Friday, March 27, 2009

March 23rd Episode review: Roloffs build homes, welcome homes, bridges and anniversaries

It's time for a recap of the March 23rd episodes of Little People, Big World - Roloffs in Relief.

Amy and the kids volunteered to help out with Habitat for Humanity in Biloxi, Mississippi. They stayed at Camp Victor and were informed that it will be "lights on" at 6:00Am. Zach explains that Roloffs don't get up at 6:00Am. Zach, Jacob and Jeremy discuss the plan to wake up at that early hour; Jeremy's suggestion was to have all their clothes and everything ready to go to save time in the morning. It's good to see that Jeremy learned something from the "I can't find my pants" debacle a couple of seasons ago. Upon hearing the conversation, Amy chimes in that she's glad they're doing this, welcome to the real world boys. I'm with Amy on that one, too.

They do manage to wake up with the help of Sean and his bagpipe playing abilities. You can read a story in his local paper about his moment of fame.

The Roloffs arrived at the site ready to work. Zach and Amy began putting waterproof wrap around the house, Molly and Jacob painted baseboards, while Jeremy worked on the roof. The next day, Jeremy helped complete the roof, Amy and Zach helped install the windows and Molly and Jacob helped construct a shed. They did not completely escape injury. Jacob was involved, but he wasn't the injured party for a change! He accidentally hit Molly's finger with a hammer. Molly held no grudges as she gave Jacob a loving hug afterwards. However, later when they were finished Jacob did have band-aid on his thumb; it might not be accurate to say Jacob escaped all injury, although obviously very, very minor.

On a personal note, one of the contributors to this site had a family member who worked on a neighboring project while the Roloffs were working with Habitat. They were quite impressed with Amy especially. The Roloffs and the TLC crew had a tent they were using to escape the heat. Apparently Amy was very caring towards the other kids working on the project and kept inviting them to sit with them in the shade.

The Roloffs also spent a day helping a 74 year old man, Billy Mitchell, whose house was damaged by the hurricane - holes and mold in the walls.

I applaud the Roloffs for the work they did. So many people who have been affected by Hurricane Katrina have been forgotten. Anything that brings attention to their plight is a good thing. I share Amy's opinion that it was good for the Roloff kids to help people less fortunate.

The Roloffs finally returned home after their nearly two month summer vacation. Matt said he hadn't seen them for almost two weeks and asked for some welcome hugs from Molly and Jacob. Matt explained that the kids were glad to be home and see their friends. And boy, was Jeremy and his friend Jacob Mueller glad to see each other! Jacob Mueller had only left the Roloff vacation a couple of weeks earlier, but you wouldn't know it from their reunion. It consisted of Jeremy calling to Mueller across the field (the western town), sprinting towards each other and ending with Jacob Mueller leaping into Jeremy's waiting arms. If you missed the episode, right about now you're probably wondering if that recap was sarcastic? It was is simply a description of the scene. Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller certainly know how to draw attention to themselves. People already thought it was odd that Mueller had been wearing a t-shirt with Jeremy's face on it and now that over-the-top welcome home, along with the fact that they appear to be inseparable (Zach has commented that if they take more than one vehicle, Jeremy usually insists that he must ride in the vehicle with Mueller) has sent the talk about them into overdrive.

Matt's latest idea was to build a bridge for the wagon tours during pumpkin season. He called on the contractor who helped with the building of the house remodel/extension. There was the expected drama-filled moment where Matt decides the first run across the narrow-looking bridge should be with people in the wagon - Amy and friends. After a commercial break with Amy and Sven nervously looking over the edge, all was well and they made it across no problem.

Matt and Amy celebrated their 21st wedding anniversary in a very low-key manner. Amy explained sometimes they do something big and sometimes they don't. Matt gave Amy a card. Their anniversary dinner took place eating on stools in various places of the kitchen.

Matt did sing the praises of Amy's cooking. Matt counted down the clock to an enchilada Amy was making, until she left to go get Molly. Matt and Jeremy shared their love enchiladas as they munched them down.

Next week: Matt and Amy go to Hawaii and leave the kids alone. Jeremy declares "Rules are meant to be broken" and is seen skateboarding in the house on the new wood floors and a rambunctious pool/hot tub party takes place.


Sherri said...

God Bless the Roloffs for helping. They give so much of themselves to the world in the name of Jesus. I was most impressed with Jeremy. He could have shown up, put in his time and floated through it. Instead Jeremy word har. He cared about completely the project. I love all the Roloffs dearly, but Jeremy is my favorite Roloff kid. I wish all kids in the world loved Jesus as much as Jeremy.

I did not think Jeremy and his friend were strange. They are best friends that like to joke. The shirt was a joke and so was jumping into each other. I had a best friend that always wanted to spend my time with. We talked about everything and did lots together. How come girls can have best friends and that's accepted. Two boys are best friends and people think it's strange?

Amy's enchiliadas looked delicious. She should sell a cookbook.

Josh said...

Yeah sure it was good they were there but I'm skeptical. How long were they actually there? They left while everybody else was still working. Did they just put in their time on camera and leave? Were they really there because Amy wanted to help or were they there because TLC and the Roloffs wanted some good publicity? So many questions.

I think Jeremy and Mueller are nothing more than obnoxious idiots that act like obnoxious idiots. I generally like Zach a lot more than Jeremy.

For a family that is supposed to be close they don't seem like it. The kids didn't even know it was their anniversary. Jeremy was talking to a bunch of friends in the background and like you said, they were scattered around the house sitting on the floor or stools. Molly and Jake weren't even there.

Jenny said...

I don't think Jeremy and Mueller are gay if that's what people are thinking, but I think it's pathetic that they can't be apart from each other. I think that's the real reason why Mueller went on the vacation. They can't bear to be separated.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously interested in finding that enchilada recipe, they looked great!!

Anonymous said...

i think jeromy and mueller are gay

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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