information about the American Queen riverboat.

Amy explains her idea of a vacation is to get out and see new things. She wants the kids up early. They would like to sleep in. I can't blame them there. There needs to be happy medium between sleeping the day away and getting up too early. We find out that Matt doesn't want to leave the boat and doesn't. He would rather sit and relax then be out everywhere.

*Amy and the kids split up while shopping. Amy gives strict instructions to be back by 5pm because that's when the boat leaves. They almost miss it, as a nervous looking Amy is shown on the boat worrying if the kids will make it when they're shown sprinting towards the boat. A couple of things about that made me go Hmmm. Amy said the kids didn't answer their cell phones. This is where the third wall that they don't ever refer to would come in. There was a camera crew with the kids. You would have to think the producer/crew would give a call to the camera crew with the kids...Also when they showed the long shot from the boat over-looking kids sprinting towards the boat as they made it just in the nick of time, there is no sign of the camera crew. Perhaps they had let them go off by themselves later but it could have been one of those suspense plots they love.

*There was more drama to follow. When Amy and Matt are a no show for dinner, Jeremy heads back to their room to find them. As Jeremy approaches he says "I'm scared". A stressed and emotional sounding Amy opens the door and tells him she'll come and sit with the kids. Matt is heard in the back saying "maybe" they'll come to dinner, but only Amy eventually goes. Zach explained that he and Jeremy know what's going on when Matt and Amy are fighting, but they try to shelter Molly and Jacob from it. Amy and Matt never did explain what the argument was about. Amy said they didn't like the way the vacation was going, but that's about it. Jeremy talks to Amy again and says Matt was very intense.

*On a lighter note, we can confirm that Jacob Mueller was indeed wearing a picture with his best friend's face on it (Jeremy of course). The picture on the shirt is one of TLC's promo pictures of Jeremy from the first season:

Have to say that is quite odd. It's obviously an inside joke between them. Perhaps it's teasing Jeremy about a picture they think is a bad picture. However, given Mueller's reputation with fans and particularly fans of Jeremy, perhaps it is some way of making fun of Jeremy's fans? I wouldn't put it past him. Either way, a little odd if you ask me.

*Back to the action. As the boat goes through a narrow lock it brushes against the walls. The older kids (except Zach obviously) reached over the rails to touch the wall. Jake can't reach and in a split second leaps over the rail, stands on the outside hanging on with one hand and leaned back to touch the wall. A shocked Molly watches on. Zach scolds Molly and speaks for most of the viewers when he says "It's Jacob Roloff. Of course he's going to fall!" However he didn't and Jake escaped injury for once.

*Matt then leaves on the often mentioned "farm business" that he must take care of. The kids have long faces, but then Amy explains that the kids were bummed because Jacob Mueller had to leave the trip and head back home as well.

With Matt and Mueller gone, Amy and her four kids head off on a road trip to New Orleans. Along the way Jeremy and Jake picked up a harmonica and work as a team playing one song together. Over and over again. It eventually drives Amy over the edge after 5 hours of driving, but she later explains how wonderful it was to see Jeremy actually devote time and attention to doing something with his little brother because it she rarely sees much interaction between those two.

*I also give Jeremy the award for the comedian of the night in this episode. The funniest scene of the night was when Amy took the kids to Crossroads. Amy explained to Jeremy on the way there that it was "Where the Blues began". While in the van, Jeremy let it go with an "Oh". Once they arrive at the spot, Amy takes pictures of the baffled kids at the spot who still don't understand the significance. Jeremy asks Amy a couple of more times about it, Amy kept repeating that it was "where the Blues began". Jeremy confesses to the camera that he still has no idea what it was all about. He wonders aloud if there was an old cafe there and that was where the first blues song was played. As Jeremy and Amy stand together, Amy once more points to the corner and happily says "that's where the Blues began". Jeremy finally let out an exasperated "But HOW?!?!?!???" and makes a face at the camera as he walks away. Very humorous.

*We then learn that Zach is apparently in a bad mood. He complains in the van and while walking through New Orleans. Zach whines that he wants to go home. Amy tried to reason with him and told him to make the best of it. This made Zach more upset. He went on to complain that Amy is horrible at reading him. Molly told Amy to not even talk to him. Jeremy tells the camera that it's a bummer when he's having a great time and his twin is not and lets everybody know it. It puts damper on the trip.

They try to see some more historical spots in New Orleans but when they arrive at the places Amy has marked, she said they turned out to be bars. Amy blamed herself for not researching the history of the landmarks and for not being better prepared.

