Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3rd review: Roloff family in Mackinac Island, Michigan featuring- Veal, Jeremy's sexist comments and a LPA conference

A few thoughts on the episodes last night and quick episode review for those of you that might have missed it. The first of the two episodes was a continuation of Amy and the Roloff kids (plus Jacob Mueller - to avoid confusion I'm going to refer to Jacob Roloff as Jake) visiting Amy's parents, Gordon and Pat Knight, in Michigan. For those that notice the condition of the homes shown on Little People, Big World, the Knights' cabin was immaculate.

As was shown in the previous week, Gordon made an effort to keep the kids entertained with some history lessons. Gordon Knight is in great shape for being 80. He then demonstrated his tomahawk throwing skills which was of interest to Jeremy who also was eager to try it. Jeremy commented on how he would like to spend more time in Michigan getting to know his grandparents. Amy reflected on how she was at the twins age and how Jeremy is so much more confident than she was at the same age. Amy was shy and lacking self-confidence when she was younger.

Next up, was a trip to Mackinac Island with Amy's parents. The kids seemed amazed that there were no cars, just horse drawn carriages and bicycles. They went to the Grand Hotel and stayed where the classic film "Somewhere in Time" was made. They had a dinner there. Jacob Mueller asked was Cornish Game Hen and veal were. Amy wasn't entirely sure. Amy remarked that her kids were more of hamburger, chicken and plain fish type of kids and aren't quite in their element at a place like that.

They dropped in on a few gift shops. Zach wanted to get another civil war hat that he always wears. The store clerk informed Zach they had none left, but never fear these are the Roloffs. The store manager found one for him. I think the lesson here is having a camera crew with you is a good way to improve the customer service you receive :)

Amy wanted the family to have special t-shirts printed up for the family to remember their trip. The decided on a saying of Roloff Road Warriors and listed the stops on their summer vacation. Jacob Mueller and Jeremy campaigned to get Mueller recognized on the shirts, Amy agreed, so they decided on Roloff Road Warriors plus one.

It was time to say goodbye to Amy's parents, Pat commented on Jake being her accident prone guy. For those asking, the brace Jake's arm was from the same accident dealt with in the episode about the twins 18th birthday when Jake fell off a slide at school, was knocked unconscious and broke his wrist. That happened in May 2008. The first leg of the Roloff summer vacation took place in June 2008.

However, the Roloffs could not leave without Jeremy drawing the ire of yet another group of people. As Amy was having difficulty backing out of her parent's place, Jeremy made the rather sexist comment "Women and backing up are the worst." Of course it should be pointed out that Jeremy Roloff is the one who backed into the brand new garage door/house. So perhaps we can add women to the list of people Jeremy has offended. Jeremy is becoming quite the villain as Family friendly TV programs go.

The second episode featured the Little People of America conference in Michigan where Matt met up with the family. Matt and Amy originally met at a LPA conference in Michigan. Amy told about how she traveled out to California to see Matt and year later they married and eventually relocated to Oregon.

Amy had a reunion with her basketball team from the DAAA games and shared some fond memories.

Zach met Amy's old boyfriend. Zach was blown away that Amy dated someone before Matt, apparently Amy didn't quite tell Zach the truth about that when he had asked when he was younger. They both seemed to be very amused by the experience.

On the recent episodes, Zach is looking and sounding more mature. He said he still doesn't like the dances at the LPA conventions, but he explained that he was making more of an effort to be more social and seemed to be handling himself well. You can really see how much his self-confidence has grown since the show began.

We're already receiving inquiries about Mackinac Island, so I'll include a link to tourist information. The hotel the Roloffs stayed at was the Grand Hotel, which according to their website ranked was one of the 100 best hotels in the world.



Alice said...

Jeremy needs to keep his mouth shut. He's become a joke.

Rap541 said...

Well....a lot of Jeremy's problem, and the other kids for that matter, is a lack of manners and pride in being pig ignorant. I'm sure Jeremy is just repeating something he's heard and likes because it makes him feel better about himself but really, his comment was hilarious because he's the numbnut who backed into his own garage grinning like a fool over how his penis makes him a better driver. Yeah, that's a bright, polite young man who should be held up as an example.

