Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ask TLC and you shall receive, Matt answered 5 audio questions on TLC's website

Now that's what I call results! You might recall several months ago we passed on that fans were inquiring about the original Roloff documentary Little People, Big Dreams. A couple of weeks later, the fine folks at TLC/Discovery announced that they would re-broadcast the original special again for the first time in years.

We recently commented on the fact that TLC's new feature "Leave audio questions for the Roloffs and they answer" had gone unanswered for several months. What do you know, Matt Roloff answered five questions. It must just a coincidence, but it's enough to start giving a blogger an ego ;-) Just kidding.

Seriously speaking, Matt Roloff did answer five questions. I wonder how he chose which five to answer? Two of them were "Are you going to be in my city soon?" questions. One was about Pittsburgh and the other city and travel plans question was regarding New York. The only item of note here is Matt said the entire family is planning on attending the National LPA conference in Brooklyn, New York this coming July. That answers the recent question posed to Jen Montzingo about average sized siblings attending the LPA as they get older. No word on if Jacob Mueller is planning to attend for the third straight year with the Roloffs.

The other answer that people might not have known was about the size of the farm. It is now identified as a 34 acre farm. Matt stated that when he bought the farm it was 21.8 acres. About 15 years ago they added 12 acres.

Matt also gave an update on the kids in Iraq that had surgery seen on an episode of Little People, Big World. Matt reports that they're trying to move them to the U.S. so they can perform more surgery that the kids require. The boy is having trouble walking on his own because his legs aren't strong enough yet. Matt reports that the girl, Bara, is doing well and her legs are growing straighter every day.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Roloff previews for LPBW episodes May 4th and May 11th

New episode previews have been released up until May 11th. Another near tractor catastrophe apparently involving Zach and Jeremy, another episode about Matt's trip to Iraq, the 2008 pumpkin season which drew record crowds for Roloff Farms and a Lost Episode that goes all the way back 2005.

May 04, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World The Tractor and the Tortoise

Pumpkin season gets underway, but when Zach has a near-catastrophic tractor accident on the same day that Jeremy is promoted to tractor supervisor, tensions build between the twins. Meanwhile, a giant tortoise named Ferdinand escapes the new petting zoo.

May 04, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World Lost Episodes

Memories of Iraq

Matt recalls his 2 trips to Iraq, where he and Dr. Hoffinger gave much-needed medical aid to an Iraqi family's dwarf children. The story continues as Matt interacts with soldiers, dines with a Sheik and receives an honorary commission from the U.S. Army.

May 11, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)
Little People, Big World

Matt Maxed Out

This pumpkin season turns out to be the biggest ever for Roloff Farms. Facing capacity crowds, Matt tries to supervise his oversized and inexperienced staff, and finds that his micro-managing only serves to create more stress for everyone - especially him

May 11, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World Lost Episodes

Roughing It

In the fall of 2005, the Roloff men went on a camping adventure in the Oregon wilderness, while Molly and Amy stayed home for some girl time. This fresh look at unseen moments recalls a time when life was simpler for the Roloffs.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Some recent Roloff travel plans

One fact that you might not realize that we've found out from running this site, the Roloffs have fans/followers/people that are interested in them from all around the world. Every day people from all around the world are searching and inquiring about Roloff related information from countries all around the world that you probably wouldn't guess.

So this might have come as a disappointment to some of the Roloff followers from England and the UK, as per Amy Roloff's official website, her speaking tour in England originally scheduled for now - April 18th - 28th was cancelled or at least postponed to a late date yet to be determined, perhaps in the Fall.

Amy's speaking event in Ashland, Kentucky, originally scheduled for May 8th and 9th (a day before the twins 19th birthday) also has been cancelled.

For all the fans of Matt's parents, Ron and Peggy Roloff, they recently embarked on a trip to Canada (British Columbia).

Peggy kept a sort of diary of their trip which she posted on their website. You can read the entries on their website:

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Roloff friend Jen Montzingo tackles the issue of non LPs at the LP conventions

We really should just have a permanent link to Jen Montzingo's blog. If you follow Little People, Big World (which is probably why you're reading this) I strongly recommend checking out Jen's blog (who if you didn't know, is a close friend of the Roloffs).

