Friday, March 20, 2009

New Orleans resident upset about "insulting" portrayal of the city by the Roloffs on Little People Big World

We received a passionate complaint from an upset New Orleans resident who felt TLC or the producers of Little People, Big World did an injustice to the city of New Orleans.

Personally, I don't agree. The episode featuring the Roloffs in New Orleans would not deter anybody from visiting the city, in my own opinion. Amy faulted herself for not researching the historical spots of the city. I don't think it was insulting to the city.

However, someone took the time to write, was very passionate about it and wanted their voice heard, thus we are passing it on. While I don't agree with the complaint, I admire the pride the author has in the city and the desire for the city to get the best possible showcase as possible.

Subject: Roloff visit to New Orleans

As a resident of New Orleans, I was VERY disappointed and disturbed by the recent episode of Amy and her family in our City. It was the most insulting vision of New Orleans I have ever seen.

All the famous sites are NOT bars as was stated, and the streets do not look like one is in Disney World.

People do not normally zig zag around being totally disoriented and turned off.

If someone wasn't there to guide them with historical facts about our fascinating City then the Roloffs should not have been here at all.

You are not doing a favor to a City that is slowly trying to recover from one of the most devastating hurricanes in our history.

That the Roloffs are inspired by helping to rebuild in Biloxi but yet have "torn down" New Orleans is not to be believed.

I do not blame them but rather the producers who allowed this to happen.

I hope you will not show this episode again and further display a very ugly vision of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Country.
Thank you


Lisa said...

I sympathize with the person who wrote the letter.

While I don't believe it would deter people from traveling to New Orleans, I don't think people will be making their vacation plans based on the Roloffs time in New Orleans.

When I saw the Roloffs in Hawaii, I immediately reminded myself why it's a dream of mine to visit there at least once in my life. I believe person who wrote the letter was probably hoping the episode about their city would have the same impact. It didn't.

michael robson said...

To the author of the letter:

Don't take it personally. I think the Roloff kids looked disoriented and bored because they travel too much. They've been on so many vacations, I think the magic has worn off and they don't have the same excitement that most people would have.

I think it was more about that than the city itself.

A tour guide would have been a good idea, though.

Roxanne said...

I don't like Jeremy as a person, but I agreed with him about the Cross Roads place. Does anyone know the answer to his question. Why was that one spot picked as where the blues started?

Does anyone know? Thanks

Rap541 said...

I wouldn't say the Roloff vacation gave me a bad impression of New Orleans, but honestly, it's not the first place I would think of going with a family of four kids in high summer either. And the things I would want to check out, the cemetaries, the voodoo stores, the vampire places from bad Anne Rice novels.... It's not the most ideal spot for a family of conservative christians.

That said... it does pay to do a little research before you go somewhere, and really, I do understand why saying the French Quarter looks like Disneyworld is offensive. After all, Disney world is copying the French Quarter... not the other way around.

Jocelynn said...

Rap, good point about Anne Rice. That was the first thing I thought about when they were touring New Orleans. I suppose none the Roloffs are Vampire Chronicle readers? I suppose it could be Copyright issues? I'm not sure if they're allowed to mention things like that. They blur out the television and never mention popular music artists and bands.

Although New Orleans not being a place for conservative Christians and Anne Rice...I should refrain from being like Amy and research before asking, but didn't I read in the last few years Anne Rice has become VERY religious and VERY Christian?

Dana said...

Whoever wrote that is out of line.

You need lemons to make lemonade.

New Orleans is NOT a vacation spot for a Christian family with 4 (almost) teenagers.

Don't blame the Roloffs or the show for what New Orleans lack as a family vacation spot.

Luann said...

Dana, really as much as I don't consider New Orleans an ideal destination for a family in summer (you ever been there? the heat was likely just sucking the life out of the family), editing has made Paducah Kentucky look like a vacation spot. Paducah, a nice enough place but not exactly the paradise the show suggests it is. Considering that the Roloffs likely got all of their vacation in New Orleans for *free* with the expectation that the people who gave the Roloffs handouts would get some advertising, I can understand the letter writer's ire.

If they *are* a Christian family, Dana, why was Amy exposing her children to the sin pit anyway? To bring them closer to Jesus? I heard they went to a palm reader. Isn't that against the Bible?

