Friday, April 3, 2009

Most recent real time Roloff vacation - British Virgin Islands

Members of the Roloff family most recent vacation occurred during March break. It was a trip to the British Virgin Islands. Here is an article released by the BVI about the trip. They're seeking publicity for the Islands as a tourist destination. If you wonder how these vacations are secured for the Roloffs and TLC, you can probably spot the paragraphs in the article where TLC promotes themselves to the desired destination in exchange for the exposure and publicity. The Roloffs were treated to special VIP treatment as the tourism board hopes the positive publicity will help them in these hard economic times.

In the article, you'll noticed mention of Matt Roloff's sons and their friends. For all those inquiring about Jeremy and his friend Jacob Mueller, we can confirm that Jacob Mueller once again accompanied Jeremy Roloff on this vacation. Everybody knows what it is like to have a best friend, but is this bordering on separation anxiety? :-)

According to the article, this Roloff vacation will air as two episodes in the third quarter of 2009.

Popular Reality TV Show Series Wraps up Filming in the BVI
by: BVI Tourist Board & Film Commission

BVI to gain extensive exposure in the US market when show airs on TLC

Matt Roloff was in amazement, as he surveyed the panoramic views of Great Thatch from Jost Van Dyke, while his sons and their friends eagerly darted ahead of him on their ATV’s, down the hill towards Great Harbour. Apart from visiting Jost Van Dyke, the Roloff family, from the popular TLC TV series Little People Big World, were escorted around the BVI by Tourist Board reps last week, while they juggled both a mini vacation and filming the TV show.

The BVI Tourist Board and The Moorings partnered on this great initiative to highlight the variety that the destination has to offer and to gain national Television coverage of the diversity of BVI’s crewed yachting vacations, BVI’s culture and local dishes.Since its March 4th premiere in 2006, over 60 million people have watched Little People, Big World on TLC and our upscale trended viewership keeps on growing. Currently producing episodes for our 5th season, we average at least1.7 million Viewers per episode with a median viewer age of 38.8 years.

The Roloff family’s daily activities included in-depth taxi tours throughout Tortola, stopping at Fahie Hill Mural and Crafts ALive village, visiting Norman Island and the Caves, the Baths, Anegada and Jost Van Dyke. Activities included an ATV tour, diving, snorkeling hiking, kayaking and windsurfing. In 2007, the Roloffs vacationed in the Bahamas – a trip that was prominently and positively featured in the series and won the production show the John Southam Grand Prize Award for Excellence in Maritime Marketing, the proceeds of which were donated to a maritime charitable organization. This time around, the BVI welcomed the family to our shores and based on the extensive activities that the family enjoyed, the BVI has captured more footage than was shot in the Bahamas. This will result in the BVI having two episodes featured on TLC premiering in the 3rd quarter of 2009.

The BVI Tourist Board would like to thank the following The Mooring team, David Rohr, Maritine Mason, Darren Mason, Ben, Alex, Simon, Louise and Captain Sam. The National Parks trust, Anegada Reef Hotel, Big Bamboo Restaurant, Saba Rock, Bitter End, Foxy’s, Sea & Land Adventures, Marina Cay, Charlie’s Restaurant, VGTA and MBH service, as well as several others too numerous to mention.Ag. Director, Hadassah Ward, congratulated the North America General Manager, Perla George, and the entire BVI Tourist Board team for understanding the importance of this project at a time when all destinations are challenged to find creative and affordable ways of enticing people to visit and working closely with the Moorings team to ensure that the Roloffs were able to enjoy as much of the BVI as possible. “This is an excellent example of how we negotiate to ensure our sponsorship and advertising dollars have added-value returns. We hope that the entire Roloff family will return to our shores for a real holiday on their own.”

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Rap541 said...

I find it interesting that they can afford a luxary vacation in the Virgin Islands, and can even afford to take an extra kid... but when it comes to sending the LP soccer team to Ireland, suddenly there's no money and the viewing public needs to chip in or else the fine atheletes won't get to go.

Sorry - this is incredibly greedy. Matt? Amy? Send your kids to overseas sporting tournements on your own dime. You clearly aren't poor, and if you can afford to bring teen friends on vacation, then you can afford to foot the bill for your son to go to Ireland.

Personally, I am curious to see if *Mueller* is going to college since Jeremy and Zach aren't likely to be leaving home next fall.

Mike said...

Good point, Rap.

Mueller and Jeremy? It's ridiculous. I don't begrudge them for taking trips everywhere all the time. If I were able to, I'd do it too. But it's ridiculous that Mueller goes everywhere Jeremy goes.

MIke said...

Add: Why do TLC keep allowing Mueller to go everywhere, to do everything? He's not a Roloff. LP awareness is not being helped by filming Mueller.