In Jen's latest blog, she tackles one of the trickier subjects -- the issue of how as a little person, she feels about average height siblings and their average height friends attending the dances.

First, I have to say how refreshing it is to see someone actually answer the tough questions. It's great when someone doesn't dodge the questions people are asking even if it is a touchy subject for some. What is even better is Jen's answer is insightful and honest. Isn't it nice to be able to read someones thoughts on a subject and not come away thinking to yourself "Oh they're just saying that, but they really think something else"?

For anybody not in the loop wondering who this question could be referring to (at least as far as the people asking the question, Jen's answer is about all) -- let's take the mystery out of the anonymous names - the question is likely triggered by Jeremy Roloff and his friend Jacob Mueller who have been regular staples at the LPA conferences the last couple of years and are the most well-known Average height sibling and friend who attend the LPA conventions.

To give some background on this issue and most likely why this question was posed to Jen. Going back three, almost four years ago to the 2nd or 3rd episode in the history of Little People, Big World, it centered on Matt Roloff taking Zach and Jeremy, who were 15 at the time, to a Little People of America convention. This was back when Zach was shy and lacked confidence socially. He said he appreciated Jeremy coming because as Matt called him, Jeremy was the social magnet. Matt did express a concern that because Jeremy was so out-going that he ended up being the center of attention at the Little People Conference when it was supposed to be Zach's time. To Jeremy's credit, on camera he did say he didn't want to infringe on Zach's time with his LP buddies.

However, since that time, everybody has seen Zach's confidence grow and he obviously has no problems socially at the conferences. Jeremy still attends the conference and in recent years, Jeremy has brought his friends with him. Jacob Mueller attended both the Seattle 2007 LPA conference and the 2008 LPA conference in Detroit.

Here are some visuals:

Jeremy Roloff and Jacob Mueller slow dancing with two average height girls at the Little People of America dance.

Another one of Jeremy and Mueller whooping it up on the dance floor at the LPA convention.

Some people have wondered what exactly is the protocol with average sized friends attending the Little People Conferences and even what age do the average sized siblings begin to peel back. If that thought ever crossed your mind while watching and you wondered what the little people who the conferences are actually planned for think, Jen tackles this subject with a very in-depth and insightful answer.

Jen touches on all the issues I thought might be a factor. I had never thought about the aspect of LP guys trying to impress the average height girls at the dances as an ego thing (although Jen leaves it open that it may be her personal insecurity). I would think some of the LP guys (especially ones who might be not as out-going) might feel the same way about LP girls showering a 6 foot guy with attention at their Little People dance/conference.

It was also interesting to learn that the only LP friends Jen speaks to regularly is Zach Roloff and her other LP friend who she is close to is named Josh who is gay (for those that were wondering if there are any LP who are gay).

Here's just a bit of what Jen has to say. Visit Jen's Hope Sprouts blog for the full answer

"My gut reaction is wondering why random AP friends go to LPA conferences…

*Sometimes I kind of worry about voyeurism–are they just going to point and gawk. I am being totally honest here–this is my OWN insecurity–99.9% of the AP people I’ve met at the conferences are totally not there for that and are going to try and understand what it’s like to be small.

*They kind of take over the dance floor at times. And some of the guys pay more attention to them…again, is that just my jealousy talking? Did I say that outloud? But no seriously, I think there are a handful of LP guys who make a point of trying to get with tall girls at LPA conferences–it’s kind of an ego thing? What do I know?

*Sometimes I just want it to be about the LP buds that I rarely get to see and the AP’s that go with LP friends make the group “all about them.” Sometimes.

*I get how AP siblings would invite a friend to hang out with while their LP sibling is busy being social. But I would say that most AP siblings would not need to do that because they have a huge community of other AP siblings that they have probably known their whole life–thus there being plenty of people for them to hang out with.

But! There are a lot of reasons AP’s would go to LPA conferences and I’ve even wanted to invite some AP friends myself.

*Sometimes I just want my AP friends to go with me so they can understand more what it’s like to be me and understand the dynamics of an LPA convention. I sometimes feel like I have to try so hard to fit in and make people not think I’m different that I am less vulnerable about the struggle. So considering inviting them to a conference is one way I am letting them into my world. But then I think about my reasons not to invite them and I am often torn.