They headed to the Insectatorium which improves Zach's mood. They also eat bugs. This is the second time the Roloffs have ate bugs on an episode. Perhaps they're trying to let the producers of Survivor and Fear Factor know that they're ready and willing to eat insects? Jeremy appeared to thoroughly enjoy eating the bugs and joyfully prepared a sampling of several insects for Zach to eat all at once which he did, but not quite as enthusiastically as Jeremy.

As the episode closed around dinner, the kids say they enjoyed the time to bond as siblings and as sons and daughter with Amy. Jeremy continued to fill the role of comedian as he had the family laughing as he humorously told them what he planned to order "and my soup will be the snapping turtle"

Those were most of the highlights of the episode. Next week Amy and the kids head to Biloxi to help Habitat for Humanity build houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.


Joanne said...

Great recap! I enjoyed it and had to laugh at a lot of it. I have gone places before and always find things out when I get home. Oh, I wish I had known about this or
I dont get why this mueller kid has to go everywhere with this family. I didnt like when he was sitting on Jacob hitting him. I would have let him have it.

Jocelynn said...

Joanne, I agree, I'm on the same page as you are about Mueller! I know they were just playing, but still it bugged me that he kept sitting on Jacob. I think I saw him do that at least 3 times on this trip. It was playing, but a person who is well over 6 foot tall should does not need to be sitting on an 11 year old boy. Mueller has bully written all over him.

Jeremy was very funny in that episode. His comment that 'Comedy started over there - why? Because someone said so' also had me laughing.

I also thought Amy was too hard on herself. I've done the same thing as well. Molly and Zach say they are into history, they could have done some homework about the trip. I saw Jacob with a laptop, they could have looked it up on the internet if they were interested.

Dana said...

Joanne, Mueller is Jeremy's best friend and he has been that since they were 5 or 6 years old. Mueller is like family. He is almost Amy's 5th kid that she wanted.

Mueller gave Jeremy someone to pal around with when Zach was busy with his LP friends in Detroit and Jeremy and Mueller are best friends. They went off to explore by themselves many of times. If Amy expects Jeremy to be away from his friends for a month or two, they need to give him some perks if they expect him to go. Mueller made the trip better.

I did not have a problem with Mueller sitting on Jacob. Jacob liked the attention. Mueller did well not to really hit him. He has more patience than I would have with Jacob. As Amy said, Jacob Roloff annoys the older kids.

Zoloft said...

"If Amy expects Jeremy to be away from his friends for a month or two, they need to give him some perks if they expect him to go."

Yes, because Jeremy is a man, and as a man, he is the one making the decisions, correct? His parents didn't pay for that month long vacation, and they do basically work him like their slave. He has no priveledges, no car, no extracurricular activities and never ever gets any treats so he *deserves* to have his way....

Oh wait, he's 18, unlike most kids he doesn't have a part time job, his parents indulge his every material need and whim and he isn't an emancipated adult.

Dana, don't you think the Roloffs are Christians? How exactly is Jeremy, the son, respecting his parents when if he doesn't get a playmate, if his parents expect him to be with *just* his family for a month, that he can simply pitch a fit and not go?

As much as Zach was a whiner on this one, that Jeremy couldn't be expected to go at all unless he had his way and got a playmate, really says a LOT about Jeremy.

Katie said...

Nobody knows if Jeremy would have refused to go if Mueller had not been allowed on the trip. I think it was just a case of Mueller making the trip better for Jeremy. The Roloffs weren't paying for him. If Mueller's family and scheduled allowed it, I see no reason why Mueller going was a problem.

Zoloft said...

Katie - I simply see no reason to act like it was Jeremy's decision to make. Jeremy is the child, until he supports himself. If his parents decide to take a friend for him, fine, but if he wouldn't go unless a friend was brought as many posters state is the case, how exactly is that not Jeremy being a petulant spoiled child who won't do something unless he gets his way?

Katie said...

But obviously Amy didn't mind. I don't know how it went down. I assume Jeremy asked if Mueller could go and Amy and TLC said sure no problem.

If that happened, what is the problem with Mueller going?

Nobody knows that Jeremy stomped his feet and said he wouldn't go unless Mueller went too. You shouldn't assume that's what happened and called him a petulant spoiled child unless you know that was how it went down.

Do you agree that if Jeremy asked if Mueller could go and Amy said yes, then there is no problem with Mueller going?

I think as people are saying Jeremy preferred Mueller to go on the trip because it's more fun for an older teenager to travel with a best friend. Amy was ok with it. You should be too.

Zoloft said...

