Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ask TLC and you shall receive, Matt answered 5 audio questions on TLC's website

Now that's what I call results! You might recall several months ago we passed on that fans were inquiring about the original Roloff documentary Little People, Big Dreams. A couple of weeks later, the fine folks at TLC/Discovery announced that they would re-broadcast the original special again for the first time in years.

We recently commented on the fact that TLC's new feature "Leave audio questions for the Roloffs and they answer" had gone unanswered for several months. What do you know, Matt Roloff answered five questions. It must just a coincidence, but it's enough to start giving a blogger an ego ;-) Just kidding.

Seriously speaking, Matt Roloff did answer five questions. I wonder how he chose which five to answer? Two of them were "Are you going to be in my city soon?" questions. One was about Pittsburgh and the other city and travel plans question was regarding New York. The only item of note here is Matt said the entire family is planning on attending the National LPA conference in Brooklyn, New York this coming July. That answers the recent question posed to Jen Montzingo about average sized siblings attending the LPA as they get older. No word on if Jacob Mueller is planning to attend for the third straight year with the Roloffs.

The other answer that people might not have known was about the size of the farm. It is now identified as a 34 acre farm. Matt stated that when he bought the farm it was 21.8 acres. About 15 years ago they added 12 acres.

Matt also gave an update on the kids in Iraq that had surgery seen on an episode of Little People, Big World. Matt reports that they're trying to move them to the U.S. so they can perform more surgery that the kids require. The boy is having trouble walking on his own because his legs aren't strong enough yet. Matt reports that the girl, Bara, is doing well and her legs are growing straighter every day.

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