But really, none of the kids seem to know how to act in a resteraunt and thats a little sad considering how often these kids eat out. That's a failing on Matt and Amy's part. I mean, there's no need to be Miss Manners all the time, but when you go to a nice "dress up" resteraunt and can't use a fork properly.... that's just sad and we've seen the rotten table manners in resteraunts to know that... they either don't know or don't care. And based on the "what's veal" talk... I think the kids just don't know how to act in polite company.

Which is unfortunate for them because like it or not, yes we do live in a world where people judge you on your table manners. Before the inevitable "let kids be kids, I think what matters is the time you spend with your kids not whether they have perfect table manners" rants begin... Part of having children is loving them and having fun with them, of course, and part of being parents is teaching your children how to act in social settings. Really, you can raise children in a fun loving home and still teach them manners.

Carolynn said...

I wonder Jeremy says this stuff on purprose to get a reaction of if he is really this ignorant?

I've been driving for 6 years and I've never backed into anything. Jeremy can't say the same

Jason said...

What Jeremy said is wrong because good and bad drivers or good and bad anything comes in all genders, races...etc.

But he really is ignorant and has a superiority complex. He also bashed people who work at gas stations. He said they're dumb High school drop outs. He said that the same month he was attending summmer school for failing math.

I don't think all of the ignorant things out of his mouth are cute.

His quote in the book the Big Values book about how he was taught to show respect to everybody is becoming more of a joke each day.

He doesn't show respect to fans, people of different races, gay people, women....nobody but Christian straight white men?

Dana said...

It was a JOKE!!!! Stop taking everything this poor boy says so seriously.

Who cares if they don't know what was cornish game hen or veal is? If the Roloffs were wine and dine high rollers I would never watch their show. They are normal people that normal people like myself can relate to.

Their table manners were fine and they all looked wonderful.

Stop judging these people like you're all perfect.

Anonymous said...

rap and people like this rap541 person you all need to get a life and stop putting other people down to make yourself feel better.

you don't even know them. i do. they're great people. anybody that is lucky enough to know jeremy on personal level loves him to death.

fans that don't know jer and judge him from something they see on tv are ignorant.

fortunately jeremy has learned not to care what people who need to get a hobby think of him. he is happy. can you say the same? i didnt think so.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Amy no longer wears her beautiful wedding rings? Any information on that?

Rap541 said...

"It was a JOKE!!!! Stop taking everything this poor boy says so seriously. "

Dana, when Jeremy says something rude/racist/sexist, we are always told that Jeremy is joking and we should all just grin and not be offended because its all good chuckless. Jeremy is ALWAYS joking and no one is ever allowed to be offended - anyone who is offended is just being ridiculous because Jeremy is never responsible for the things he says.

Are you really fine with everything he says?

Anon - The Roloff kids act like poorly trained backwoods hicks when they are eating. Does that mean they are inherently bad people? Of course not. Does it mean that they lack home training? Yes.

Whether Jeremy is nice to people he considers friends? Not really an issue. Anon? Are you white and christian and straight? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

rap, who do you think know jeremy better? people that know him or people that judge him from watching bits of a tv show?

Rap541 said...

Anon, I don't know *you* at all. If you're such a great pal, proud to defend your buddy, well... you aren't making any effort to say you're Jacob Mueller, now are you?

I don't pretend to know Jeremy beyond the show. All I know about *you* is that you post anonymously and say Jeremy is the best! Thats rather *easy* to do, you know. :)

Is he getting a poor edit? Maybe... but you can't edit him into saying what he said the other night about women drivers, now can you?

What next? They're intentionally faking the poor table manners so they can be made fun of so their defenders and personal close friends who love them to death will run to the internet to post *anonymously* about how they know the Roloffs and Roloffs are awesome?

Naomi said...

One more reason not to like Jeremy. He doesn't think before he speaks.

Anonymous said...

People getting exercised over Jeremy's comment really need to lighten up. It was not a big deal, get some perspective. Who among us has not at one point or another tried to be humorous among close family/friends with a silly comment playing on generalizations about men or women? The PC police are out of control!

Lindsay said...

People who excuse everything Jeremy Roloff does are out of control!

My, what low standards some people have

Stop excusing Jeremy. When he says something stupid he desrves to have his knuckles wrapped.