Katie, I believe, and it's hard to believe I am saying this since I'm no fan of Jeremy's, that fans do Jeremy a terrible disservice when they say things like this:

"If Amy expects Jeremy to be away from his friends for a month or two, they need to give him some perks if they expect him to go."

Whats being implied here is that Jeremy won't go on a *family vacation* unless he gets his way. How is that making Jeremy look like a nice kid? He's eighteen,still in school and still fully supported by his folks and if *his mother* expects him to deign to vacation with the rest of his family, she had better sweeten the deal since a free month long trip is not to Jeremy's taste.

Amy is his mom. If she expects him to go on vacation with the family, then until he is fully supporting his own lifestyle without mommy's help, as a dependant child, he goes on vacation with the family whether he prefers to have a friend with him or not. Sorry, it's not. Friends come and go, family is forever, and I don't know how anyone thinks it makes Jeremy sound like a great loving son to say that he simply won't go on a family vacation unless he gets a playmate.

Dani's comment makes Jeremy sound like Jeremy is the decisionmaker and that its somehow cruel to expect him to spend time with his family without extra inducement. I wish sometimes that "defender" fans would look at their comments and realize just how selfish they make this kid appear. He does a nice job on his own, but stating outright that he has the *authority* to demand a playmate or else he won't go on vacation with the family makes him look really bad.

Anonymous said...

First of all i dont think its really a big deal that Mueller went on the trip. My friends go on trips with me all the time.

To change the subject, I was laughing the whole time at the part where Jeremy didnt understand the whole Crossroads thing. And Jocelynn, I also thought it was funny when he said Comedy started there.

And I've seen Mueller wear that shirt in a different episode ,the one where Jacob has a tick at Amy's parents house, but I really couldnt tell what it was, but i thought it was Jeremy.

And Mueller was just goofing around with Jacob. And Jacob didnt seem like he was upset that Mueller was sitting on him, he was laughing.

So to wrap this all up, Mueller going on the trip was not a big deal at all, and he left after they got off the boat, so i dont see the big deal.

Dana said...

Zoloft - I don't know Jeremy or the Roloffs. I don't know how it cameabout that Mueller was invited.

But a lot of 18 year olds wouldn't go on a family vacation without a friend. If that's what happened that is perfectly fine.

Don't talk like Amy was doing something for Jeremy by taking the kids on the summer vacation. I don't think the show would like it if Jeremy refused to go. Mueller made it more enjoyable for Jeremy. What is your problem really?

IF that is how Jeremy felt and I think it probably is - Jeremy wanted Mueller on the trip because he would have a better time, that's fine and right. I don't blame Jeremy for wanting his best friend on the trip. His best friend or an annoying little brother? Who would most 18 year olds want to spend their vacation with? The poor kid (Jeremy) can't do anything with Jake without Jake crying and getting mad. Can you imagine if they spent all their time together if Mueller wasn't there for Jeremy to hang around with?

It made Jeremy happier. That made the trip better for Amy. Jeremy could have went on the trip and been a sourpuss like Zach.

Maybe they should bring one of Zach's LP friends on the next vacation and Zach would be easier to get along with on the trip like Jeremy.

Zoloft said...

"The poor kid (Jeremy) can't do anything with Jake without Jake crying and getting mad. Can you imagine if they spent all their time together if Mueller wasn't there for Jeremy to hang around with?"

Again, please stop and consider how you have just made Jeremy look. He can't be around his younger brother because he, at eighteen, is incapable of being with his brother without making said child unhappy. He *has to have a friend* because he can't have a good time with his *family*.

Yes, I can imagine what a vacation where Jeremy was forced to spend time with his *family* would be like. You've made it clear that Jeremy loves his family so much, he can't stand to be with just them. Vacation with just his brothers and sister? The poor dear would be *miserable* with just his family - he simply shouldn't be *punished* like that. I mean, the horror, a Christian boy spending time with his brothers and sisters on a family vacation! My god the torture those few days alone with those AWFUL relatives. How dare anyone expect Jeremy to be with JUST his family - I mean thats essentially child abuse, thinking a teenager should go on vacation with JUST his family.

I'm being a little facetious, but really, I am been told so many times that Jeremy is a loving boy who loves his family so I should shut up and stop hating.... But when the hypocracy of "Jeremy can't be expected to spend time with his family but he is the most loving kid ever and his brothers and sister are crap to be around so he needs a friend if his parents expect him to put time on HIS PAYING JOB the show" is pointed out - well, here we are with the reality that Jeremy is a kid who apparently calls the shots in his family and can turn up his nose at a family vacation because he shouldn't HAVE TO be around his family if he prefers his friends. Apparently prefering his friends over family makes him super Christian.