*I have an average sized brother who went with our family to the conventions growing up. There are a lot of average sized siblings that go and a lot of activities for them to do together. It is like a support group for them as well. My brother was the only AP person in our family and I imagine felt like an outsider sometimes. So when he was a kid he had a lot of other AP sibling friends and they would have mixers and all sorts of fun things. Now that he is almost 19, he doesn’t really go anymore. Most of it probably has to do with the cost–why would he use his limited money for that? I guess the need for support isn’t really predominant for him anymore–when we were kids my parents paid for him to go. I think he’s kind of outgrown that now. I do know he keeps in touch with other AP siblings.

*There are always tons of AP family members and doctors that go to the conventions–so if my friends ever did go they would not feel out of place probably.

Did you know that 90% of LP’s are born to average sized parents?
I guess this issue is kind of complex and really depends on the person and their own blend of LP/AP family members.

For the most part, I think if AP friends go the main thing is to be respectful of the fact that this is the one time a lot of people who are there feel “normal”. Realizing that is really important, in my opinion. In some ways, my AP friends that I see day in and day out get me in ways my LP friends do not, who mostly only see me once a year. But my LP friends and I share a bond of really understanding what the other person is going through that even my best AP friends have no idea about. I only have a couple of best LP friends that I really know well and talk to on an almost daily basis–Zach and on a monthly basis–Josh (and his AP boyfriend David) :). My other LP friend that I’ve gone shopping with a few times is Margaret who lives in my region so I get to see her 2-3 times a year. But I have a lot of friends that I hang out with at the conventions and we pick up right where we left off at the convention before. "

In case you didn't know, Jen is open to questions, if you've ever had a question, Jen would be a great person to ask. On various other sites, I've seen people ask the Roloffs questions that are more LP oriented than specifically for the Roloffs, most of those questions go unanswered by the Roloffs (like all questions to for the Roloffs :). If you've ever had a question such as that Jen would be an ideal person to ask, she's accessible, honest and insightful. You can either leave her a comment or question on her blog or email her at

So check out her blog and get to know Jen better (and also read to get the full answer about average sized people attending the LPA conferences).

Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Roloff family pictures, full episodes and previews

In the fourth season of Little People, Big World, the TLC website has improved their LPBW portion of their official website. In previous seasons, they basically didn't update it for a couple of years. Recently, they added new features on a more regular basis.

First up, they have relatively new photos of each member of the Roloff family.

Alright, be honest, in the fourth picture of Jacob, sitting on the bar of the mule in the driveway with Amy in the background watching, who thinks the thought running through Amy's mind is "He's going to fall off a backwards!"

There are also new biography information, although I don't think they've updated Zach's. "A dedicated student" bringing home a steady stream of A's and B's? That's what they wrote before the show began. Jeremy's bio information appears to be...lacking...compared to the others.

Next item, for all the people who inquire about where you can watch certain episodes of Little People, Big World, TLC sometimes makes specific full episodes available for viewing on their website for a limited time.

They used to have Molly's graduation episode along with a few others. Currently, you can watch "License Revoked" and "Michigan Knights" (otherwise known as Jacob gets tick)

However, their new feature this year "Leave voice mail messages for the Roloff family and they answer your questions" is obviously a work in progress :) When they first gave this feature life it said "Leave your questions for the family and they answer". They've removed the "and they answer" part of the title, so give them credit for trying not to be as misleading :)

As we said a couple of months ago, approach that with skepticism. TLC used to promote their website as a place to chat with the Roloffs. They left that message on their website and even during the television show almost a year or more after Matt last used the TLC website to communicate with fans. When Matt opened his own website he told fans that TLC had asked him to stop posting on their website. However, Matt then stopped communicating directly with fans on his website too, so go figure! As we said previously, it might sound harsh, but the reality is due to some reasons that are understandable and some that are not, the Roloff family don't really communicate with regular fans unless money is being exchanged now that they've achieved a certain level of success and fame. Hey, Matt is a business man and in this day of the almighty dollar, if people will buy your dirt, go ahead and sell it to them? Earlier this year Matt held a speaking engagement in Saratoga California - An evening with Matt Roloff. He has announced that the entire family is now available for speaking events. If people will pay thousands of dollars (collectively) to hear the Roloffs talk to them and field questions, why answer questions for free, I suppose? It is hard to avoid the irony that the original appeal of the Roloffs was that they were easy to relate to and just like anybody else. Now there is apparently a market to buy their dirt and they usually don't speak to fellow regular folks without getting paid. Oh, the glories and pitfalls of fame.