I suppose they should be awarded a prize for thinking the French Quarter was like Disney World. I swear, this family makes my family look like cultural snobs.

Katie said...

I don't understand this. I don't think Paducah got a better edit than New Orleans. Matt and Amy's problems, Zach's mood, had nothing to do with New Orleans.

Jeremy said he was having a blast.

People are too over-sensitive to everything this great family does. Somebody is always upset with them.

I think the sponsors and people who give the Roloffs and the network free services and accomodations should stop complaining. If I recall, the resort in Orlando that the Roloffs stayed at also were unhappy with the final result on the show.

People already complain about the product placement as it is. If they had the cheesey over the top informercial giddyness about everything it would make the show look very fake.

The Roloffs a REAL family. Kids don't jump up and down smiling when they see historical sights. They want action.

Hawaii and the Bahamas are much better places for vacations with kids than New Orleans.

Katie said...

Luann, why would you doubt that the Roloffs are a Christian family? "If"?

If you go to New Orleans you aren't Christian. This is absurd!

Anne Rice fan! said...

"the vampire places from bad Anne Rice novels...."

Rap541 - PLEASE clarify! Did you say "bad" because you think Christians would think the Vampire imagery is "bad" or "bad" because you think the novels are of poor quality?

It better not be the latter!

Anne Rice is the greatest author of All-Time.
Lestat Rules!

The Roloffs should have paid tribute to Anne Rice.

By the way - interesting fact - at least one Roloff has good taste! I am on Anne Rice's friends list on Facebook. I noticed that Peggy Roloff is also friends with Anne. I don't know if they have met and are friends or if she is just a fan.

Rap541 said...

Sorry Anne Rice fan, I liked the Vampire Lestat and the Queen of the Damned, but the rest were dull. Personally, my favorite book of Anne's was the one about Ramses.

Peggy is most likely friends with Anne because Anne has found Jesus.

Luann said...

Katie - I think the Roloffs portray themselves as more conservative Christian than they actually are. Sure they support Focus on the Family, for example, but they don't practice the parenting ideals of Focus on the Family at all.

I don't see Jeremy or Zach respecting their father and I don't see their mother bothered by it. I don't see Amy deferring to her man. I don't see Molly dressing modestly. They went on vacation in New Orleans, reputedly a party town, and a hot bed of voodoo? They took their children to a fortune teller? How is fortune telling Christian?

Why are they not witnessing about Christ on these trips? Isn't that whats important? Have we ever seen the children speak about their love of Jesus?

I see a family that rarely even eats together unless they are on vacation. I don't see nightly bible study as a family. I don't see anything that indicates the children have more than a superficial veneer of Christian patter to rely on. It makes me sad that this is what being a strong conservative Christian family means to people.

Justin said...

Luann - Great points about the Roloffs and how Christian they really are. I think they think they are staunch Christians, but they don't act like it.

To your point, there is a story on here about Amy's dad and Amy writing to their Church that they were traveling all summer and blessed by God to touch people in the name of Jesus. Does anybody really think that's what they were doing on this trip?

Justin said...

That is interesting about Anne Rice and Peggy. I agree with Rap541 that it's because Anne has found Jesus. Are the Roloffs friends with anybody who hasn't "found Jesus"?

They might actually know each other. I don't know if Ron and Peg still live in Oregon, but I think they were living in Calfornia and they seem to spend a lot of time in Calfornia. Anne Rice moved there too. They could have met through something related to Christianity. I believe Peggy is a member of a woman's Christian writer's group. Perhaps Anne is too now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but New Orleans is boring and "don't come without a guide to historical facts"??? who does that???? Also, some streets do look like Disney land....Disney modeled them after New Orleans and it should have been taken as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Could we get off the Christian sin hyperbole? New Orleans is a perfectly fine vacation site for a family. New Orleans was made to seem like it held nothing but bars to visit.

The real problem in the episode is that Amy picked up a map of every bar in town rather than a sightseeing map. A little prep with a guidebook might have been in order.

The one item that bothered me was that they ignored Katrina's continuing impact on New Orleans. Did nobody in the 9th Ward still need a hand? Ort is there a Christian bias for helping Caucasian families first?