Sheri said...

I love the Roloffs. God has blessed them. They deserve the fruits of their labor. By existing, the show helps society identify with people with dwarfism. They also provide wholesome Christian entertainment. Don't be jealous. Be happy their lives are blessed.

I don't understand why people don't like Jeremy's friend. He seems like a nice kid. He makes Jeremy happy. Perhaps he can't afford to travel on his own. It's very generous for the Roloffs and Jeremy to include him.

Expressed said...

Thanks for posting this. I can't wait to see this vacation. It sounds like it was fun.

Jeremy and Mueller are best friends and I honestly think people are jealous of how tight they are. Get over it people.

I think Jeremy is a great person and deserves the wonderful life he is living.

Rap541 said...

"Perhaps he can't afford to travel on his own. It's very generous for the Roloffs and Jeremy to include him."

Yet LP atheletes doing their part to show us LP AWARENESS (the entire point of the show) need sponsors and are begging for money.

If they can afford to take extra kids on vacation, why aren't they at least paying Zach's way for the LP games in Ireland. Is Mueller having special time with Jeremy a more worthy cause for their money? Apparently so.

Anonymous said...

On Jon and Kate + 8 they addressed the question about how they can afford to take all the trips their family does. They said that most of the trips are given to them in exchange for the publicity the business gets in return from the TV show. I assume the same goes for LPBW.

Rap541 said...

I merely point out that the Roloffs use the show to take advantage of travel perks so they can take average height friends of their average hieght on overseas luxary vacations while their dwarf child is required to beg for corporate sponsors so that his *LP* friends can go overseas.

Why is Mueller - an average height teen - treated to free vacations on TLC's dime, while Zach is required to beg for money from corporate sponsors so that *he and his little people friends* can go overseas?

Am I the only one noticing that if you're Jeremy's pal, that you get free vacations, and if you're on the LP soccer team, you have to beg for sponsors?

Is Mueller even on a soccer team? Why is Mueller getting free vacations while *little people* - and I remind you that the show is not about Jeremy and Mueller but *little people* - have to beg for sponsors?

Wow - this so makes me think the show is NOT about *little people awareness*. I mean... you'd think, if it was, that an average height teen who isn't related at all to the *little people* wouldn't be getting treated to a free vacation on TLC's dime while the *little people athletes* have to beg for sponsors.

Brandon said...

Good point Rap. I think the answer is Jeremy is spoiled beyond belief and gets whatever he wants. Jeremy wants Mueller with him to make the vacations even more fun for him. Jeremy get his way. That's how he was raised by Matt and Amy and it flows over to TLC.

Rap541 said...

Brandon - I know this will shock, but, no, I don't think it has anything to with Jeremy.

I think, frankly, I am just tired of this show being held up as being about *LP AWARENESS JESUS BLESS THEM!* when the reality is that the show really stopped being about "awareness" a long time ago.

If this was about *dwarfism awareness* then Mueller would be left at home for the overseas luxary vacations, and we'd actually get to learn the names of the kids on Zach's soccer team. You know... the *actual little people*. At last check Jacob Mueller isn't a little person. Why is he getting free vacations? How is a six foot four kid playing on the beach with his five eleven boyfriend *showcasing little people awareness*?

If Jeremy is being spoiled - and thats likely - it doesn't change the reality that there's a serious lack of honesty being presented over the whole World Dwarf Games. Why is TLC doing shows about Jeremy and Mueller in the Virgin Islands but Zach has to beg for his fellow *little people athletes* to get sponsors to the Dwarf Games? There's a HUGE discrepency between what the Roloffs are presenting - the poor LP kids who need sponsors, including their son - and the reality that they can afford to cart someone else's average height kid to the Virgin Islands.

Why are LP kids depending on sponsors for an overseas trip while the Roloffs send non family, non dwarf teenagers on fancy vacations?

Vince said...


The Roloffs DO spread LP awareness because dwarfism is part of the Roloff family. The show is about the Roloff family. It never pretended to not be about the Roloffs. There are six members of the Roloff family. It shows the public that you can have LP parents, but still be a normal American teenager like Jeremy. He can go on a trip with his father and his best friend, just like other teens around the country.

It is disrespectful to refer to Jeremy as Mueller's "boyfriend". They aren't gay. Half the people think they are gay-bashers. They are best friends since childhood.

Rap541 said...

And Zach isn't a Roloff? Why is it so darn important to make sure the average height friends of the average height teen in the family gets a vacation, while the little people athletes - remember - elite, specially chosen, representing America! - are begging for sponsors?

When Mueller and Jeremy stop acting like boyfriends, I'll stop calling them that. Actions have consequences, and I have seen enough photos of Mueller and Jeremy rubbing each other shirtless "pretending to be gay" to seriously wonder. Because thats a whole lotta pretend, and coupled with the sheer amount of weird dependency they have on each other... its fair to wonder.