Anyhow, as of now that feature is just a list of unanswered questions from fans. Some of those questions? Egads. "Jeremy, whatever happened to you're really nasty girlfriend?" I was expecting the questions to be more filtered than that.
I don't think there is any need for that kind of nastiness.

There are also previews for the episodes on April 27th.

Apr 27, 8:00 pm (30 minutes) Little People, Big World
Biggest Season Ever?

Expecting to break every attendance record, Matt makes big investments in preparation for the new pumpkin season. But when opening day brings just a handful of visitors, Matt wonders if he's made a huge mistake.

Apr 27, 8:30 pm (30 minutes) Little People, Big World
Lost Episodes The Secret Lives of Teenage Twins

Back when the Roloff twins were still Juniors, they were all about having fun. Amy tries to instill some basic skills like cooking, but the twins are too busy thinking about dating, driving and getting tattoos.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

'Celebrity Apprentice' episode disappoints the LP Community, the LPA and Roloff family friends

Have Matt and Amy Roloff's recent apparent lax attitude and public remarks frowning on "PC-ness" come back to haunt the LP community?

Matt Roloff's friend and employee on his official website has a statement we have discussed before - stating that society is too sensitive and somebody is always getting offended. She went on to state that words don't hurt unless you let them.

According to a person who attended Amy Roloff's recent speaking engagement and had a positive review, Amy declared that she dislikes 'PC-ness'.

"I was also surprised to hear her say that she didn't like PCness(except, of course, in the case of cruelty towards others).

Personally, I think it's a shame that "PC" has been turned into a bad thing by certain individuals. It is essentially about being sensitive to the feelings of others and opposing ignorance.

It's noticeable to me that the Roloffs have subtly been changing their stance. For years, they did not hesitate to advocate against the use of the word "midget". Matt, as former President of the LPA demanded and received apologies from public figures using the "M-word". Matt, Amy and Jeremy Roloff have all said either in the past during interviews or written material, that the "m-word" should not be used because it is hurtful and derogatory. That is being politically correct and as far as I am concerned, that is a good thing.

However, in the last 8 months, Matt Roloff's official website advocates that society is "too sensitive" and that words don't hurt. Amy Roloff has apparently now said she dislikes 'PC-ness'.

What accounts for their apparent change? I believe it is obviously in response to the 'Jeremy Roloff scandal' when he was found to be using racial and homophobic slurs. Suddenly, it becomes convenient to feel that people get offended too easily. In the past few months, the Roloffs public comments have slid over in that direction.

This brings us to current controversy that was a blow to all the positive strides the LP community has made in recent years.

It involved an episode of the NBC program, "Celebrity Apprentice" with Donald Trump. It is a show where celebrity teams make commercials for real companies and Donald Trump decides who has best or worst mind for the business world. The latest episode featured the teams creating a commercial for the laundry detergent company, "ALL". The commercial was referred to as "Jesse James gets dirty with midgets". It featured a dirty Jesse James speaking slowly, when three "midgets" run around him and wash him. At the end of the 'commercial' they curse and run away, not before screaming at the camera. Earlier in the episode, one of the celebrities expressed uneasiness about the concept and asked one of the actors with dwarfism if he was alright with being called a "midget". He replied if you're paying me, you can call me whatever you want.

There are several You Tube clips of the segment.

The wonderful Jen Montzingo has written a blog that effectively explains her feelings on this program. Jen also has a link to the Apprentice website if you want to watch the whole episode to see what it is about.

As Jen does point out, she is not only bothered by the use of the word 'midget', but the portrayal of little people as objects to be laughed at. Jen is completely correct.

If the 'joke' was 'Jesse James being washed by 'N words' would it have been thought to be funny? If it was 'Jesse James being washed by f**gots' would it have been done?

I strongly encourage you to visit Jen's blog about this issue. As usual, Jen does a wonderful job of explaining why it is hurtful.