If it's racist, he's going to be called racist.
If it's gay bashing, he's going to be called a gay basher. If he makes stupid statements about women driving, he's going to be called male chauvinist.

Wit said...

Rap, I take offense to your implication that there is something wrong with the majority of Jeremy's friends being Christian.

I can only speak for myself, I don't know Jeremy well. His ex girlfriend (Kirsten) is a good friend. We're both Christians. Jeremy was a nice enough guy when I met him. He had a bad memory and some of his friends said the show fame had went to his head just a bit, but he seemed like an alright guy to me.

Jeremy shouldn't be disparaged because he's Christian and the company he keeps is also Christian.

Rap541 said...

The only dispargment I make towards Jeremy being Christian is that his fans insist his being Christian gives him the right to name call homosexuals, and his friends the right as well. They call that "being christian" and "being good christian kids" and tell people to shut up and "stop hating" because this is decent *christian* behavior and Jeremy is a good christian boy for calling people "faggotholes".

If being Christian means a kid has a right to treat non Christians like garbage and be praised for it, then Jeremy and his pals sure are great christian boys.

That's not behavior thats held up in *my* church as "being a good Christian boy" and I get tired of hearing that I am a "Hater" because I think being a good Christiab boy involves more than using racist terms and being on the tv.

Nowhere in the Bible is Jeremy Roloff accorded the priveledge of being allowed to treat people with different values like crap, and his *Christian* fans insist he is *Being a good Christian* by calling people names.

Anon - do you think Jeremy deserves the "Fine Christian young man" appellation for "Not to be a gay bragging faggot but I raped their defenses"? Is that your idea of Christian decency?

Rap541 said...

PS I don't disparge Jeremy for being Christian and having Christian friends, I disparge him and his friends for calling themselves Christian and acting in a decidedly Non-Christian manner. To be lauded as a fine Christian young man, or a fine Christian family, you need to do a little more than attend church, and occasionally pray at meals. Under that definitionm I am a superfine Christian, and not the "hater" I am called.

Anonymous said...

Hey jackasses...

What difference does any of this make.

Get a life

Jason said...

Uh...because it's supposed to be a reality tv show and people form opinions on what they see and comment on it...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the misspelled t-shirts with "pennisula" instead of peninsula?

Anonymous said...

I think everyone should just chill, this is a reallity show.. and he is 18 years old. Jeremy from what I have watched is just an all around good kid. Acting his age. Everyone needs to be happy and just enjoy the show.. quit being so dramatic.

Anonymous said...

[I think everyone should just chill, this is a reallity show.. and he is 18 years old. Jeremy from what I have watched is just an all around good kid. Acting his age. Everyone needs to be happy and just enjoy the show.. quit being so dramatic.]

I TOTALLY agree with you!

[It was a JOKE!!!! Stop taking everything this poor boy says so seriously.]

You're comepletely right! Everybody is so hard on him! If was him and I read some of these comments, I know I would be pretty hurt. You people are overracting! I personaly feel bad for him.

Anonymous said...

trust in the lord and he will fix everything

Anon said...

"You're comepletely right! Everybody is so hard on him! If was him and I read some of these comments, I know I would be pretty hurt. You people are overracting! I personaly feel bad for him."

keep in mind that if you email him and tell him you feel bad for him, his friends will call you a bitch and mock you. And he is on record hating fans like you. Jeremy doesn't care about the feelings of his fans so why should anyone care about his feelings? He will accept your money, and treat you like crap and say he hates the fans who feed his grinning face and provide him with the fancy vacations. He isn't grateful for your support, he openly scorns you.

Joey MacDonald said...

Anon, That's the best comment I've read. I'm just making a comment in the fan interaction article.

I quite watching this show about a year and a half ago after I saw Jeremy acting like stuck up spoiled snob hating on his fans with his friends. Why would I want to watch a prick like that be a fake on tv?

Anonymous said...

"He doesn't show respect to fans, people of different races, gay people, women....nobody but Christian straight white men?"

Good grief, Jason. Are you a moron?? OOOPS! I called you a moron. BECAUSE YOU ARE. You must also be... off-white, gay, male and non-Christian. Chill, DUDE. And to the rest of you who have no sense of humor... phhht.

Leviticus said...

Actually, the little closet case might be right.