Oh, and if Jeremy isn't to be judged for calling people faggitholes, ie, he's perfectly willing to disrespect others, then why should any respect be shown to him?

Brokenwing said...

Rap, Oh brother...[rolls eyes] What's next? Jake has that same friend with the brown hair hanging around a lot, he's been at the hospital with him a couple of time. He's in the preview for next week again. Are you going to start calling Jake and this kid "boyfriends?"

What about Molly and her friends? I've seen the same girl with Amy a number of times. I think Paige is her name. She sat with Molly in the Western Town during pumpkin season. Is that too much time with a friend of the same sex, are you going to start calling her a lesbian?

It's so immature.

Vince is right. The show is about the Roloffs. Real families sometimes take friends on a vacation and TLC simply follows that. Also, do you know for a fact that TLC is paying for Mueller? If not, you should stop saying so.

The reason why we don't know the names of all the LP on Zach's team is because that is the reality of the Roloffs life. Zach has said before there are no other LP around where they live. LPBW follows the Roloffs daily lives. Mueller is Zach's friend and Jeremy's best friend. He lives close. He is in their lives more and that's why he is more involved in their lives than the LP Zach only sees once or twice a year.

Jen Montzingo said she doesn't see any LP on a regular basis and she only talks to 2 LP friends regularly. If there was a reality show about Jen, I think there would be a female friend who would be shown quite a lot and might even go on trips with her. Would you begin to call Jen a lesbian.

I don't understand people like you that pretend to be upset about Jeremy calling his friend in an obvious joke a "faggithole", but you're quick to start accusing people of being gay if they have a friend of the same sex that they've been very great friends with their whole lives.

I've seen the point brought up before and it's always ignored by people like you. Why can teen girls be friends that they talk to constantly and are inseparable, but no one thinks anything is strange about that. But if two guys are best friends, they get accused by people like you, of being gay?

Sounds a little homophobic to me.

Rap541 said...

First - if the boys are gay, so what? I have family members who are gay, and close friends.

I don't consider it an insult. If Mueller and Jeremy are gay - that doesn't make them *less* in my eyes. What makes them less is their nasty behavior.

You clearly do think it makes a difference, and you clearly think it's an insult to suggest someone is gay. You are defensive for Jeremy on this because *you believe being gay is a bad thing and Jeremy would be less in your eyes if he was gay*.

Thats one.

Two - Molly has girlfriends over all the time and they are referred to as girlfriends - and *you* don't put a sexual thought to "Molly's girlfriends" but you do assume "Jeremy's boyfriends" means "Jeremy's male sexual lovers WHICH IS BAD". I can't help it if you have a problem with homosexuality.

If Mueller and Jeremy came out of the closet tomorrow, the difference between you and I? Is that you would be horrified because they would suddenly become bad people in your eyes.

I welcome the Roloffs clarifying who pays for their vacations and who pays for Mueller's vacations with them because their previous comments "If its filmed, then TLC paid for it" STRONGLY indicate that Mueller is getting free vacations. And so is Zach, so why Zach is looking for sponsors but thats a whole nuther issue.

Considering the show is about LPs and LP Awareness (you don't disagree there, do you?) I think it's reasonable to expect the show to focus on little people and not on two average height young men who like to make fun of gays, blacks, mexicans, and the handicapped.

Come to think of it, why is it "just teenagers doing what teens do" when Jeremy mocks homosexuals and blacks, and takes mocking photos of himself pretending to be gay - but its actually wrong when people look at a photo of Jeremy being rubbed while shirtless by his male friend Mueller with closed eyes and a grin and wonder if he's gay? I mean... if you pretend to be gay enough, isn't it a fair consequence that people might think you're gay?

Or is Jeremy just not to face any consequences for his behavior? Right I get "Its ok for Jeremy to say nasty things since all teens do it but anyone who treats Jeremy the way he treats others is VERY WRONG regardless of whether all teens do it".

When Jeremy is doing it, its "normal" and everyone should just hesh. When Jeremy is the target, my gosh, its so mean! Thats the Roloff Double Standard :)

Brokenwing said...

I think it's in very poor taste to speculate on teenagers being gay.

I don't have a problem with gay people. I have a problem with people like yourself spreading rumors about teenagers being gay who clearly have not said they're gay and the reason why you're continuing this talk (besides being a troll trying to cause problems for Jeremy) is likely due to age.

Teenagers goof around and have friend. I'm guessing you're over 30 and not familiar with teenage joking. Teens do things to be funny, such as pretend to kiss or over dramatic hugs and goofy expressions.