Here is part of what Jen writes:

"Jesse James was pretty nice overall, “I treat ‘em like anyone else, they’re exactly the same as us, they’re just ‘that big’”. But what I didn’t get was this statement by James:

“They know that people point and laugh at them and they’re totally comfortable within themselves to laugh back.”

I get it. So I’m just not “comfortable with myself” so I won’t put myself in their position? How about the fact that I am just one generation ahead of the little people whose parents gave them up to institutions and circuses because society told them to be ashamed?

Why would I support taking things back a decade or two, rather than moving things forward. My biological parents gave me up for adoption because they didn’t want me to be institutionalized in Israel. They gave me a chance. It hurts, it makes me really sad, that we’ve come so far and yet still have so far to go.


The LPA - Little People of America - for those unaware, Matt Roloff was the former President, the LPA is featured and mentioned in many episodes of Little People, Big World, the Roloff family are still very closely tied with the LPA - were quick to react to the episode of the 'Celebrity Apprentice' with an announcement on their homepage of their website and a letter which can be read here:

They have a compiled a list of companies and addresses for you to contact if you are unhappy with the content featured in the April 5th episode of the Celebrity Apprentice.

On a somewhat side but related note, the New York times recently announced they would no longer be using the word "midget" in their publication.

That was seemingly a response to Gary Arnold, Vice-President of Media Relations for the LPA. This is the portion of his letter to the New York Times:

While the New York Times stays up to date with current events, the paper is years behind in terms of language identifying people of short stature. In a March 12 story (“Financial fraud is focus of attacks” March 12, 2009), David Segal wrote, “The most indelible image of the commission’s hearings was a photo of J.P. Morgan, Jr. with a midget who had been plopped in his lap by an opportunistic publicist.” For decades people of short stature have advocated against the word midget, considered degrading and objectionable, and recognized as such by a growing number of outlets and publications. Unfortunately, the word is still used today, mostly in the context of athletic leagues and automobiles. Benign or not, the word is laced with a history of objectification of people who were used as a visual gag because of a physical difference, and any use of the word is not acceptable."

One of the great things about Little People, Big World is that I believe the majority of the audience does not even think about Matt, Amy and Zach having dwarfism -- of course we know they have dwarfism, but that does not define them. They are viewed as a husband, as a wife, as a father, as a mother, as son, and as a brother - that's how you think of them. Everybody has their own opinion of Zach just as they have their own opinion of Jeremy, Molly and Jacob. To step back into the world of ignorance and see how some still view people with dwarfism as objects to be laughed at is incredibly disappointing.

I wonder how the Roloffs feel about the degrading episode of the Celebrity Apprentice? How do the Roloffs feel about the New York Times and Gary Arnold's response? I honestly do not know anymore.

Amy Roloff is apparently saying she dislikes "PC-ness". Defenders of the Celebrity Apprentice act point out that it was a "joke" and not hateful, and the LP actors themselves were not offended. If Amy dislikes 'PC-ness' except in cases of cruelty towards others, does that mean she would object to Gary Arnold and the LPA's objection to the New York Times article? While completely inappropriate, I don't think the NY Times reference could be described as "cruel". Everybody associated with this site supports Gary Arnold and the LPA. The question is, does Amy Roloff?

Matt Roloff's official website's administrators, people he appoints and has regular contact with have stated "our society has become too sensitive to MANY things. Especially to certain words. Too many people try to make something from nothing. There are much more important things to worry about than name calling. Words can't hurt you unless you let them." Matt Roloff's website administrator also argues that white teenagers should be allowed to use the "N-word" without having people object. That isn't just coming from a random person. It's coming from a person Matt Roloff has chosen to represent his official website and regularly chats with. Obviously Matt Roloff doesn't object to that message his website is sending. If it's wrong to chide a white teenager such as Jeremy Roloff for using the N word and society has become too sensitive to too many things, especially certain words - how does Matt Roloff feel about the New York Times usage of the M-word and the LPA's response?

It is sadly ironic. If you read the comments located on the 'Jesse James' You Tube clip above, unfortunately, most of the ignorant You Tube users are proclaiming that they loved the commercial and thought it was hilarious. And what is their defense? "This is PC crap!" People are too sensitive! People are always getting offended over something! Get a sense of humor!" Some of the very same arguments being used by the Roloff family and their staff in the last 8 months.

