Monday, March 23, 2009

Roloff family were on Good Morning America today

The Roloff family were on ABC's Good Morning America, this morning. It was a segment under 4 minutes in length featuring TLC's other reality families, Jon and Kate Plus 8 and TLC's newest reality stars, the Hayes family.

The segment was asking about what goes on behind the scenes. It featured all three families separately.

Although the entire Roloff family were present for the interview, only Matt and Amy were shown speaking. There was nothing new said that hardcore followers of the Roloffs haven't heard before. The question was posed how real is what the viewers see on the reality show? Matt answered that they are committed to telling it like it is as raw and open as they possibly can. They were asked what is off limits in the house? Amy replied Our bedroom."

As they spoke some new material shown, presumably from the episodes to air in the next couple of weeks. Amy is heard laying the ground rules for while the kids are home by themselves. She tells the kids no chaos around the pool. They show the boys and their friends pushing each other and doing flips into the pool.

You can watch the entire segment on ABC's site.

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Anonymous said...

you all got one of the best afternoon shows out there and i injoy to watch it everyday