"Molly has girlfriends over all the time and they are referred to as girlfriends - and *you* don't put a sexual thought to "Molly's girlfriends" but you do assume "Jeremy's boyfriends" means "Jeremy's male sexual lovers WHICH IS BAD".

Don't play games. By "boyfriends" you clearly are trying to imply they're gay. You've proven that in your responses. Your not implying the same about Molly and her friends, who by the way on the show are simply called "Molly's friends".

Jeremy and Mueller have never made fun of gay, black or handicapped people. They joked around as most teenagers do, but you pretend that you and everybody you know are perfect kids who never joke.

Making fun of someone is looking or talking about a person of a certain race, sexuality or disability and making derogatory comments and jokes about them. What Jeremy did is not the same. Telling Mueller "talk to you later, faggithole" is immature teens talking. Greeting his friends with "Whats up N word" is using a bad word that many teens use and he shouldn't have said it, but he was not using to inflict pain or ridicule on anybody.

There is no double standard. Jeremy doesn't mock gay people and blacks. Jeremy doesn't accuse teenagers of being gay and spread rumors about people.

You condemn Jeremy, but you display no values of your own.

Rap541 said...

Right - he was calling Mike Detjen a n-word because he was loving him. He was calling Mexico "that beaner place" because teens are immature and his words never ever mean anything and although the world recognizes these words as racist, Jeremy is just doing what teens do, so he's NOT WRONG.

But - after watching Jeremy intentionally pretend to be gay (part of his "inoffensive teen fun") when people start to speculate that he might be gay - well, no no no! Thats wrong.

Jeremy pretending to kiss a boy? Teen FUN! Its hilarious for Jermey to show his disgust of homosexuality by pretending to be gay. but very very wrong if his behavior - and folks there's an awful lot of photos of Mueller and Jeremy out there pretending to be gay - is actually considered to make him appear gay.

Jeremy mocking gays = ok

Jeremy being considered gay = not ok.

I assume under these standards that you're also ok with his teen loving fun of mocking the handicapped? I believe Mueller was being a great Christian when he refered to Zach as "looking Downy"?

Sorry - the definition of double standard is the rules being different for different people. Jeremy can mock and its fine, and if you percieve Jeremy being mocked, thats wrong.

For the record - I don't consider "being gay" insulting. The reason you don't like hearing Jeremy refered to as being gay is because you think being gay is bad. oh, and if a lot of teens thought it was cool to drink and drive, would you be applauding Jeremy for doing it? Since you are fine with his racist remarks since all teens - per you - do it?

Jan said...

Kids are spoiled brats, sassy, disrespectful, especially to Matt. I quit watching the show when Matt & Amy were going on vacation to Hawaii and felt kids could stay home alone. You have to be kidding! They had big smiles when Matt was giving them the rules of behavior in their absence. They had no intention of obeying. They were even told they could have friends over. Recipe for disaster. Could have an accident and get sued, or someone seriously injured, with all the vehicles, swimming pool, and other things to get into. They have no idea of safety. Even when best friend, coach, business partner Mike was alive and stayed with the kids, they didn't mind him in parent's absence. They ignored anything he said they were to do and just sat around. How disrespectful to a friend--what do they do to someone not a friend? They do their own thing. Jeremy doesn't even want to get up for school or do school work. He's good at running equipment, and possibly can make a living along that line, but he needs to mature and show respect. Amy needs to respect Matt and make the kids listen to their father. Matt told Zach & Jeremy to clean up while Amy was on vacation with siblings. They refused, and Zach even calls Amy to complain. Amy should have told him to hang up the phone and get busy doing what his father said. When Molly was validictorian at graduation, she showed little respect for the school or achievement. She had a smart aleck grin after, while sucking on a lollipop as the students marched out. Very inappropriate. A teacher doesn't tell her to ditch the lollipop--why because she's a Roloff and on TV? Very privileged life those kids lead, and their attitudes show it.

Anonymous said...

As I said, I haven't watched the show for sometime so didn't know about Jeremy & his friend making fun of gay people and making derogatory racist remarks in the name of teenage fun. That is inexcusable, even in teenage fun. Matt & Amy need to talk to the boys and let them know it is going on the TV for others to watch, hurts other people, and needs to stop. Producers should even caution them about this. Further shows the conceit of these boys to not think of anyone else.

Anonymous said...

What a terrible thing you did Amy, by letting Zach act like you!! How sad that you couldn't go, so you made sure not all the kids would go. Your little tantrum caused all the stress. The world outside that beautiful home that you keep so dirty, is not fun. So think twice before trying to turn those kids against their father. Without him, you would have nothing. As a mother of four and a grandmother of six, your behavoir was appalling!You were to blame for the stress in the house. You sure could have made things a lot easier with some grown up thought.