It is a slippery slope when you begin to make exceptions for the use of certain words and actions that are just plain wrong. When you make statements such as society has become too sensitive to too many things and you dislike "PC-ness" where does it end? The Apprentice episode went too far, but the NY Times reference was acceptable? They are both acceptable because society needs to lighten up?

This is precisely why personally I have zero tolerance for any words that had a history of being used either in a hateful, hurtful or derogatory manner to certain groups of people. As Gary Arnold stated in his letter, any use of those words are not acceptable.

As Jen Montzingo said "Social responsibility, people. Social responsibility."

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rumor regarding Jeremy Roloff allegedly arrested for assault in March is unfounded

Yesterday, those of us with this site debated about posting this item; sometimes things don't deserve to be mentioned even if it is to caution people about believing it. We are now posting because we have an answer about whether the allegations are true...they are not true.

On Monday this site was flooded with inquiries about Jeremy Roloff supposedly being arrested for assault last month.

We've traced this to a rather vicious rumor on the very unreliable Wikipedia site. If you are unfamiliar with Wikipedia, any individual can edit the information and insert rumors and lies. I am surprised that as of now, the entry is still on Wikipedia. It is odd that it has remained on the Wikipedia site for this amount of time. The National Enquirer story regarding Jeremy using racial and homophobic slurs online was entered on Wikipedia and removed immediately, and that information is indeed true and has even been confirmed by the Roloff family, albeit in very vague statements. It's surprising that something such as alleging that Jeremy was arrested for assault has remained on that site for this amount of time.

It is located in the Matt Roloff Legal issues section.

It alleges that on March 6, 2009, Jeremy Roloff was arrested for assaulted an unnamed female at the Roloff farm following a domestic dispute.

As we originally stated last night, the information, the lack of information or names seem very suspect, especially considering the date is almost one month ago. Jeremy did vacation in the British Virgin Islands with Matt, Jacob and Jacob Mueller last week.

Granted, when Matt Roloff was arrested on suspicion of DUII in June of 2007 (he was eventually found not guilty as viewers of the show are aware), the news of his arrest did not become public until July. So it is not unheard of for information to be a month behind, but the source must be considered -- wikipedia - an anonymous entry.

That entry on wikipedia set off a firestorm of searches to this site and Google.

This site does try to keep up with the buzz about the Roloff family, and without question due to the Wikipedia entry, the buzz of the moment is "was Jeremy Roloff arrested for assault?" It was the number one inquiry we received the past couple of days.

We can now confirm that the entry on Wikipedia alleging that Jeremy Roloff was arrested for assault is a hoax. The Washington County sheriff's department has been contacted to confirm or deny it and they denied it. They did make one error, Jeremy Roloff is not a minor. He is currently 18 years old. He will turn 19 on May 10, 2009. This is a copy of the emailed received from the WSCD.

"I have checked ALL my data bases from the first of January to present with NO record found on Jeremy Roloff being arrested for assault. Keep in mind that Jeremy is a minor and as such it would have been turned over to Juvenile if it had happened. I checked our dispatch database and also our jail information.

I believe that this is just another rumor that has hit the circuit.

Thank you for your inquiry...
Administrative Specialist II WCSO/Records

So for everybody inquiring about whether Jeremy Roloff was arrested for assault, it is not true. Hopefully it will be removed from Wikipedia and end this nasty rumor from spreading like it has yesterday and today.

*Edit - The entry on Wikipedia has since been rightfully removed. We are leaving this article here to hopefully end this erroneous rumor as people continue to inquire about a Jeremy Roloff assault arrest.

New Roloff family preview details: April 20th -Trebuchet and Reaching Jacob

New episode previews have been released for the April 2oth Episodes. One will be about Matt's attempt to build the new trebuchet this past pumpkin season in honor of Mike Detjen.

The second episode will be about how challenging Jacob is for Matt, Amy and the other kids. I'm uncertain if this preview description will make all the Jacob Roloff fans happy or not. There is already an episode coming up about Jake at space camp. This will be a "Lost Episode", yet another episode centering around Jacob, although the circumstances might not be what the Jacob fans were hoping for.

