Saturday, April 18, 2009

New Roloff family pictures, full episodes and previews

In the fourth season of Little People, Big World, the TLC website has improved their LPBW portion of their official website. In previous seasons, they basically didn't update it for a couple of years. Recently, they added new features on a more regular basis.

First up, they have relatively new photos of each member of the Roloff family.

Alright, be honest, in the fourth picture of Jacob, sitting on the bar of the mule in the driveway with Amy in the background watching, who thinks the thought running through Amy's mind is "He's going to fall off a backwards!"

There are also new biography information, although I don't think they've updated Zach's. "A dedicated student" bringing home a steady stream of A's and B's? That's what they wrote before the show began. Jeremy's bio information appears to be...lacking...compared to the others.

Next item, for all the people who inquire about where you can watch certain episodes of Little People, Big World, TLC sometimes makes specific full episodes available for viewing on their website for a limited time.

They used to have Molly's graduation episode along with a few others. Currently, you can watch "License Revoked" and "Michigan Knights" (otherwise known as Jacob gets tick)

However, their new feature this year "Leave voice mail messages for the Roloff family and they answer your questions" is obviously a work in progress :) When they first gave this feature life it said "Leave your questions for the family and they answer". They've removed the "and they answer" part of the title, so give them credit for trying not to be as misleading :)

As we said a couple of months ago, approach that with skepticism. TLC used to promote their website as a place to chat with the Roloffs. They left that message on their website and even during the television show almost a year or more after Matt last used the TLC website to communicate with fans. When Matt opened his own website he told fans that TLC had asked him to stop posting on their website. However, Matt then stopped communicating directly with fans on his website too, so go figure! As we said previously, it might sound harsh, but the reality is due to some reasons that are understandable and some that are not, the Roloff family don't really communicate with regular fans unless money is being exchanged now that they've achieved a certain level of success and fame. Hey, Matt is a business man and in this day of the almighty dollar, if people will buy your dirt, go ahead and sell it to them? Earlier this year Matt held a speaking engagement in Saratoga California - An evening with Matt Roloff. He has announced that the entire family is now available for speaking events. If people will pay thousands of dollars (collectively) to hear the Roloffs talk to them and field questions, why answer questions for free, I suppose? It is hard to avoid the irony that the original appeal of the Roloffs was that they were easy to relate to and just like anybody else. Now there is apparently a market to buy their dirt and they usually don't speak to fellow regular folks without getting paid. Oh, the glories and pitfalls of fame.

Anyhow, as of now that feature is just a list of unanswered questions from fans. Some of those questions? Egads. "Jeremy, whatever happened to you're really nasty girlfriend?" I was expecting the questions to be more filtered than that.
I don't think there is any need for that kind of nastiness.

There are also previews for the episodes on April 27th.

Apr 27, 8:00 pm (30 minutes) Little People, Big World
Biggest Season Ever?

Expecting to break every attendance record, Matt makes big investments in preparation for the new pumpkin season. But when opening day brings just a handful of visitors, Matt wonders if he's made a huge mistake.

Apr 27, 8:30 pm (30 minutes) Little People, Big World
Lost Episodes The Secret Lives of Teenage Twins

Back when the Roloff twins were still Juniors, they were all about having fun. Amy tries to instill some basic skills like cooking, but the twins are too busy thinking about dating, driving and getting tattoos.


Jocelynn said...

I almost feel guilty about saying this about a 12 year old, but Jacob is ridiculously beautiful. Just gorgeous.

Those aren't the best pictures I've seen of Jeremy. He looks better when he's not smiling. My opinion only.

I think the Roloffs should stop mentioning fans and their appreciation. I get it. Some celebrities don't want to be bothered with fans. Fine. They shouldn't portray themselves as something they're not. They shouldn't talk about how much they appreciate the fans or about how God has blessed them with the opportunity to talk to new people.

I would have more respect for them if they just stopped pretending when it's obvious they view fans as dollar signs and nothing more. A lot of celebrities feel that way. Just don't pretend.

Monica said...

Those are great pictures of Jacob and Matt. It's only a matter of time before some company snaps Jacob up to do some type of modeling or posing in front of a camera.

I laugh when TLC calls something "secret" on the show. Yes, I'm sure the twins, especially Jeremy has a life that nobody knows about (Zach has said this many times "Dad, Jeremy gets away with so much crap you don't even know about") but their "secret" lives won't be shared in front of a television camera.

red baron said...

I often wonder why TLC bothers to give the impression that these families are approachable. Most people realize that even if their voice mail gets heard by the Roloffs, they're going to get a sanitized and stock answer. That lowers the appeal of getting "reality". All I can imagine is that the producers will put a bunch of these questions together to make a "very special episode" as the season wanes.

Brandon said...

Red Baron, I agree, but about a "very special episode" like Jon and Kate had. I don't think the Roloffs will do that.

The other shows at least acknowledge that they're on a tv show. LPBW have never discussed the show on the show. They pretend like the show doesn't exist.

Jon and Kate talk about how they get free things given to them in exchange for the publicity the company or resort gets from being on the show. The same thing happens to the Roloffs. But they aren't honest.

It's always passed off as "a friend of Matt's" has this xxxx and invited us to do this.

I agree with you about stock answers. It's just like Spirits said in the new blog about Jen and the LPA conferences. Jen was actually honest!

Most people like the Roloffs answer questions and you know that they don't even believe what they're saying. Matt and Jeremy are the worst for that.

Zach would be the only Roloff who might be honest but they probably wouldn't let him answer.

Jan said...

Jeremy looks so much more attractive when he has a tan.