Apr 20, 8:00 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World

Try, Try, Trebuchet

Still coping with the loss of his friend and business partner, Mike Detjen, Matt decides to complete their last big project together: the new and improved trebuchet. Matt hopes to finish it in honor of his late friend.

Apr 20, 8:30 pm
(30 minutes)

Little People, Big World Lost Episodes

Reaching Jacob

For Matt and Amy, Jacob has always been their most challenging child. Although he's a good student and soccer player, Jake acts out, sulks and annoys his siblings. When Jake uses profanity in front of Amy, she comes up with a creative way discipline him.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Roloff trip in the British Virgin Islands was a father and sons trip...sort of

One of our frequent visitors to our site emailed us with some information to pass along to you about the Roloffs recent trip to the British Virgin Islands.

According to the person located in British Virgin Islands, the entire Roloff family did not attend this vacation.

It was a father and son trip...sort of. Matt Roloff and his 3 sons...Jeremy, Jacob and...Jacob Mueller? Swap Zach out and Mueller in and it was the male members of the Roloff clan.

They spotted the Roloffs (and Jacob Mueller...should we start hyphenating his name? Jacob Mueller-Roloff?) a few times during the week and each time only saw those people and the TLC crew.

Look for the episode to air in the fall of 2009 on TLC.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Most recent real time Roloff vacation - British Virgin Islands

Members of the Roloff family most recent vacation occurred during March break. It was a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Here is an article released by the BVI about the trip. They're seeking publicity for the Islands as a tourist destination. If you wonder how these vacations are secured for the Roloffs and TLC, you can probably spot the paragraphs in the article where TLC promotes themselves to the desired destination in exchange for the exposure and publicity. The Roloffs were treated to special VIP treatment as the tourism board hopes the positive publicity will help them in these hard economic times.

In the article, you'll noticed mention of Matt Roloff's sons and their friends. For all those inquiring about Jeremy and his friend Jacob Mueller, we can confirm that Jacob Mueller once again accompanied Jeremy Roloff on this vacation. Everybody knows what it is like to have a best friend, but is this bordering on separation anxiety? :-)

According to the article, this Roloff vacation will air as two episodes in the third quarter of 2009.

Popular Reality TV Show Series Wraps up Filming in the BVI
by: BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission

BVI to gain extensive exposure in the US market when show airs on TLC

Matt Roloff was in amazement, as he surveyed the panoramic views of Great Thatch from Jost Van Dyke, while his sons and their friends eagerly darted ahead of him on their ATV’s, down the hill towards Great Harbour. Apart from visiting Jost Van Dyke, the Roloff family, from the popular TLC TV series Little People Big World, were escorted around the BVI by Tourist Board reps last week, while they juggled both a mini vacation and filming the TV show.

The BVI Tourist Board and The Moorings partnered on this great initiative to highlight the variety that the destination has to offer and to gain national Television coverage of the diversity of BVI’s crewed yachting vacations, BVI’s culture and local dishes.Since its March 4th premiere in 2006, over 60 million people have watched Little People, Big World on TLC and our upscale trended viewership keeps on growing. Currently producing episodes for our 5th season, we average at least1.7 million Viewers per episode with a median viewer age of 38.8 years.

The Roloff family’s daily activities included in-depth taxi tours throughout Tortola, stopping at Fahie Hill Mural and Crafts ALive village, visiting Norman Island and the Caves, the Baths, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. Activities included an ATV tour, diving, snorkeling hiking, kayaking and windsurfing. In 2007, the Roloffs vacationed in the Bahamas – a trip that was prominently and positively featured in the series and won the production show the John Southam Grand Prize Award for Excellence in Maritime Marketing, the proceeds of which were donated to a maritime charitable organization. This time around, the BVI welcomed the family to our shores and based on the extensive activities that the family enjoyed, the BVI has captured more footage than was shot in the Bahamas. This will result in the BVI having two episodes featured on TLC premiering in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

The BVI Tourist Board would like to thank the following The Mooring team, David Rohr, Maritine Mason, Darren Mason, Ben, Alex, Simon, Louise and Captain Sam. The National Parks trust, Anegada Reef Hotel, Big Bamboo Restaurant, Saba Rock, Bitter End, Foxy’s, Sea & Land Adventures, Marina Cay, Charlie’s Restaurant, VGTA and MBH service, as well as several others too numerous to mention.Ag. Director, Hadassah Ward, congratulated the North America General Manager, Perla George, and the entire BVI Tourist Board team for understanding the importance of this project at a time when all destinations are challenged to find creative and affordable ways of enticing people to visit and working closely with the Moorings team to ensure that the Roloffs were able to enjoy as much of the BVI as possible. “This is an excellent example of how we negotiate to ensure our sponsorship and advertising dollars have added-value returns. We hope that the entire Roloff family will return to our shores for a real holiday on their own.”

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Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Newsletter from the Roloffs moments ago: Season 5 is official

Moments ago, Matt Roloff and his staff released a new newsletter. At one time the newsletter used to be more of a detailed update on the various family members. More recently, the newsletters are released to announce news such as a new season or to promote a Roloff endeavor.

It comes as no surprise and a relief for all the loyal Roloff followers of Little People, Big World that it is official, there will be a new season. It will be the 5th season. Amy hinted in several interviews about the show continuing so that's not a big surprise. According to Matt, the ratings for season 4 were "better than ever".

For all the interested followers of the Roloffs wondering about Jeremy and Zach and if they have college plans, no information was released about Jeremy and Zach's plans after high school other than a "we'll have to wait and see" remark. The rest of the newsletter is plugging merchandise on Matt's website and asking for sponsorship for Zach to take a team of little people to the World Dwarf games in Ireland.

Here is the newsletter that was sent today:

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Roloff Family Farms Newsletter Spring, 2009

As the season changes once again itʼs time to say goodbye to Old Man Winter, throw open the windows and welcome the beauty of SPRING! I hope this newsletter finds you feeling healthy, happy and blessed.

This is the time of year that the farm calls to me most. The trees & shrubs are awakening and in desperate need of tending. Soon Iʼll fire up the backhoe and till the soil! This year Amy has her heart set on a large blueberry field... so we better get our seedlings planted before it's too late!

2009 is flying by and, as Jeremy & Zach start looking toward their HS Graduation, the reality & excitement of planning their futures is taking root. What is in store for them?? Guess weʼll all have to wait and see. These days more than ever Amy and I realize the importance of enjoying our family time while weʼre still all together.

Holy Smokes! Itʼs soon to be "Sweet 16" for Molly (Shhhhh! I canʼt give away any birthday surprises, but true to Roloff style, these moments will be ones you wonʼt want to miss). And last but certainly not least... itʼs full steam ahead for Jacob as he grows by leaps & bounds before our eyes and finishes his last year of elementary school.

IT"S OFFICIAL! Our season 4 ratings were better than ever and we have signed on for "Season 5". Our heartfelt appreciation for all your continued loyalty and support of Little People, Big World. WE COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! As our journey continues on Monday Nights... stay tuned for more exciting upcoming episodes, including another crazy pumpkin season, Space Camp and even some Lost Episodes!

A few other key highlights I want to share with you....

--NEW ITEMS! We listened to you & have added new items to our on line store! BE THE FIRST TO CHECK IT OUT Weʼve added a variety of Roloff Farms embroidered items that can only be purchased through our website. Youʼll love the new 1/4 zip fleece sweatshirt (red, my favorite), the multi use & super functional tote/carry bags, items for the baby in your life and even a cozy Roloff Farms travel blanket!

--Speaking Engagements ~ Amy and I (and occasionally the entire Roloff family) continue to travel and speak across the country at schools and corporate or private events. We Love It! Be sure if you or anyone you know may be interested, contact us today at: Speaking Engagements You can also click the link to Amyʼs speaking website and we will update you soon on the realese of my new speaking website as well.

Breaking News! Zachary just came in my office as I was finishing this newsletter and asked that I appeal to our fan base for something on his behalf... Zach and an elite team of 8 little people athletes have been invited to participate in the Dwarf World Games in Belfast, Ireland this July. Of course, our cameras will be following their every move on this amazing adventure. But to make this dream come true, these athletes need your help. If you work for a national or multi-national company or any company for that matter that can take advantage of exposure on Little People Big World, we want to hear from you. Zach has informed me that he is seeking 8 sponsorships in the amount of $3,500 each. For more details, please click on the following:Sponsorship Letter

With appreciation and warmest regards...